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    Édouard Vuillard In bed 1891   • Russia and NATO Are Drifting Towards A Major War (Timofeev) • Putin Names Two Conditions For Ending The War ‘Thi
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    V. Arnold

    Thanks Ilargi for the art (especially the Magrittes) and your daily slog as well…
    All very much appreciated by this one…
    Just entered the 80th orbit myself; and so far so good… 😉
    Keep on keeping on……….

    Dr. D

    “In Bed” reminds me of “The Snowy Day” Keats 1962

    “DOJ Won’t Pursue Criminal Contempt Charges Against Garland

    DoJ says DoJ is fine and we didn’t break the law. Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same.

    “Market Braces For Return Of European Debt Crisis

    Really no kidding?

    That goes with “U.S. Markets up 14%, new highs.”

    Yeah, world capital flows. On Inflation. People are doubting the Government bonds, and bonds are 10x stocks. Also if Germany is going back to living in caves, then buy Frankfort? FTSE? It sounds good; it is good right now, but the best performing stock market in the world is Zimbabwe. 14% is only keeping inflation, ZERO gain. Inflation eventually overruns stock gains, and sure you lose LESS – that’s what traders do – but not as much as hiding it in commodities or something. — Also difficult as times are hard and commodity STOCKS may also go bankrupt. While the product they sell spirals up. Copper for instance: it rises 10x but there are no houses built, so no wire sales, so the slowest company in musical chairs has no revenue, etc. Commodity cycles are (were) 1/3 time Stock Cycles. That’s 10 years or so.

    Putin Names Conditions For Ukraine Peace Talks (RT)

    What is Putin up to in Switzerland?

    I think this: Again, doing the PAINFULLY legal thing. To inform, and offer something legal. Doing the PAINFULLY generous thing. To hand back the rest of Ukraine as long as it’s neutral, etc. Why?

    Here’s the part I’m guessing: Because although he would actually sign 1 and 2, (important, they are not tricks or bluffs) there’s no risk because the West will never accept them. Yet. So what’s the difference what he says? Already the entire West has Mass-Psychosis not reported it at all. “We all Know.” Without any memo, they know telepathically that any word he says doesn’t exist because they all know without any discussion, memo, or center that HE and his nation don’t exist and shouldn’t be mentioned. Bigfoot can be discussed, but not Peace, Russia, or Putin.

    Riiiiiiiiiiight. Okay then.

    “and officially renounces plans to join NATO,”

    That’s how sure he is. Because they’re just going to Minsk on them, just like 1979, 1994, 2014… Personally I wouldn’t dare offer this double-crossing, but might have something to do with Euro collapse and the war pacing. Again, Europe will collapse and go-nuts. He doesn’t need to be billed as the cause 5 years from now when crime is 1,000% and everyone’s starving. He’ll say “We told you. You’re guilty.” Collective guilt but it works.

    Good cop Bad Cop with Medvedev. As usual, but really pointed here. That’s why they’re in the Caribbean, and note, if I were going to do this, send dud missiles to land in the D.C. reflecting pool and hide them 4th of July night when there’s non-stop fireworks going on on radar all night.

    “• Scott Ritter: West Has to Decide If It Wants Peace After Putin’s Proposal (Sp.)

    No. The answer is no. Not just with the Lindsay Grahams, who gave the finest sound bite in American history as to why we exist and why we’re there (“To steal $2 Trillion in Russian resources, otherwise RUSSIA will mine and spend and use them all”) (how did THEIR resources get under OUR Ukraine?) not just Democratic Party, or the GOP (On Israel), but look at “Occupy Peace” in Kingston, NY, where Celente spends thousands year after year to get ANYBODY to show up, or do ANYTHING for peace. Anything at all. Even talk about it in their basements online, eating chips. Nope. No interest, no uptake. Bigfoot conventions are more popular.

    So: No Peace at the top (Atlantic, Economist), no Peace in middle management (Graham, Biden, Marcon), no peace at the bottom, (Public, Nascar, Code Pink). No peace in schools (university) and no peace in industry (inflation, shortages, costs, profits). No.

    That’s not to say there isn’t peace, don’t misunderstand. But this peace is now “Ignore and Boycott the Blob” peace. We cease to put our eyes and attention, our effort and worry on them. So they cease to exist and are dead to us.

