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    Lawrence Alma-Tadema Women of Amphissa 1887   • Ukraine – Biden Again Escalates (MoA) • US Giving Cluster Munitions To Ukraine In ‘Desperate Gest
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    Just one of 1000’s.

    Edwin van der Sar: former goalkeeper stable in intensive care with brain bleed

    Fatal cerebral haemorrhage after COVID-19 vaccine

    TVASSF (tick…tock…tick…tock…)




    All theatre. All. Of. It.


    Dr. D

    ““The war in Ukraine is aggravating the painful effects of climate change, causing not only severe damage in Ukraine, but also distress in a wider circle that includes Africa and South Asia, according to John F. Kerry, the United States special presidential envoy for climate.
    The war demonstrates how ‘climate change is a threat multiplier,’ Mr. Kerry said in an interview on Wednesday.”
    We are not sure what is more bewildering: that Kerry would think it appropriate to say such a thing, or that the New York Times would feel duty-bound to report it as anything other than parody. How the war is inconveniently impacting Kerry’s climate agenda is something of an obsession for him, as though counting carbon emissions supersedes the death, destruction, and risk of thermonuclear conflict resulting from the ongoing hostilities. On the literal eve of war last February, Kerry soberly relayed to the BBC his hope that “President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.” For real. He actually said that.”

    Yes. Because they are mentally ill. And this is a religion. But as they say this is a religion for the “Elites”, the Special People™, the “Few who Know™”. The great unwashed are too stupid to understand, so you need to take away their sodas like a bully in a schoolyard and MAKE them do it. Only us special people know why, and because “you can’t handle it” we keep it secret and don’t bother telling you. Whether it’s a sun-burp, an Ice Age, or a rogue planet ripping through the solar system from beyond Pluto, you can’t know. Only us special people would know, because, like the lights going out, if we told you, you’d all melt down and panic, running in the streets like “Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow”.

    It doesn’t matter that that never, ever happens. That in a hurricane or NE Grid collapse the people come together and it’s essentially just as peaceful as before. Nor that this happens every time, proven again for decades. That humans are self-regulating and don’t need You. Facts Don’t Matter™. This is dogma, faith, we’re talking about here.

    More, um, sir: “how do you know the Mormon church fathers, the Scientology guys who now have your blackmail confession aren’t putting you on?” Doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that you’re the ONLY people who get this? And we can’t tell anyone? And we can’t check? And the actions taken only consolidate their power over especially, you, the “Elite”? Yes, you, you “Elites” you’re being a Sap, a Rube. YOU are the punk, the idiot, the Mark. The unwashed people, dumb as they are, are smarter than you in this regard: at least they can still exhibit basic, animal suspicion, and understand “Theft” and “Murder”, that not all animals above them have only their best interests in mind.

    But we’ll never know what CIA paid “sooper-secret” “Project S.H.I.E.L.D” Scientists to tell you idiots. Because you won’t be honest.

    And I have to say, not telling people the truth? It’s working great! No one’s resisting at all. Once the Masses heard the GodSpell, they fell in line and ate the bugs and weren’t mad at you at all, jumping in and not burning down your neighborhoods in Paris or nothin’. Oh. Wait. I mean the #Opposite. If you can’t TELL people, honestly, what you’re up to – why the economy sucks or why we’re at war with Russia – then you get no buy-in. No support, and you have to use expensive, failing levers of raw Fascism to get even tiny things done, and we sabotage even those things with one Yellow Cone. All because 1) Why would anyone follow you if you’re a transparent liar? And 2) Why would anyone follow you if you only use raw Violence and never persuasion?

    So we got that goin’ for us. Personally, I think they’re right, I think there’s “Something” out there they told AOC for instance. Something real. But I also think they’re probably also lying about it. An example might be, yes, we will have a world-wide Carrington event (we won’t, it would ruin their control grid, but…) BUT that really we don’t know when it will happen to within 500-100 years, making it irrelevant, AND we could very easily harden all the electronics to withstand it. But we don’t tell Junior Congresswomen or CEOs that. Then they wouldn’t shoot themselves in the head for our profit and power plan. We need them to THINK they are “In the Club”. Special. Like in “Kingsmen”.

