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    Mister Roboto

    I fear that when Trump is dead and gone, and the Covid phenomenon has been replaced by a new boogeyman, the damage inflicted by western media mind-viruses on their citizens will still be wreaking havoc.

    TAE is Ivermectin for mind-viruses! 🙂

    Doc Robinson

    Some more context about Peru:

    The number of Peru’s Covid-19 deaths includes “people who died within 60 days of a positive test, as well as suspected cases without a positive test. This includes people whose clinical assessment or medical examinations suggest Covid, as well as those who’ve been in contact with a confirmed case.

    Peru’s Covid-19 deaths per 100,000 people is rather high, about three times the number for the US and UK.

    However, according to the WHO, prior to Covid-19 the number one cause of death in Peru was “Influenza and Pneumonia.” The related death rate for Peru was the highest in the Americas, about 7 times higher than in the US.

    So, I don’t know what it is about Peru that makes the people there more susceptible to dying from respiratory illnesses in general.

    Mister Roboto

    Don’t be gaslit, or intimidated, by the oh-so-virtuous bossy ones with the loud voices. Masks and social distancing are not normal. Yet we are encouraged to see those who simply want life, as it was lived in Britain for hundreds of years, prior to March 2020, to return, as crazy, selfish libertarians.

    This cavalcade of mass-madness is making clear to me that the Right-Libertarians on the Political Compass are the group that has the high-ground these days in English-speaking countries. A handful of Left-Libertarians like me are burning their Team Blue t-shirts and sneaking off to join the Right-Libertarians in Sane People Land. Others, unfortunately, are choosing to remain in Crying Little Bitch Land. I hope that starts changing in the very near future.


    @maxwell-quest Your pal from the coffee shop reminded me of my close family members. They can’t just let it go, just get the shot and move on with life and mind your own business, pre-2020 style. They’re in a belief system, but they don’t realize it. What they think is Fact and Truth is in reality just a belief system, a mixed bag like any other, and they have to proselytize. They have to be on the right side of history. To them, masks worked. Lockdowns worked. Fauci is science. Science good, ergo vaxxes good. QED, self-evident. HCQ and IVM are hokum. Like a fish can’t be aware of water, they are immersed in their facts’ version of truth. The “facts” they hold onto as truths are mostly fall into the fallacy of Appeal to Authority. The well-spoken talking heads on teevee are the truth. Dr. “Rochelle, Rochelle!” telling ppl to vax their kids when her CDC’s own website is suggesting the opposite. Well she seems so earnest, she must be correct. Thinking is hard. It uses so much ATP. And it hurts to go against the grain.

    Your pal saying “good luck with dying” (nice!) is an attitude I’m having to get used to. I’ve been able to agree-to-disagree w/my closest ppl and call a truce – but they still think I’m irresponsible, if not careless or actually evil. (On a side note – I used to think liberals were overall more reasoned and reasonable than others – ha! – the pre-2020 HerrWerner was so naïve. ha! :-D) Couple of weeks ago we visited our pro-vax friends for the first time in over a year. Both FrauWerner and I had some trepidation about it but it turned out gobs of fun. We had *plenty* to talk about, music, food, work, vacations – covid or vaxxines never even came up.

    I was ready for it tho – i can go either way – with the fact-based, scientifical discussion or the raw-emotional route, I have talking points for both. Pleasantly, it never came up. (No one yet has ever engaged with my scientific/factual route BTW)

    And then I realized is there’s a HUGE obstacle in talking honestly about the vaccines as a society – lotsa believers already got the vax. With that act they are fully committed to their belief system. They emphatically DO NOT WANT TO HEAR about any risks, side-effects, possibility of ADE, PCR tests are BS, etc. etc. The result is understandable but unfortunate in the extreme as a society. That’s why we can’t talk about what to do next, can’t discuss the risks for kids, we can’t talk about why for some people it’s not “vaccine hesitancy” it’s “vaccine GFY”

    It’s been a heckuva journey from Milan to Minsk…


    ” Those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are committing a sin they will have to repent for the rest of their lives. That’s according to the Russian Orthodox Church…”

    ““I believe that morally everyone must take the vaccine” the pontiff said in an interview with Italy’s TG5 news program. “It is the moral choice because it is about your life but also the lives of others.””