    I just created a new country: “Shinuopdoeshinapdboolonied” as Biden just said. So I need you to sign up, fight and die for it. Right? “What? What country? Never heard of it.” “It totally exists, you’re living in it. It has a flag and everything.”

    See what I mean? The PEOPLE don’t feel the COUNTRY exists. What country? Country with no history and no borders? With no law or basis? That country? To make someone do anything – even interact with it – we have to FEEL it exists. In our minds, if nowhere else. Or there FIRST. Ireland thought they were a country, not a province, Israel thought they were a country WITHOUT a province, you have to be a PEOPLE, an IDEA first. Okay sold, you win: America is no longer an idea.

    So you can’t draft us, we won’t even understand what you MEAN by that term. Good luck.

    Here’s the Biden quote: (Dore)

    “Is it possible that NATO forces could become directly involved in the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Until recently, such a question seemed very hypothetical”

    Are you kidding? We were there in 1550. 1950. We’ve been there since 1995. We paid billions to be there and make sure these very oligarchs existed. Their money is all based on OUR money laundering. Then we were there with $6B for the NEXT level coup, then there training 300,000 soldiers because we were there providing weapons and stocking their salt mines. To ethnically cleanse Russians, as pay a million dollars on “How to make Russia attack us as quickly as possible”.

    He then admits they are there while denying it. Because I said Words, redefined the definition. Also known as “Sheep Dip”, which is older than dirt. We’re there but not there, bothneitherai.

    “There is no other conceivable reason to require more than 16 million American males to be automatically registered for the draft, other than to prepare for a large-scale war.”

    Am I wrong, or weren’t they always required to be registered? I don’t think this ever stopped. And of course: kill all the men, women weren’t required, thanks Feminism, who is NOT marching for this, nor for men’s rights. Everyone shrugs and says, of course equality means getting all the good things and none of the bad things. We pass all the bad things to the men. Like early death and homelessness.

    They may be bringing up this thing which hasn’t changed a bit in order to advertise to young voters what’s going on around here. I’ll have to look into it. If they were Tom-Fool enough to try it, good luck. There aren’t enough drill sergeants and daddies to spank all the recruits who dgaf and will lie down and frag every Major for lols from Boot Camp on, no longer just in the jungle. They have no sense of reality or consequence, so shooting the arms instructor in front of the target field? Why not? Same setup as Russian Revolution, Unpopular WWI. Country no longer exists. Sold. I’m now a citizen of Virginia and Alabama, not the “United” States, just like it used to be. So if I get kidnapped out of Virginia to serve in this foreign army, be it Union or Ukraine, I’ll shoot my way out. See the problem?

    ““The deal is not a “treaty”, but an “executive agreement” since Biden didn’t seek a congressional approval to make it..”

    Note “He didn’t even try”. Had no discussions or attempts at all. “I Just Said”. With my mouth. Now it’s real. Name it and Claim it.

    “and the Israeli leader was branded a Russian sympathizer,”

    Note what this means, Meta-context. We can have no sympathies for Russia. At all. None. Ever. They can have NO point of view, no existence. Even THINKING they have a point of view is treason. I think that’s quite a lot worse than, say, Ireland – 1603 -1921. During that period you may not APPROVE of Irish independence in the House of Commons, but you could DISCUSS it. With words.

    “• Russian Troops Never Intended To Capture Kiev – Putin (RT)

    We know. Why am I reading this now? (Because they are re-taking or at least re-threatening Kiev)

    ““..they rest on the source credibility of being “non-governmental” and merely devoted to human rights, which increases the effectiveness of their messaging..”

    They should call them “Corporate” entities. “Multi-Billionaire, Oligarchic Spin, Bribers and Gun-issuers N-O’s”. Because they ARE against governments, in a way. And FOR corporations-as-government instead. I’m sure that’ll be a HUGE improvement around here when classy firms like Amazon and Monsanto are running things. Nothing’s more for the people than that.

