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    John Singer Sargent Open Doorway, Morocco 1879-80   • Ukrainian Counteroffensive’s Second Week Ends in Failure (Scott Ritter) • Ukraine Demilitar
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    One of the goals of this blog — beyond making an attempt at giving a technical explanation on how this iteration of a technological civilization works, and why it is inherently unsustainable — is to explore the thought patterns we humans apply when confronted with such a predicament. We have discussed the many aspects of human reactions like denial, thinking in false dichotomies as well as our two modes of operation (complacency and panic) earlier. Now, I would like to shed some light on a missing link (or rather: a black hole) in our thought processes when thinking about “solutions” to the “problems” we face. Warning, what follows turned out to be a tad bit more sardonic than I initially intended, so as usual: proceed with care.


    UN Calls for Nations to Suppress Online Disinformation

    Climate and Vaccine Skeptics to Be Targeted


    Calling some “science” settled is ideology.


    Most likely to be replaced first are those CEO’s and professors. So in five to ten years they may become an endangered species. Not very alarming to most.

    Many top business leaders are seriously worried that artificial intelligence could pose an existential threat to humanity in the not-too-distant future.

    Forty-two percent of CEOs surveyed at the Yale CEO Summit this week say AI has the potential to destroy humanity five to ten years from now, according to survey results shared exclusively with CNN.

    “It’s pretty dark and alarming,” Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld said in a phone interview, referring to the findings.

    Clueless Honky

    @ Red:
    Thanks for the link to the Honest Sorcerer.
    Good stuff.



    On issues of antisemitism directed at Israel, they squeal like stuck pigs

    But on Ukronaziland……



    A California state senator told a gathered crowd of parents at the California Senate Judicial Committee to flee the state on June 13 during a hearing on a bill which would put parents who don’t affirm their child’s “gender transition” in danger of child abuse charges.

    Sen. Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, is one of the two lone Republicans on California’s Senate Judiciary Committee, and he has served in the California Legislature for 11 years. He was also the lone voice warning against language in AB 957, which a Democratic senator had amended on June 5 to rewrite the California Family Code to list “gender affirmation” alongside a child’s need for “health, safety, and welfare.”

    State Senator Tells Parents to Flee His Own State Amid Bill That Would Take Kids Away From Non-’Affirming’ Parents


    Meanwhile, somewhere in the Eternal Ether®

    Perfect for Father’s Day!


    John Day

    @Red: Thanks for the “Magical Thinking” essay.
    It all begins with misnaming the problem, doesn’t it?
    “Polluting and ehausting resources on a finite planet through exponential-growth” is not “climate change”.

    Dr. D

    There goes SBF. Least surprising ever. He wasn’t stealing the money for HIM, or not more than the usual cut for he Big Guy, he was stealing it for the CLUB, and did his job adequately it seems as they covered.

    Ukraine is tied in, it’s all tied in together now. Money is leaving the system and they are panicked to refill it to keep the game going. The clock is running down. We had the Debt ceiling, but now the SOFRA kicks in at July 1 or so. Therefore any run on Eurobanking will not contagion to the U.S. The U.S. doesn’t need to raise interest rates, it would make the Fed look like the cause, because there’s enough differential that Euro money is leaving for the U.S., already, and the Yield Curve is quietly un-inverting. That doesn’t mean no recession, but LeGuard has no moves, Zugzwang, so like Russia, all they have to do is sit on her and let her choke out.

    That goes for the rest of the world, so Europe, and most especially, perhaps exclusively London, consider the planet to be untermensch, useless eaters they deign in their majesty to remain alive to clean their toilets. “Jungle” people. Europe agrees and that quote literally comes from their literal leader in literal public on a literal live camera. Okay, fine. Soooo…What are YOU providing the world, Europe, for your gracious majesty? Middle Managerial Marvels? Your countries are all s—t holes. Any place you’ve been allowed to function is awful on to being un-livable by mortal man, such as S.F. and Baltimore.

    So how about this: You do n o t h i n g. You make nothing. You help nothing. You take, which is why they call you empire and the nations as colonies. So go find your own oil, gas, nickel, neon, steel, chromium, etc, we’re done.
    That’s what the BRICS and the St. Petersburg thing is all about. And it takes time. But look at the system, it’s actually quite simple: the only place to cut off is Europe. That’s it. The rest of the world is okay and already on board.