    Why do I keep seeing the book of Revelations in this? You know, paraphrasing, “All were made to bow and worship the image of the beast..” which seems exceedingly close to “all must bow to worship The Science (TM)”. The Protestants, though seemingly in opposition, would eventually go along when the money begins drying up, excepting some Polish pastors of course.

    And then reminded of the mutated from radiation underground “elites” in “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” who worshiped the doomsday weapon—–“We’re a peaceful people. We don’t kill our enemies, we just convince our enemies to kill each other.”

    I guess when up is down, left is right, and wrong is right, fiction uncovers more truth than our distorted senses until we’re centered.

    Polder Dweller

    Interesting what’s happening in the Anglosphere. Here, the mask mandate was dropped on 26 June and pretty much everybody ditched their masks immediately. No one calls anyone out for not wearing one (or the other way around – a very few people, manly old, people do still choose to wear one). Even now with the case rate (I know, I know) ramping up quickly, the RIVM (our CDC) says they’re not bothered because the hospital cases are still reducing. My friends are all vaxxed but when I tell them I’m not they look a bit surprised but otherwise don’t care.

    So why are the English-speaking peoples acting so weird? My guess is that it’s due to the extra-heavy fear factor being applied in those countries. There’s been a bit of that here but nothing like what I saw happening across the North Sea.

    Mister Roboto

    So why are the English-speaking peoples acting so weird? My guess is that it’s due to the extra-heavy fear factor being applied in those countries. There’s been a bit of that here but nothing like what I saw happening across the North Sea.

    The media really did ramp up the fear all the way up to 10, and then installed a new 12-setting after that. It was so pervasive that Chris Martenson was even sucked into the “fear factor” phenomenon in the early-to-middle months of 2020. And of course since I take Martenson pretty seriously as a fact-based person out there, for quite a while, I thought those who believed different things about this virus were just myopic jerks trying to score political points for their Drumpfenfuehrer.

    Martenson says he changed his tune about the coronavirus because of Ivermectin, but I also think he just realized at a certain point that Covid-19 simply wasn’t anything comparable to the so-called Spanish Flu pandemic, the same way I did a little bit later. He probably just didn’t want to come out and say he was sucked into a bunch of fear-mongering propaganda because he didn’t want to lose face with this paying subscribers, many of whom are certainly Right-Libertarians who might or might not be so forgiving about that.

    madamski cafone

    Indeed. Doc Robinson deserves a medal.

    madamski cafone

    We’ll experience a brief period of backlash from True Masked Believers but then they’ll learn to shut up like people who said there were WMDs in Iraq.


    @ Herr Warner

    “And then I realized is there’s a HUGE obstacle in talking honestly about the vaccines as a society – lotsa believers already got the vax. With that act they are fully committed to their belief system. They emphatically DO NOT WANT TO HEAR about any risks, side-effects, possibility of ADE, PCR tests are BS, etc. etc.”

    Basic mechanism as this:

    When Prophecy Fails


    I think we should move from biological viruses to cybernetic viruses. The most likely catalyst, imo, for the next round of fecal precipitation, are well-placed cybersabotages of the grid. Isn’t that what the TPTB have been harping on lately?


    @ ctbarnum

    “Why do I keep seeing the book of Revelations in this? You know, paraphrasing, “All were made to bow and worship the image of the beast..” which seems exceedingly close to “all must bow to worship The Science (TM)”.”

    I suspect that TPTB find this correlation fascinating too. Not that they can impose such a thing a a “666 economy” but that they can manipulate people via the media to notice it and take sides and bitch at each other about it. Nice distraction from the fact that the Euromerican “economy”, especially that of USA, is not only hollow but wired to detonate, so to speak, by being integrated with the internet.

    madamski cafone

    O Mister Roboto: please don’t join any team. Divide and conquer is the primary racket we endure. There are no good teams. Teams are about competition, and competition is NOT how one builds a society although every other rich schmuck with a college degree will harp on production competition and survival of the fittest and all this shit that applies to things like Aliens taking over Earth and me fucking your husband better than you so there! not to people working together to get by reasonably well without doing excessive damage.

    Please, just learn your lesson: you have to think, act, and experience on your own, company notwithstanding.

    Also, I doubt you’ll want your name associated with the nasty conservative backlash due to hit as soon as everyone realizes the DNC-dominated kovid katastrophe was mostly a big fat nasty swindle.