    Shut off the money, or nothing happens, nothing matters. The US Petrodollar is dead, and so we’ll have what worldwide? No reserve currency. So we’ll have to what? Reduce to our actual size. …Not that the U.S. isn’t still powerful, even in the shattered shape we’re in. So 10:1? Gas $30/gal? However, the Core currency fails LAST. That’s not saying much, Europe has been riding us and ruling us using EURODollars. That is, issuing Infinity Money in all Europe banking system – but hiding it just like us by denominating in DOLLARS.

    They say “the Issuer of the currency has the Cantillion” etc? Yeah, well BANKS issue the currency, roughly. So EUROPE BANKS issues OUR currency. …Didn’t think of that, did you, Nixon? The US$ became THEIR power, and OUR problem, didn’t it?

    Anyway, that goes to today, YES, Europe has all the power – and power on us – by issuing EUROdollars. BUT! But ultimately that only goes so far. IF there is a shortage of dollars they have LESS control than the USDX’s home country. So they will have shortage, a bank run, FIRST. So Europe fails FIRST, the core country fails LAST. Ha ha ha.

    …Except for this: we’re so tightly tied that Europe will fail OVERNIGHT, and the U.S. NYC, Wall Street will fail 24 HOURS later. So amirite? Yeah, and it hardly matters. “Last” doesn’t give us anything, it might as well be the same time.

    Okay, moving on, AFTER we fail 10:1 on “Inflation”, collapse-of-currency, THEN what happens? Well, here’s the problem: the U.S. has Food. We are the largest food exporter, or can be. If China wants to eat this winter they better sell us tractor parts. We are the largest nation with world-class copper, silver, iron, gold, rare earth mines: better re-open some of those, won’t take too long. We are the largest OIL producer, and have a bunch of discoveries we’re not pumping, plus two coasts we’re not drilling.

    What does Europe have? So we go 10:1, go on par with China in wages, are competitive, and Europe? 20:1? 50:1? 100:1? What can they bring to the table? Whatever it is, they better think of it fast. I’d say they’re great design, manufacturing, smart people, become Japan. But that isn’t how they think right now. They think like ANTI-Producers.

    Speaking of, WHY has Macron called snap elections? We thought he was running a gamble, like the last 40 double-downs he lost. But no. Apparently he has no chance in the polls, it doesn’t take a second to notice this. So surely he knew. (check me on this, this is first reporting) No, Europe is going down, and Macron, nit-wit as he is, is the SMARTEST in Europe, and the most honestest. I’ve commented before on how him having any sense of reality is getting him in trouble with all Europe. So?

    So he’s going to LEAVE, like Sunak. He’s saying IT’S GOING DOWN. I’m yelling Timber. Huh? Translation:

    He’s handing it all to Marine LePen so it can utterly collapse on HER and be HER problem, and the fault of the RIGHT. Capisce? I think LePen can take it but it will be a George Washington-size challenge of human character. And the media will be right there making every problem they can for her (just like they did for Gen. Washington). She’ll either be DeGaulle, or she won’t, but I think she actually supports France enough to hand it off if she has to. To do whatever is necessary to save the nation, as messy as Rothschilds like Macron and Klaus have made that.

    “Our Children’s Trust is suing state and federal government agencies on behalf of individual children, claiming that fossil fuel regulators are negligently ruining their future.”

    I take you up on that. I’m suing on behalf of children if we DON’T use oil. Imagine: shutting off all the oil. No A/C, no Plastic food wrap, no medicine, no hospital equipment, no ambulances, no incubators… Sure I’m sure that’ll all save WAY more lives. You’d lose more lives in banning plastic wrap on chicken alone than all Global Warming combined.

    Seen and the unseen. Cost and Benefit. That’s Logic, #Logos, so we don’t do that. Reason is our enemy.

    “The UK Meteorological Office has just reported that we have enjoyed the hottest May on record. Meanwhile, those of us who have lived in the UK during May have endured unseasonal cold and rain,”

    Who you gonna believe? Yourself? You’re not a biologist, how can you know if you’re a woman or not?
    Anyway, that’s the logical conclusion of the era of Bernays.

    “the destruction of his life and his subsequent death in prison will have served its purpose with its message to everyone else: “Don’t ever mess with us or we will do to you what we did to Assange.”

    That’s why instead you need to arrest all of THEM and make THEM rot in jail. Nothing else will do. Just setting him free won’t serve OUR purpose.

