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    Edourd Manet A Bar at the Folies-Bergère 1882   • Israel Sees Plunge In Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy Rate Due To Delta Variant (BBG) • Lambda Covid-19
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    Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine, sits down with Del to give his honest concerns about why this is the wrong technology to use against # Covid19 and, in particular, the extreme danger it poses to young people.

    Basseterre Kitona

    Calvin is pretty smart sometimes 🙂

    The Moderna mRNA line that “oh, it’s safe because we’ve been working on it years before sars-cov-2” really irks me. Yes, mRNA has been worked on for years…but they neglect to mention that it has failed for years. Since 2003 when SARS (or more pointedly sars-cov-1), there have been efforts to create an mRNA vaccine treatment but they always ran into two problems when trying to gain FDA approval: first, the long term trials and secondly the animal trials.

    Conveniently (very conveniently) in January 2017 after entering office President Trump (who I rather like, by the way) signed the order allowing the FDA to issue Emergency Use Authorization for medicine under circumstances where no other treatment is available. And it is crucial to note that the Emergency Use Authorization eliminates the two major roadblocks that had been holding back mRNA therapy; i.e., long term trials and animal trials.

    The long-term trial stuff is kind of obvious, however, the animal trials are probably more important. The significance with animal trials is that after administering the drug or vaccine, then they can be exposed to the disease pathogen to see how well the drug or vaccine performs. In humans, this is considered unethical. And the problem with animals trials for the mRNA therapy is that the results were terrible. The vaccinated animals had worse results than the un-vaccinated animals.

    Think about it: sars-cov-1 has been around since 2003 and there is no approved vaccine for it, yet says-cov-2 hits and almost immediately there is a vaccine on account of the fact that they skipped the animal trials and long-term studies. Yikes !

    Lastly, beyond the basic facts of the science, the political calculus is so bizarre. I’ve already mentioned that I rather like President Trump…yet I’m in no hurry to take one of his “warp-speed” vaccines. What absolutely boggles my mind is that all the people that have been trying to roast Trump for years now have their golden opportunity on account of the vaccine issue…and instead those same people are rushing to get the mRNA injection and insisting that everybody else do it too. That only makes sense if you go down some rabbit holes that lead to a reality far beyond our currently accepted narrative.


    I love this – it has a great popular literary style –I got a call from Davos [during The World Economic Forum] from the CEO of Moderna,” he says. Bancel had been approached by a number of public health groups at the conference “urging” him to work on a vaccine. “We literally Decided overnight…to try and do this,” Afeyan said at MIT.
    The ‘hero’ getting the call. We’ll need the right actor for this when they make a movie about how big Pharma saved the world.

    Polder Dweller

    Frankly, I’m completely fed up with Klaus Blofeld, his World Eugenics Foundation and The Grim Reset. May this all be exposed quickly to save lives and so that the perpetrators can stand trial at Nuremberg 2 before they do any more damage.

    At least Reiner Fuellmich is working on it. This video of him talking to Jerm Warfare is worth watching, the takeaway is:

    – This “pandemic” must be fought on a legal front.
    – We need to build our networks.
    – Our sovereignty must be defended through decentralisation.
    – The Covid vaccine rollout is about control.
    – Get in touch with your spiritual side. Find meaning and purpose.
    – Focus on being healthy, fit, and happy.

    This Vaccine is about Control

    absolute galore

    Is it just me having deja vu again, or did you choose this Manet once before? Don’t tell me on top of everything else we’re running out of classic art!;^)

    From James K: Since we no longer have much of a manufacturing economy, the only thing left would be Wall Street — which was originally designed to raise money for the manufacturing and service sector but now only raises money for itself via the seemingly magical mingling of “leverage” with “liquidity” to conjure profit from black holes where the ghosts of productivity howl.

    Gotta love sentences like that. Brilliant. Jim has been predicting the imminent collapse of… everything….in pretty much every column for years. His special genius is writing about it in a unique and entertaining way each week (x2!). And of course,IMO, the scenario he envisions draws closer each day…remember, they said Malthus was wrong, too.

