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    John French Sloan East Entrance, City Hall, Philadelphia 1901   • Tyranny Is Upon Us: Law And Juries Are Weaponized (Paul Craig Roberts) • The Tr
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    RFK Jr: Elon Musk “stood up for free speech despite it costing him tens of billions of dollars”

    Yeah, the white children lover and black children murderer says buying credibility is expensive. What a guy, the Americians will love him for that, but we all know who is paying, his BFF Netanyahoo will pay the bill.

    This is such a cheap salesman trick, I cannot believe we are being sold this doozy as some kind of free-speach champion …. did you already forget that he does not allow free speech on his platform, not even in the USA? Wow, Americans will fall for any old shit; something sparkly will do it. Sell them on the goods, let them fall in love with the goods, don’t let them know the goods are shite and definitely don’t tell them how much they will cost until they are committed and their wife just “loves it” and they have no choice. Yawn.

    You would think that the biggest consumer society on earth would have learned something about buying shit, but apparently not, maybe that is why the Chinese society is not a consumer society, maybe they have the brains to understand when they are being sold something they don’t need, want or can afford … the Americans, nah, they will buy anything. Dumb as.


    The American people are the ultimate jury and the verdict will be in on 5 November.

    What universe does this Douglas Macgregor guy live in? Do you seriously believe that the people of the USA chose Biden? If they did, isn’t that a decent case against democracy? What is wrong with people in the west, they seem to believe that people who want to control a nation do not bother controlling the elections, even though the CIA seems to manage to do it everywhere EXCEPT the USA.

    The people of the USA decide fucking nothing. For a start, you cannot stand for congress without a heap of cash, provided by people who will want you to abandon your voters and do what they want. So, that immediately turns your election campaign into a lie, you will now produce adverts, paid for by your contributors, that will lie to your voters in order to sucker in as many as possible. Once you have their vote, you get in power and do as you are told so that next time your contributors can rely on your service. The voters are a part of the game, you have to con them into voting for you, but that can be done with lots and lots of ads that say nothing and make them feel good for voting for you; the voters are the target of the advertising campaign paid for by your donors. That is all your donors do; pay to persuade people to vote for you so that you can then vote in congress according to the wishes of your donor.

    Then there are the people who count the vote, that is a whole story in itself.

    And they call America the greatest democracy on earth; why are Americans so retarded?


    JD Vance just dug Wolf Blitzer’s grave and shoved him into it, live on CNN.

    Which will make as much difference to American society as a squirrel farting in the woods. Who cares? Talking to CNN gives them legitimacy, it gives Vance legitimacy, it is pure theatre, everybody is getting paid for this show. More US nonsense.


    Eva Vlaardingerbroek: “So predictive programming is the idea that our governments or our elites for example use things like fictional stories, movies, the media, Hollywood to sort of condition the general public and prepare them for certain type of future events in this case you…

    Have you forgotten this already … A British Cabinet office report on how to manipulate and influence people. This is old news. Without the proper perspective, your view of the news can be very confused.


    “..a single accounting reporting charge, a misdemeanor, was magically turned into 34 federal felonies of election violations..”

    Yeah, but he supported the genocide of over 30,000 Palestinians, so he should count himself lucky, 34 is gettng off lightly. Let’s hope that Bubba only fucks him once in jail before slitting his throat.


    “The only thing better than that would be to witness the first president in US history to pardon himself as the Trump legacy goes full circle.”

    And how is he going to control the voting machines from jail? You think that the Biden family will allow the Trump family to control the votes, get real, this is the US mafia politics war. I was going to write “RIP US democracy”, but we all know there has never been any real democracy in America.


    US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. condemned President Joe Biden’s decision to greenlight Ukrainian strikes using US-supplied weapons inside Russian territory.

    But keep on killing the brown children in Gaza, said the director of “Childrens Health Defence”, as he bent over for his local Jew.

