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    George Grosz Apocalyptic landscape 1936   • Unvaccinated People Are “Variant Factories,” Infectious Diseases Expert (CNN) • Belgian Experts Expec
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 4 2021]


    In a previous comment I do believe I left a note to watch future SSDI claims to ascertain the effects of vaccination with the variants. However, Denninger has sort of made my case early, as we’re seeing those claims now.

    “You would have thought for all the screaming about Covid-19 and the horrors of the virus, which debilitated people terribly (and killed a bunch of them) that disability rates would have skyrocketed last year. They did not. In fact in the back half of the year they fell significantly, implying that Covid-19 killed not a bunch of healthy older people but mostly those who already had one foot in the hole. We knew this, of course, but you can’t say that on television yet it is a fact that once you go into a nursing home your median life expectancy is six months! Every death is sad, at least for the dead person and their family, but we all do die and if you lose six months of your life, statistically speaking, it’s of less import to society as a whole than if you lose 20 years.

    But starting in January and now accelerating at a near-vertical rate is that disability number. To put not too fine a point on it 1.7 million people have become disabled over the last six months. This is a statistic that always has ups and downs, as you can see from it, but this one-way move and its accelerating velocity and magnitude ought to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, particularly when you think about what we started doing in January of 2021.

    I expect these numbers to increase further, though the governments will continue an attempt to hide it once ADE fully sets in during the fall. Note there is a 22 million person whole between the two table shown in the article. That’s where the true effects will be hidden.


    *hole, not whole. Dangit.

    Dr. D

    “He said government moves often lagged behind choices that individuals made to mitigate their risk”

    They’re missing something else, the main point: nobody obeyed the government recommendations anyway. Never do, never have, never will. We have a fake lockdown. Sure, people wore masks in blue states, compliance was over 80%. Things were shut, people stayed home and didn’t work. According to the high-view, there was compliance. NY, NJ, CT, MA, all the worst states – worse than Calcutta – did and got everything.

    Not only was WalMart open, with 300 people at a time, but people hove zero protocol, zero sterilization, just take off their mask as soon as they won’t get in trouble. Working on a road crew, or a plumber. Down to meet their dealer. Their two babes on the sly. Visit with others, if you’re a friend, you’re not infectious, you see! That’s rude. I’M not infected. So from this, you can see compliance only matters if people obey from the INSIDE, with logic. ‘Cause they will always pretend compliance on the outside. …But perhaps in your country there’s no drug use and no one speeds.

    Fantasy. But since everyone in power is incompetent, mentally ill, narcissistic mid-wits, they don’t realize that when they say things, NOBODY DOES THEM ANYWAY. They pretend to. But I’m sure there are no affairs at your church after the pastor warns against adultery. With children.

    The strangest part about this to me is not that the narcissists themselves are above every law and all their cronies are too and should know better about compliance, it’s that ALL humans do this ALWAYS, at every age, through all time, doing drugs and murders in Leavenworth, and they STILL can’t get it through their heads. It must be a deep-seated need not for control, because they clearly do not have that and never could, but the magical BELIEF of control. Over power-over. That you’re big and important and everybody obeys, even when you KNOW, you know, not even your wife and kids, not the mailman, NOBODY, actually does.

    So it’s all about the fantasy. The un-reality. And also that they don’t actually care if anyone DOES comply as long as it supports their delusion. That’s why it didn’t matter if WalMart was open with 300 people and the hardware store with 2 people was closed. Or if lockdowns worked, or didn’t work a whit as clearly shown in every blue state. Or if we had lockdowns AND intentionally, medically murdered 20,000 people then gave ourselves Fauci-medals of honor. That was never the point. The point was an expression of deep mental illness, psychosis, of denying, controlling reality. That’s also why liquor stores, casinos being open doesn’t trouble them at all, but someone questioning them – even while wearing a mask, or when writing a letter – goes for any arrest, prison, fine, POWER they can fabricate. Like that gym in NJ where the police went in and broke the sewer system of the whole complex rather than bring logical, legal, appropriate, and supported charges.