    Sorry, running long on that idea, because it’s the fundamental idea of our age, and the one upon which all the others, like War and the Economy, all rest and depend. Answer is simple: TELL THE TRUTH. And out here, DEMAND THE TRUTH. Cling to the Truth, and, since NOT doing so is very, very often a crime, PROSECUTE THE LIARS, throw them in jail for their 100,000 felonies, Covid being one, as a bad example to others.

    I don’t care what “Special, Secret People” do, you have to convince ME, or I ain’t going.

    Liars? Torturing people +2 years, oubliette, without charge or trial?

    “Narrative Collapse: Tucker Carlson Says Capitol Police Chief Admitted ‘Jan6 Crowd Was Filled With Feds’
    “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that crowd was filled with federal agents…”

    Jeez, what harm can a little white lie do? When our Good Intent™ justifies the means? Reality A: Armed, Seditious overthrow of the Federal government, Reality B: No weapons, no plan, half the crowd are paid actors who are FBI agents POSING as a seditious overthrow of the Federal Government. Facts matter. That was supposed to be why we have Courts.

    “”We trusted the government not to screw us..” — Edward Snowden.

    Whyyyyyy? Why would you ever do that? And who is this “We” you’re talking about? Clearly you’re from the East Coast, and the Laptop Class. Nobody ‘round here does.

    16 Firefighter deaths in 6 months, 32 deaths/year.

    Well that’s just ridiculous. Everyone knows that Firefighters are unhealthy, out of shape layabouts. Especially the ones age 32 are past due for a stroke, because we all know strokes are for 9-year-olds. Like German bodybuilder Jo Lindner. Yup, being the most fit, Mr. Universe contender means you’re just unhealthy, “die suddenly”, and it’s not like he went on TV 7 times and said the vaccines did this to him or anything. “So sad” they report. “Great guy and was loved” they report.

    “The Washington Post says that the U.S. will now give cluster munition to Ukraine.” President Biden has approved the provision of U.S. cluster munitions for Ukraine,”

    In violation of what is accepted Human Rights over almost the whole planet. But that’s nothing new. My point is: yeah? So Russia now blows them all up in Lviv, not waiting for them to get closer. Did you SEE the leveling of what is essentially an entire college campus? They haven’t done this before because they NEED the weapons to arrive in one place. If they blew everything up, the weapons would be spread messily amongst Toyota Hilux coast to coast. I WANT them in an arms depot or NATO bunker. Then I can blow them up. Problem being of course, you can only blow up Lviv’s NATO base once.

    “Press Secretary Psaki, on February 28, 2022, said, ‘The use of cluster munitions is a war crime.’”
    “I Did That” – Joe Biden.

    Will they vote for it? Cluster bombs for children? YES THEY WILL. All Democrats will vote for Joe’s war crimes, joyfully, enthusiastically. Just ask them. They’re not shy to tell you. We have to commit war crimes otherwise the Other Guy™ might get in and “something bad might happen.” The Other Guy might start a war and hurt civilians. The Other Guy will wreck the economy and authorize the end of Free Speech and all human rights, like a Dictator, in court.

    ““Cluster munitions are a desperate gesture. This measure tells the story that the US and its satellites have realized they are powerless.”

    Yes, however, we also get rid of them since we don’t want and can’t use them anyway. Plus they’re all old, so they’re REALLY going to have a lot of duds that are dangerous to civilians and we can’t dispose of. Isn’t it better to dump them in a field or river in the middle of the night like a good Capitalist? That’s Joe for you.

    ““[They] can inflict immense damage to the civilian population years after a conflict..”

    Anglos, or NeoCons, or their more recognizable name: Nazis. They always go scorched earth. If they can’t have it, they destroy it so you can’t either. Logic 101 really. Killing everyone, everywhere, all the time, it’s always Logical.