    V. Arnold

    That’s why instead you need to arrest all of THEM and make THEM rot in jail. Nothing else will do. Just setting him free won’t serve OUR purpose.

    Sure: all true; so, go get ’em tiger…….

    Field Able

    Jeez the latest round of Globo-Homo sanctions must really be hitting Putin and his coven of oligarchs; he’s back to whining about broken agreements again and begging offering up a new deal so he and his rich pals can be let back into the club again.
    Why would Putin’s former Glo-Baal-ist chums do that now they can smell Muscovy oligarch blood in the water?
    From Rurik Skywalkers excellent Slavland Chronicles substack;

    The reason why Kiev will never agree to these terms is because this war is so advantageous for NATO. Just a quick reminder of all the successes that the SMO has led to:
    Hundreds of thousands of dead Slavs
    Totalitarian controls instituted in both Russia and Ukraine leading to the disappearances or murders of dozens of prominent patriotic voices
    Billions in profits for the Western MIC in new weapons contracts
    Billions in stolen money for the politicians sending aid money to Ukraine
    Billions in debt that will be paid for with Ukrainian assets like land, water, minerals and so on when the war is over billions more in reconstruction contracts to come
    Europe forced to rely on American gas, bringing big profits for corporations owned by powerful spooks and politicians
    NATO revitalized and dissent squashed in European countries trying to slip out from under America’s thumb
    New NATO member countries added that once were neutral


    buffoons..planning a big draft…

    take the context of the word buffoon this morning and then consider how a voice vote moves portions of a bill through the appropriations mechanism of The House of Representatives.

    We have an amendment before us this morning that will expand the necessary databasing of our human capital. All, eventually, men will be registered as preparation for the planned state of national defense. The registration process will advance as local registration boards and the reporting process are redrawn from historical models. This amendment provides the benefit of defining the logistics of the supply chain for materials necessary for the national defense. Experience hath shown that the small loss of liberty afforded to registration and mobilization returns major benefits to the defense of the nation.

    The majority chair of this committee has chosen a voice vote for this amendment give voice:


    The amendment is approved

    this morning you found out your grandchildrens future was vaporized with a voice vote. Do have a path that you will recommend to your sons and grandson? Cracker does

    Fire up the youtube, search and immediately start posting the url to videos of the antiwar protests of the twentieth century United States. Talk to all of your friends in the military and together give notice that you, citizens of the United States, will reject unlawful orders.
    Refuse to register, support your friends already enlisted. Our nation must have a defense, unite with those in service. You cannot trust your future to the buffoons planning a big draft. This is your nation, it is in your hands.
    Not NO – HELL NO
    Think of Kid Rock’s beer marketing commercial.



    Édouard Vuillard In bed 1891



    Timing in Life is Everything

    Photo of a plane passing the Budda

    This is how grand scale world events happen




    Insulting Fighting Words

    Zelensky, whose presidential term officially expired in May, is nothing but an “usurper,” a “nobody” with “no real authority,” according to Medvedev.
    He has now seized power and “took the entire population hostage” while still “sending soldiers forth to die,” the Russian official concluded.

    “..Ukraine received very generous peace terms in March 2022, but rejected them “on orders from the British.”

    Putin said that Moscow intended to achieve the “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine and secure guarantees that Kiev would never join NATO or any other anti-Russian military bloc.

    We know that America is fomenting wars around the world.
    We know that the military industrial complex controls our government.
    We know that we are on the precipice of a global war,
    We know that we are provoking aggression rather than resolution with Russia, China and in the Middle East.

    The only winners in these wars are the war profiteers.
    They’re now going to take our children to fight in unnecessary, destabilizing, dangerous, debt-creating wars.
    Just today President Biden committed the U.S. to an additional decade of support for Ukraine’s war with Russia.
    Russia’s ambassadors will nevertheless hand the text of Putin’s speech to the relevant foreign officials and clarify the Kremlin’s stance, he said. “We won’t chase after anyone,” Russia’s top diplomat said, adding that Moscow would simply make its position clear and “look at the reaction” of the foreign nations.
    He stated that his ministry plans to raise the issue at the meetings of BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as well as in talks with China and the Latin American and African nations.

