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    I believe that the original saying was:

    “Gold is for when you’re bearish on society and Bitcoin is for when you’re bullish”

    and may have been coined by Max Keiser in one of his interviews. I do agree with Max.

    Personally I’ve been following BTC for some time and after listening to what Jeff Booth, a Canadian engineer and entrepreneur, I have finally come to the conclusion that the only game in town is BTC. It’s the only tool that cannot be manipulated by central banks and govs.

    Jeff explains his take well in this podcast (he only talks about BTC):

    How Inflation Is Stealing Your Wealth | Jeff Booth | Pomp Podcast #572 – Video 1hr 13min

    Mister Roboto

    As for me, I’ve noticed that the Covid/Cult idea is starting to penetrate the mainstream consciousness, as it has been popping up in various places with increasing frequency over the past month. Now, even those like my nephew are feeling the abuse and finding ways to label it.

    Either that or a relationship with an abuser. There are probably a lot more people out there who could relate to that.

    V. Arnold

    And Happy Birthday to you V Arnold!

    Thank you.
    Glad to see you still lurking… 😉


    Sharing Markson has a video showing live bats being kept at the Wuhan lab, confirming the WHO’s conclusion that no bat experiments were ever carried out at the Wuhan lab. How covient! Brought to you by double-speak!

    Dr Fauci follows science fiction!



    You know, I still rather like the distinct ring of silver coins! The poor man’s gold! There is also nothing better than the feeling of handling 400 oz gold ingots in a bank vault! Them thar fingers need to be a mite careful thou!

    One day my brother was at his bank. The next teller was breaking paper rolls of US quarter coins into her coin tray. He heard the unmistakable ring of silver! He quickly asked the next teller if he could buy $20 dollars of quarters! She nicely obligated selling him all of her quarters! When my brother got home he discovered that he had over $200 in silver quarters! The solid ring of real money!


    Hi Wes,

    Yes I agree with you. I made a mistake in my post when I said BTC is the only game in town. I meant the only game among the cryptocurrencies. I do consider gold and silver investments.

    Regarding the saying, I believe gold is the insurance against the breakdown of the financial system while bitcoin allows for the development of new ways of doing finance that empower the people while being beyond the reach of the sociopaths running the asylum.

    Hope this explains better my take. I believe everyone that can afford it should have gold.


    “Did they also tell him to appoint Putin?”
    Boris Yeltsin Had 100 CIA Agents Who Instructed Him How To Run Russia (RT)

    Thanks for asking the question.
    Just as well for Russia that Yeltsin finally woke up and found the right man for the job.

    John Day

    Thanks for posting this for me a couple of days ago, when I was otherwise occupied:
    The Wizard Of Oz: The Dark Reality That The Deep State Hides From The World
    Andrew Korybko …
    Nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to the modern world in which everyone lives. “There Are No Democracies Or Autocracies, Only Governments”, I wrote last week, and they’re all comprised of permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies, or “deep states”, which handle matters largely considered (whether rightly or wrongly) to be beyond the responsibility of the average citizen. …
    The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in what can be described as WorldWarC, or the full-spectrum paradigm-changing processes catalyzed by the world’s uncoordinated attempt to contain the virus (again, whether or not one believes that it’s real, fake, or exaggerated). All preexisting trends are now being accelerated and compressed, including the geopolitical, military, economic-industrial, information-communication, healthcare (genetic engineering), governmental (“socialist/”fascist”), and “green” (“depopulation”) ones. This means that everyone is truly living in an unprecedented era of history whereby literally everything about life as they know it will be completely different within a decade. The very nature of international, economic, civil-state, and even human-to-human relations is transforming at a record pace, with folks either choosing to remain asleep like the “deep state” wants or wake up and peacefully try to stop them if it’s even at all still possible to do so.

    Korybko is a TRUE JOURNALIST, and smart and insightful, and prepared to die and face judgment.


    @John Day

    First, I want to apologize for not replying to your question when you came back, as I haven’t been feeling well and needed to adjust again. I’ve largely educated myself about my conditions and consulted with specialists to get a true diagnosis.

    The clinic in question is a private 501 (3)c not for profit organization for low income people who fall through the cracks of Obamacare (Since I’m in a non Medicaid waiver state, my options are only this or a community health center that’s about 30 minutes away, and I plan on calling them to see if I can change clinics). My previous endocrinologist confirmed Type 1 diabetes with a positive anti-glutemic antibody test plus a c-peptide result of less than .01. I have been unemployed since graduating from my masters program and single, so my options are certainly limited (and getting less all the time).

    The point I wanted to make was the “free” states aren’t necessarily free (as the Houston Methodist decision could attest) and the law passed by the legislature with that perceived loophole for health care facilities presents many potential problems. I still wonder whether the recombinate DNA base for the vaccine would be contraindicated when combined with the recombinate DNA in human insulin. Though I’m sure this is the case with many vaccines, the mRNA therapy (we only have Pfizer here, so there’s no choice of vaccines.) presents an altogether different question.

    And yes, I will take your advice for my next appointment and thank you for that. I’m merely trying to head off despair at the moment, so forgive me if I’ve been off a bit.


    The times are swirling downward. I had to cancel my Washington Post subscription. This is my last month after four decades. I just could not read Washington Propaganda on the Potomac anymore without my emotions erupting. Today on the front page top center “Families of the late-stage victims note a cruel juxtaposition as the US death toll inches to 600,000” above a picture of Amanda De Cora visiting the grave of her mother. A cruel play on “All Quiet on the Western Front” or “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

    The Elite cannot know that the mRNA “vaccines” will safely control the coronavirus pandemic, the scientific data to prove this has not been generated yet. The reopening, the fake return to normal, is based on us CDC models that the virus will be gone in the USA by November 2021. If the vaccines fail, if the deaths and suffering become too great to ignore, if lockdowns are re-initiated next winter to keep the for-profit hospitals functioning, if new variants keep arising; literally, the lights will go out all over Europe, South Asia, and the Americas. “We shall not see them lit again in our life-time”.


    John Day, if you catch this- When the football player collapsed, no one did CPR. Is that because he was young and fit, and it was unlikely to be a heart attack? (But it was a heart attack, I believe- maybe I didn’t see any assistance because the other players gathered in front of him). When someone collapses with chest pain and has stopped breathing, is it always okay to do CPR? I asked earlier if someone had a -carditis and collapsed clutching their chest, is it harmful to do CPR?
    Pumping a chest seems wrong for inflammation.
    Do the -carditises present differently from a heart attack?


    Someone (statistically, probably Germ.. 😉 may have linked to this segment previously, but it’s a first for me and I found it compelling (it’s only 7 mins long):
    His statement that biological organisms are – per se – not patentable fits with my (limited) understanding of IP law (and I’m happy to be enlightened by anyone more knowledgable in the area), but in principle:
    – if natural organisisms are unpatentable AND
    – the CDC did indeed receive a patent on the Coronovirus genome
    ..that’s potentially the smoking gun right there.
    The URL at the end of the video still works, but the link from there to the full doco is dead (links to “chapters” of it seem to work though. If anyone has a link to a copy of the full video I’d be very grateful to see it.

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