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    Henri Matisse Woman with a hat 1905   • US Consults Allies On How To Protect Shipping In Wake Of Tanker Attacks (R.) • Julian Assange Is Not On T
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    V. Arnold

    Bolton is dementing.

    LOL, that is hilarious; not to take away from the truth of that said…

    Dr. D

    Bolton is dementing.a Dementor.

    Fixed it.


    Dr. D

    “Elizabeth Warren To Propose Cancelling Up To $50,000 In Student Debt (MW)”

    She should call this just what it is: Corporate Welfare, Corporate Handout. What do you call it when you have all profits but no risk? Easy: Welfare. Direct money written from the government/taxpayers TO a private corporation. A thing which only government can provide, and only from my money.

    This is nothing new, this is just what they did back in Reagan by having the Feds “backstop” student loans brokered by Sachs and Morgan: they made all the usual profits, but couldn’t lose. But lo! Completely risk-free profits were not enough: Bill and Hillary illegally and unconstitutionally made student debt undischargable in bankruptcy, thereby protecting the Federal balance sheet AND all the banks, and throwing the people into penury. How? Well, the structure now set was to offer loans infinitely, and when you have infinite money chasing finite goods, prices rise straight up, as they have. So thanks to their “helping”, college costs maybe 5x what it should and the market can bear, AND the people are on the hook for the fascistic merger of government and corporations. Exactly as predicted and desired.

    As strangely, like the Post Office and the Patent Office, bankruptcy is enshrined in the Constitution, the solution would STOP IGNORING THE HIGHEST LAW, and re-enact bankruptcy. For the people, and coincidentally thereby on Sachs and Morgan too, who will fail when the $1T hanging over them appropriately defaults, and will be replaced by non-idiotic, non-corrupt, non-fascist banks. As that would destroy the entire financial system – probably worldwide – and is Congresses’ fault – or rather their K Street bribing/blackmailing handlers — DJT’s approach was to split the difference 50/50 while re-enacting the existing law of personal bankruptcy that was never amended or repealed. Yet the banks would still be face-punched as they richly deserve for trying anything so crooked and stupid. Of course all the good and right people said this was crazy and nobody wants it. K Street visited later that day to pay thanks.

    Anyway: the usual. Warren’s plan, like all their plans, looks like it helps the people but actually helps the 1% and throws the poor into the meat grinder. But hey, enforce the law, the Constitution? Who wants that?

    “UK Government Blew Billions on “Help to Buy” Scheme (DQ)”

    Like Warren, spending Trillions in taxpayer money to screw, cripple, and price-out the poorest, leaving them in a cardboard box. #Winning.

    “His narrative of a “progressive army” and a fresh rally of forces for elections “that will determine the future” is coming under constant attack.”

    That’s because every modern Progressive is a Regressive and Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con in drag. They just abuse the good will and good faith of people trying to do right, but lack cynicism. And you know what Lily Tomlin said, “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”

    “The near sole purpose of present-day academia is indoctrination.”

    Wow, speaking of the credulous. This has been well-established since the Progressives grabbed public school to attack immigrants back in 1900. They’ve written about it pretty much since then. So if you can read: not a surprise, not a statement, not bold at all. Besides, look at the test scores since Carter (illegally) started the Dept of Education (there is no Federal Mandate and is illegal under the 10th). Straight down every year for 50 years and we’re now 39th behind Slovakia. So what did you THINK they were teaching? Not math, that’s for sure. And if plummeting test scores bothered anyone, they’d have changed course. They haven’t. Obama’s Common Core was measurably the worst plan ever made, exactly as everyone who looked at it said it would be, and it was a high challenge to do worse than “No Child Left Behind.” What’s more, you cannot get those children, those brains back. Essentially, those citizens are now permanently stupid. But wait! When CNN and Twitter talk to them, say that $2T + $2T = a balanced budget, now they believe them! How could they tell the difference? #Winning.

    Point being, if it bothered anyone, they’d change it. It doesn’t bother them: they overwhelmingly approve. Just as cranks like me have been saying since WE were in school, and saw what it was really built for, what it really does, many years, a century ago.


    As I get older, I get forgetful. I keep loosing things. I keep forgetting that I should be seen and not heard.

    Has anyone here seen my glasses?

    They are rose-tinted spectacles or rose-tinted glasses or rose-coloured glasses
    ( If someone sees something or someone through rose-tinted spectacles or rose-coloured glasses, they only notice the good things about them and so their view is unrealistic. Note: Rose-coloured' is spelledrose-colored’ in American English. )


    I figured out why people are all spending too much time looking at their smart phone screens.

