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    Pablo Picasso The rescue 1936   • ‘Western’ Media Spread Copium To Prolong The War In Ukraine (MoA) • Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany Touts Nazi
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    “Not just childhood vaccines.” No the whole medical profession in the west is now hanging in the balance. My trust in authority was tenuous at best and this isn’t reenforcing it. I already don’t trust veterinarians or dentists due to their play on emotions to up sell as for the people Dr.’s I had misgivings due to the tales of big pharma kickbacks. This latest scam just pushes me further away from them. Beyond broken bones and stitches it’s getting difficult to find some thinking outside of the excepted norms of treatment with drugs over anything else.


    The World Economic Forum has a new proposal (archive): engineered crops whose roots DO NOT ROT when the plants die, and “capture carbon”.

    Non-engineered grass already does that doesn’t it? It grows in places where crops will not. And Ruminants can eat it and nourish it at the same time.

    Dr. D


    “Dutch Government Announces Plan to Defeat Climate Change by Outlawing Food” –BBee

    They outsmarted Climate Change this time!!

    Watching that video, Holland Police shot that tractor for no reason whatsoever. He was stopped, then drove around a margin and safely off to somewhere else. Not attempting to harm police or their cars. Just police being annoyed he wasn’t obedient enough. So therefore: murder. Do what you’re told. Submit or Die.

    Note: if all the farmers are on the roads, they are NOT on the farms, making food. Sure the crops may be back there but do you think they plant seeds and watch TV for six months? If they are away for a minute, somebody will starve. Past tense. You may not know it ‘til harvest, but the actions that cause the upcoming starvation happened three days ago.

    Again, repeat over and over: COWS DO NOT CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING. Cows emit CO2. Where did the CO2 come from? From Grass. Where did the Grass get the CO2? From the atmosphere 3 months ago. So they are releasing CO2 that was already free. Net Zero. Unlike every plane at Davos, every limo in Amsterdam, and every gas tank in the Dutch police force and the entire EU Army. If you had a choice to remove real CO2 between the city and the farms, you should DEFINITELY shut down the city. The farm isn’t a rounding error in comparison.

    Ah, but then “I” would have to do something. Instead of ordering YOU to do something. It’s all about who pays the costs. Not me! I’ve got iPhones to order online, made of rare earths, having circled the earth 6-8x using fossil fuels, delivered to me using more fossil fuels, packed in 8 boxes using more fossil fuels, to be discarded in a landfill in 2 years using more fossil fuels. That’s environmentalism! Unlike farmers growing grass. Growing green things is #Not environmentalism. Endless square miles of pavement and server farms using the wattage of a small city every day IS #Environmentalism. If I want it, it’s good. If you want it, it’s bad. What’s complicated about that?

    …As proven by the CO2 levels over geologic history. But…but, the earth will be as hot as the sun if it gets any higher…says the chart where the earth was lush and fine with it multiples higher. “Follow the Science…which follows the money. 100% of the time.”

    In the news, whole new levels of oppression. Jordan Peterson was banned for speaking about Psychology. Hey, that’s not strange though! …Except that he is a Professor and has degrees in psychology. Anyone can speak except those who are qualified #Experts! Chad at Twitter is your psychologist now, suckers. Anyway, THAT is normal at this point. What is new Oppression is Dave Rubin was banned for saying, “Jordan Peterson was banned”.

    You see, when Stalin photoshops you out of the group photo, you no longer exist. Now you must voluntarily and retroacatively edit all your speech to reflect this, like Winston does. “We were never at war with Estasia.” “What Jordan Peterson?” Never heard of him, he was never online yesterday, nor was he ever a accredited professor in Toronto.

    Ironically, and AS ALWAYS, the reason Peterson exists is BECAUSE they attacked him. Before that, he was just some guy, nobody would have read, nobody would have known, like 5,000 other professors. It was exclusively their bad publicity that created his fame, and now the power and leverage that comes with the fame. So, thanks, I guess? Keep making new soldiers every day, morons, with your jack-booted stomping.

