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    John Day

    @Chooch: Thanks for this article about the rigged proceedings to give Pfizer and FDA a get-out-of-jail-free-by-killing-babies card.

    D Benton Smith


    John Day

    Thanks for the thoughts/obesrvations/quotes/musings Dr.D. Thanks for Viktor Frankl, Susan.
    To some degree we are americans, or “a people” or “flyover people”, but each of us is a God-seed growing. You can’t always tell until you are engaged in the-work and meet somebody else doing the same work. Then you know.

    Phoenixvoice said, “yes we are poorly prepared…” and more, but that is not any kind of fixed state, nor is it absolute, and we are all, always preparing for something. Most people have no clue how much work it is to grow a little food, and are dashed when the squirrels get the one tomato, but it’s the wrong goal. You have to grow considerably more than you will need, and there will be disappointments, but then you need to can tomatoes and shell beans for hours, better with a friend.

    So much “preparing” or “prepping” is just doing the basic human things from forever in a bigger way than it ever occurred to you, like the Siberians do. They just hammer away and make it happen.
    It is humanly engaging, somewhat humanly satisfying. You might “actualize” yerself by doing things and forgetting “self” as you engage in “the zone” of immediately-aware-doing. (maybe)

    John Day

    D Benton Smith said:
    “The elites of the Great Western Empire do NOT think this is a good time for looking (or reporting on what is seen), because their policies, beliefs and computer algorithms all say that they’ve gotten it just right and there is therefore no need for questions about whether Murder-Suicide is a good idea or not. Of COURSE it is ! Drastic population reduction is vitally necessary! All of the approved experts say so.”

    The elites have a narrow range of tools and uses which they can use. Thses tools and structures keep them in power. To consider losing power is nothing they could ever agree to do. All that they do must be done by agreement of elites who give orders to subordinates.
    This is what they can come up with: lies to get people to go into chutes that will later, around a couple of corners, enslave, or slaughter them.

    The rest of us have to do what we each can, hopefully with some Divine inspiration at critical points, in a non-hierarchical way. Divine guidance coordinates through free-choice to accept guidance, which is different from hierarchy.
    Being completely human is actually about the best we can do, and it doesn’t mean being a petulant teenager, buta loving human adult, who tries things, shares and corrects own-errors willingly.

    D B S Also said: ” Let’s answer the three biggest biggies of all time :
    Is there a God? (Don’t look outside. What is this life? How do I know?)
    Is there life after death? (What is life? Is life only and always inside my body? Can I test Karma?)
    And what is the difference between Good and Bad.”
    (…If only I had a little voice to tell me… If I wholeheartedly serve others how does that turn out to be “good” so often? What are the implications? Is being “selfless” the secret to “self fulfillment”? What are the implications for “self”? Does this work better if we are NOT separate, like it looks?)

    TAE Summary: Fine Form, again!

    Kultsommer wrote: “Calm arrogance of re-posting the same content that is single wheel of the mouse turn to scroll-up to the host’s offer bar is beyond me.”

    Restatement during discussion is common in life.
    If you don’t take offense to this, but skip what you have already learned and incorporated, you can proceed to understand what the writer seeks to convey.
    We all make restatements. Many people don’t know that one thing refers to another thing unless you put it right there.
    You may have a very good memory for specific pieces of information. Many do not.
    Flow of concepts is aided by having references right there in the text.

    Michael Reid

    Professor Inderjeet Parmar discusses U.S. Empire and how America is on the brink of a serious abyss, though it still remains very powerful. On one level there is a resurgent triumphalism in the West, and on another there are a deep series of crises both in Washington and of the globalized order. We see a rise of the Global South and “in-system powers”which are not part of the West. He discusses the consensus building project of the core elites and knowledge network or “empire of the mind,” the U.S.-China relationship, how U.S. Empire has viewed China as a great asset to the Western world since the 1950s and how Beijing has emerged as a major power under the auspices of the West. Ruling classes of different countries get together as cartels due to shared interests. Multipolarity is messy but has had a democratizing effect.

    Inderjeet Parmar: America on Brink of Abyss, Western Global Order Faces Deep Crisis


    One species seems to have found the perfect method for keeping everyone in a state of total harmony.


    Ukrainian officials admitted to losing 1,000 men every day, as the Russian and allied forces continued to advance.
    I cannot Understand the Ukraine language.
    I believe that there must be a new definition of “winning”

    Mister Roboto

    Figmund Sreud

    Lovely piece of reveal on U.S./Canada relationship in the past: expose
    JFK’s Canadian Coup
    When PM Diefenbaker said no to nuclear missiles in 1961, Kennedy helped Lester Pearson become Canadian Prime Minister.

    JFK’s Canadian Coup

    … which begs the question: … How significant is the fact that the current Canadian PM continues to be the USian bitch?


    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet

    A reservation at a Raleigh restaurant, for a group of women and men celebrating the end of the school year, was canceled after the restaurant found out some of those attending were associated with the Wake County group Moms for Liberty.

    Kari Donovan, a member and spokesperson for the Wake County Chapter of Moms for Liberty, told Carolina Journal in a phone interview that Julie Page, chair of the local chapter, made the reservation at Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing as a happy hour for moms she knew to celebrate the end of the school year.

    She posted the invitation Tuesday on the group’s Facebook page without mentioning the location. Donovan said attendees needed to send an inquiry to find out where it would take place on Friday. Page sent the invite to members of the group directly.

    In total, 30 people responded, including men, some women who were not affiliated with the Moms for Liberty group, and the rest who were members. Unbeknownst to Page, one of those members went by an assumed name. The imposter is actually a Durham woman named Katherine Johnson, who recently started a progressive far-left group and is raising money through social media for a “Summer of Rage for the Triangle area of North Carolina.”

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