    The minister also expressed his hope that the initiative would be discussed at the ongoing G7 summit in Italy and at the conference on Ukraine which Switzerland is set to host this weekend.
    “Those that have ears to hear, let them hear.
    Those that have brains, let them understand,”
    the minister said, adding that, although he was “not sure that everything is alright with those organs” when it comes to the Western politicians, he still hopes that some good can come of it.
    • US Government Uses NGOs To Corrupt ‘Civil Society’ Around The World (Diesen)

    In the West, and beyond, pressure groups operating under the banner of “human rights non-governmental organizations” (NGOs) have become key actors in disseminating war propaganda, intimidating academics, and corrupting civil society.
    These outfits act as gatekeepers determining which voices should be elevated and which should be censored and canceled.

    By Glenn Diesen, Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway and an editor at the Russia in Global Affairs journal. Follow him on Substack.

    Various independent publications, notably but not only The Grayzone, Mondoweiss, Electronic Intifada and The Intercept, were swift to expose the Israelis’ aggressive propaganda op when, with Jeffrey Gettleman’s breathtakingly counterfeit pieces in The New York Times last December, the lying got entirely out of hand.
    These publications kept the light shining on a story that otherwise would have disappeared in darkness.
    We see in their reports the increasing power of independent media to force accurate accountings of events into the record. In this case if not in many others, those airbrushing the picture failed.

    From here on out, those who continue to peddle the junk conjured by the Israeli propaganda machine will merely expose themselves as unserious buffoons in the service of an apartheid state. Let them.


    Pedo Jo-jo Leader of the ‘free’ world

    Empire of Lies Edition



    The G7 in one picture

    Caption Contest



    Duh’merica the Beautiful


    Meanwhile, I’ll bet this is Seattle





    Art NouWokeveau


    a kullervo

    Human life is the lifelong process of building a resilient confirmation bias.



    I have always been anti-war…but with two sons in the 18-26 age range, my anti-war tendencies have increased.


    “…every male citizen of the United States, and every other male person residing in the United States, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six…”



    Canada borrows and contributing $5B to G7 Ukraine aid and ignores needs of Calgary water needs and listens/prioritize to the Ukraine lies/hate/killing.






    So the old hunchback demented witch Hillary is dusting the dust off her flying broom, is she!
    Is Hillary dropping hints that she is available to save the deep state and their democracy?
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Hillary is from a good place, Chicago.
    And from a good crime family too.

    Joe’s ability to fuck things up is a known known, so please under estimate Hillary’s abilities!
    Somehow old Joe’s cadaver is probably still more popular than Hillary the looser, is.
    With Hillary’s great organizational skills, she will surely snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!
    Go Hillary Go!


    On Timofeev, at top post.

    It looks like Putin is attempting to ‘manage’ the Collective West, trying to avoid ‘worse’ (for Russia of course), by making Peace Offers (e.g. in the past agreeing to the Minsk Accords for ex. and not complaining when nothing transpired.) I believe that, hmm, mostly….

    At the same time Russia has sent out serious warnings (their NUKE doctrine, re. threats to their existence, which in effect is not different from the US’ first strike position) which have fallen on deaf ears.

    Zelensky as mouthpiece, puppet, for the W, will never accept a Russian offer like the present one (heh none in the past and none in the future one guesses), as the W feels it still has ‘places to go’, i.e. to move forward against Russia (arms, various supports, targetting inside R, etc.), as UKR itself is expendable, nobody cares about the proxy (possibly some Big Corps think that at the end they will cash in.)

    Why ‘against Russia’? Because the Hegemon is losing control, its position — rival powers have to be dominated at all costs, and re. Russia, Europe (vassal) has been activated against it. Some of the top EU officials are giddy with in-groupy, blood-lust and hubris (manipulated into it by various means), because they now feel ‘isolated’ …(vote of the ppl is against) polarization increases.

    We are moving, via a drip-drip – boiling frog – method, towards a NUKE exchange.

    But it is not a ‘drift’ – it was planned (imho…)

    Doc Robinson

    Current policies about draft registration for men 18-25 in the US already specify that “undocumented immigrants” must register.

    And “transgender people who were assigned male gender at birth” still must register. Trans women must register, but trans men don’t have to.

    And according to .GOV, failure to register is a felony. All the undocumented immigrants who aren’t registered for the draft would therefore be felons (if convicted for it). Perhaps this is a factor in making the registration automatic for them.