    BA Political Science. PhD Psychology. Harvard. McGill. Toronto U. Like all the other experts: not an expert. Like all the other Doctors: not a doctor. Cuz Chad sez so.

    And thanks to them, new one born every minute. Last minute: Macy Gray saying trans aren’t women, it takes more than that. Bette Midler, now questioning the Trans premise. I guess it’s time Bette no longer exists again, and is now, and has always been, far right wing. Yup. That’s why she headlined on “The View”, because that is ALSO a far right wing show, along with Joy Bahar, Whoopie Goldberg, Meghan McCain, and the whole gang. Transphobes and White Supremacists the lot of them, especially Goldberg.

    Chad sez. “Reality is in my mouth.” and it changes from word to word.

    “San Diego Loses 22% of Its Police Force Due to Vax Mandates”

    Vaccines against what? So I wonder how many hundred thousand calls SD doesn’t respond to. Odds are strongly in your favor if you want to murder someone, thanks to these councilmen. Even them.

    “Biden DOJ Sues to Block Arizona’s Proof of Citizenship Voting Law”

    Well that should be a real short trip. The Feds have zero authority over State voting methods. And why is the DoJ interested when no illegals are voting and that’s just a Republican talking point? “We must stop Bigfoot voting too!!!!!! I will not rest until these Bigfeets are brought to justice! The FBI has stopped all other work and is searching Bigfoot!”

    I mean, unless there ARE citizens of other nations who are illegally voting. Are they mail-in voting from Guatemala City? Or why not Paris? Moscow, naturally, since you don’t need to be present, nor a citizen.

    So, Garland wants Moscow to vote. Got it. Not checking who a person is makes elections A) more secure? or B) less secure? Garland wants elections less secure. So he’s inventing a Federal power no one ever claimed and they do not have specifically to make elections less secure, because Biden was the most popular President in world history. Got it. No need to say more.

    “Very Unusual Situation”: 2% of All Global Freight Is at a Standstill In North Sea Due to Historic Congestion”

    Wait: the economy stinks, nobody’s buying, but containers are backed up for months? Explain?

    Escobar: “Afghanistan was occupied by over 40 nations – while repeatedly bombed and droned by the Empire, which suffered no condemnation for its aggression; no package after package of sanctions; no confiscation of hundreds of billions of dollars; no punishment at all.”

    That’s your UN and Western consensus. The Article is actually about them stealing $3.5B from the brokest, most mistreated country on earth. Because the U.S. is bankrupt and pirating things to stay afloat from day to day. If not, hush money stops and Hunter’s laptop breaks free.

    He’s been hot lately, but very, very good Luongo:
    “China Queues Up to Join the Davos Beatdown (Luongo)”

    China Queues Up to Join the Davos Beatdown

    terror that Germany’s vaunted industrial base can collapse, and with it the banking sector, if Russia pulls all natural gas supplies. So, finally, after destroying their own economy, the politicians in Europe are considering the right question, “Did we do this to ourselves?”
    The Euro’s collapse this morning to a new twenty-year low below $1.03 is answering a resounding, “Yes.”

    “US Imposes Sanctions on Iran Oil Producers after Failure to Revive Nuclear Deal”

    So…If Iran doesn’t hurt themselves, we the U.S. will hurt OURselves? Sold! Sez Iran. Hurt yourself. We’ll sit over here and watch. Oh, ow, boy dat briar patch sho’ does hurt.

    “As the crypto winter deepens, only the staunchest Bitcoin investors are still holding onto their tokens — but not on the exchanges.”

