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    NPC “Largest electric locomotive and Congressman John C. Schafer” 1924 (he’d be in an electric car today)   • Mainland China Reports 32 New Coron
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    V. Arnold

    NPC “Largest electric locomotive and Congressman John C. Schafer” 1924 (he’d be in an electric car today)

    We had it correct more than 100 years ago…
    What happend since then is history…


    I still think his head may have been photoshopped into the picture


    • Mainland China Reports 32 New Coronavirus Cases, 25 Of Them In Beijing (R.)

    1. Don’t believe them
    2. They are lying.
    3. It’s because they are doing more testing
    4. The testing is not accurate
    5. They don’t use toilet paper
    • Mexico Posts Record Number Of New Coronavirus Infections (R.)
    1. Must be because Lock down is over
    2. Beach vendors trying to earn a living
    • John Bolton’s Bad Reviews Don’t Stop Him Topping Us Book Charts (G.)
    1. ALL reviews are good for sales
    2. I thought that SEX sold the best with USA
    3. This book will not make it as a history book
    4. • Bolton, Pelosi Agree: Trump Unfit To Be US President (R.)
    5. Gossip sells


    6. You decide
    “Fake news” – Trump
    On Friday, China released genome sequencing data for the coronavirus responsible for a recent outbreak in Beijing, with officials claiming it had been identified as a European strain based on a “preliminary” study.

    As Beijing lays the groundwork to blame every future recurrence of the coronavirus on a foreign source, Twitter and other American social media companies are showing surprisingly little interest in holding Communist Party officials accountable for spreading vicious lies, like conspiracies about the virus originating in the US, even as they continue to go after President Trump.

    Meanwhile, new confirmed cases of coronavirus remained stable in China’s capital on Friday after a public health official declared Beijing’s latest outbreak under control yesterday, as we reported.


    Angry people are angry. Telling them they shouldn’t be angry only angers them more. Especially if you’re all angry about them being all angry. MIx all this in a plastic media bag and shake then bake.

    Dr. D

    Fauci comes out and says, “Yeah, we knew masks would help, but we told you not to use them so you’d be killed.” Science!™ Ah, ‘Trust us, we’re here to help.”™ And my favorite: anyone who said the obvious then (or now, really) was lifetime banned. Even when the WHO and CDC and Fauci, and Birx, and
    e v e r y b o d y else was totally, completely transparently d e a d wrong.

    Today’s fun: Rallies for Arson? Medically safe. Rallies for parties? Totally deadly.

    So deadly in fact, I’m still waiting on the 25 million dead. Or any number above seasonal average. Remember: according to the CDC, George Floyd died of Covid.

    Hey, today’s fun, rising cases = rising testing. Who knew? A: Everyone?

    2nd wave, as they said, totally in action. Science!™

    It looks like this:

    and this:

    Yup! Hey, is that exactly the statistical pandemic curve, flat, rises fast, then flattens on its own as all people are exposed? Exactly as if we’d done nothing at all? Why yes, yes it is. Besides, isn’t the whole point and plan is FOR people to get it? So isn’t getting it a GOOD thing? Or at least necessary? Nope, we pretend we’re both trying to get it and not get it at the same time. Getting it is good, but it’s also bad. We’re sad and it’s a catastrophe both ways! Panic! We have always been at war with Estasia.

    And don’t forget: +20-40% of the people were killed intentionally by Cuomo, Whitmer and the gang pushing people out of a not-full medical system into an unprepared LTC system by force.

    Your helping did nothing but destroy everyone in America, help billionaires, and have created riots and food pinch points that will come into play shortly largely against the poor. Oh and no police while you pay taxes for them anyway and the rich buy private security. Congratulations. When Nike, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, Novartis, and every slave-owning oligarch is for it, might be a clue it’s not good for you, the common people. The same establishment is totally, completely, overwhelming FOR BLM, which means they are the Oligarch army, not the Resistance. If they like you and your cause, you’re obviously helping them, could it be more clear?

    Their website: “We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege… We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement… We cultivate an intergenerational and communal network”

    Does that sound like a bait-and-switch for nationwide Socialism and peculiar social norms many supporters would oppose, but Socialist/Fascist corporations, the Deep State, and their handmaiden parties have been forcing on an unsuspecting population for decades, impoverishing many, erasing the Middle Class, and making Black Lives and Black DNC cities worse decade after decade?

    Facts, logic. Why do I bother? The point of existence right now is full rebellion to #Reality itself, with all the ill consequences that entails.

    “Huey P. Newton of the Black Panthers said it best fifty years ago: “Marxism is my hustle.”

    Speaking of that article, today’s link here:

    It ends with “today is Juneteenth, a day to celebrate. But how…?”

    By pulling down famous abolitionists, burning down black businesses, and erasing examples of successful black experiences, what else? Every get the idea this is a scam, a hustle? But they have that vast heteronormative conspiracy thing covered.


    “The report says the CIA “did not realize the loss had occurred until a year later, when WikiLeaks publicly announced it in March 2017.” ”

    This is why I do not fear Big Brother. Big Brother cannot remember which end of the camera to aim at objecys to be imagized. Big Brother is several generations of dumbass frat bros training dumbass frat bros to train just plain dumbasses.

    You see, you don’t create a global overarcing Orwellian state by destroying every thing that holds the state together. That just creates a failed state.

    We’re on our own.


    ” … and getting paid for it”
    + Over time pay

    Average salary
    $74,931 per year


    zerosum: you’re beginning to create a comedy-by-logic form with your numbered lists.



    Its all old news for us at TAE
    I’m only digging up the gems from the white noise.

    V. Arnold

    President Donald Trump came under attack from both sides of the American political spectrum on Thursday as liberal Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and former White House aide and conservative hawk John Bolton both declared him unfit to lead the country.

    That is just precious; so now put an obviously, mentally addled 78 year old man in the whitehouse…
    Sounds like a plan to me…


    Today is the day China fell off the virus charts!

    Now the virus is only European or east or west coast American virus!


    Australia is but a lap dog.

    We know, we know, we know.

    V. Arnold

    I still think his head may have been photoshopped into the picture

    I can see why you would think that…
    Were they that technically able in ’24?


    Regarding “photoshopped” politician: I can see why you say that. YOu may just be joking but it does like pasted in. But I think it’s just an artifact of contrast.

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