    “Vienna strongly opposes providing Kiev with cluster bombs, as they can cause suffering to civilians for many years after the fighting is over,”

    Yeah, you gonna do anything about it? I thought so. We’d do something about it here, but you already saw what happens when we vote overwhelmingly, or protest vigorously. They don’t care: they arrest everyone, rig everything, and do it anyway, but with you in solitary for 2 years without even charges. At least Assange reportedly DID something. You can only image what they’d do if we really got forceful about stopping them, because that’s what they’ve been trying to get us to do for decades.

    ““security guarantees, rather than a NATO expansion..”

    This is like a joke, but a bad one? NATO says “This security guarantee is that IF you get in a war, AND that war is in the future, we MIGHT give you some weapons so you can fight it.” Ukraine: “We’re in that war NOW.” “Shhh little baby. Later. We MIGHT give you a couple leftover non-working Bradleys LATER.” You know, IF something BAD happens.

    So it’s the same as now, only much, MUCH worse. Like the Steven Seagal Sanctions: Why Bother?

    “G7 Justice Ministers Agree To Help Fight Corruption In Ukraine (Az.)

    I’ve reported a hot tip to them: there was a high-level U.S. Official who said on camera worldwide to fire their chief investigator and stop looking into his Million-dollar payoffs or else they would cut $6B in aid to Ukraine. BTW, the other G7, like De Lyin’, are under their own ultra-high-level criminal investigations. So the G7, the SECOND most corrupt force on the planet, is going to investigate the #1 MOST corrupt force on the planet? Because #1 is the money-laundering center and employee of #2? This is a joke right? You can’t just say “Garden People/Jungle People” and this goes away.

    “The local poison control center was deluged with fake calls from people claiming they overdosed on ivermectin.”

    Already false: you can’t overdose on IVM. But this is common. Reporter, slow news day, calls up Company A and says, “People have been saying you provide banking to the KKK. What are you doing to stop it?” 1) There are no people saying that 2) They are not providing banking to them 3) They are already doing everything to stop it. DOESN’T MATTER! I’m printing the story anyway, with facts and people I all made up here over my latte, as a straight-up felony shakedown extortion racket. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. I am the “Good People”™ therefore everything I do is Good™. What don’t you understand? And the “Good People™” declare Blacks could never succeed, get hired, or have anything in a Meritocracy because they’re too illiterate, stupid, and lazy to succeed. That’s what all the “Good People” believe! If you don’t believe it too, I’ll hit “Print” on this extortion article, you hateful bigot. (Yes, I only wish I were making this up.)

    Anyway, they’re MUCH TOO NICE. It’s not “laundering” a “Story” or whatever, it’s a FELONY. Felony, felony, felony. It’s extortion, racketeering, which serves +10 year sentences and where you get 1/3 of the money clawed back from their mafia organized crimes. By open, unrepentant racists. Go get them and stop excusing their behavior, they’re incapable of understanding otherwise. If you don’t stop them, they’ll keep going and hurt more (black) people. And that’s what you really care about, right?

    “DOJ asked a final time to block Mr. Trump from being deposed..”

    Why would you BLOCK him? Don’t you usually want them on the stand to make a mistake?

    “theft of protected intellectual property and trade secrets by Meta’s new Twitter clone Threads.”

    Never followed the law before. Why start now? Since nobody follows the law on anything, why not each mail cluster munitions to each other? Signed by Hunter, I’m sure neither party would get in trouble.

    V. Arnold

    Baa, baa, black sheep,
    Have you any wool?
    Yes, sir, yes, sir,
    Three bags full.

    One for my master,
    One for my dame,
    And none for the little boy
    Who lives down the lane.
    …and here we are…


    Meloni Is Baloney. Just look where she stands on Ukraine.


    Belief …. If there were any evidence of ….. No evidence! …. Truth?

    Unapproved Depopulation tool!
    The elites are speaking against the use of cluster ammunitions in Ukraine in opposition to what the USA want to do.
    Why are we at war with Russia?
    We have left the civilized world behind.