    This is relevant as most of the coins on exchanges are hypothecated, fake. So instead of a 2:1 drop, it’s a 200:1 drop. Second problem: if everyone is sitting in their cold wallets, what is the exchange? It has no liquidity if only 5 Xbox kids are trading in it, and therefore is not setting an accurate price. That means you have, can have, wild volatility that will read as “Bitcoin going to $12,000” when in fact almost no one is selling/contracting at that price.

    How can I say that? These are all the exact mechanisms used to manipulate the gold and silver markets for the last 40 years. We’ve had silver at $10 and actual sales on eBay and shops at $25. So…you’re saying the Comex “official” price is off by 100-150%? Are you high? That’s not a market, it’s a scam. Yet everyone keeps playing as they love lies and fraud so much. You would think everyone leaving patently fraudulent exchanges would help make the prices more real, but not in this structure.

    As seen in today’s gold derivative chart. But also you should look at the Comex chart of derivatives. It’s like 10:1 in corn, iron, wheat, etc — every normal commodity — and 300:1 in gold, 1,000:1 in silver. The regulators say there’s nothing unusual about a commodities market where producer of the commodity doesn’t show up, the concentration of the position is 99% among 5 banks, and there is no actual delivery of product for years. P.S. the BTC commodity contract doesn’t deliver either. There is no delivery mechanism or clause in it whatsoever.

    As per the article, it’s not just “unallocated” which as they’re not charging you storage, clearly doesn’t exist, because there’s nothing stored and guarded with expensive bank guards. Duh. No. Switzerland was also sued 100x for there being no gold in the “Allocated” gold accounts either. And they WERE charging you storage for something that didn’t exist, which is fraud. After paying millions in fraud, they went on their way continuing to do it, as universal with banks and finance. Now in the case of Saudi, they actually GOT the gold, it was shipped to Switzerland, allocated, and paid the not-inconsiderable expense of guarding it. The Swiss guards STOLE 100% of Saudi gold, sold it into market to rig the price (aka London Gold Pool) and couldn’t give it back. They paid Saudi (and others) “money” to settle. Saudi HAD the money, they don’t want “money”, that’s why they traded the money for gold. JHC this is not complicated. If they wanted money, they just would have kept “money” in the first place.

    Anyway, since that would collapse Switzerland, Europe, London, and the United States’ Western banking system entirely, Saudi had to accept the money and buy in Shanghai where there IS gold. They might nuke them, or they might be blamed for causing a worldwide collapse that kills billions, but in either case they wouldn’t get gold bc London and Switzerland don’t have any: they have fraud. So if you wonder about shutting up about the largest bank heist in the history of the universe, that’s why. And here we are, 10+ years later, nothing’s changed. Like Einstein’s human stupidity, fraud is infinite.

    “Corporate Media Insists Eating Insects Is “Really Delicious”

    What is up with these idiots? Do they really think this will happen? 2/3rds of the country can grow beef without really trying, but this is your goal now? Chemical plant lab meat and maggots? And you wonder why people are now suspecting you’re non-human agents.

    Western’ Media Spread Copium to Prolong the War In Ukraine (MoA)”

    As Lira says, once the Ukr army is utterly wiped out – which Ze and the West seem to want, desire, and pray for – Russia can/will walk all the way to Poland and Hungary barefoot with a Hawaiian shirt on. They will then do whatever they want with both Ukraine, and most of Europe as it’s landlocked from Odessa on the East side, and energy-embargoed on the West side. Dodge this.

    “the current President of Ukraine is nominally Jewish.”

    He’s not nominally Jewish. He’s converted and his kids are both baptized. Unless you believe in the “One drop of Jewish blood” race fallacy.

    “Why Doesn’t Africa Support the West in Sanctions War Against Russia? (Lumango)”

    Because: all recorded history? Talk about being an “interviewer who is Astonished.” There hasn’t been a minute since Islam fell that the Euros haven’t attacked Africa, 1,000 years ago.