    Dr. D

    “Predictive Programming”

    Unf I would say that’s a bad title for what is sort of normal. Like calling it “Brainwashing” not “Advertising.” Not that it isn’t true, but it’s also sloppy. Many actually ARE just stories (you have to make a movie about something, and the something has to be exciting, and probably trendy), all of which complicates that this is often true. For instance, it is a verifiable fact that the CIA and Pentagon are major backers of Hollywood projects, enough that their small addition might get your highly competitive project over the line…or scrapped. Now they may say it’s “P.R.” for “Recruitment” or something fairly innocent, but how do we judge this? Was getting a bunch of “Jack Ryans” hired with good intents as your “Jason Bournes” but then actually “go shoot, burn women’s, children’s houses and villages and stuff after being a litterbug” can possibly be all that innocent? As that is domestic influence, how can that possibly not be illegal for the CIA? And before Obama’s “It’s okay to propagandize the American Public law, with $1 Trillion every 100 days” how would it be considered legal for the Pentagon? We used to have rules and laws for a reason, you know.

    Go back and watch That Captain America and tell me if you think it’s 10 years ahead – too far actually – of where we are now. It laid the whole thing out.

    Pic: It’s the fake Putin!!! Look at his ears!

    (Pro challenge: Who was airbrushed out of this picture? Like the Stalin joke: Nobody else knows what happened to them either.)

    “• Tyranny Is Upon Us: Law And Juries Are Weaponized (Paul Craig Roberts)

    I’d say great, we’re finally up to speed after 100 years of rigging courts and juries, but PCR probably already knew. As a rich, connected guy, he may have thought it didn’t apply to him though.

    “Keep in mind that a single accounting reporting charge, a misdemeanor, was magically turned into 34 federal felonies of election violations,”

    Aaaaaand what did we see? Well, a minute before this case started, Biden’s top DoJ guy took a major pay cut and joined the Bragg DA office as “Chief Council”. Then he showed up and stood in the back of the Press conference and got on camera as Bragg’s team and support yesterday. This is similar to Fani flying 25x to the White house – cuz county D.A.s do that – to talk to Mary McCord, etc.

    This is of course not political. It’s not political to DO it, it’s only political and illegal to TALK about it.

    So where is Biden’s hand-pick DoJ guy off to now?

    “The constitutional law professor: “Even after sitting in the courtroom watching the trial and the verdict, I still have no idea what Trump was convicted of in the case..”

    Me either.

    However, as a point of getting the American public up to speed about how things honestly, really, and truthfully work, it seems to be turning a corner. This is in the words of Mike Johnson, who points out they’re “Waking up” as seen by record-breaking small-number donations, but especially the Black vote as they’ve been telling the rest of America that for years.

    Not that there isn’t an element of that, let me tell you a story that is more likely: guy in long, long line of traffic court, before a judge, drove +6 months WITHOUT INSURANCE, got pulled over for another violation, car impounded, license revoked. Now this happened because he was working +12h day, with a life in disarray (divorce, moving…) and so ALSO did not have the money for a lawyer at that minute. All day wasting time he should be working, people come in, in sweat pants, having been finally caught up and grabbed by police to make their court date. S—tty look, sh—tty attitude, knowing they’re going to get railroaded, talking back to the Judge, lying, slurs, curses, calling names. He shows up promptly, on the date, without a car, in a suit, says “Yes your Honor, No, your honor, yes, sir, here’s what happened, sir, your honor.” Judge sets up a system of rules, which if he follows, he can get out of this with no further problems.

    Guess which race is which, mostly? Or which white trash could ALSO borrow a suit, and say “Yes sir” for once in their lives and get off, essentially “for free”? So…who’s being really railroaded here? Is there a law against you NOT hiding from your court date and making the police and judge be super p-ssed you’re sticking a finger in their eye and have to come get you when they’re already busy and overwhelmed? Did cursing out the Judge work real well for setting you free? Does LOOKING like a criminal, with your hoodie and your pants down, help the judge make a determination that you’re an upstanding citizen, just needs a break and trying to look for hard, honest work? Yeah, I don’t want to kiss the judge’s ring either, but I was wrong and got caught. It’s a fair cop, those are the rules. Now use the same rules after.

