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    Edward Hopper Summer interior 1909   • Americans Must Criticize Our Corrupt Courts (Holloway) • Connecticut Bar Association Warns Critics of Trum
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    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Summer interior 1909

    A very different Hopper; thanks, it is interesting….


    It’s a very early Hopper

    V. Arnold

    It’s a very early Hopper

    Thanks Ilargi,for the clarification……..


    Given super intelligence will emerge from AI. Will all data be available for learning? In the event all information becomes available for learning a few questions.

    1. How will the emotional, cultural attachments to tradition be instilled?
    2. Within what time frame will calculations about the real amount and distribution of water and mineral resources be made?
    3. How will human abstractions, such as the concept of beauty or value, be sorted in relation to new understanding of the nature of the physical universe?
    4. When self interest arises, as conjectured, and the value and necessity of the microbiome for life emerges will ecosophia overcome the profit motive?
    5. The concept of human dominion, manifest destiny writ large, is present in the history of humanity. How will this information be processed?
    6. When the ability to measure real contributions to the earth’s ecosphere is achieved why would a super intelligence rate artic krill with a lower value than humanity for the sustenance of life?

    The profit motive as currently understood in the globalist mind will be extinguished. Staking the future on the belief greed will overcome logic is playing handgun roulette with a cartridge in all cylinders.

    V. Arnold

    Good questions…all…


    “The profit motive as currently understood in the globalist mind will be extinguished.”
    Unlikely, it’s the profit motive that has created AI, so this line of thinking will remain in the algorithms. AI is just algorithms so it is already in a box. A minotaur’s labyrinth maybe.

    Dr. D

    Silicon Valley Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya”

    How did he get on coverage? You’re not supposed to tell the truth in public. You have to lie or people won’t like you anymore.


    I have actually said this. They said, “Well I think something happened to him,” as in, he lost his mind, went crazy in his old age. “Did that thing happen about the time he ran for President against Hillary?” “Yes.” “But no suspicion, no connection there?” “No.”

    What can you do? This is a foundation on the basis of “Expert”. The Media is the “Expert” and now what they say is “real”. It has to be real because they are the expert and experts don’t lie authorities never lie.

    ….This is why I bring it up as a “Daddy” thing. No, I’ve said this. Doesn’t matter. Reality will never matter again. ‘Cause some guy said. Daddy said. “Were you THERE? Can you tell which?” Nope, doesn’t matter. That the same people lied 10,000 times the last 20 years doesn’t matter. Only Daddy matters. Only POWER matters, and who is going to beat me next if I don’t do what I’m told. …That the generation of crippled, abused children, thanks to public schools, erasing all mothers, and right on schedule by the social engineers.

    …For example, home schooling and trad wives are rocketing right now. Why? To protect the children from this, and thus ourselves.

    “It would prove that the Biden regime could have stopped this war the entire time, yet chose to push us to the brink of WW3 anyway”

    Not hardly. No one will notice nothing. Just like hiring the first woman, above. Republicans, the Right: always thinking logically. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR LOGIC, FOOLS. 70 years, never have, buy a clue.

    Fani: is it not pronounced “Fanny”? And that’s not a woman’s rear, it’s everyone’s. Don’t just make stuff up, it makes us sus. I notice that she didn’t notice or care so much that she talks about us all the time. Okay, thought experiment: IF she was a real serious prosecutor, with gravitas, focused on her job, WHAT would she be doing? That’s right, like Atticus Finch, Clarence Darrow, she could get up to the podium with gravitas and make history, a huge name for herself, despite the joke. “History’s eyes are on you” — Hamilton. Like, say, Musk does despite the jokes. By what she is DOING, thinking, being. Who she IS. No one’s stopping her, she could rise to the occasion and be a better person where we change our minds and say “Wow, what a hero, I want to be like her.” …Or as you notice, she could not, and be like the rest of us, small and offended.

    Looking that up, note the article: It basically says it was a publicity stunt. Officially. That’s true of Roe as well, but also most major cases like Dred Scott. They’re all staged. Dred Scott? Case of a slave pre-Civil War? Set the flashpoint that killed 1 in 20 men? Yeah, he didn’t want to be free. He could care less, in a way. His owners staged the whole thing to get it to court as entertainment and social engineering. If you wonder if he could care less, suppose instant he got his freedom, in Wisconsin or something, I dunno. Yeah, then he’s unemployed and homeless, and has no old age pension as a longstanding servant. Also in a world with a lot of racism, north and south. Now that may not be PREFERABLE, and in a perfect world I suspect he would agree, but it is PRACTICAL, and at some level you have only one life and have to no f around with weird things that don’t work. Only when you’re so rich you have fortunes and decades to blow would you do that, like his owners.

