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    Pablo Picasso The circus 1933   • The Fed Just Released a Damning Indictment of Capitalism (NYMag) • Russia to US: Drop Middle East Troop Plan An
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso The circus 1933
    The wonderous circus; Pablo nails it perfectly…

    God in his wisdom made the fly.
    And then forgot to tell us why.

    – Ogden Nash

    I’ve oft wondered exactly that about the mosquito…


    Fantastic articles on the Canadian scene – thanks for doing what you do Ilargi.

    Dr. D

    “The Fed Just Released a Damning Indictment of Capitalism (NYMag)”

    We have Capitalism? Not so long as there’s a Fed. Or more accurately, the Fed is what has prevented Capitalism, better known by its other name: “Bankruptcy”. You might have heard of it. It used to happen, but now only exists for “Pa’s Tax Preparation and Bait Shop.”

    But we have an answer! More Fed! Less Capitalism! Hasn’t worked in 100 years, gets worse every year since it started, but THIS TIME! This one time! The wealthy and powerful will destroy all their own interests, make themselves poorer, and intentionally fail all their assets and companies. To help YOU! The little peoples! Honest! Vote for Burr!

    “Iran at the Center of the Eurasian Riddle (Escobar)”

    Yes, because to fight the war of expansion, China needs certain access to Iranian crude to run the tanks and jets. “Liquid Hegemonic Power” And the U.S. does NOT want China to have a fully assembled and operational Death Star, because there’s no way to stop China in their backyard and protect Japan and the Pacific Rim, and probably not hold Hawaii, or at least not as a civilian state. So let’s not be children about the interests here. But this is the big boys’ game, and that’s life. Thanks H.W. for selling us out in 1990 and making sure this war would almost certainly happen.

    “The Sino-Russian Masterplan to End US Dominance in Middle East (Bodansky)”

    P.S., discuss why we SHOULD be dominant in the Middle East, 10,000 miles from home. Because we run the planet as the world dictator? I didn’t read that part in the Constitution.

    “But the BOJ already owns half the country…”

    Speaking of there being no Capitalism, here, there, or anywhere.

    “America’s relationship with authority is in grievous disrepair with Robert Mueller as exhibit-A”

    Mueller has been corrupt since he was a child; they only care now because he was unable to carry his corruption to impeachment and they’re screwed. They might have to get a platform and try honesty! And who wants that? No wars and yes to Medicare for all? We’d rather die, as shown by the DNC strategy every day. But that can be arranged, as it is when you abandon every citizen from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin to 60,000 deaths.

    Today’s massive, overwhelming corruption was that the Mueller Report rests upon the premise that RussiaRussiaRussia had ANYTHING to do with wikileaks, etc. Yet discovery in the Roger Stone case showed that, far from looking at ANYTHING in the DNC, STILL not looking at their servers, far from even believing a DNC-hired, third-party shop Crowdstrike without cross-checking anything, they DIDN’T EVEN HAVE AN OFFICIAL REPORT. Nothing. Legally, their premise rests on legal nothing. I mean, no official report? Not even a bad, biased one? Joe just told Sam at the water cooler that Crowdstrike had a hunch?

    But what, Me surprised? Don’t worry, although attacked for 2 ½ years for stating the obvious, now that some OFFICIAL nitwit says it, suddenly everyone ALWAYS KNEW that was true. Except after being denied with deadly force for 2 years because it would prove the case, it suddenly won’t matter because…reasons.

    Oh, and not to be partisan: nobody will go to jail. Why don’t you impeach for THAT?

    “Canada Approves Contentious Oil Pipeline Expansion (R.)”

    Canada can join Australia in deciding whether they want to live in caves, eating mammoth, as part of a Green initiative where they can’t build or export anything, while China carelessly burns all of Iranian oil, drives CO2 anywhere they darn well feel like, and fly nuclear jets overhead strafing Albertans like “The Hunger Games”. You can make that choice. Unlike some, I believe in national sovereignty. Of course, when you’re less industrialized and more defenseless than the most colonialized native, I can’t expect history will be nice to you. Choose wisely.

    Or as some say, “Make Canada a colony again.”

    “Koch-Oil Big Lies and Ecocide Writ Large in Canada (CP)”

    Ah. If only they believed in sovereignty they could kick the Koch brothers out! But that’s just a bridge too far! They can only surrender and succumb instead. Nope! Fighting would be too hard, and not nice. We don’t do those things anymore. The worst thing on earth is to be masculine, to stand up for yourself and your people, and to not be nice – nay, not just NICE, but to love, LOVE your attackers! Love them AS they attack you by the 60,000’s. Love them more than yourself! Thus YOUR people are destroyed and overrun, so your neighbor can prospers and succeed as you die. For that is love; pure LOVE, people. But at least when we were exterminated, we were nice. And isn’t that what’s really important? To make sure the violent and crooked win and the honest and fair are eliminated? Love truly does conquer all. Or put another way, in a world of pure sheep, even one wolf will rule them.



    Decades ago I read an article in New Scientist which said 20% of the people in the UK owned 80% of the wealth. It was the same in India and numerous other countries, to such an extent that it could be considered a ‘rule’.

    Although it sounds bad consider the difference between a 30 year old and a 60 year old. The 30 year old may have a mortgage while the 60 year old may own their house outright. The 30 year old may be supporting a family but the 60 year old may have savings for their retirement. And so on.

    I see no issue with 20% owning 80% of the wealth, it is pretty much ‘the norm’. I would worry if it was 10/90 or 1/99.

    Frankly, it is not an issue.


    I need help in trying to understand what is happening close to home.
    Is what I’m seeing the same as what you are seeing?

    Distributers of mfg are full of inventories. lumber, farm equipment, etc.

    It must all have been paid for by loans.

    The inventories keep building. There is no money coming in. There are not enough sales to pay for the workers, rent etc.
    What is going to happen? How long can the banks wait to get paid?

    Are you seeing the same thing?


    “the infamous, election-interfering and oft-EPA-convicted Koch brothers have a dominant stake in the toxic crude of the Alberta tar-sands seeking a massive BC-pipeline out to their US refineries”

    That is a comically-wrong conspiracy theory. The goal of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is to allow greater Albertan oil export to **Asian** market, and to diversify exports of canadian oil away from american markets.


    Anti, the first graph says the bottom 40% don’t own a single thing. Nothing at all. Not an age thing, we all know how many elderly people have diddly squat to their names. How many of them own homes outright? Your arguments are noted, but they cover only a small part of the issue.



    The goal of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is to allow greater Albertan oil export to **Asian** market

    Sure. Question remains, who owns it?

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