    “[Russia’s] recent underperformance notwithstanding,”

    Yes, taking over a country the size of France with 1/3 of the troops using gear from 1970. What is it with people talking a normal sentence, then having to throw in a lie? “Honey, I’m taking the car to the store for a minute! (Realizes he hasn’t lied in almost 15 minutes of his waking day) …And then I’m driving to outer space!” (Woman, realizing she hasn’t HEARD a lie in almost 15 minutes: ) “Have a nice time, honey!”

    Of course the classic is to throw in “Without evidence”, which at this point means, “Totally with all available evidence.”

    “new calls have emerged for the United States and allies to use naval power to ensure that Ukrainian grain can safely transit the Black Sea.”

    Lie! Ukrainian grain can ALREADY transit the Black Sea. No one was ever stopping them. However, Ukraine mined the whole sea from Odessa to Turkey on accident, then Llyods wouldn’t insure it. Note the passive tense where the reporter suddenly forgets facts that are just as easy to state as to exclude.

    “called on Washington to pull out of the Alliance. “The American people do not want war with Russia, but NATO and our own foolish leaders are dragging us into one,” – Greene

    One leader has common sense. 534 more to go. As usual with these things, she is considered the crazy one.

    And this: “A war that no one will win.” –Greene

    No. Someone will will it. Russia. Completely and utterly. Nato has no men, no food, no tanks, no shells, no oil and no plans. They haven’t mobilized the brass band and the little drummer boy. Russia hasn’t the slightest need to escalate to nukes in this situation.

    “Lab-Designed GMO “Carbon Capture Plants” to Replace Pastures (Chudov)”

    So the roots are toxic, non biodegradable, and build up in the soil. Got it. I’m sure that won’t poison the fields for generations or nothin’. Oh and cows and deer won’t have any problem eating it? None at all? Uh-huh. Sure, just like GMO corn which has pesticide in every cell.

    “You don’t violate the rules of being a staff aide without consequences, after all.”

    You do if you’ve been recruited to say hilarious and false things by Trump’s side to totally discredit J6 for all time. And the DNC is so sea-slug stupid as to fall for it and let you, ask you, beg you to do so. Okey-dokey, if you insist!

    “The CDC Is Breaking Trust in Childhood Vaccination (Tablet)”

    It’s frustrating, but this is what it takes, I guess. People have been screaming since they first started doctoring vaccines to harm children in the 80s-90s, but weren’t getting any traction while generations were poisoned near to death. So what can I say? Life’s hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid. They wanted and needed it to be harder, so here we are. It has to stop, so we have to do what is necessary to stop it.

    BBC reporter is spinning, disoriented, having never met a human with principles before. They don’t get that at the home office, funded as it is by MI6. But don’t worry, as Churchill says, he’ll just pick himself up and shrug it off.

    Mister Roboto

    Well, it would appear that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s likely imminent ouster is in the news. Despite all the specific reasons for this, I think that the real deeper reason is that people and officials in the UK clearly see that the man is a clown and not the serious leader that country needs right now. Besides, he is also clearly just as much a WEF-toady as Justin Trudeau, he’s not just as blatant about it. But Paul Joseph Watkins believes that the UK political establishment will replace Johnson with somebody even worse.


    TAE advise is ………..
    Read more …

    Why don’t the African cosmos support the West in its sanctions war against Russia?

    Why don’t the African cosmos support the West in its sanctions war against Russia?
    12512 Views July 06, 2022 53 Comments
    By José Francisco Lumango for the Saker Blog

    There are several reasons why Africa does not side with the US and why Russia has the advantage.

    According to an African adage “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”



    Insane Clown in the Moonlight


    Real Statesman enjoying a snack food


    Mr. House


    I hope its Liz Truss. In fact i’d be surprised if it isn’t her. Look at her wikipedia, doesn’t look like she’s ever done anything and spent most of her life in government positions, perfect!