    But muh United States! The United States is not on board either. We see this with the people – who cares about them, of course – but IN THE U.S. OLIGARCHS themselves. Sure Exxon and all the billionaires in Texas (long term GOP-aligned it’s true) are going to give up…everything? So Wall St, all NY, they’re going to give up…all commercial banking altogether, the entire business model to have BIS/IMF -direst CBDCs, and Jamie Dimon’s going to cede all his power to Davos? F’ no. And all the manufacturers, as down on the skids as they’ve been bled, they’re going to sign up to no jobs, no sales, no companies as there is no people to sell to, either poor or dead, all things built faraway forever? No. Then all the farmers, the 99% of counties, all the way down? Nope.

    So we have 95% of all the counties, a majority of all Oligarchs – just not some key ones – in the U.S. already strangling Davos and Europe too with a hammer-and-tongs of Russia war, Russia energy, and Powell’s rates. They’re HELPING kill Europe, although we’re late to it and will be a pita to the BRICS after. But we’re front-and-center in killing Europe too, cutting them off.

    …Just like Cheeto said. “Globalism is done.” Go back under your rock. “Europe is going to defend themselves, we’re not your b—h, so get ready.” Hahahahaha. He was so stupid and powerless. How’s it look now?

    Cut off Europe and 2/3rds of your problems are solved. …Of course The U.S. and 5 eyes will remain the majority of the remaining problems, but… first things first.

    “• Biden Lays Down NATO warning For Ukraine (RT)

    “God Save the Queen”. That would be a signal, but we don’t even HAVE a queen. But then, we don’t have a King either – Charles has never attained that level as a man.

    “the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine will not end even if Russia were to achieve a crushing victory. There will remain, he writes, “an even more embittered ultranationalist population pumped up with weapons—“

    Yes, they want their ancestral homeland gay theme park against their ancestral enemy. However, tick tock, the sands of your bank accounts are running out. They know it, which is why they are desperate and DYING for a war to cover it up.

    “Kiev peace trade”

    Sounds about right. Surprised we didn’t hear that before, back when. “Not Agreement Capable”, tired of saying it.

    The problem with the SA in Poland is they weren’t sitting in the back of the plane. Quietly, without asking questions, like at a Biden Press Conference. How dare you upset white Psaki’s going away party? Know your place.

    “African Nations Call For Indivisibility Of Global Security (TASS) “

    Bye Europe, and Bye Europe’s UN and other structures. Cutting off Europe as a waste of space. Bad news: wait ‘til it gets ugly in Europe and they round up and deport a million immigrants after paying to have them brought there. Glad I’m far away.

    Ukraine is ready to trade the organs of its people for Western military assistance, … The diplomat said the Kiev regime is rapidly turning the country into a global hub of human organ trafficking.”

    He’s way behind the times. I’m sure they’ve done this already for decades. Anyone seen Lira? Maybe a good thing he’s a 50 year old smoker.

    P.S. apparently that makes them no different than Harvard, also caught organ trafficking this week.

    ““..the Asian-Pacific countries are the main holders of the US debt and thus are facing the biggest risks..”

    I think the opposite: that’s the greatest benefit when you don’t pay and they can’t do anything about it.

    “There Was No Pandemic (Schachtel)

    Pretty sure the doctors here would disagree. There was something. It was pretty bad. However, the death rate was 0.06% and only among over-70.


    We have alien life forms right here talking to themselves and us, 24/7/365 for 30 million years and we don’t recognize it. So if a REALLY alien race came here, or broadcasted their Netflix through the stars, why would you think we’d see it? We’re too retarded, actually too arrogant in our ignorance. Heck, there are MILLIONS of UFO confirmations for 50 years and they STILL say there are no aliens, no evidence. Except the 50 million confirmed sightings by common humans worldwide, possibly more prevalent than even belief in ghosts? Yeah, except for the (Fill in Blank) 100M sightings of Covid, $100 Million in bribes, 100 million illegal warrants, 100,000 people dead, there was no proof at all.

    Dawkins: We alone can rebel against our Creator, and I recommend you do so today. Why be a square? Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll, man. Forget about the Rules, man, #Logos, join the Party and be anything you want to be!

    Benton and I are on the same page about this and our friends from Ukraine. I said it again yesterday, but here:

    The natural food source of the Italian Mafia is…Italians.
    Therefore the natural food source for a proposed Jewish mafia is…?