    Based on how our leaders have reacted to previous natural and unnatural disasters, it becomes a question of logistic and control. How do you distribute enough daily bread to the populace, and how do you keep people from expressing dissatisfaction with their portions by way of the huge stash of firepower around the country.

    The only way would seem to be some kind of domestic military intervention. Imean, if they called out the troops and barb-wired the capitol after Jan 6, it won’t take much. Then the question becomes, who would be running that show, and which ideology would be setting the rules? Would there be more disturbance in red or blue states? Would there be some combo of the worst of both parties? Is there even enough cohesion within the military to make it “work.” Will other nations kick us while we are down? (Rhetorical.) I fear JK is about to earn his seer degree in full for reals some time soon.

    Mister Roboto
    Mister Roboto

    What absolutely boggles my mind is that all the people that have been trying to roast Trump for years now have their golden opportunity on account of the vaccine issue…and instead those same people are rushing to get the mRNA injection and insisting that everybody else do it too. That only makes sense if you go down some rabbit holes that lead to a reality far beyond our currently accepted narrative.

    And not only that, but not getting the jab is often a matter of pride and principle to red-state Trumpsters. Politics are a chameleon!


    Speaking of art – my favourite artist ever could use a spin – hundertwasser. He’s big on nature too. I went to art school when I saw his work – just spoke on some really significant level to me.

    Mr. House

    It makes sense if you think of them as mirrors of each other. Both look in the mirror and see Dr jekyl when really they’re Mr Hyde.


    On a daily basis I am not aware of being depressed as I go about my day but in the last 4 weeks I have had the slow and dawning realisation that I am coping but not that happy. I really have to find my centre. This whole shit show has such HUGE ramifications and so many direct ACTUAL ones to me personally that it is starting to catch up a bit I am afraid.
    I don’t want to bum people out but it’s disabling. Yesterday my little 3 year old boy had a pretty bad ear infection (we think) and I tried to get him to the doc. The clinic allowed us a car parking number (3) and we had to wait 2 hours (him screaming and snotty while my 11 year old tried to draw). The clinic called and the doc gets on the phone to diagnose via the telephone. What the actual fuck? He was too scared to come out to a parking lot and see a 3 year old. I mean really. Where is this headed. 3 year olds are killing old people now apparently.
    We just came home gave him a bath and some panadol and vitamin c tablets. He is better today.
    My best friend is getting open heart surgery to have a pulmonary valve replacement (with a bit of pig) but he has been waiting for months and down to 48% oxygen levels in the blood at times.

    Work is as stop start as you can imagine and very hard to get up and running.
    I keep coming back to this need to take care of one’s own necessities. On that level we are doing okay but it takes a village and the village is deranged.
    This is not a drill.


    @oxy, you are not alone in how you feel. Between most employers and all of healthcare being owned lock, stock and barrel by the covid narrative and vaccination strategies, it’s hard to know where to turn. And just when you think you’ve got the next turn figured out, some bizarre before-now-never-heard-of “roadblock” is thrown up. Look at the bright side, they didn’t shove a swab up your son’s nose.

    My work is stop start, too. Going to go broke if I can’t figure out which direction might work, at least in the short-term. “Disabling” is a good word. If you figure out how to find your center, let me know.

    Dr. D

    Winning! Most gun-free city in the U.S. has 96 shootings for 4th of July! It’s almost like criminals don’t obey the law! And it’s almost like honest people do and are completely defenseless. …With no help from the police who violently disarmed them. Hey, Black Lives Don’t Matter…in Chicago. There were 3,500 lynchings in all American history. At 100 a weekend, you’ll have more shot in one year in one city than all lynchings of all time. No one cares! Your facts mean nothing to me! We’re the greatest, #1, top, most caring, Progressive, bluest, most awesome ppls evah! We ain’t gonna stop now.

    Really? IF ONLY we could go back to the 19th century, some black people and neighborhoods might survive the Blue onslaught: Helping. That is, the worst racism of all, the real core of the Plantation mentality: they’re too ignorant, child-like, and incapable of handing their own affairs without Mommy and Daddy treating them as little children, caring oh-so-much, and helping. Meanwhile the people who believe all ‘races’ are sovereign people with free agency and responsibility, equals to all men, are the “racists”. As proven by the comparative LACK of black shootings in all the Red cities, supposed home of White Supremacism. You know, the one that was invented a day after Tuesday, and is so small there’s only one FBI agent remaining in his department since there are like 3,000 KKK members worldwide? More people are furries, are “waterkin”, or think the earth is flat than are W.S.