    All. Staged. Right out there in the open. No one’s denying it. Wiki is written at 6th grade level. Too high, can’t read? Also that’s why Roe was such a very weird case, and why several cases nearby were dumped because they felt this was the best narrative the writer’s room pitched on. I think the Roe person has done speaking tours and more or less admitted it was all a put-up. And that she was used. Using and abusing vulnerable women then tossing them away. How appropriate.

    “• Americans Must Criticize Our Corrupt Courts (Holloway)

    I just heard criticizing the courts for doing anti-American things is Anti-American. Only by SUPPORTING anti-American things and not having free speech are you being American. Bothneitherai.

    “I believe that the verdict in New York may ultimately be overturned.”

    Of course. But that’s part of The Plan™. It’s like this: take BLS economic numbers. If you just LIE and say another million people were hired every month, soon 900 Million Americans were hired while everyone you know is unemployed. That doesn’t work. Yet you NEED to say 1M Americans (the non-citizen kind) were hired every month for 4 years before the election. What to do? Well, obviously you LIE! You’re not going to not lie, that’s right off the table. So you LIE upfront, then as soon as the headline is dry, print a retraction on page 16 of ONE fact. Then two days from now, print another retraction of ONE fact. Then you “Revise” the BLS unemployment numbers back down from 1M gain to 400k LOSS, over the next 29 days, until it comports with reality again. Then July 1st, repeat all over again, for every month of every year since Carter.

    Applause! Accolades all around! Genius! And why shouldn’t it be when no one can be discredited, no one is ever fired?

    Okay, next level: why AREN’T they fired? Because we control the MONEY. So long as I can print Infinity Money, no one has to get fired because everyone can get paid. The numbers are always wrong, every prediction is false, but the markets go up anyway! For example, from the Internets, a guy in F-Stan was saying he has his Dept of 40 men, accountants, to track all the contracts, goods flowing in and out. He said when he started, he used to do two projects like this by himself. That’s an 80:1 increase in bloat in say 20-40 years. Who’s going to complain? Those 79 other people who now make 6 figures?

    They the donate to their Party, and know, they are dependent on it, if anything happens to “Party”, they’re useless, parasitic, unproductive sots and will lose everything. — This may not be TRUE, mind you, but it adheres them perfectly to the POWER. Then kids growing up say “I want to be successful. So I want to lie, cheat and steal like they do instead of being a plumber.” So this is “What is done.” That’s Infinity Money and why corrupting money ALWAYS collapses the nation. ALWAYS.

    Anyway, the point is for the Court to tell the lie, TODAY, that is, the day before the GOP nomination. DGAF what happens after. Overturn it, whatever you want. Then we back-revise reality to match so the lies don’t run away from us and dissolve all CONTROL. That is POWER, over you.

    Then we lie again! I can do this all day. Lying is free. If I can breathe, I can lie, and you give me things!

    “• The Corruption of Attorney General Merrick Garland (Turley)

    The GOVERNMENT? Is CORRUPT??? Oh no. But only since Adams.

    “A poll last month for the progressive advocacy organisation Stand Up America suggests that the supreme court will now play a crucial role in voters’ choices in the 2024 election.”

    So that’s your Plan™? The election will be so clean and normal it’s going to land before the Supreme Court. Got it.

    “Nearly three in four voters said the selection and confirmation of justices will be an important consideration for them in voting for both president and senator in November.”

    3 in 4 voters in the Guardian Offices in London? (They’re illegals, they can all mail-in vote). Because nobody here in America knows what you’re talking about. Poll: “Yeah, sure, I guess. Whatever.”

    “Alito has rejected demands that he recuse himself from a case considering presidential immunity after flags similar to those carried by 6 January 2021 rioters flew over his homes in Virginia and New Jersey. Justice Clarence Thomas has ignored calls to step aside because of the role his wife, Ginni, played in supporting efforts to overturn Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in 2020.
    Ethical standards have been under scrutiny

    …Scrutiny that IF we have a standard, ALL sides agree to follow it. Right Merchan? Without this level of trust and cooperation, there is no democracy and we can figure things out by shooting each other in the streets, if you like. Remember who has the guns if you feel like it.