    She wouldn’t be the leader we need, but the leader we deserve 😉

    Michael Reid

    I do believe this is the single most important point every other analyst has missed over the past couple of years. The point of beating Davos is to stop WWIII, stop the messy dissolution of the US which would be a catastrophe for everyone, and end the cycle of violence which has emanated from the European colonial powers for centuries.

    Brilliant article. Thank you

    China Queues Up to Join the Davos Beatdown

    Mr. House

    plus, ya know, girl power!


    Rishi Sunak Resigns as UK Finance Minister

    It would be a great symbol if Rishi Sunak became PM of the UK

    He’s married to the daughter of one of the richest billionaire Oligarchs in India.

    Perfectly poetic for the colonizer to be finally colonized!

    And with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan being Muslim, the UK can recreate the partition of India 1947 Civil War right there in Old Blighty!


    Let’s go for the forced cultural diversity thing, not the gender thing.

    Maxwell Quest

    Buh-bye “creepy” Georgia Guidestones!

    Seems to me that somebody was able to draw a link between the inscriptions on the stones and the current war against humanity by the WEF globalists – somebody who decided it was time to make a statement which would be difficult to censor.

    So, who does the local television station interview on-site for their news segment? A couple of wandering yokels that looked as if they flunked out of grade school. “Oh the tragedy, why would someone do such a thing to America’s Stonehenge?”

    Stonehenge? Hardy har, har-har! In the two news segments I watched, nothing was said about the monument’s controversial message. Only, that it was a local tourist attraction that was needlessly destroyed by vandals.

    Guidestone Rubble


    “Vanishing vaccine mandates in Australia” after “spectacular public health failure”.
    Mandates are not meant to go away, on the long run – no evidence to the contrary. “They” had enough of terrorizing Australia, for the time being that is,which was a test how far “social experiment” can go. Steam pressure valve opened a bit – that’s all, while bold “new chapter of the plan” is implemented on the other side of the planet, in Netherlands.
    When some will understand that we are not subjected to decisions of “dummies”.
    “Smart-gotcha” comments that start with: “Ooops…”, “Hmmm…”, “I wonder…”, “Ha, ha…” make me physically sick.
    Michael Reid posted yesterday an article “The End of the Industrial Age”. THAT is the real problem of the world today.
    Mandates, cutting a food production, even a possible war is “Elite’s idea” of solving it while staying at the top.


    Millions Of Barrels From US Emergency Oil Reserve Sent Abroad, Including To China

    Senile hair smelling Poop Pants Xiden exports US strategic petroleum reserves to Eurotardistan and China!

    Smooth Move Poop Pants.

    Millions Of Barrels From US Emergency Oil Reserve Sent Abroad, Including To China
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    by Tyler Durden
    Thursday, Jul 07, 2022 – 10:37 AM

    With a growing number of people realizing that the Biden administration has drained more oil from the US strategic petroleum reserve, which is meant to be used during real emergencies not fake, made up ones such as Democrats facing a catastrophic failure at the midterm elections…

    Courtesy of Reuters we know: more than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of the historic U.S. SPR release were exported to Europe and Asia last month, including top US geopolitical nemesis in the global arena, China, even as U.S. gasoline and diesel prices hit record highs.

    The export of crude and fuel is blunting the impact of the moves by U.S. President Joe Biden to lower record pump prices. In a widely mocked call, Biden on Saturday renewed a call for gasoline suppliers to cut their prices, drawing rightful criticism from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, because going after mom and pop gas stores merely demonstrates just how clueless the handlers of the senile presidential puppet truly are.

    About 1 million barrels per day have been drained from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve through October, an unprecedented pace. The drain means SPR inventories fell to the lowest since 1986. US crude futures are above $100 per barrel and gasoline and diesel prices above $5 a gallon in one-fifth of the nation. US officials have said oil prices could be higher if the SPR had not been tapped, and for once they are right. Still, the question looms of what happens to oil prices when the US can no longer sell the SPR amid concerns of a real emergency: we know the answer and the Biden admin won’t like it.

