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    That vaccinated people believe the fake covid crisis is real is exactly why the creators of this fake crisis are pushing so hard for everyone to get vax’ed. They need majority buy in. Once you have beenvaccinated you become a believer.

    I have noticed that anyone who is already vax’ed no longer wants to know about any of the possible future negative side effects.

    True believers simply refuse to accept, for example, that the vaccines inflict higher risks n young healthy
    people than covid does. They also refuse to admit the vaccines do not prevent a vaccinated person from catching covid. They refuse to acknowledge the vaccines are gene therapy. Their minds are 100% made up! Vaccines are wonderful!

    As I read the TAE comments I see many are also seeing these same closed minds!

    Other items.

    I see Kunstler has finally figure out this is Obama’s third term!

    I see that the US top military brass has issued orders that all troops be vaccinated by September. I believe this is part of their ongoing efforts to purge anyone who questions orders to drink the Kool Aid. If this indeed goes ahead the US military will lose their best minds. Stalin of 1937 would be very proud of the US’s drive for idealistic purity in the ranks. France 1940 falling in just 3 days!

    Did you know the speaker of the house Nancy P has announced that the Capital Hill police force will be expanding their coverage nation wide, by establishing field offices just like the FBI has! This move now expands the legislative branch’s police reach from only DC to all across the country! Why does the House and Senate need their own national police force? Isn’t the FBI bad enough?

    Just thought you should know that the US government no longer just consists of 3 branches, Congress, Supreme Court, and President. The fourth branch is the Intelligence Branch! Care to guess which branch 100% controls the first 3 branches and runs the US?

    V. Arnold

    Is there anybody here who could help me secure some Ivermectin?
    100: 12mg. pills would be plenty for me and my wife…
    I’ve exhausted every avenue I know of…India is out for me and my sister because of their payment system…our credit unions don’t do foreign transfers…
    My sister lives in Oregon and could receive the pills and send payment anywhere in the U.S. with no problem.
    She would then mail them to us here in Thailand…
    Any help would be greatly appreciated…


    Moderna speedy mRNA vaccine…
    You know all of the movies that have evil, mad scientists.
    That’s the fictionalized version of today’s Covid vaccine reality.


    Re naturopaths in Australia:

    Yes, naturopathic doctors can prescribe medications as they are no different to medical doctors. They attended a naturopathic medical school and studied the use and functions of pharmaceutical drugs. However, prescribing medications is not the primary goal of an ND. They are trained to treat and prevent diseases in a holistic manner, so they would consider all natural options to support the body’s innate healing mechanism.




    @VArnold — Happy to try to help. I have a limited supply but I have started getting a lot of requests from friends and family, so I need more. The guy I ordered from before in India had his paypal account shut down. I can arrange the payment, but don’t know who to order from without starting over from scratch.


    madamski, yes it is interesting. We will see. Putin is more ‘libéral’ (in the old sense, stronger emphasis on personal decision, responsibility, acceptance of outcome, of course in this case it is also politically expedient, as Russians will be Russians and may shrug off any reco. med. stuff..) — than the Church he supports, which is more collectivist. Interesting though that the word SIN, strong, for non-vax decisions was used by the Church. (The Pope hasn’t dared.)

    Imho neither attitudes are particularly well tailored to dealing with a novel respiratory virus (which should be a medical, and if needed, State supported affair, such as for say field hospitals..) and merely goes to show that the whole covid affair has been politised, to the detriment of the sick…their families, the community, etc.

    Putin will probably as you say stay out of it for some time, that is the best course (from his pov.)

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)
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