    And on it goes. Because the wider population is also so mentally ill, or so inured to the universal mental illness and abuse from their parent figures, that it no longer even occurs to them this should be unusual or counterproductive, fatal. It’s just “how things are.”

    That’s not the point. The point is POWER. That’s why they sabotaged an entire landlord’s mall complex, or drone-striked Polish priests in Canada. They’re mentally ill. But mentally ill in this particular way. They cannot tolerate the disruption in the entirely fake ILLUSION of control and like other mentally ill people, will lose their s—t, meltdown, and are capable of any action, regardless of how bizarre, irrational, or violent, if you interrupt their delusion. …Them, and most of the general population too. And how are you supposed to be the one-eyed king?

    San Francisco policy requires all staff to report their vaccination status”

    It’s a cultural purge, similar to the police and army. Get anyone who isn’t an unhinged psycho – or rather an unhinged psycho LIKE ME, with my religion – to quit, then either erase the force and replace with praetorians, or backfill with compliant anti-legal psychos. Pretty simple. They’re up to purging the army so we’re defenseless to ChinaCo, and Federalizing the police, which is a standard, given, necessary Fauccist move if you plan on trampling, rounding up and shooting everyone. Local sheriff ain’t gonna shoot his schoolteacher and brother-in-law, and we can’t have people who are reluctant to murder lounging around.

    This is the essential problem of Libertarian vs Authoritarian outlooks, or really of Aggressor vs Defender. Free peoples withdraw, don’t work in hierarchies, and avoid fighting if they can, while the other side obeys anyone, bug everyone, and can’t leave anyone alone while being in a dense, if small force that tries to kill anything that moves if it doesn’t obey, instantly and slavishly. And probably then too, as we’ve seen. The aggressor always has the initiative, so the question is, when do the defenders turn and defend, align, etc.? Takes a while, especially here, where if we get angry, we start Sherman’s march, then nuke people. So it’s wise to work slowly, even if it’s frustrating and antagonizing.

    Mister Roboto

    “Well Independence and Justice, they felt so ashamed; When the Nation fell down, they argued who was to blame.”

    Mister Roboto

    CNN better keep its audience stupid, or every last one will leave.

    Well, it’s not as though they have to work very hard to do that, you know.


    Does it matter who you believe?

    A little-noticed study says government orders to “shelter in place” during the COVID-19 fight did not save lives and spurred an uptick in excess deaths in some places,
    By Tom Howell Jr. – The Washington Times – Saturday, July 3, 2021
    OR TRY
    By Michael McKenna– – Wednesday, June 30, 2021


    Delta variant ravages care home: 55 infected, 12 dead while 95% of the residents and 75% of staff were fully vaccinated.
    Thursday, 24 June 2021

    By Alan Hope

    Delta variant ravages care home: 55 infected, 12 dead


    Drug control authorities around the world chose to dismiss or stay indifferent to the sustained efficacy of Ivermectin despite studies showing its effectiveness.
    In fact, Ivermectin should be given to all those who are not vaccinated or are partially vaccinated. After the initial three tablets given on three consecutive days, a once-weekly dose of 12 mg provides enough protection against the virus. When a drug that is safe and cheaply available can work effectively during the waiting period for the vaccine, is there any reason not to use it?
    To date, there have been over 60 clinical trials and 31 randomised clinical trials done on 25,000 patients by 549 scientists on Ivermectin use in Covid-19 infections. They firmly endorse the universal use of the drug.
    The saddest part of the story is that the media has apparently chosen to look only at one side of the coin. What other explanation is there for the shrill publicity given to expensive drugs like Remdesivir and several newer drugs while the success, safety and ease of use of Ivermectin is treated with deafening silence?