    I think Pedo Joe meant “God Save the Drag Queen”

    John Day

    Last night Celtikbiker wrote: “I understand Raul, why I get shitcanned here. I touch the 3rd rail, which is verboten.”

    Then D Benton Smith thoughtfully replied:
    “By the term “third rail” he meant, as we all well know, Jews. Or at least those people who CelticBiker and many others THINKS are Jews . . . which they are not. Those “people” (horrible scum) who Biker rightfully despises (who he THINKS are Jews) are not in fact Jews at all, not by any stretch. In fact, they’re not even Semites. They are Ashkenazim. The word literally means “of or from Germania” [North Eastern Europe & Ukraine], and the geographic area it refers to is not the land of Judea or anywhere near it.
    The Ashkenazim are from the shores of the Black Sea northward. They’re not Semites (descended from the Biblical patriarch Shem). They’re Khazar, hailing from the region previously known to the whole world as the powerful Khazarian Empire.”

    The Word Is Not The Thing.
    Red’s “Magical Thinking” essay points out that clearly defining the “Problem” gets halfway to a “Solution”

    When “The Jews” are blamed for something, like the Nazis did in Germany, then a group is identified, which is majority-innocent.
    Any dispossessions and dehumanizing “punishments” will inherently be majority-unjust.

    What if “Khazerian Mafia” is the chosen designator.
    FDR said “Banksters”, and Ithink that’s partly what he meant, but he would have included Bushes, Harrimans and Dulleses, too…

    “Khazerian Mafia” is a big enough tent, don’tcha think?


    “The natural food source of the Italian Mafia is…Italians.
    Therefore the natural food source for a proposed Jewish mafia is…?



    Duh’mericans are most certainly someone’s natural food source, more like junk food source….just saying


    Inteligent species can control, (should be able), their population growth
    Can you imagine our conditions without depopulation?
    Russia achieving a 10:1 kill ratio
    BREAKING: Putin holds up a peace agreement that Ukraine & Russia signed over a YEAR ago, in spring 2022.

    Not one word of this in mainstream media.

    Russians are signalling they want a diplomatic settlement. Why isn’t this welcomed? How can they claim Russia sabotaged the talks?
    Remember when Boris Johnson visited Zelensky and told him to withdraw from any peace talks with Russia?

    African leaders were shocked hearing this.
    However, a peaceful settlement must return to the table.
    Peace must prevail.


    My ideal Father’s Day gift



    On Father’s Day, Mothers gave permission for you to say, “I’m the boss”.

    Dr D Rich

    Can Celticbiker’s premise been proven any faster than the (((un)))expected resolution of Sam Bankman Fried’s problem via The Daniel Ellsberg Treatment? Dr. D is still reluctant to call the kettle black.

    (((SBF))) like Ellsberg definitely wasn’t saved by affiliation with either the Episcopal or Christian Scientist churches, but I bet Sam’s (((Stanford))) affiliated brainiac parents put forth persuasive arguments that persuaded the court to do the right thing by their son. I know, sour grapes…burning bridges

    Alexander Carpenter

    Honest Sorcerer is asking the correct three questions. However, before asking those three questions it is vitally important to ask a set of more important questions — to question one’s premises themselves.
    When one’s premises are wrong, one will ask the wrong questions, get the wrong answers, and reach the wrong conclusions (and believe in them, especially if the premises are belief-based).
    Without reality-testing one’s premises, it’s all just another onanism of “reasonableness” and confirmation-bias.


    Unfo You mean, the “scientific method”? Who needs it anyway?


    Whoops… I meant to delete all of “Unfortunately”


    RFK Junior supports Isra-hell against the Palestinians:

    He has also rolled back his anti-vax stance, see many vids.

    “I am pro vax … But…” he says…(calling for proper studies, etc. which is OK..)

    one ex.


    On organ transplants in UKR. (Article at top post.)

    All accusations of Organ Harvesting for transplants are hard to substantiate, as they are mostly illegal and thus kept secret, Idk about this one.

    UKR, from a ‘global health’ perspective,

    since 1995, 2000, 2010, later (excluding Russian invasion forward) had,

    Polio outbreaks (none in other parts in Europe),

    Highest TB stats / deaths (multi-resistant to drugs)

    high and rising AIDS stats (highest rise in the world according to some)

    — partly it is supposed fuelled by drug addiction (UKR is on the road from AFGH. to EU, for drugs) – no treatment for drug addicts in UKR exists afaik. No preventative AIDS measures such as ‘clean needles.’ Prostitution is huge as well. Top officials are coke addicts, hmmm say 🙂

    The ‘public health’ system was speedily broken down by corruption and lack of central or professional control.