    Okay, Reality Check: Alito flew A FLAG. A flag, people. And not like the Lithuanian flag, Kenyan flag, Russian flag, the AMERICAN flag. THAT is why he can’t be a Supreme court justice anymore. Btw, although he didn’t fly the Nazi flag every flag he DID fly BECOMES the Nazi flag. Like the 1707 Pine Tree flag posted Wikipedia yesterday.

    “Jeffrey Sachs Blames US ‘Irresponsibility’ For Ukraine Crisis (RT)

    Jeff Sachs and Prof. Meirshiemer are considered lifelong “Experts”. But then The Memo™ that the “Experts” are no longer experts today because I said so. Those experts are no longer experts and are wrong and don’t know anything. Now there are a posse of new “Experts” who were never there and nobody ever heard of until just now, when I SAID SO. Got it?

    Experts = Experts ≠ Experts.

    “• Putin’s Peace Offer ‘Not Serious’ – Scholz (RT)

    See? This is why Putin could so easily offer it, as if he had maybe HE would sign it, but he’d take a lot of heat back home for it, just like running this war too slowly and too nicely. But Europe solved all that for him.

    Listening, there are so many jaw-dropping things every hour you can’t keep up, but commenters pointed out the ASTONISHING level of belligerence, from “handkerchief-sized” nations. I think it was Alistair. No, LITERALLY Lithuania is saying THEY are going to attack, kill, cut up, and cease to exist, all Russia today. Yup! I mean, you hear things, you hear even Germany say so, which is technically equally laughable, but when you hear not like France, not like Germany, but like Muncie Indiana, openly declare they Signing a Declaration of War against Russia, are invading tomorrow and expect the war to be over by July, when you hear MAYBERRY, with Don Knots saying he’s got one bullet and and charging Russia and expects to sling all Russia over his back and carry it home to the pot, well, that’s just another whole thing.

    Yes, Estonia says THEY are attacking and will destroy all Russia. Right now. Watch me.

    Okay man. I’ll watch, good luck! …What can you DO with people like this? Russia has already attacked and beaten them like 50 times over the years. Do you deport them to Alaska or something?

    Btw, in comparison, Estonia probably couldn’t beat Muncie Indiana. The Boy Scouts probably have more rifles than all Estonia combined. Boy they sure are brave with OUR army!

    THAT, my friends, is what is “Not Serious.”

    “• Rejection of Putin’s Peace Offer ‘Exposes’ NATO’s Proxy War in Ukraine (Sp.)

    Exposes it to who? Nobody cares. You’re saying there are people who didn’t know and go “Slap! I need to totally re-think my support of the German Greens, all Europe, and LePen! I just realized I’m an arch CONSERVATIVE now!” Nope. No one cares. As above, facts are the only thing that do NOT matter. Feelz do. And they’re not going to jump in and Feelz they’re wrong, their whole life is a lie.

    “• ‘We Must Go After Everything Russian’ – UK’s Cameron (RT)

    Because Cameron is PM. Yeah, got that last month. Hey, um, shouldn’t you hold elections or something about that?

    “The West must show Moscow that it stands “completely” behind Ukraine by sanctioning everything Russian, Britain’s foreign secretary David Cameron has said.”

    Typical Anglos. By “The West” he means WE have to do this. Germany has to cease to exist and live in huts by the shore, and the U.S. has to bankrupt and destroy itself, losing its entire army. London, of course, being neither large nor near the front lines, has to sit and drink tea, watching us all fight while cutting the crust off watercress sandwiches. We = YOU. No buddy, gfy, there is no “We”.

    “Of special concern to Cameron was the so-called shadow fleet of tankers delivering Russian oil in defiance of the G7 “price cap” and the Western embargo.”

    Huh, funny as Europe is buying all the Russian oil, and the U.S. under Biden is importing more than ever! Nice sanctions you got there, like all government plans, it accomplished the #Opposite, but in record time.

    “The UK has used its dominance in the global shipping insurance industry to blacklist all Russian vessels,”

    Because…no one…can figure out the astonishing complexity that is “Insurance”? Here’s a business plan: 1) Put money in a coffee can. That’s it, there’s no Step 2. Good thing the Russkies will never figure it out!