    “The SPR remains a critical energy security tool to address global crude oil supply disruptions,” a Department of Energy spokesperson said, adding that the emergency releases helped ensure stable supply of crude oil.

    Citing customs data, Reuters traced that the fourth-largest U.S. oil refiner, Phillips 66 shipped about 470,000 barrels of sour crude from the Big Hill SPR storage site in Texas to Trieste, Italy. Trieste is home to a pipeline that sends oil to refineries in central Europe. Meanwhile, Atlantic Trading & Marketing (ATMI), an arm of French oil major TotalEnergies, exported 2 cargoes of 560,000 barrels each. Cargoes of SPR crude were also headed to the Netherlands and to a Reliance refinery in India, an industry source said.

    What is most notable is that a third cargo headed to US arch-enemy, China, which is now directly benefiting at the expense of US consumers as a result of Biden’s escalating panic to undo the consequences of his catastrophic green policies by selling the most valuable US assets directly to Beijing!

    But what is even more scary is the following exchange, in which the White House simply had no response when asked if the US is selling its emergency reserve oil to China.

    “…Pointing out the obvious, Matt Smith, lead oil analyst at Kpler. said that “crude and fuel prices would likely be higher if (the SPR releases) hadn’t happened, but at the same time, it isn’t really having the effect that was assumed.”


    Insane clown has resigned.


    Sorry, Teri. I got so excited when I saw it I when straight past the comments. The pound is happy.
    Arf arf woof woof bark bark.


    “Insane clown has resigned.”
    I would say, “He was forced out by fear. By those who have the most to lose”


    Case vs the 16 year old who escaped being killed by police bullet by one inch, is closed. It was for 2nd degree murder. We are all insane, but some more than others.


    A bit more on vaccines in Australia, or at least in the national capital: the radio told me yesterday that the 4th jab is now available to anyone aged 20-65 but it’s optional, no pressure. I presume that people outside this age group have been or able to have been jabbed elsewhere and elsewhen.

    Have you seen Dr Ted Noel’s video showing how masks perform (badly)? Very instructive:

    I could fault his methodology a little, e.g. he dons them a bit crookedly and doesn’t try to fit them as closely as he might to his face, but I think his demo is very revealing. The lesson is that unless a surgical-quailty mask seals completely around the edges, it’s useless. Seal and stifle. My eye doctor is required to wear a mask on the job. Yesterday he told me that because he talks a lot to his patients during the day, his throat gets irritated from the tiny fibres that he breathes in. Now I’m wondering what that will do to his health. He’s tired of masks but must endure them.


    They came for your cash, then they came for your fuel, now they are coming for your food. Plant potatoes…..

    those darned kids

    take a moment from your potato planting and read this:

    then, plant more potatoes and ¡beans!


    RE: releasing carbon hungry plants – Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle – I’m sure there will be no unintended consequences. Also, there’s a Niven story (don’t recall which of his hundreds) that describes nanobots that convert raw carbon into diamonds…with interesting collateral damage.

    RE: the Picasso – really direct, almost an icon. If you know what a mammal looks like, and what water and land look like when adjacent, you instantly get it.


    All fall down.
    Georgia Guidestones: can I have a piece? They should be showing up soon on eBay, doncha think? I’ll give ’em a genuine $1 federal reserve note for a hunk of it.
    Damn, I bet those miniature ones will go sky high!
    (Note: I don’t actually know if there are mini ones, but hey, it’s America, right?)
    Also- I wonder with a huge number of the tweeters (?)- where’s the footage of the perp(s)?


    …and a little more, sorry.

    RE: bitcoin – It is sufficient to remind that bitcoin is a transaction vehicle, not an investment vehicle. The ‘workflow’ is: convert your local dosh to btc, anonymously and securely buy <heroin|ferrarri|iron ore|whatever>, and the seller converts to his/her/its local dosh.