    • US Giving Cluster Munitions To Ukraine In ‘Desperate Gesture’ – Envoy (TASS)

    The Convention on Cluster Munitions was signed by 123 countries in the Norwegian capital in 2008 and took effect on August 1, 2010. By now, 110 countries have ratified it.

    The real dud rate of cluster munitions is often way higher than formally declared by the military.
    “a leopard cannot change its spots,” meaning that people are incapable of changing their essential nature.
    Others at NATO question Ukraine’s readiness for membership, with Kiev still having a long way to tackle its “chronic problem with corruption.”
    • Keep Ukraine Out Of NATO, US Experts Argue (RT)

    Kiev, however, is unhappy with this non-commitment, with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky reportedly threatening not to attend NATO’s upcoming summit in Lithuania unless the US-led bloc offers “concrete” security guarantees or a roadmap to full membership.
    War plans need to change. Unexpected surprise move of the Wagner Mercenary
    • Baltic, Polish Leaders Warn NATO Of Threats From Belarus (Az.)
    No evidence!
    • IAEA Experts Find No Indications Of Mines At Zaporozhye NPP – Grossi (TASS)
    No evidence!
    • How To Create a Fake News Cycle (Pierre Kory)
    There were no ivermectin overdoses –
    No evidence!
    Appearance of cocaine in the white house!
    No evidence!

    Conrad Black: A betrayal of Canada
    When rigorous research finally catches up with the horrifying exaggerations of those who claim that our forebears were responsible for the systematic murder of the native people, we may turn to the question of why Canadian opinion has been such fertile ground for these appalling fictions.
    The Trudeau government has deliberately proclaimed and incited the world to believe that this country has been guilty of attempted genocide. That is a monstrous blood libel on English and French Canadians and as I have written and said many times, it is a betrayal of Canada that should morally disqualify the government from re-election.


    And none for the little boy
    Who lives down the lane.

    Ayn Rand teaches that little boy should pull himself up by the bootstraps.

    “Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.”
    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    I understand the sentiment and where Splzhy is coming from but how to explain that Russia after the 90’s total collapse
    bounced back so strong as the nation, while the USA….well, Jim K. in his article above tells that better than me?
    Dmitry Orlov knows why, BTW. Secret ingredient is a little bit of equality goes long way.


    Its getting hot everywhere.
    Maybe, the inverse square rule was violated.
    Maybe, the shape of space was changed by an unknown/undetected/unexpected force/energy.


    What happens when jewbankstergansters control your government, media, educational, financial and legal systems? Look back 100 years to Russia, a horrorshow, Satanism on full dislplay. Well, now its here. Only the willfully ignorant cannot see it, eyeballs glued to talmudvision casting its spell. 3 years of premeditated murder. No one held accountable. No one. The horrorshow is just beginning.


    Stop and accept.
    My truth is the right truth because its backed by power and money.

    The Markster

    Agreed with Henry on Meloni. That speech is from over 10 months ago. Since her thrilling populist victory and snappy little speech she has exposed herself as just another cog in the Nazi West War Machine, knuckling under just to get along with monsters.

    Which brings 4 years of Trump to mind.

    Speaking only for myself, culture wars of all kinds have now grown stale. Make love instead, in whatever way best suits you. Do no harm. Fasting and prayer. ☮️


    Speaking only for myself, culture wars of all kinds have now grown stale.

    one side of the culture war wanted to live and let live before it even began, found it stale upon inception

    the other side has no intention of stopping and There Shall Be No Conversation

    You cannot be easygoing FOR someone else who won’t. You cannot say live and let live, equal protections and liberty under the law and fix them if they reply that free speech is fascist istaphobia. The cunning crazy ones cynically applying it nonstop like the whole world is nothing but nails and there’s nothing they love more than hammers. The sheeply stupid crazy ones genuinely believing it.

    I wanted to bow out too, getting tired of it when they turned it up to a screeching continual11 around 2016. So I decided to take a dive back into geek culture. What did I find?

    Comic books ruined. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, disgustingly ruined. D&D? “Orcs are Black People!!!” (just who’s racist again?) Uber liberal JK Rowling is a fascist phobe. We need more ugly morbidly obese women in video games. (thanks, Dove – what does soap have to do with gaming again?)