    The greatest threat to America is that half the nation is dangerously delusional and neither facts nor failures can shake them from it. While they’re chasing Jackalopes, an obvious fraud, Facebook is the undisputed largest site of child endangerment and trafficking. Hard to hear of the sound of their non-stop moralizing. And censoring. At the government’s specific direction. Against every know law, including the 1st Federal Law ever wrote. But hey, it’s Tuesday, so yes.

    “How clear is the bible on this?”

    Well, the word “Vaccine” is not in the Bible, so prettymuch “We make s—t up.” But how’s that different from every other day?

    Funny how the sin of “thinking of others” only appears when they want. How about “thinking of others” when you buy Chinese products made by slaves who have poisoned every river to the sea with rare-earth runoff? Nope! Doesn’t happen then, ask Apple. Reminds me of people who quote homosexuality is a sin. You know what else is a sin? Failing to testify against a wrong. Perjury. Adultery. Lying (that includes accounting fraud). Stealing. Dishonest weights and monies. Perverting justice in favor of the rich or connected. Reckless disregard for life. Jealousy for the rich. Abandoning your parents. Avarice. Failing to help the poor. That last one is given as the real sin of Sodom. “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.” Ezk 16:49 Sound familiar? Apparently when you do that, your cities burn. Familiar yet?

    So pretty much, “Whatever I say, whenever I say it, words mean anything I want them to, but only til I don’t.”

    Not to pick on them. That’s human nature worldwide. Which is why we need free speech to check each other.

    For barbed wire, the comment on F15’s is illuminating. They think that the F15s protect them from US? Hahahaha. They’re crippled and trapped by having to have billion-dollar bases PROTECTING those expensive, rotting assets. Meanwhile, all we have to do is nothing under the weight of their idiotic, unnecessary bankruptcy of fools. If they did the will of the people that would be no issue, but when they don’t, the F15s they can’t use ALSO mean they can’t send soldiers down to tell the PEOPLE what to do.

    So the barbed wire and the $1.2B AOC “Fund da Police” are the funniest thing ever. What did they get for it? Waste and mockery. Discrediting.

    This is like any war. The best possible thing is to make your enemy gear up, hump up, show up, and find no battle while you’re home eating hot dogs and watching their foolery on T.V. Their Jackalope hunt. It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to win under those conditions. You feint, they react. They HAVE to, since that’s the nature of their narcissistic mental illness. Trump tweets, they run in circles and poke their eyes out, writhing on the floor. More, please, more. How can I make them waste time and cry today? While I obey nothing?

    Speaking of, this is my lament about not getting the memo. Exactly, Trump created the jab, it’s a disaster of the first order, will kill everyone, and they’re FOR Trump and his initiative. A thousand compass needles on the ground, every one points in only one direction, including that one. But it’s an accident. Nobody’s up there, nobody has plans, there is no “Memo.” Everyone does the same thing telepathically. The King Jackalope Xenu telepathically reaches into their minds and using dianetics, has the archons direct the underwear gnomes to tell all the true Thetans which news stories or medical practices are real. …Why not? It makes more sense than what we ARE told.

    Here’s one though: If the Right is a cult, why do they overwhelmingly reject the recommendations their cult leader? Is that the action of a cult? A: Yes. In #OppositeLand, and that nation’s paper, the NY Times. Meanwhile people who attack all questions from anywhere, any time, and tell others not to seek information and sources or you’re evil (CNN) are NOT a cult. Of course. Because anything is true if it’s in my mind.



    “note that the Emergency Use Authorization eliminates the two major roadblocks that had been holding back mRNA therapy; i.e., long term trials and animal trials.”

    Supply and demand? Yes/No

    U.S. oil price jumps to six-year high after OPEC+ deal failure
    Oil rose to the highest level in more than six years, concerns of an acute supply shortfall.
    Saudis Raise Oil Prices After OPEC+ Fails to Add Supply
    Saudi Arabia raised oil prices for buyers from Asia to the U.S. for August after OPEC+ talks broke down just as the market was clamoring for more supply.