    Published: 30th June 2021 By Dr Kavery Nambisan & Dr Darrell Demello
    The heat dome has cause damages to crops. Soft fruits have dried up. I expect shortages and price increases.
    Heat dome threatens NW berry harvest this summer
    Anna King
    JUL 02, 2021


    Mass bird death event in Seattle attributed to record heat Monday
    State wildlife officials said it appears dozens of juvenile terns fled the heat by jumping from an industrial roof, injuring and killing many.
    Author: Michael Crowe
    Published: 7:49 PM PDT June 29, 2021Author: Michael Crowe


    The heat dome

    Heat dome map: Where is record-breaking weather system causing wildfires and highs of nearly 50C?
    High pressure zone in North America has shattered records

    Adam Forrest
    B.C. Wildfire Dashboard
    Wildfire Status of Alberta

    Emergency Management Service


    This one is for you, Dr. D:

    Doc Robinson

    There are increasing reports, in medical journals, of unexpected problems caused by the mRNA vaccines, including a variety of kidney diseases (described below). They of course can’t just be coincidences. The effects of the mRNA vaccines are still not well understood, and I’m certainly wary of using mRNA to tinker with the immune system.

    “Safe and effective” is somewhere between misleading advertising and Orwellian doublespeak.
    “Mostly safe, we hope (but we don’t really know) and sometimes effective” is closer to the truth.

    Gastroparesis After Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccination

    A previously healthy 57-year-old man received dose one of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in December, 2020. Five days after vaccination, he developed the onset of intractable nausea, vomiting, and hiccups. Over the following week, he required 3 emergency department visits… His symptoms nearly resolved on the second week…

    Twenty-three days after receiving dose one, the patient received the second dose of  the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Within hours of receiving dose 2, he developed recurrent nausea, vomiting, and hiccups…

    Our patient responded to steroids, we therefore hypothesize that the mechanism of action of messenger RNA vaccines may precipitate immune-mediated gastroparesis.

    The American Journal of Gastroenterology

    De Novo and Relapsing Glomerular Diseases After COVID-19 Vaccination: What Do We Know So Far?

    Our group recently published a case of minimal change disease (MCD) presenting with abrupt onset of nephrotic syndrome one week after the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, as well as two cases of IgA nephropathy presenting as gross hematuria within two days of the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. At the time of this writing, these cases join at least sixteen other reports of kidney diseases arising within three weeks of COVID-19 vaccination, with most cases arising within the first week (Table 1). These reports include 26 patients with a variety of lesions – MCD (n=10), IgA nephropathy (n=10), anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody (ANCA)-associated vasculitis (n=2), anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) disease (n=2), membranous glomerulopathy (n=1), and IgG4-related disease (n=1). Most reported cases have been associated with mRNA vaccines (either Pfizer BioNTech or Moderna) with the onset of glomerular disease occurring after the first or second dose.

    American Journal of Kidney Diseases


    OK, I’ll try again (file was too large, apparently). For you, Dr. D; at work everyone knew it was theater.


    Confiscated by Canada Border Services.
    At least they sent a letter confirming the confiscation

    Mister Roboto

    There was certainly a boatload of “pandemic theater” at the grocery store where I work in March, April, and May of 2020, which except for the mask-wearing thing (which I was willing to go along with because I was told it was about protecting other people, old-folks and the chronically ill, who were at more of a disadvantage than I was), was expeditiously chucked in June of 2020. What really drove it home that it was all pretty much theater was that we didn’t go back to doing any of that extra stuff at the end of 2020 when the virus came back a lot worse.

    Mister Roboto

    @cloudhidden: Wow, this shit is getting crazy. Entirely predictable, but still crazy.


    In Australia the MSM endlessly repeat that all that stands between us and dire illness is the Federal government’s botched vaccine rollout program. And it has been botched. But to politicise it like this is of course missing the mark.

    Naturally ivermectin is not mentioned anywhere in the MSM. However, I do notice in various blogs and comment streams an increasing awareness in at least some people that ivermectin works, and these people are saying so. The fact that the Indian government is suing that scientist in the WHO is very useful ammunition when making a case for ivermectin. It seems very hard to argue that the Indian gov’t has made a huge mistake and is wasting everyone’s time. Mind you, I haven’t seen any reports of this lawsuit in the MSM.