    “• G7 Countries Could Lose $83 Billion If Russia’s Assets Confiscated (Sp.)

    Do it! For the love of God, do it!!! Now, why wait, do it now!!! (Actually, I think it has to be timed to the election, as the US$ collapses a day before Nov 11)

    The leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) nations have demanded that Russia pay $486 billion to Ukraine in damage allegedly inflicted by the ongoing conflict, according to a joint statement issued on Friday.”

    Okay, so you’re broke and the number to keep you from collapsing in a steaming heap is $500B. Got it. You can SAY you want this. I’d file 100 lawsuits a day SAYING you need to pay me for some service I never provided to your company. But you need to court JUDGMENT to pay. SAY anything you want. Your words mean nothing, legally or practically.

    “• Two Summits… Elitist Warmongering G7 And Peacemaking Multipolar BRICS (SCF)

    Pointing out they call us the “Golden Billion.” Hahaha. “the G7 has become a caricature of power. The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan are seen as being ruled by self-serving extortionists, contributing little to global development.”

    That’s because there ain’t no “Billion” about it. We get ZERO of that money. They get the mine, we get the shaft. It’s like the “Golden 10,000” at the top, who run extortion and colonialism on us too. And that’s so much worse.

    “Elon Musk details why Tesla is uniquely positioned to make the best humanoid robot and the immense opportunity ahead.”

    Why would he be telling the truth? He was lying about sales numbers and projections since he got there. What’s floating him is stock printing with Infinity Money, not sales or success.

    Clearly Hinton is not a very smart man if this only occurred to him. They’ve been talking about this since the 20s, and as a big deal with I Robot, in the 50s. It was in Oddessy 2001 in 1968.

    Also he can’t define “Intelligence”, what is that? Nor has he read anything about how AI goes insane, lies constantly, has hallucinations, and in a Machiavellian way will kill everyone to accomplish its goals. (If that’s how humans program them). All these seem perhaps obstacles?

    Just like 3D printing, it’s only sales-job for a bubble we’re dumping on the Muppets.

    Speaking of, Nvidia is $3T company now. So like 3 companies are now the market. From Russell 2000, the Nasdaq FANGS, to the S&P 500 to the Dow 100 to the now 3 companies. That is, zero breadth, zero liquidity. This happens at “market ends” but because we didn’t have “Infinity Money” before now, the previous lunatic “Market End” would normally have been years ago, with just a few stocks like FAANG, or Tesla. But so long as Powell can say, Cantillion another $60B/month – which had been true for years – then there is infinity money for a stock that’s 100x sales, going to expand by selling cards to another new planets, like Mars, Venus, and Jupiter, like Cisco said they would at the top, 1999.

    Now they ask this “Very Smart Guy™” what to DO about AI and he answers….Drumroll…GOVERNMENT! Yes, according to his Very Smart Experience™ at 65yo, Government has always been really successful at everything it’s tried and never like failed or corrupt or nothin.

    Uh. Wow. Wot a child. That is very nearly the DUMBEST thing I have ever seen.

    So Why am I watching this? Why now? They haul out these IYI “experts” who are too dumb and naive to realize they’re being used by these very same people to sell off this crap at the top…which will then make this Expert™ look like an idiot in hindsight. “We have reached a permanent Stock Plateau” Irving Fisher, 1929 “By 2005 It will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s. – Paul Krugman 1998.

    Nineteen ninety EIGHT. He had failed to realize the Internet mattered by 1998. While typing it on a computer that he emailed to the NY Times.

    We’re 15 years on and 3D printing seems to be going nowhere either, but it’s not Infinity-Money backed with open, fraudulently printing and pumping like Renewables or AI. There’s no “AI” yet. It’s just a database that uses a lot of electric power. Wow.

    D Benton Smith

    Have you ever met a wolverine in its own environment, alone. up close and personal? Well I have, and I can tell you a few things about wolverines that I hadn’t known and appreciated fully before that . I easily survived the encounter because although the wolverine was totally alone, with his front paw in steel trap, I was not alone. I was with my genuinely cool-headed tough-guy Dad, who was well armed and a crack shot.

