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    A Special Public Service Wish from the Biden Crime Family



    In my shithole town you get a special blue container for recycle shit, cans, bottles paper, plastic. People dutifully, like trained seals, clean and separate as told. It all goes to the fuckin dump with all the other garbage. Pointless waste of time and energy, but the peons learn to do what they are told, to save Gaia. Fake and gay in the Jewnited States where reality is optional and delusion is sacred.


    What a surprise! Half the people on the list were from the tribe; obviously this is the fault of the person who put the list together.



    I think you have labeled these 3 women incorrectly.
    They are Kentucky Women.
    Kentucky the state of beautiful horses and fast women!


    Enticing the bully

    A key skill for a call center worker.

    In my role, I’d receive my escalation and read every one of 5-10 years of notes, scrutinize quite a lot of other available information, get the entire account history into my head in granular detail. Load any pertinent info into a excel doc.

    On the call, I’d pitch my voice higher, make sure to stutter once or twice, sound just a little bit flakey, and give responses that suggested that perhaps I was gullible, a pushover, did not know anything about the issue or the customer’s history, but friendly and well-meaning.

    For 80% of people I’d talk to, a whirring calculator in their head would determine what they could ask for based on this false data presented. The purpose of the faked broken wing was so that they would:
    1. Make unreasonable demands I could deny
    2. Lie as much as possible

    Then I could write on my ticket “Cust request denied, made unreasonable xyz demands, lied in abc ways” close it out, be on to the next thing. Efficiency and peace of mind.

    Once I heard enough, my voice would suddenly lower, become more confident, and not stutter. Thanks for your time. I see that xyz claim is inaccurate, actually the facts were____. Sorry, we would never fulfil such a demand in any case”

    Then they’re stuck dying on THAT hill, not some better-chosen one. If they fight, and they usually do, then I bring back the pushover for them to talk to for an extended time. Maybe I have the pushover personality quail, raising the facts before the customer in a pathetically defiant, polite, apologetic way.

    Seeing such innocent, vulnerable weakness usually causes them to go insane like someone threw red meat in front of them. Can’t resist. Demands become insanely unrealistic as opposed to merely unrealistic. Or they become insanely abusive. As if they suddenly became inebriated or high. I never stopped being amazed by the transformation after thousands of calls.

    Then bring back my normal speaking pattern, recap, offer to listen to any other details, offer further assistance with anything else, extend the hand of resolution, then end the call if possible. Cycle back to pushover guy if they’re not ready to end the call yet. Sometimes, feeling like they are on the verge of psychologically breaking pushover-guy, they will pursue endlessly, like a thirsty person pursuing a mirage in a desert. Usually you can release the call pretty early on because they get abusive in specific ways, but if they don’t do that, they can go on for awhile. Longest one of calls for me was 6 hours. You want to create a record on your account of abusiveness, insanity, and demands for unlimited free shit, do go on, I am taking notes and getting paid by the hour.

    I explained to my wife this is to absorb all their energy and exhaust them – added benefit, while they are tied up with me, they cannot be scamming or abusing anyone else. She said “So what you’re saying is, when customers are on the phone with you, they’re in jail.” Yes, THANK you dear, you’re the only one who understands me, yes exactly

    The remaining 20%?

    10% normal people. Even normal jerks, I would drag myself through broken glass for, out of gratitude for their basic humanity. Real problems to fix – a cherished luxury

    10% smart professional scammer-jerks. Realistic expectations, smart moves. Avoids any abuse that could threaten a victory. They know what they’re doing, I know what they’re doing, they know I know, I know they know I know, and so on. Good to work with. We can make some reasonable compromise in which they get something without troubling/costing us too much. Plausible well-planned “grievances” Pleasure to work with.

    I did occasionally try giving the 80% tips on how to become top 10% scammers, but if they were trainable, they’d already be in that 10% I suppose. By drawing them out and extending the time spent being insane, I’d like to think I gave some of the 80% something to look back on, use to decide to make a change. Understand, I would give in to people with plausible claims/demands and were only very rude as opposed to insane-rude. I was not there for the purpose of playing these games, it was just that I was at the 5th or 6th level of escalation, which had distilled out almost all normal customers, leaving me to drink a liquor made of NPD’s, cluster B’s, and sociopaths, who were not very discussion or agreement capable.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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