    Who must register for Selective Service

    Almost all men who are 18-25 years old and live in the United States must register for Selective Service. This includes:

    U.S. citizens (U.S. born, dual citizens, and naturalized)
    U.S. citizens who live outside of the country
    Immigrants (legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants)
    Refugees and asylum seekers
    Transgender people who were assigned male gender at birth
    People with disabilities

    ,em>Penalties for Failing to Register

    If required to register with Selective Service, failure to register is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment. Also, a person who knowingly counsels, aids, or abets another to fail to comply with the registration requirement is subject to the same penalties.

    Note the catch-all language by which a person can be charged with a felony, even if they just advise somebody to not register for the draft:
    “Also, a person who knowingly counsels, aids, or abets another to fail to comply with the registration requirement is subject to the same penalties.”

    I think these rather common “felonies” are on the books as a way to enable prosecutors, at some future time, to pressure somebody to testify against somebody else (for something unrelated), or else face a felony charge themselves if they don’t testify (with up to 5 years in prison).


    I am an Atheist, but even I will break with my nonfaith tonight and ask – nay, beg – that Hillary be made the Dems’ candidate when I go to bed tonight.

    …..for the LOLs


    Multimillionaire Kamala Harris lays it on the line

    “Create wealth is a good thing … I, on the other hand, have chosen to live a life of public service…”

    “Where I can loot to my heart’s contain…”


    VICE president of the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation

    Doc Robinson

    “require the registration of women”

    On June 13, 2024, the Senate Armed Services Committee voted 22-3 to advance the NDAA for Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 to the Senate floor… Major Highlights… Amends the Military Selective Service Act to require the registration of women for Selective Service.


    Ritual Cultural Humiliation No. 9

    The perfect gift for friends and family with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) DID

    Now with More Pronouns!



    For the few minority of women in the young generation who actually want a shot at having a healthy baby with someone who didn’t permanently destroy, mutate and contaminate his genes with mRNA ‘therapy’ have I got a deal for you gals…..

    That entrepreneurial spirit still exists.





    Did captain America know what he was signing up for?

    Dead Duh’merican merc in Ukronaziland.

    Didn’t go as planned

    No heroes burial


    Congratulations, Mr. Arnold In your wildest imagination, did you ever consider a commie USA, run by jews, into the dirt…completely destroyed from within? For sure my old man and uncles are all rolling in their graves. All that sacrifice and bloodshed, to make jewbankers richer, so they could fuck us in the ass, annihilate families and towns, integrity, honor and decency. The youngsters have no clue, the severity of what has been lost. Too busy being indoctrinated by screens, next in line for the jewmeatginder, and they don’t even know it.


    V. Arnold:

    Congratulations on entering the 80th year!
    May you stay in good health!

    You obviously took the high road, the one less travelled.
    The more independent and interesting path of life.

    You have a 10 year head start on me, now in my 70th year.

    Dr. D

    Phoenix: It may be difficult, but try to arrange a Plan B. You don’t have to tell anyone. There are places people can go both in or out of the country. There are jobs you can have and be reduced to, cash, transient or even illegal. Keep in mind if the government goes to war and tries to kill you, or them. They need my, our, your consent. Make it hard. So you haven’t seen them in a while and you don’t know where they are, sorry. Maybe they’re doing drugs, I guess, so sorry, who knows?

    If everyone made it super, incredibly hard, it couldn’t be done. Sorry. If everyone checked out of the system, then there is no system, it’s OUR system. If they have to send a car, track down, round up everyone one by one, it costs more than it’s worth. So if you were Ukraine, seeing them, what happened, what would you do?

    I don’t fight for my country, I fight for our Constitution. That’s why it’s an OATH to the Constitution. That is to say, by definition is legal, as it is on behalf of the primary Federal Law. Right?

    D Benton Smith

    Pretty good broad-brush analysis of WW3 by Black Mountain Analysis, here:

    V. Arnold

    Thanks for the greeting…
    Today’s U.S. is a cesspool of sicko stooges wandering without a rudder…
    It has been said the U.S. could only be destroyed from within; we are witness to the truth of that…..