    The froth over it’s value is misdirection. It’s not supposed to have any intrinsic value, just like a paper check is worthless.


    Boorish Johnson- The Queens Clown dick forced out, just like Prince Andrews dick was forced into children.
    Ahhh Royalty and the Elite. Such Class.

    Biden, Trudeau, you’re next filth. Fauci, Daszak, Gates, Walensky, Schwab and all WEF scum- you will all go down hard. It’s, coming, for, you.

    For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm. Joe Biden 12.16.2021

    Nope fuckface. It’s you, your family and company that are now looking at your own illness, shame and death. Karma bitches.

    For you Boorish J-

    We’ll be fighting in the streets
    With our children at our feet
    And the morals that they worship will be gone
    And the men who spurred us on
    Sit in judgement of all wrong
    They decide and the shotgun sings the song

    The change, it had to come
    We knew it all along
    We were liberated from the fold, that’s all
    And the world looks just the same
    And history ain’t changed
    ‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the last war

    I’ll move myself and my family aside
    If we happen to be left half alive
    I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky
    Oh I know that the hypnotized never lie
    Do ya?


    Outstanding rebuke of Boorish the Spider-

    Applies to all Western Governance. Their arrogance, lies, incompetence and crimes are catching up to all of them. We will see every Western Govt collapse in disgrace as they have destroyed so many lives and ruined so many opportunities for Peace and Growth. We don’t need govt to abuse us any longer, we need to destroy the abusers and terminate their power. Like NOW.

    Veracious Poet


    Another moron “expect” – it’s not lockdowns, it vaxx-driven VAIDS:

    Fucking moron! ☠️☠️☠️


    People are no longer “buying” the story that the benefits outweigh the potential harms.

    John Day

    The Vineyard of the Saker “website can’t be reached” today, from Texas.
    Gmail removed it from my frequent visits section 2 days ago, but now it is POOF!

    Ministers of Money and Health (not dim bulbs, either) resigned-on-principle yesterday, so BoJo got under the bus-of-state today. All of them have bright futures because they are all following their scripts.
    They are handing off the chalices of their positions with plenty of poison in the wine dregs.


    That gold story is so old, ya mean there are still people on the planet that don’t know this?


    Same here “website can’t be reached”

    Doc Robinson

    The Saker can still be reached.

    HTTPS has been disabled … use to access our site
    July 07, 2022
    We have been under a DDOS attack using encrypted https to bypass existing router and software firewalls.

    HTTPS is not critical to

    a. no store/money transactions

    b. no critical transmissions/messages

    c. only analysis and comments (verbiage)

    Please note your browser may default to using https. You may need to ‘google’ how to disable the auto use of https by your browser.

    https will remain disabled until we understand and are able to block this attack profile.

    Herb Swanson

    (Of course, as usual, this is all Putin’s fault!

    Doc Robinson

    @Mister Roboto said:

    Despite all the specific reasons for this, I think that the real deeper reason is that people and officials in the UK clearly see that the man is a clown and not the serious leader that country needs right now.

    I wish I could believe that but my gut feel is that they are all driven by self-interest and want to escape being tarnished by the BoJo clown, so they are all desserting him to show the next leader how loyal they are to him. The earlier they declare their loyalty to the next leader, the clevered they will appear to be and the more likely they will be to get a good job. Look how quickly they all showed loyalty to WEF and the lockdowns, they do not care about the country, they only care about themselves.



    Rishi Sunak Resigns as UK Finance Minister

    Looks like the sikhs are well embedded in Canada. Maybe this will be the historical theme of the 21st century for the commonwealth. Looking at the countries these immigrants left, they may even make an improvement to the UK and Canada.

    John Day

    Thanks Doc Robinson,
    That works


    Solutions – Cut off their supplies
    Variants – why does it seem only the vaxxed get it?
    Because, According to the experts, the unvaxxed are already dead.

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