    See all those cross-gender non-binary purple-haired whatevers! They’re liberal backlash from the conservative push against true equal rights for queer folk. When you say things like, “Next you’ll want to marry your toaster” you’re headed for an unpleasant confrontation with reality, much of it provided by people who your denialism hurt and now want to hurt you.

    This idea that politics is a team sport is what began this whole human mess called civilization. You can love a person, not an army. You can hate a person not an army. You can kill a person not an army. You can nurture a person not an army. If this is true for person/group comparisons, it’s even more true for individual thought/group-shared ideas, since ideas tend to transcend the usual physical limits.

    Be yourself, please. The world needs no more Dems or Reps. It needs more individuals. anchors against the overwhelming group tide.

    Neither party or associated ideology are worth five bucks given to a homeless person, or five minutes of bliss shared by a lover. Politics is their game. Good for them. Now, what’s your game? My game?

    We are SO conditioned to herd behavior beginning at five years old with compulsory education.


    @Mister-roboto I think you’re right about Chris Martenson’s thought trajectory. My thinking did about about the same as you describe, tho I’m not near as smart. As bad as covid is, it ain’t the Spanish Flu by a factor of 20-50 or more. I think Chris Martenson’s reaction was a good one – he was an early-adopter on getting your household ready for covid, being safe and bracing for impact. And then he was an early-adopter on extracting out of the lockdown mindset and calling BS when the evidence started coming in. He is unique in being collapse-aware and scientifically literate. I think he hits the right note – the truth alone is bad enough, no need to wander into fringe-theory la-la land unless the evidence points that way. Much like TAE 🙂

    Without Chris Martenson and TAE I would be far unhappier and far dumber (plus thoughtful commenters too numerous to name s/a Doc Robinson, Dr. John Day, Polder, M Quest, Germ, madamski, oxy, noirette, galore, upstate, roboto, Dr.D, and of course Illargi’s tireless efforts) There are times where *days* go by and I’m still on the same TAE webpage, still processing articles and comments 😀


    @ madamski wrote:

    “We are SO conditioned to herd behavior beginning at five years old with compulsory education.”

    True words. Also shopping trips to the grocery store. Still buyin’ Skippy to this day. Mom’s brand burned into my filters at a wee age. On and On.

    TAE Summary

    * mRNA Gene Therapy:
    – Dangerous for the young
    – mRNA development similar to the flying car:
    – President Trump is responsible
    – Animal trials skipped – Score one for the plague dogs
    – Warp speed based not on antimatter but on the more unstable quantum singularity drive used by the Romulon
    – Lambda might be resistant to gene therapy
    – Linch-pin of the pandemic PCR register 97% false positives
    – Davos decided our fate in a microsecond: Vaccination
    – No probation without gene therapy
    – CDC admits 94% of deaths from Covid weren’t
    – The gene therapied are dying from the Delta variant
    – The naturally immune are no longer part of the herd
    – Jabs for all; Gene therapy over everything! Victory! Safety!
    – Therefore all things whatsoever Fauci would that men should do, do ye even so: for this is the law and the profits

    * The Long Prediction; Jim always talks collapse

    * Depression sneaks up on you; Try to find your center even if it feels like it can’t hold; Get in touch with your spiritual side; Find meaning and purpose; Focus on being healthy, fit, and happy.

    * The American Century
    – No one cares about death in Chicago
    – Half America is delusional
    – US farmers might not deliver; Climate change may be cereal killer
    – Military might intervene domestically
    – Sue to keep your enemies busy

    * Some docs care more than others; Some vets care more than some docs

    * Good luck dying; Jab straight, you bastards!


    17-year-old diagnosed with heart condition after receiving COVID vaccine


    “….. They emphatically DO NOT WANT TO HEAR about any risks, side-effects, ….”
    Same experience

    John Day

    @Doc Robinson: Thank you again, sir for doing the digging, reading the papers, and presenting the clinically significant data.
    As regards 104 spontaneous abortions out of 827 pregnancies “vaccinated” against COVID, that is a 12% rate of “spontaneous” abortion.
    That seems high to me. if the pregnancies had already established fetal viability, as would be the case in the second trimester (fetal heart tones are usually heard by 10 weeks from last menstrual period). Since this was not a prospective study of women about to get pregnant, or who just had a positive pregnancy test yesterday, it likely represents a higher rate of spontaneous abortion.
    More information would be needed to establish that.