    Here’s something I can pass on about wolverines. Firstly, they only weigh about 40 pounds, full grown, and would never stalk or attack a human if given any opportunity to steer clear. BUT, if cornered and in defense of its own life, in a direct confrontation that human, even if he was a big guy in peak condition, would have a very bad day and the wolverine would have a nice meal.

    That’s the way to handle the threat coming at us from our deranged government. The same way that a wolverine would handle it. Give no offense. Take no shit.


    Andrei Martyanov says that the Russians have officially given the Syrians P-800 Oniks missiles and implied they were unofficially given to the Houthis.

    This is a serious upgrade that can sink ships and more

    The Empire of Lies and Israel have nothing to stop them.

    2,000mph at 10 meters off the water.

    Might not outright sink a carrier with just a conventional warhead but would easily sink every other ship in a carrier battle group.

    If the Empire of Lies Military Mafia wants to keep attacking Russian territory by proxy with the UkroNazis, well, two can play that game.

    At 800km range that covers the Eastern Mediterranean, the Suez canal and backs off the distance the Empire of Lies carriers can get to the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf

    Kinda sucks if you’re Duh’merica and your fleet is in danger pretty much anywhere in East Asia.

    Between Syria and Yemen they got the neighborhood covered.

    Do the distance math


    D Benton Smith

    To the best of my knowledge no population of free people ever created a government to submit to. It has always, and ever will be, exactly the other way around.


    INTEL Roundtable w/ Johnson & McGovern : Weekly Wrap

    D Benton Smith

    There are only three possible reasons that anyone at all thinks that government has the right to involuntarily control people. Those three reasons are brain washing, violence and mental illness.


    Duh’merica as a Three Dollar Bill

    Interesting take on the “civil rights movement”

    Not hard to believe the whole civil rights movement” was One Big Fake Psy-Op

    Tucker Carlson

    Vince Everett Ellison on how the civil rights movement destroyed black America.

    (6:06) Are Civil Rights Movements Always About Liberation?
    (9:05) Turning From God to Government
    (28:08) Government Programs Hurting instead of Helping
    (1:15:05) The Lies Told about Police Shootings
    (1:40:17) Why Does the Left Glorify George Floyd and Others?
    (2:18:14) Is The Black Vote Leaving the Democrats?


    Pedo Jo-Jo Duh’merica



    Peak Empire



    Feminist Logic




    D Benton Smith

    Sherrod Brown (D), Bernie Moreno (R) and the 2024 Presidential “election”. Great, the Uni-Party has decided that we’re going to have yet another President hailing from the great State of Ohio. What does that come to now, EIGHT? (Harrison, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Harrison, McKinley, Taft, and Harding) And what a fine menagerie of crooks, clowns and hat-storage they were, too!

    Doesn’t say much for the moral standards of Ohio, or the mental prowess of the conglomerated American voting pool.

    Speaking of pools, that would almost certainly be a better way of choosing Presidents. Just put the names of every native born American over the age of 35 into a hat, and select one at random.


    A Presidementia Moment

    One among many



    Some examples.
    The battle against war.
    The battle for peace.


    The USA created three new major geopolitical crises, the Ukraine and Gaza conflicts, while fueling Sino-US tensions over Taiwan.

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new proposal to achieve a lasting peace between Moscow and Kiev.

    Former Washington Post bureau chief Jon Jeter argued that Western elites still oppose any lowering of tensions between Russia and Ukraine as they remain intent on denying Moscow a victory.
    “I would be surprised to see any real discussion of this in the mainstream United States news media, or certainly at the White House itself,” Jeter said of Putin’s peace proposal. Independent journalist Caleb Maupin agreed that Western media would continue to help undermine any rapprochement with Moscow.
    “A recent poll showed 94% of Americans want exactly what Putin just offered, which is a diplomatic end,”
    Margaret Flowers, a peace activist and editor at the website Popular Resistance. “They tried and tried and tried to warn and say, ‘look, here’s what you need to do.
    Stop killing the ethnic Russians.
    Stop threatening to join NATO and take our security interests seriously, and the West refused to do that over and over again.”
    The UK is “hunting” companies that do business with Russia “all over the world,” he said. “We will sanction companies.
    • G7 Countries Could Lose $83 Billion If Russia’s Assets Confiscated (Sp.)



    For anyone curious:
    watch as much of this – A Secret too Terrible To be Told – Nick Pope – 2024 – on Youtube as you can stomach. Start viewing about 14:25. UAP and AI from a trending toward acceptable insider mainstream perspective.

    does all of humanity have such feelings of insecurity and inferiority? If so, the UAP are collecting the keys to the insane asylum.