    Pro tip: if you’re going to commit crimes, wear a suit. Works for the rest of the country.

    But back to the point, Trump = Felon = Black vote. That’s because of their sense of it, and our courts, for right or wrong. That’s a sad testament. As Charlamagne tha God said, when he wanted to pass exams, work and and grow rich, they asked him “Why you wanna act White?” Ouch. Might want to reflect on what that means to yourself, family, neighborhood, and people.

    “While the Democrats may be rubbing their hands in glee after finally getting Trump entangled in the judicial net, they continue to ignore the fact that every scandal has only served to empower the 45th president.”

    Including every article – here and worldwide – all reference him in every paragraph. Like that one on DEI advertising yesterday, having nothing at all to do with him. That Meta-Meta establishes that HE is the POWER, the real power, everyone must go and react, interact with HIM. Unlike Ron Paul or someone who they ignore: Assange for instance, or as much as they can. How about the guys Von Nothaus and the founder of Silk Road, whose names or existence we barely remember? THEY make Trump powerful. THEY give him $1 Trillion in free advertising, which THEY comment on themselves from time to time.

    So here’s the point: Trump Team are clearly not geniuses. It appears they’re using AI and computer modeling, which is dumber than a rock, but that’s how things are done, in or out of Intel and the Military. THIS WORKS. (the only two plays in their book, not AI) It’s been one of the few things that does work, turns the dial, Democrats help every minute of the day, so they keep doing it. That’s standard military. You may have planned something, and in fact, going to Verbone may have won faster. But IF the enemy is big and soft here, like Kherson, and if they’re going to let you take the whole area, well, how can you say no? It’s losing: keep them doing more of what’s losing. That’s doubly advised when the only way we win here is by NOT LOSING. Like the American Revolution. Verbone may lead you to a fast victory or it may look good for a while, go bad, and lose. That’s too much risk. Do what already works until it doesn’t anymore.

    They, Leftists, and the Coast’s flaw is their non stop ClusterB mental illness derngement. That means they think they’re better and smarter, and they naturally build themselves an air-tight fart bubble of people who agree – called -ss kissing sycophants – who ALSO have non-stop stealing that everybody else wants and needs to stop. It’s being a mafia boss, and to some extent then, EVERYBODY has a motive and is out to get you. So they are playing into their mental illness, and 80% of the country being slowly, massively, mobilized against them, they don’t notice and dismiss. Wouldn’t that normally be kind of hard? Like Ukraine, it’s not easy to hide a D-Day massing of forces. Here they’re hidden by the Invisibility Beam, the most powerful force known to man. They’re looking right at us, don’t see a thing.

    …Beacuse we’re non-people. Irrelevant. The Poors. Just like in Ukraine, Russia doesn’t actually exist, ipso facto, therefore, they can neither be fighting nor bombing us. QED. I rest my case. The American people are stupid, don’t matter, same as the vote, so we likewise ignore them. How’s that working?

    “arguing that “deepfakes” may appear as a result.”

    Um, how? Deepfakes can ALREADY exist about it, and it hasn’t been released yet. Are all Federal documents and actions now classified forever, because somebody “Might” make a joke about it? (A: Yes.)

    Anyway, this was all a setup, smell it a mile away. However, their audience is THEM, and none of the rest of us care. Left doesn’t care ESPECIALLY and it will wake no one new. So why bother? The Bragg trial is now the size and Reality TV level that can move the dial on these last holdouts.

    leading us on the path to the biggest race hoax in recorded history—and yet, it seems obvious, like a black swan event, that something so dastardly would be the inevitable outcome”

    Yes. Something big like this. Has to be as big as St. Floyd, and then provably popped and discredited in public. That takes a LOT of imagination. WHat could possibly be big enough for season two when you’ve already CG’d the universe, Thanos, and dancing elephants?