    The Alberta government is taking 50 per cent ownership of the controversial Sturgeon Refinery northeast of Edmonton. The Sturgeon Refinery commenced commercial operation refining bitumen into diesel in June 2020.
    As the first refinery built in Canada in over 30 years, the construction, commissioning, start up, and full operation of the Sturgeon Refinery is an important accomplishment for the province and country.

    The world is counting on farmers in North America for big harvests of everything from corn to canola this year. Due to weird weather patterns, growers will likely come up short.
    The big picture
    Tempo And Mode In Evolution: Genetics And Paleontology 50 Years After Simpson.
    Walter M. Fitch and Francisco J. Ayala

    George Gaylord Simpson said in his classic Tempo and Mode in Evolution (1944)

    Indeed, most of what is now known about phylogenetic relationships among organisms that lived during the first three billion years of life on earth is an outcome of molecular biology; and three billion years amounts to most of the history of life.

    The sixteen papers that follow were presented and discussed at a colloquium sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Simpson’s Tempo and Mode in Evolution. The Colloquium was held on January 27–29, 1994,
    6. The Role of Extinction in Evolution
    For a species to survive for several million years, as many do, it must be well adapted to the physical and biological stresses normal in its environment. Tree species, for example, that can withstand, or even benefit from, forest fires have presumably evolved this ability because forest fires are common in their environment.

    Read more …
    The volume examines early cellular evolution, explores changes in the tempo of evolution between the Precambrian and Phanerozoic periods, and reconstructs the Cambrian evolutionary burst. Long-neglected despite Darwin’s interest in it, species extinction is discussed in detail.


    Dr. D

    Adding: “How” to make them waste time today? Actually, for a small fee you can file a lawsuit against them for any reason, regardless how stupid, and force them to defend it. Worse, they are legally required to HELP you, non-lawyer private citizen, press that suit. If it’s like CV or something, you just act the stoopid and say “Duh, wow, I didn’t know, but now that you TOLD me…” …I’ll file another, different suit. Since they spent $5k defending your first suit and are in gear, withdraw the suit and for $30 post a different, more helpful suit. I mean, you ARE a citizen, and it IS your right to ask, right? Can’t fault a guy for being patriotic and trying to ask.

    Doc Robinson

    • Lambda Covid-19 Variant From Peru May Be Resistant To Vaccines (NYP)
    “The Lambda mutation, or C.37, appears to have
    emerged in Peru last August — and is now being blamed for the country having the highest pandemic death rate in the world.”

    What the articles about the scary Lambda variant don’t mention is that Peru’s case fatality rate (CFR) peaked before the Lambda variant emerged in Peru last August, and with the arrival of the Lambda variant came a steep decline in the CFR during August and September, with more decline in October and November, leveling off in December to around 9% where it has remained since then.

    One major reason why the case fatality rate in Peru is relatively high could be the fact that the testing rate in Peru is a small fraction of the testing rate in other countries, resulting in less confirmed cases and thus a higher deaths/cases ratio.

    I did find a clue about why the CFR dropped so much in Peru starting in August 2020:
    that’s around when the ivermectin interventions began in Peru.

    Real-World Evidence: The Case of Peru

    Doc Robinson

    Links to Peru data:

    Case Fatility Rate



    upstateNYer. Thanks for sharing – and yes I will let you know what works – something will.

    Mister Roboto


    Thanks Doc Robinson great intel.


    Doc Robinson’s “the bomb” when it comes to drilling down and analyzing stats to paint the real picture. 🙂


    How to increase income, reduce volume/supply or increase price

    Iran’s oil producing regions have been known to experience occasional serious accidents and fires, but with the final rounds of nuclear negotiations happening in Vienna, and with Israel being behind past ‘sabotage’ incidents, naturally there remains the possibility of attack.

    The new Tuesday incident comes after yesterday a large mysterious fire was reported outside Tehran.