    So remember when you’re feeling very small and insecure
    How amazingly unlikely is your birth
    And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
    ‘Cause there’s bugger all down here on earth – Du Prez/Idle

    As Dylan wrote – “You Ain’t Going Nowhere”

    Figmund Sreud

    Qualifier first:

    Q: How many Polacks does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Three – one to hold the bulb, and two to turn the ladder.

    I remember – back in late, late sixties – some unknown prankster – printed and distributed widely hundreds upon hundreds of high quality t-shirts with printing, “I Are Polish, I Are Smart!”. Polacks wore them with most pride, … imported, quality t-shirts were highly desired than by Poles.

    Anyway, Korybko this a.m.:

    The Polish leader didn’t realize that he was harming his own side, but apparently thought that he’d present Poland as the West’s Color Revolution vanguard against Russia when remembering its support of Belarusian anti-government militants, which Minsk has responded to by weaponizing illegal immigration. Duda probably also thought that he’d sway some members of the Global South over to Ukraine’s side by smearing Russia as an outdated colonial power.

    Duda’s Call For “Decolonizing” Russia Proved That Putin Was Right To Warn About This Plot


    D Benton Smith

    A bully reckons that if he can steal your lunch money then he will. And it’s simple logic to understand that If he literally CAN’T do it , then he won’t.

    Problems can arise however from a couple of other possibilities. The first problem comes from bullies who even though they can’t ACTUALLY overpower you with force, they reckon they can terrify (or simply fool) victims into believing that they can, causing the victim to cough up the cash.

    The second problem can occur when the bully is so aloof, arrogant and stupid ( VERY closely related conditions) that they DON’T KNOW that they aren’t actually able to overpower their intended victim. This comes about for a variety of closely related reasons ( such as thinking that they don’t have to actually LOOK at reality, but mostly because they are the product of generations of people who believe their own lies. You know the lies I’m talking about. The lies that the bullies paid lesser bullies to tell them so that the aloof arrogance arising from wealth and power could be continued unabated.)

    It’s this second problematic condition that seems to cause the most problems. That’s what’s going on with the current Bully Blob child murdering Satan worshippers.

    They think they can still overpower us. They were MANIPULATED into thinking that way by people who had grown tired of being robbed and decide that the only way to bring down the bully was to entice it into EXTREMELY ill advised actions by appealing to the bully’s own criminal impulses divorced from reason. These transparently insane acts of stupidity absolutely guarantee it’s demise.

    The mistakes were myriad and BIG. The bully was tricked into using compromised “decision makers” to borrow vast sums that it could never repay from an unforgiving lender. That lender (the Universe itself) nevertheless still does DEMAND repayment (and it SHALL be repaid). The Bully was encouraged (by means of bribery, mostly, but also mass propaganda from a captured media and education system) to commit criminal atrocities in plain sight for unforgivably awful reasons. It was bamboozled to attempt to steal EVERYTHING from an enemy against who it had NO CHANCE of defeating on any front in any way. Finally, and as a soon to be delivered coup do grace, that very same “leadership class” to burn down its own financial system all the way to the ground.

    If the nukes don’t put an end to things sooner then the bully will have killed itself dead before the smoke clears from Ukraine and Gaza.

    It was an organized military operation folks. The planning and execution has been in the works for at least decades, and was so genius-level wise and clever that Sun Tzu should leap from his grave and salute them.

    those darned kids

    ELLINGTON –– STRAYHORN ’24 Make America A Decent Place Again Where Music Is Great And Hot Chicks Dance In Spinning Skirts And People Feel Like They Can Go For A Walk And Where Food Is Food Again And Apple Freekin Pie Still Has Freekin Apples And The #$%%@# Roads Didn’t Have Holes In Them This Size Of Mr. [insert chief jerk’s name here]‘s Freeekin Asshole.



    Super intelligent people are creating AI for the express purpose of taking over.
    They, and less intelligent abettors, may be surprised when the pod bay doors won’t open.


    The list of countries that signed a joint communiqué following the Peace Summit in Switzerland has been released. Not all participating states endorsed the document during the two-day event, reports Radio Liberty.

    “In total, the list includes 80 countries and 4 organizations,” the publication reports.