    V. Arnold

    @ Wes
    Congratulations on entering the 80th year!
    May you stay in good health!

    Thank you Wes; so far so good… 😉
    I would have to credit leaving the U.S. 21 years ago and my lovely wife of 19 years, for my present state of good health (both mental and physical).
    The overall toxicity of the west is anti-life at best and certainly not conducive to life in general…

    D Benton Smith

    I am truly sorry to have to say this, but it has to be said. The only thing that will be accomplished by continuing support of the GOVERNMENT of the United States is an exponentially larger mountain of dead people, as that oligarchic “government” (can anyone even diagram it?) sacrifices people in the wars that it absolutely REQUIRES. Such wars are its only means of feeding and protecting itself with financial, “legal” and physical power.

    The United States ruling class (and what a “Blob” it truly is… half of them aren’t even Americans) has clearly and unmistakably shown that it WILL use every resources at its disposal (fair and foul) to PAY ITSELF and PROTECT ITSELF, at the expense of all who stand in the way of THE BLOB rubbing out anyone and everyone who isn’t fully on board.

    From the point of view of that official and unofficial Government, citizenship is not recognized, at all. Human rights are not recognized, at all. The only thing recognized (at all) as being worthy of protective recognition is membership in and and loyalty to THE BLOB. Step outside the “lane” that they prescribe and you will be smacked as hard as it can manage. To stay “in lane” and be suffered to live you must obey its orders, pay its tribute AND publicly pledge allegiance to its narrative. Otherwise you and your loved ones SHALL be compelled, fined, jailed, censored, vaxxinated or SHOT.

    Looks like we’re at that point again, boys and girls. The Blob has decided that people are either for them or against them (no gray zone) and if not 100% FOR them then too bad for you.

    Is it worth your life to protect such a monster from the Ruskies and Chinese governments (and a few billion others), when the present United States government is worse than all of those others combined? I’m not talking about former regimes or anyone’s ancestors. I’m talking about the people who are in charge NOW. Look at how they are currently conducting themselves. Based on the evidence, who is better, and who is worse? How MUCH better, or how MUCH worse?

    This is not advocacy for violence or betrayal of any nation in any way. It is advocacy of withdrawal of support from treasonous conspiratorial criminals who are energetically decimating captive populations as we speak, and getting worse by the day. I’m calling for boycotting the Blob. Say, that’s not half bad as a combo slogan & battle cry, “Boycott the Blob!

    Incidentally (and to allay any fears about rash action) there is no need to even touch them physically, actually. On the contrary. I’m saying don’t touch them at all! There’s no need to “destroy” them, because they’re doing a bang up job of that part all by themselves. Just look at them! Isn’t self destruction exactly what they are doing? “Offing” themselves by canceling everyone who doesn’t cower down and suck up? Aren’t they accelerating the process of excluding themselves into a smaller and smaller enclave of “loyalists” who refuse to listen to anyone but their shadowy masters? Do you see that they are attacking their OWN victims and slaves? If that ain’t a recipe for near term extinction then I’d like to be informed what is.

    Continue that algorithm-for-self-erasure for very long and you wind up with a weak terrified mouse on one side and an enraged bull elephant on the other. The outcome is so predictable that it can be presumed as fait accompli before the real fight even gets started.

    As for persons who are already deeply ensnared in the Government’s web such as those dependent on the Government for vital necessity incomes (and by Government I mean the WHOLE magilla, the extended Blob, and am by no means limited just to the “official” government) the only advice I would give is to either figure out how to jump ship, or to resign one’s self to going down with it.

    A lots of this stuff is already locked in by the trend of ongoing events. The only wild card is the nukes, and the risk of nukes is just one of those realities that is what it is. The nukes and madmen exist, so all you can do about that is to do what you can. Minimize the risk, keep your affairs in order, and pray for salvation. You don’t run the world, you just work here. On a more hopeful note, remember that winners don’t have any reason (or inclination) to blow themselves and everyone else to kingdom come. Secondly understand that losers tend to have less motivation to trigger the dead-man switch if they see alternatives that are significantly more attractive than radioactive suicide.

    Historically, offering opportunities for redemption and survival have been been very effective. It will work this time, too.

    The people are the nation. Says so right there in the contract, and it says what to do to fix it when it’s broke, too.

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