    From article up top: Those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are committing a sin they will have to repent for the rest of their lives. That’s according to the Russian Orthodox Church…

    Pope Francis suggests people have a moral obligation to take the COV vaccine:

    “I believe that morally everyone must take the vaccine” the pontiff said in an interview with Italy’s TG5 news program. “It is the moral choice because it is about your life but also the lives of others.”

    Jan 2021, National Catholic reporter.

    The Pope has also called for waiving vax patents and for offering vaxes to poorer Nations, ppls.

    Interpreting …. the vax is assimilated to an anointment, a kind of physical stamp of approval resting in the body (if not the soul), similar to a pledge of belonging by the faithful, thus the blessed ppl; see anointment, baptism, rituals, certificates, etc.

    These religious leaders are piggy-backing on State (Corporate) advisories as they no longer have the power to differ, coerce; but see the ideological fit -> community, etc.

    By contrast, on the Protestant side, to drag up the extremes, the attitude of Evangelicals in the US and elsewhere is the polar opposite. (How that works out on the ground is another topic.) Distrust of ‘science’; an emp. on individualism, libertarianism, with God as the ultimate Decider, doesn’t speak to ‘vax’ – in fact afaik “natural immunity’” is a big thing in this community. It seems that Christian Ev. pastors, US, are being pushed to recommend vaxxes. … one link:

    Egypt, UAE, Pakistan, Indonesia, have published fatwas certifying COV vaxxes as permissible. (The ingredients are ignored because of ‘life-saving’ properties.) This seems to be the general trend.

    Some of the issues laid out…

    Guardian, on UK imams and their message: (pro-vax)

    Formerly T-Bear

    Dr D @ 78996

    It’s almost like criminals don’t obey the law!

    Of course they do not obey the law, they obey the rules. Rules are bent, the law can only be broken.


    Whitney Webb interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich

    Reiner Fuellmich has come to the conclusion that the entire Covid Carnival Show revolves around the faulty use of the Drosden PCR testtest which registers 97% false positives which in turn the the WHO to declare a world health ’emergency’ which then allowed the US government to give ’emergency approval’ to the not ready for prime time mRNA experiential therapies.

    The Drosden PCR test at elevated cycles (45) instead of 27 are the linchpin to the whole scamdemic.

    madamski cafone

    @ nOIRETTE

    iT WILL BE INTERESTING TO SEE HOW pUTIN HANDLES THE CHURCH’S INVOLVEMENT. (stuck caps key) If I were Putin, I’d stay out and then if necessary, smack the church abit as the dust settles and its position proves embarrassing?


    @Oxymoron: as I recall you’re in Australia… does Australia have naturopathic physicians? I decided a long time ago to favor naturopathic physicians over allopathic (conventional) medicine, with a few exceptions. When I’ve had an ear infection my naturopathic physician has prescribed drops composed of garlic and mullein flower extract in olive oil applied into the ear canal. Cleared it right up.


    @oxy – I sympathize. Trying to find my center too, I have to work at it every day. I’m disgusted by your treatment at the doc. Your doctor simply failed their duty, not coming out to check your sick 3yr old. F*ing pantywaist, f*ing coward. I bet he still gets paid though. No skin in the game. Like the health officials that shut down a county and kill jobs and commerce based on (and I’m being generous here) questionable science™. They still get paid, what’s the problem? They turn into petty tyrants and they wonder why they get called mean names in public meetings. So sad for them. I thank my lucky charms we’re in good health for our age and don’t need much intervention from “experts” and God-willing that continues.

    I’m open-mouth-appalled by what 2020 taught me about the medical apparatus. At the level of the local doc, some are clearly better and more caring than others. I never expected such variation in approaches. Some docs have simply turned off their mental faculties – not covid thing, either. I wrote to my Dr back in December to ask him what he thought about IVM and the state-of-the-art if me or FrauWerner come down with covid. He dismissed it all. I thought maybe he just didn’t want to talk over the company’s email, but when I met him in person months later he was the same. No nuance. Completely incurious. Solution: get a “vaccine.” Click, whirr.

    FFS, our *veterinarian* spends hours researching meds and approaches when our dog gets sick. I don’t see that in my own GP. I don’t want to paint with a broad brush – I’ve had great, thoughtful interactions with other docs. Our own Doc Robinson and Dr John Day “represent.” But I’m on the search for a new GP now.