    There’s an element of schizophrenia in reports. For instance, today the ABC has this article on its website: “The Delta coronavirus variant may be spreading, but high vaccination rates mean Israelis stay free“. In it we read this:

    Days before he announced Australia’s pathway out of lockdowns, Mr Morrison used Israel — where 60 per cent of the population is fully vaccinated with the Pfizer jab — to warn Australians that vaccines are not the silver bullet in combating COVID-19. “Under this new Delta variant, [in Israel] we’re seeing potentially 50 per cent of new cases being people who have been vaccinated…”.

    After blaming unvaccinated children for bringing the virus home, it goes on to say that the Delta coronavirus variant may be spreading, but high vaccination rates mean Israelis stay free.

    The message is plain. TINA: There is No Alternative.

    We must accept that most of the people in reports such as these have the best intentions. They really do believe that they are doing the right thing for the greater good.

    The main question to ask is this: what would it take to change their minds?


    A friend just told me that his brother, himself a surgeon, suddenly had a stroke and had a blood clot removed from his brain in surgery. I didn’t want to ask his history and if and when he’d been vaccinated and can’t really know if that contributed. The friend is in the medical field and didn’t mention the possibility. I suspect that this will happen a lot and we will never know the true extent of the damage caused by gene therapy.


    P.S. I intend to start using the terms “ivermectin hesitancy” and “ivermectin denialism”. No reason why we can’t borrow terminology from the other side of the debate!


    @ doctors (or those who have run across this bit of information)

    Yesterday there was an article about how in some people T-cells that are a part of the innate immune system attack and clear Covid so quickly from the body that Covid-specific antibodies are never produced. I am conjecturing that this might be the case for my kids — who were around my mother hours before she showed symptoms, and were around me as well hours before I showed symptoms, as well as sharing a home with me while I was symptomatic, and yet never had any symptoms, never tested positve (PCR), and my daughter tested negative months later for antibodies. So I have a question:

    Would the T-detect test come up as positive (immune to Covid from past infection) in someone who never developed antibodies because their innate immune system dispatched Covid quickly?

    I’m unsure because I don’t understand the exact mechanisms of the T-detect test. Does it detect *any* T-cell that attacks Covid? Or does it only detect T-cells that have been specifically primed to attack Covid?

    I can see easily how the narrative of kids dispatching Covid easily with their innate immune system, and thereby not acquiring lifetime immunity might be used to argue that kids should be vaccinated, to ensure that they have Covid-specific antibodies.


    After dancing hospital workers next the dead grandma, the cringe fest continues.

    Mr. House

    Something to consider:


    Ivermectin Ignorance has a nice ring to it.
    and maybe HCQ Phobia would strike home.
    or to fan the political flames, either drug followed by Derangement Syndrome.


    > Dr. Chinda Brandolino and her wild conspiracy theory…

    Imagine having that huge market of people with transgenic people that can only get meds from approved pharma companies that are supposedly custom made for their DNA profile. That DNA knowledge will be gold.

    It seems Blackstone thinks so too:

    Blackstone Reaches $4.7 Billion Deal to Buy

    Doc Robinson

    phoenixvoice: “in some people T-cells that are a part of the innate immune system attack and clear Covid so quickly from the body that Covid-specific antibodies are never produced… Would the T-detect test come up as positive (immune to Covid from past infection) in someone who never developed antibodies because their innate immune system dispatched Covid quickly? I’m unsure because I don’t understand the exact mechanisms of the T-detect test. Does it detect *any* T-cell that attacks Covid? Or does it only detect T-cells that have been specifically primed to attack Covid?”

    First, some terminology clarifications. T-cells are part of the adaptive immune system, not the innate immune system.

    The immune system is divided into two arms, the adaptive immune system with T and B lymphocytes and the innate immune system with all other immune cell types of which granulocytes, monocytes, macrophages, and NK cells are the more common cells, but many other innate immune cells also exist including different dendritic cells, innate lymphoid cells, or mast cells.