    The elites invented addictive games.
    Playing addictive, repetitive games on your phone, I-pad, etc. is a good way of consuming the hours of a day so that you do not have time to learn to do the task that you don’t know how to do so that you can avoid being a functional member of our society.

    (Repetition is memorizing and therefore makes learning possible.)

    The elites do not need educated rif-raf questioning their every decisions.
    The elites expect the rif-raf to shut up and do as they are told.
    Should be seen and not heard.
    The elites wants the rif-raf to be docile members in la-la-land
    Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble
    When you’re perfect in every way
    I can’t wait to look in the mirror
    ‘Cause I get better lookin’ each day
    To know me is to love me
    I must be a hell of a man
    Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble
    But I’m doin’ the best that I can


    I got an idea.
    A drone flies.
    A drone can carry explosives.
    A drone can hit a ship.
    A drone can be operated by a dumb brain washed kid.


    You’re not getting older, you’re getting betterer

    You can read the following at Loki’s Revenge Blog.
    *The Withering Bones of Humanity* and *Hunting The Old Rich White Guy*
    Just remember you can’t unsee things.
    Don’t miss *The Second Civil War* either.

    *The Withering Bones of Humanity and The Ecology of The Weaker Sex*

    The Withering Bones of Humanity

    *The Preferred Ammo For Hunting Old White Rich Guys*

    Hunting The Old Rich White Guy

    *The Second Civil War*

    Maxwell Quest

    • US Consults Allies On How To Protect Shipping In Wake Of Tanker Attacks (R.)
    • Julian Assange Is Not On Trial, British Justice Is (Wight)
    • The Hitlerization of Jeremy Corbyn – Among Others (Hopkins)

    I am reminded each day, while listening to the various coffee shop conversations, how the average person is so overwhelmed with the demands of personal life that it is nearly impossible for them to get their weary minds around the complexities and chicanery of the financial elites and their geopolitical games. This job they gratefully offload to the media, who they trust to keep them informed about the world “out there”, while they slog through life.

    Now imagine you are one of the lucky few who has been able to carve out a space in which you have the means and the time to pursue your own interests. Of these lucky few, let’s say that instead of pursuing leisure and entertainment, you are drawn to the unenviable task of trying to make sense of the world.

    Of those rare individuals on this trajectory, how many do you think have the discrimination, intellectual flexibility, and emotional maturity to break through the hard shell of indoctrination and completely restructure their world and life views? I think you can see where this is going… That individual who successfully pops out the other side of the Matrix into the real world will find himself a stranger in an alien world of lunatics.


    Maxwell, that’s a really poignant description of where we find ourselves, especially :

    That individual who successfully pops out the other side of the Matrix into the real world will find himself a stranger in an alien world of lunatics.

    It’s why there’s the Automatic Earth. But It’s also why people do not read the Automatic Earth. It’s easier that way.


    And not one comment, not even a single word, on the magnificent, wondrous, splendrous, amazingnous Matisse painting “Woman with a hat”. What do I do it for?


    …the real world will find himself a stranger in an alien world of lunatics.

    My expression.
    Its hard to find normal people.


    RE: the Matisse

    My immediate reaction was awe at his ability to use very unnatural colors, and their juxtaposition, to ‘synthesize’ the colors you should/would be seeing. It seems a kind of ‘meta-impressionism’.

    As I say of much good music, it’s not something I really like (this specific painting) but I do respect the skill and intent of the artist.

    Maxwell Quest

    Thanks, Ilargi. Hearing that my comment resonated with you means a lot.

    After writing it, though, referring to my fellow travelers as lunatics felt like a harsh condemnation. It’s true that one feels like a stranger after leaving the Matrix, but if done correctly, strong feelings of love and compassion keep one from falling into isolation and depression.

    I’m also reminded of a dream from many years ago in which I was incarcerated in a mental institution. When my guide came to visit, I complained that I had nothing in common with the sick people around me, and asked “What am I doing here?” Her reply, shook me. “You were insane”, she said. With that I walked through the lobby toward the front doors, eager to exercise my new freedom.

    V. Arnold

    That individual who successfully pops out the other side of the Matrix into the real world will find himself a stranger in an alien world of lunatics.

    Indeed, that’s true…
    It helps not being in a western society… 😉

    It’s why there’s the Automatic Earth. But It’s also why people do not read the Automatic Earth. It’s easier that way.

    True that, as well…

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