    Just examples. They’d (they being people with no interest or experience with any of the institutions of geek culture) already been there or just got there and salted the earth.

    Next thing I know, my work is making me participate in multiple required multi hour video “trainings” led by Ibrahim X Kendri in which he tells coworkers of 20 years that they are evil subhumans. Then my work starts requiring me to take the Woke sacrament/purification/purity test or go die in a gutter.

    I do not think they will listen to you, nor will they leave you alone. Their purpose IS to penetrate into everything, make everything political. Fasting and prayer will not affect them in any way – other than some effort to co-opt them – if I search I think I will find they already have.


    We miss Covid


    Ayn Rand teaches that little boy should pull himself up by the bootstraps.
    Right. Would that we all would find an amazing, technologically advanced house in the woods, that only requires a little tinkering to get functioning, in order to provide one man — and his grateful friends — a life of liberty and freedom.

    I may be a little fuzzy on the details of Anthem. I read it around 3 decades ago — found it with my parents’ books one day when I was looking for something to read. (I read Animal Farm for the same reason a few years before that.) However, it left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I read it, and a part of myself, deep inside declared: There is something wrong with the message of this book. Something doesn’t make sense! I kept thinking about it. And then I realized…the amazing house pre-existed the character. It’s existence had nothing to do with his efforts. It was the product of prior people, and prior people’s efforts.

    Of course, the quasi-religious, collectivist society was terrible and oppressive. However, the idea that selfishness was the antidote was puerile.


    Russia confirms that they are launching a BRICS currency backed by #gold.

    Prediction: Those owning gold will be demonized as Putin supporters and confiscation will be the natural course of action.


    What happens when jewbankstergansters control your government, media, educational, financial and legal systems?

    And, what do you know? The key guy who ratted out Biden & Co. for influence peddling in March 2019 was also Jewish. Would it be appropriate to append the religion or ethnicity of other bankstergangsters? There is an Italian mafia — but do we then suppose that all Italians are mafiosos? Are the Rockefellers “christbankstergangsters”? Does that mean that all Christians are suspect?

    Let’s see…there is a really wise guy who stated “By their fruits ye shall know them”—so, just maybe, we should judge individuals by their own fruits and not by the actions of those who happen to share religion and/or ethnicity?

    Figmund Sreud

    KANIUKAI, Lithuania (Reuters) – NATO has turned Vilnius into a fortress defended by advanced weaponry to protect U.S. President Joe Biden and other alliance leaders meeting next week only 32 km (20 miles) from Lithuania’s razor-wire topped border fence with Russian ally Belarus.

    Sixteen NATO allies have sent a total of about 1,000 troops to safeguard the July 11-12 summit, which will take place only 151 km (94 miles) from Russia itself. Many are also providing advanced air defence systems which the Baltic states lack.

    “It would be more than irresponsible to have our sky unprotected as Biden and leaders of 40 countries are arriving,” Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said. […]



    1. MSM/NATO strongly opposes providing Kiev with cluster bombs,
    2. Kiev uses cluster bombs
    3. MSM tells the TRUTH about neo-nazi Ukraine/Kiev
    4. NATO stops sending aid to Ukraine

    Michael Reid

    I like to free the ideas from the letters

    Human beings are born with different capacities.

    If they are free,
    they are not equal.


    if they are equal,
    they are not free.

    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    D Benton Smith

    It is not possible for an individual to fare better (when everything is taken into full consideration) than the aggregated sum-total of how everyone else is faring.

    If the world seems otherwise it is only because those who THINK they are faring better are self-centered (and narrow minded) to such an extreme extent that the have lost the capability to be aware of how other individuals are actually getting along and experiencing the fullness of what their lives really are.

    No materially impoverished person in their right might would choose to change places with a rich guy if the price of the swap was that along with the money, luxurious comforts and power would come the blindness of heart and mind and soul that turns all of those comforts of life into lifeless stone.