    Idk, Madamski, I’ve been thinking we should wear purple shirts when we don’t align with either the red OR the blue BS anymore. 😉 The question would be, what shade of purple?

    John Day

    @MaxwellQuest: Here is another comeback to try in the parking lot, with window rolling inquisitors.. Really, and it’s a fair game-plan, as well.
    “I’m waiting for the Novavax to be available.”
    I’m not enamored of this spike=protein floret shot, but it does not reproduce. It consists of spike proteins modifies to join at the base as florets, of jacks, or stickers. These are joined with an adjuvant, to irritate the immune system to attack these spike florets. That is pretty conventional in the world of modern vaccines (Not Moderna-vaccines).
    There does not seem to be a propensity for the shot to migrate into the bloodstream, but even if it did, it does not carry a signal to manufacture spike proteins, just a floret of spike protein, which I assume to be less noxious than free unbound spike protein.
    It is not genetic engineering.

    John Day

    @Doc Robinson: What made people in Peru more likely to die from COVID as politics. I happened to be following Peru early, because we wanted to trek to Machu Picchu last summer, which we did not do.
    Peru was monophasic for an early surge in 2020, their fall, our spring. Then, the rural areas, mainly in the mountains, adopted ivermectin treatment and did very well, though the cities did not. After their election, the new president shut down ivermectin distribution in January, and cases and deaths went up, up , up.

    John Day

    @HerrWerner: Thanks. Good luck.

    John Day

    @Madamski: You said, “Next you’ll want to marry your toaster”.
    Heh, heh, heh. I can tell we are “on the same team”.
    We’ll always be a minority, but we might get listened to once, if we are speaking the truth, when everybody gets completely exasperated with the lie ruining all of their life-plans.

    John Day

    @TAE Summary: Can I have some?
    Whatever it is, I want some, too.


    Totally fucking normal – NOT !!!

    Singapore Airlines transit flight landed at Domodedovo due to steward’s stroke,nv,sc,elem

    John Day

    The Rusian Orthodox Pontif believes that acting selfishly is a sin. I agree. If you refuse “vaccination” for altruistic reasons, as many of us here do, then it is righteousness, of course, not a sin.
    He’s just gotten some bad data.


    “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

    As an un-vaxxed person living in NY where TPTB have decreed every un-vaxxed person shall wear a mask indoors, I’ve begun to grasp the emotional fall out that comes from “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. The mask thing is not a big deal when entering large chain stores maskless because who cares? But when I go in the small local businesses I feel like I’m lying to them, in a sense. I don’t believe my vaxx status is a risk, that’s not what’s bothering me. It’s that THEY would believe my vaxx status is a risk and that I betrayed them. Maybe this is my opportunity to experience the shadowy side of the don’t ask/don’t tell philosophy our military (and other) institutions have toiled under for decades. It sucks.

    “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is an insidious, destructive covert lie that damages relationships.


    Hi Herr!! (just had to write that at least once – 😉 ). I come back to TAE for the day’s comments a couple days in a row, too. Lots of thoughtful input here. It’s much appreciated, from everyone.

    Maxwell Quest

    I’m a little late getting back to TAE today. As treasurer or our HOA, I had to spend the afternoon writing up our yearly budget report. After years of benefiting from the time and effort of my neighbors, I felt it was high time I made a contribution to the HOA. Not a lot of fun, and being good with spreadsheets and details the job is an easy fit, but I hate meetings with a passion, so skip out on as many as I can.

    @Mister Roboto wrote, “TAE is Ivermectin for mind-viruses! 🙂”

    Amen to that!

    @HerrWerner wrote, “Thinking is hard. It uses so much ATP.”

    Hahaha! Nice reference to our biological coin-of-the-realm. That was me as a child when forced to focus on anything which didn’t interest me, and so required mental work. Oh, the agony.

    I agree with your analysis, especially the Covid as a belief system part. My friend’s angry response reminded me very much of things I’ve heard from fundamentalist Christians who are heavily invested in the whole heaven/hell game plan. I would occasionally hear replies such as, “Well, if you want to go to hell that’s your business!”. Lots of Christian love in that response, eh?

    wrote, “I guess when up is down, left is right, and wrong is right, fiction uncovers more truth than our distorted senses until we’re centered.”