    (all that is easy to look up.)

    Child trafficking is not a ‘health’ rubric, but that is rampant too.

    Just one article about the disease burden since the Russian invasion…one extra reason why the EU is reluctant to admit the UKR into it, the health costs would be horrific. (Easier to treat the richer refugees.)


    . Those “people” (horrible scum) who Biker rightfully despises (who he THINKS are Jews) are not in fact Jews at all, not by any stretch. In fact, they’re not even Semites. They are Ashkenazim
    Right. Yadda, yadda.
    And the Ashkenazim are descended from a different son of Noah, and converted to Judaism (becoming Jews…in a way), what, a thousand years ago? I don’t feel like looking it up.

    Whatever. It ends up being yet another excuse to look at the nefarious escapades of some members of a few families and then frame all of their distant relations throughout time and space as responsible for the actions of a tiny cabal. Humans have strong tribal tendencies. Shakespeare explored this theme in Romeo and Juliet. My spouse is descended from Ashkenazim from Poland, one of his grandfathers bore a tattoo from a Nazi camp. He has a lot to say about his family (whom I’ve never met — they all live in New York and Israel), but they are not a part of the WEFfers and elites trying to take control of everything. He has rejected their Orthodox traditions, but he has a strong moral compass and integrity — and this is related to his upbringing. (Actually, they are all vaxxed and boosted up the wazoo, so…who knows what may befall them in the next decade.)

    Who cares whether or not the “evil cabal” elites are Jewish or Ashkenazim or members of European royal houses or from the nouveau riche: Vanderbilts, Carnegies, Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, etc.? People are not intrinsically “evil” (definition here: hell-bent on the misery, servitude, pain, and or death of fellow humans, often with the purpose of aggrandizing oneself or one’s close kin and friends,) because of religion or ethnicity or even family. Typically, a group of humans “hates” on another group of humans because of tribal tendencies (viewing the other group as “wrong-headed,”) because of cultural misunderstandings that could be overcome if both sides would sit down together and communicate.

    In my elementary school in a Denver suburb there was only one black kid in the grade of 85 students. She was mean. I still remember her name. Since she was the only black person that I’d ever interacted with, for many years I thought black people were unkind. It took years to unlearn that impression. It was worth the effort to unlearn.


    Therefore the natural food source for a proposed Jewish mafia is…?
    Good point. And so many of the Jews (all types) are fully vaxxed and up to date on boosters….


    re: talking trees and stupid monkeys

    Another facet of difficulty: it is partly related to our concept of ‘time’ and our experience of entropy. We are, figuratively, on a different track. What if an alien race was (is?) trying to broadcast, and is open about it, but their concept of ‘time’ is tuned such that transmission of one bit of information takes longer than the duration the SETI program existed? What if they like to transmit massively-parallel and send 1Gb of quantum states through a single atom?

    What if cats are trying to talk to us, but we’re just too damn slow?

    Information flows everywhere. We put our ear to the rail and declare ourselves the only talkers.


    At first glance, I thought today’s painting was of the sinkingTitanic!
    Must be a sign of how bad my eyes are getting these days.


    Long time ago in Venice (CA) boardwalk two street comedians had a gig as “how the guys of different races court the girl in the nightclub”. We, the audience of easily one hundred+ laughed our brains out especially when they portrayed the whitey. For those who tell me that prejudice is “unfair” (which it is for many single cases) I point out as what was, then, funny in the gig?
    People observe and notice the general recognizable trait of some group.
    Disproportional representation of 2% in the halls of power, “law” and money purse holding, thus is dully noted. That’s all.