    In other words, if you could become King Midas or Baron Rothschild any time you chose, would you choose that if it also meant that you would consequently have to then BE them in every way?

    Any takers? Of course not. Only the already insane would make such a self-destructive choice. Those hapless cretins like Klaus, Gates or Rothschild would not even make that choice themselves, if they had not already lost the so much of their capacity for awareness that they cannot even see how badly they themselves are faring! They are tragically unaware that have become deaf, dumb, blind, crippled, afflicted and murderously hateful . . . without even knowing it. That’s very low indeed. It’s a level of degradation bordering on being snuffed out of self-aware existence altogether.

    At that point, what little was left of them as THEM (their self-aware identity) could indeed ALMOST be reduced (with little modification) to a package of data driven AI responses that could be uploaded to the electronic “Metaverse”, to exist, but not live, for as long as the network existed, and the only remaining awareness (if any remained at all) could only be that it hated every thing and every one, outside of itself, and didn’t really like itself all that much either. That’s about as close to a definition of Hell as I would care to imagine.

    This capacity for awareness thing is clearly a two-way street. Thank God that U-Turns are permitted.

    In other words, we all fare well, or it’s farewell to all.




    A woman who leaped into a river to test if her dog would rescue her, only to be swept away, has been found dead.

    The unnamed woman, aged 46, was walking with friends near the Hongcheon River in South Korea’s Gangwon Province early in the morning of July 1, when she entered the river to see if her dog would come to her aid if she was drowning.

    She was then washed downstream by rapid currents.






    Pheonix, if I droppedyour ass out of a helicopter over a hasidic enclave in jew york, you would see what i’m sayin in 5 minutes. Rockerfellers are jews. They change names, dummy…like merrick garland. Pedo joe is surrounded by jews. You won’t see shit from that ivory tower, until its too late.




    Empire of Lies economic collapse is coming


    Michael Reid

    It is interesting that we are uniquely different in such a way that no two of us are identical/equal.

    I am what I am and I enjoy expressing it.

    Freedom is important if you want to do that.

    Michael Reid

    As of today, I have a total of 21 turbines mounted of the 24. 3 more tomorrow

    I hope it works out.

    Newfoundland is very windy and not very sunny.

    Next, after installing 3625 feet of 1/0 AWG wire
    to bring current from the turbines to the battery bank,
    I suspect the wind with the solar may have a chance of
    keeping the battery bank in good state of charge so
    the gas generator will rarely be needed

    And then, I will be installing an air to air heat pump
    to minimize wood consumption and
    allow the possibility of an indoor garden
    with heat and grow lights


    New movie coming out

    A new Super Hero



    As social order breaks down in earnest, creative solutions in violence emerge.

    Tough night in the hood for mediated problem solving

    I’ve never seen a lit stick of dynamite casually tossed into a car to settle a bone of contention.

    Ouch, that must have hurt. Looked like his head popped off and out the window


    Oh Shit!, close call, but I can’t remember where I dropped my stash



    Oh my. What could the cause be?

    Dr. D

    “President Joe Biden and other alliance leaders meeting next week only 32 km (20 miles) from Lithuania’s razor-wire topped border fence”

    Obviously that’s silly: Walls don’t work. And all humans are legal! Let the Belarussians cross into Lithuania all they want! With all the guns and fentanyl they want. …But this observation will have no effect as the mind-virus is illogical by nature. Addressing it with logic is like spitting on a rhinoceros: it won’t even recognize what you’re doing.

    “Sixteen NATO allies have sent a total of about 1,000 troops to safeguard the July 11-12 summit,”

    50 WHOLE PEOPLE apiece? WHERE do they find that kind of money and manpower? Those 1,000 men could probably stop…1/3rd of the Boy Scout Troops of West Virginia. Or conquer all of Britain in its present state of decay. Your choice.

    Whatever could heart deaths be? Drugs I bet. I hear there are so many drugs out there now that tourists just wander in with bricks of them, then leave them casually on the floor. I mean, it’s worth $8,000, but they’ll just get more t the White House fence, right?

    So many drugs causing so many heart deaths we have to keep the border open.

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