    COVID-19 and the human innate immune system

    The article from yesterday was this:

    Pre-existing polymerase-specific T cells expand in abortive seronegative SARS-CoV-2 infection
    Individuals with likely exposure to the highly infectious SARS-CoV-2 do not necessarily develop PCR or antibody positivity, suggesting some may clear sub-clinical infection before seroconversion. T cells can contribute to the rapid clearance of SARS-CoV-2 and other coronavirus infections. We hypothesised that pre-existing memory T cell responses, with cross-protective potential against SARS-CoV-2, would expand in vivo to mediate rapid viral control, potentially aborting infection.

    So, if your kids had “pre-existing memory T cell responses with cross protective potential” against Covid-19, perhaps acquired during a common cold coronavirus infection, then those pre-existing T-cell responses could “expand in vivo.” By “expanding” I assume this means that the responses adapt to the Covid-19 virus, generating T-cells specifically for Covid-19 (which are detectable by the T-detect test).

    This [T-detect] test detects human SARS-CoV-2 rearranged T-cell receptor beta (TCR β) gene sequences from human genomic DNA (gDNA) generated as part of the human adaptive immune response to the COVID-19 virus…

    Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation
    T-Detect COVID Test

    However, the following statement was included in the above Fact Sheet, perhaps as a CYA move for the T-Detect company (or perhaps required by the FDA (for pro-vaccine reasons?)
    “You should not interpret the results of this test as an indication of immunity or protection from COVID-19.”

    More details about the T-Detect test can be found in the EUA document:

    Mister Roboto

    Good video, Mr. House. I’m more than a little embarrassed that it took me a bit less than a year (I regard the middle of March 2020 as the full initiation “zohmygawd, teh virus!1!”) to really start waking up, though that process started in middle of December when I realized that Ivermectin was being willfully suppressed.

    Mister Roboto

    BTW, I just wanted to add that the reason I think the “Vineyard of the Saker” guy is eager to drink the coronavirus Kool-Aid is because he is what I would call a true reactionary, that is to say, someone who is well within the northeastern “right-authoritarian” quadrant of the Political Compass. The whole trip is designed to appeal to an authoritarian mindset, after all.

    TAE Summary

    * Shelter in place didn’t save lives because nobody follows rules

    * Fauci warns that the delta variant is very dangerous because it doesn’t believe in science; Viruses are the ultimate conspiracy theorists

    * mRNA vaccines mostly safe, somewhat effective but cause kidney disease, gastroparesis, golmerular disease, stroke, disability claims

    * Ivermectin denialism: Canadian Border Patrol are Anti-Anti-Viral

    * Vaccine Policy
    – The vaccine roll-out is all that stands between us and dire illness
    – Predictable but insane: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting lethal results
    – Covid rules appeals to authoritarian mindset
    – There Is No Alternative – Your life, as it has been, is over

    * CNN keeps its viewers stupid
    – People have good intentions and can’t be blamed for what’s going to happen
    – People who do understand will be blamed
    – US nears 70% herd impunity

    * T-cells preempt antibody creation in the young; Children are the new plague dogs

    * mRNA will change your DNA; You will be patented; Designer meds for designer people; Blackstone buys

    * Pandemic Theater of the Absurd:
    Announcer: Silence. The Science has eaten his soup. He is coming. He is nigh.
    Girl Admirer: But The Science hasn’t got a head!
    Announcer: What’s The Science need a head for when he’s got genius!


    US nears 70% herd impunity


    04 July fireworks and celebration was spoilt by the enablers at CNN keeping the ghost of Trump dancing.



    FLCCC recommended dose for Ivermectin prophylaxis has been switched to every two weeks after the loading dose, rather than every week. And Dr Kory mentioned that even once per month will also be quite effective.


    Your weather forcast!

    V. Arnold

    Mr. House
    Something to consider: (video)

    Almost didn’t watch that vid (approaching burnout); but very happy I did…well worth the 30 minutes…
    Crispen lays it out beautifully and to the point…
    The damage is being done continuously and I’m wondering if and when it will be done…maybe never…or is this in fact that new normal being bandied about???

    Dr. D

    Rototiller: aw, it didn’t post. Maybe you could break the post so it can.

    Dr. D

    TikTok vaccinate (starting 2:20)”

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