    Alexander Carpenter

    So far, I have not found, nor has anyone been able to identify for me, any one trait, or set of traits, that are exclusive to Jews, whatever strain of “Jew” we might focus on. Ditto for any other tribe. Come to think of it, only an individual human can be “unique,” and then only in largely trivial ways, least of all biologically/genetically, then increasing tidbits into the cultural, social, and personal levels.
    At the levels of “magic” and “will” there can be all-consuming takeovers by what we from the outside call “evil,” and these in context seem to make the difference between those who care for others and those who don’t. Warped-concentric layers of relation-eligible others connect nearby, and then it’s narcissism and projection all the way out.
    The social engineers contrive to substitute an ideology/agenda-based identification for aligning the lost and feckless into a twitching wave of amorphous power given form and direction by the engineers.
    And we are back to “Just say ‘No’” if we can first feel, and then see, and then articulate, the racket. Except by serendipitous accident, we can’t escape the fortress/prison of our beliefs and identifications until we figure out that we are in it, locked in, for the vast majority of folks.
    As my grandmother used to say, “Watch that first step, it’s a Doozey.”

    D Benton Smith


    I am deeply disappointed that you got hung up on and take issue with the labels and histories and thereby missed my point altogether. I do not give one small weak tinkers damn about anyone’s ethnic or genetic roots roots or heritage. Unfortunately my egalitarian views are not shared by the Khazarian Mafia who attempt to run our fine planet like their own personal Animal Farm. THOSE particular bastards DO happen to put an inordinate amount of stock in the the intrinsic “superiority” of their own ethnicity, and believe (and behave) as if all other humans are completely devoid of value except as livestock and playthings.

    Are you suggesting I should stop investigating the CIA because that would be “Anti-American” ? Should the police ignore the Mafia’s organized racketeering influenced criminal organization’s crimes because that would offend Italians? Are you saying that the FAKE Jews (Khazarian Mafia) get a free pass on murdering Jews and Gentiles alike because there are so many nice people who are Ashkanazi Europeans or Semitic Judeans ?

    You miss the point. The point is that the bad guys are using the ploy as a cloak and an alias, and for very specific reasons which trace back to their own historically verifiable origins.

    Evil is as evil does, but it just so happens that the PARTICULAR evil Empire in question (the Cabal, the gang that’s intent upon enslaving and/or killing us) is directly descendant from the Dynastic elites of Khazaria. Plain fact. Reality doesn’t care if you find that offensive because I used some words you don’t like.

    Veracious Poet



    Russian Ka-52s Continue Burning AFU Armor Every Minute

    Ukronazis just picked off one two three by Alligator gunships.

    Doesn’t matter if they are stopped or a moving target, kaboom.

    No air defense against these Ka-52s

    No survivors



    Nice try:

    Overshoot is the answer to the question why we are in a predicament, not climate change, which is but a symptom to what has been described above. Should we be able to reduce overshoot, and come back to within resource and pollution limits, then we would be able to slow (but not stop) the many related crises, including climate change. Like it or not, ice melt and a subsequent sea level rise is already baked in, together with the loss of the best of our arable lands, reliable rainfall patterns and much more.

    It’s time to admit: we have already overshot the safe limit when it comes to CO2 levels.

    However, in the anti-science, anti-logic, anti-reality, anti-environmental stance of numerous TAE commenters, denial of the well-established link between overuse of fossil fuels, the overgeneration of carbon dioxide, population overshoot etc. amounts to religious zealotry; it is a foundational principle of that religious zealotry that humans desequestering previously sequestered carbon and adding tens of billions of tonnes of CO2 every year (around 40 billion per annum, I believe, hence the inexorable rise at around 2.7 ppm per annum) cannot be lethal to the point of terminating life-as-we-know-it in a matter of decades.

    Hence the numerous declarations that ‘CO2 was much higher in the past’ and the numerous attempts to ‘prove’ that atmospheric CO2 at 190 ppm above the recent 800,000 year average of 230 ppm is not terminally destabilising, completely ignoring the fact that the rate of change is the fastest in geological history.



    So far, I have not found, nor has anyone been able to identify for me, any one trait,…….

    And yet, in my sample story posted, clumsy and self-conscious dance moves were immediately recognized as “quintessential whitey” producing a burst of laughter even though we know that’s not at all across the “white board?
    You are blind man.


    One of the many reasons why Kennedy had to be murdered by the US military-industrial-financial complex and why warmongers installed as presidents for the next 60 years, with the one aberration over that period being ‘assassinated’ as we watch.


    To be fair, reference was to quintessential hipster-whitey .
    The definable subgroup.


    This was an interesting read about trans, genetics, satisfaction of transitioning…

    In the old NYT, there was a column called “metropolitan life”. In it, NYC was celebrated because you could “remake” yourself and leave your past behind.
    I always saw that as a kind of lie…
    OTOH, wasn’t it better than militancy and proselytizing?

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