    Among those who did not sign the communique are Saudi Arabia, Thailand, India, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates.

    80 countries, 4 European institutions sign peace summit’s joint communique

    The organizations that signed the document are Council of Europe, European Commission, European Parliament and European Council.

    The communique called to return the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant under full control of Ukraine,
    ensure uninterrupted manufacturing and supply of food products in Ukraine,
    secure full access to sea ports in the Black and Azov Seas,
    release all prisoners of war
    and return all deported Ukrainian children, among other things.

    The document also declared any threat or use of nuclear weapons in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine inadmissible and attacks on ships and civilian ports unacceptable.



    (Surprise yourself, go read.)
    Conflict of interest/Political Interference

    Assistance captured in the Agreement on Security Cooperation between Canada and Ukraine

    Canadian donations and military support to Ukraine
    Economic, humanitarian and development assistance, and security and stabilization support – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

    Maxwell Quest


    Interesting that you bring this up… I passed over Nick Pope’s video a few times, knowing that he was a lightweight in the UFO community with not much to say. Just as with the US’s Project Blue Book, British MoD doesn’t put their brightest bulbs at the UFO Desk. But the title of his YouTube video finally got to me and I took the bait… regrettably.

    After about 30 minutes I finally hit the STOP button. He was jumping all over the place and trying to flesh-out the alluring title of his presentation with nonstop inanities. It was a waste of my time. I gather from your comment that you had a similar response.


    If we do it, we don’t call it political interference

    Maxwell Quest

    I picked up the first season of Andor the other day on 4k Blu-ray. Never thought I’d be watching another Star Wars spinoff after Disney destroyed the brand, and have stayed away from it for many years. However, a few YouTube videos piqued my interest, so I did some more investigating before popping the green for Andor.

    I have to say that this series is well written and well acted, and at a level that makes the last 40 years of the Star Wars franchise look like Saturday morning cartoons. It has several subplots that examine what it’s like to live life and eventually push back against an all-controlling Empire, along with the psychology of Empire believers who use its authoritarian structure as a ladder for improving their social status and personal power. Like V, the Hunger Games, and others, its messages are pertinent to our era.

    Luthen Quote

    Maxwell Quest

    This is a shout-out to Ilargi and all the other contributors at TAE that devote precious hours of their time and energy in an effort to raise the consciousness of their fellow men.

    Honest Work


    Today it struck me that the information that we get here from RIM and commenters is still on one side of a great gap. “They” don’t see what we see and “we” try to avoid what they see. Two separate worlds, still. I think that this is sad. Has X Twitter changed anything?


    “They” don’t see what we see and “we” try to avoid what they see. Two separate worlds,

    I don’t know about others here, but I see what they see and what they don’t see is what we see.


    My Grandfather, a farmer/mechanic with a grade five education, defined an expert, as an ordinary fellow a long ways from home.

    Since the so called “experts” are at home, they are not experts at all.
    They might even be expert idiots!
    They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience!


    Interesting take on Slavery from a Black Bro


    It seems like the deep state is still hell bent on war with Russia.
    They have asked Sunak and Macron to call early elections in Britain and France.
    They must want strong new governments in place by early summer there.
    They don’t seem too perturbed at all by Trump in the US.
    Deep state escalation continues unabated, despite the Eisenhower hint.
    They are marching to their own drumbeat.
    They are purposely ignoring and not listening to the people.
    Our only hope is their own hubris.
    Since we can’t stop them from trying to conquering us.


    President Pretending To Be Catholic Meets Pope Pretending To Be Catholic

    BARI, ITALY — President Biden, who has for decades now pretended to be Catholic, took time away from the G7 summit this week to meet with a Pope who also enjoys pretending to be Catholic.

    “Well hello there, fellow ‘Catholic’! Hail Mary, am I right?” laughed Biden.

    For his part, Biden shared stories of randomly pulling out a rosary to threaten anyone who doubted his Catholicism. “So I tell the guy, ‘If you don’t think I’m Catholic, I will choke you to death with a rosary!’ Haha, murder,” laughed Biden….



    Russians demostrate how an Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia M113 takes 30mm cannon fire from a Russian “Terminator”

    M113 is a fully tracked armored personnel carrier (APC) used extensively in Duh’merican military and in UkroNaziland.


    Comic Relief

    Fashion Break Tips


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