    “As the Delta variant of the coronavirus surges through the U.K., almost half of the country’s recent Covid-19 deaths are of people who have been vaccinated. But doctors and scientists aren’t sounding the alarm about the apparently high proportion of deaths among the vaccinated population.

    On the contrary, they say the figures so far offer reassurance that vaccines offer substantial protection against the variant, particularly after two doses.”


    LOL !!


    The entire ‘clinical trial’ set-up is a fraud from day one. Too many article and papers have exposed this. Pure fraud from beginning to end:

    “Covid-19 Vaccine Protocols Reveal That Trials Are Designed To Succeed


    ” … 127 women received either the Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine during the first / second trimester, with 104 of the woman sadly losing their baby.

    Therefore the rate of incidence of miscarriage is 82%

    CDC manipulated study data to show the Covid-19 Vaccines are safe for Pregnant Women when in reality 4 in 5 suffered a miscarriage


    “New Normal Newspeak #1: “Herd Immunity”
    The first entry in our new series looks at how the World Health Organization removed natural immunity from their definition of “herd immunity”

    New Normal Newspeak #1: “Herd Immunity”

    Maxwell Quest

    “Relaxing Of Covid Restrictions In England Sparks Social Media Meltdown (Clark)”

    “The greatest threat to America is that half the nation is dangerously delusional and neither facts nor failures can shake them from it. (Dr. D)”

    Bumped into someone in the coffee shop parking lot this morning who I hadn’t seen in over a year. When he lowered the car window to speak, his first words were, “Did you get your shots?”. “No”, I replied, “I’m part of the control group.” (Sorry, can’t remember which commenter came up with this gem). That’s when a look of anger filled his face and he blurted out, “Well, good luck with dying!”

    Wow, I thought, this is what happens with you f*ck with people’s minds! Just like when they created TDS with their “Get Trump” operation, turning half the country against friends and family. It’s been truly amazing to watch the psychological damage that’s been inflicted on so many “seemingly” normal people. I fear that when Trump is dead and gone, and the Covid phenomenon has been replaced by a new boogeyman, the damage inflicted by western media mind-viruses on their citizens will still be wreaking havoc.

    Doc Robinson

    Germ: “the rate of incidence of miscarriage is 82%”

    The 82% number results from a misreading of the data. The study doesn’t really show that. As somebody at the Peak Prosperity forum explained,

    “The sample of 827 women includes only those whose pregnancies were completed. For women in the first 24 weeks this is only those who miscarried or aborted. The women who were still pregnant were not included.
    The 82% number is simply the percentage of ended pregnancies that were miscarriages as opposed to abortions.

    @ oxymoron and upstateNYer:
    Thanks for the positive comments. I’m trying to do what the reporters should be doing: fill in the big gaps of information and context being left out of the mainstream news articles.


    Wave, after wave, after wave ….. LOL!

    “Lambda Variant’s ‘Unusual’ Mutations May Make It Resistant to Vaccines: Researchers”

    Dr. D

    ““Lambda Variant’s ‘Unusual’ Mutations May Make It Resistant to Vaccines: Researchers”

    So, say it with me kids! “Vaccines don’t work.”

    Answer? Do it MOAR! Science! When an experiment doesn’t work, you just didn’t do it hard enough!

    No wonder billionaires who can are leaving the planet. I would too.


    @Rototillerman: it varies between US states and, I am sure, outside the US, but NY will not allow naturopaths to obtain a license so they can’t order tests or prescribe meds. If they want to order tests/prescribe meds they must also be a licensed physician in the conventional medical field (ob/gyn, internist, etc.) AND, to top it off … the conventional doctors here have no interest in working with a naturopath if for some reason you needed tests or meds after seeing a naturopath. AND … if you aren’t an established patient at a conventional med practice you’re SOL … so annual exams and testing no matter what!! I only wish it were as simple as finding a naturopath here in NY … would have solved my problem ages ago …


    Um, Doc Robinson … I think you’re doing “just a bit more” [understatement alert!] than I’ve seen any reporter do in decades. Thank you.

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