    Reflections of Dr. D. Welcome aboard the #OppositeLand Express. 😊


    @Mister Roboto

    I agree with madamski, DO NOT join a team. Though the need to belong is a strong temptation, you’ll come to find what Carlin did. “It’s circling the drain time for free individuals.”


    @Maxwell: “Welcome aboard the #OppositeLand Express.” Good god, are those one-way tickets? 😉


    As regards 104 spontaneous abortions ……

    The study authors tried to bury the bad news by including the second and third tri-mester women.

    The 104 spontaneous abortions were almost ALL in the first tri-mester and a few in the early second.

    There were 127 women in the first tri-mester group so spontaneous abortions in the FIRST TRI-MESTER were approx 82% NOT 12%

    The 12% is a dishonest measurement in my book because of including all three tri-mesters.

    What do you tell a young women, maybe they are even a relative of your, who is in her FIRST tri-mester, that she only has a 12% change of a spontaneous abortion?

    I would tell her it’s 82% for the first and the rate goes to 12% if she makes it that far.

    The study was faulty because it should have measures the risk by tri-mester and publish the results, by tri-mester.

    Dr Christiane Northrup who was an OYGBN for decades said a more normal rate of spontaneous abortion in pregnancy was 1 in 6 for the first tri-mester, not 4 out of 5 like the women who had mRNA therapy.


    @Oroboros: agreed. The spontaneous abortion “study” wasn’t a study at all. It was such a cluster I read it and tossed it aside. If they’d actually wanted to determine the number of women who were vaccinated in the first trimester and then spontaneously aborted (vs the background rate of first trimester spontaneous abortions) they certainly didn’t develop a protocol that would help them figure it out.


    Here is an idea for a TAE fundraiser: A t-shirt that simply says “Ivermectin” across the front. I would pay good money for that, and I would wear it all the time. I might need to act on my own and have one custom-made. My “Free Assange” t-shirt is getting all worn out.

    Mister Roboto

    @madamski: Well, I suppose there is the prospect that if I became a right-libertarian, I would have to pretend to like mawkish kitsch such as this.

    madamski cafone

    “The question would be, what shade of purple?”

    The purple formerly known as Prince.



    The painting: The subject is idealized- in her reflection she is dowdier- the slenderizing indentation on her right arm is missing, and the cheek melts into her shoulder. And then you realize that the reflection is someone else wearing the same uniform, talking to the man, whose face is oddly indistinct- will he recall the night? That’s why he painted the scene.
    What is the gray slab? The man is not beyond it. The people who are beyond it (is it a bar- is it a wall?) are tiny and packed. For as simple as it appears at first, it is mysterious and biohistorical- as if the product of a dying mind. (!)

    island raider

    T-shirt idea…
    On the front “Ivermectin kills Covid-19”
    On the back “I’m part of the control group!”
    I am reasonably sure that in my 70+% vaxxed community, that would only lead to further (if it is possible) shunning from the clean & holy.


    @island raider Yes, that’s precisely why it needs to say “Ivermectin” and nothing more. Those in the know will get the message, and will recognize it as a small act of resistance. The vast majority won’t get it. Which is fine with me.

    I have also been thinking about a cycling jersey. But instead of all the corporate logos, I would have sexy replacements like Ivermectin, Zinc, Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine), etc.

    Mister Roboto

    And how about this: As Ivermectin is Japan’s gift to the world that only Japan could have given, make it a white t-shirt, and the word “Ivermectin” would be superimposed over the red-circle “Rising Sun” of the Japanese flag (though in my conceptualization, the Rising Sun emblem would not entirely enclose “Ivermectin”).

    John Day

    I have 4 sets of @100 t-shirts made by a local silk screen place.
    A good quality cotton t-shirt, of a chosen color can have words and-or image printed front an back in any other chosen color for about $600 for the 100-lot, and mix of S-M-L-XL sizes cost the same XXL and XXXL cost more per shirt.
    I just sent Ilargi a picture of my most recent design, in honor of the Yoakum, Texas Tomato (“Tom Tom”) Festival.
    It cost the same, but is one side printed with 3 print colors.
    As a bicyclist, I assume people mostly see the back of my shirt (in cars), though pedestrians and other cyclists sometimes appear to be reading the front. This one gets a lot of pedestrian and cyclist attention.
    I am not offering to do this again, mind you, but pointing out that it is quite do-able.

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