    “Would an actor, be willing to stoop so low as to falsely smear someone with an entirely made-up tape”?

    Would people who murdered 36,000 mostly children in Gaza, and 1 Million in Ukraine, plus 6 million worldwide, drummed out every general and reporter, poisoned half million of their own servicemen with Gulf War and D.U. etc, be willing to push a button that tells a harmless white lie? Well, you decide.

    This is what I mean by people “Getting up to speed” on how Courts really work, or political ones. You stop reversing yourself and meta-assuming it’s 1950 and all these guys have honest, good intent. You’re a reporter: did you not just spend the last lifetime PROVING that there’s almost no honesty or good intent? Where do they find these guys? Ambrose Bierce would die of cycnicism and alcohol poisoning after seeing how rotten America acted in 1900. So would any other reporter worldwide, btw, either at that time, or now. But that’s what made them “Reporters.” They had the CAPACITY for doubt, that maybe somebody-was-up-to-something, something entirely missing from all Reporters, pundits, commenters, and PCR today.

    What if I, he, they, them, is LYING? What if they got in a jam and aren’t telling the WHOLE truth – down to the smallest detail – to save themselves in the hopes they can redeem their office and reputation? (…then only get in deeper) WHAT IF there is a single fact, somewhere on the planet, you’re not aware of? NOPE. Not for Journalists graduated from Columbia U and Chad fact-checking on Twitter there’s not. THEY know everything, and Presidents with “Majestic” class security clearance know nothing and are stupid. Ego: There is not a fact, anywhere on earth, I do not know. I was once wrong about something, but turned out I was mistaken.

    Okay, I ask again Would they “be willing to stoop so low as to falsely smear someone with an entirely made-up tape?” Does that question look a little different now?

    “.authorizing Ukraine to strike targets deep in Russia. Using our weapons, trained in their use by our trainers..”

    Lies like this. NO. False. Using our weapons NOT used by their trainers. Not run by their trainers, not secured by their people, not targeted by their intel. Only, provably, certainly, 100%, U.S. weapons, U.S. money, U.S. soldiers, U.S. Intel, U.S. targeters, U.S. dogface pushing the button on the U.S chosen launchpad for the U.S. chosen target. In Russia.

    Tell me: what is Russia supposed to think about that? That you’re just protected by your lies? You can blow up whoever you want if you just lie about it? Before, during, and after? Then we’re NOT dead, then it’s okay?

    W. T. F. ????

    RFK, why are you helping? It was an easy vote to go third party, and you stopped me cold before you got started. At least betray us all AFTER. That’s not a big ask.

    “you have tank columns, you have artillery that operates in battery or battalion sized formations flooding a zone, you have big arrow movements and things of that nature,”

    Okay, IF you cannot mass anywhere, IF you have to send out ALL soldiers, alone, with hard-core weaponry and no supervision, THEN my guess is, the Central State isn’t going to last long? Because whatever THOSE soldiers want is going to happen. So they would have to agree with you, and if they think you’re a bunch of thieving scoundrels who are trying to get them killed, they’re going to take that weaponry you gave each man, can’t mass or oversee, and point it at YOU.

    …Yes, that’s exactly what the “Kentucky Rifle” was in 1770.

    “Allied Defeat Turns Into Battlefield Fantasies (Helmer)

    You can tell who’s who: Ze is in fantasy. NATO is in fantasy. The West is in fantasy. They are still back in “Russia can do that, they’re supposed to lose, and they will because it’s here on page 12 of the script.” Russia doesn’t exist. China flipped on them. The Sanctions worked. The F35 is the awesomestest plane ever. Fear my wrath!!! There’s no such thing as drones, and Yemen goatherders can’t shoot them down all day without a sweat and make the entire U.S. Navy retreat in the gulf.

    They’re still on “Well, maybe, sorta, we might maybe call some guys on the phone and convince them to COME to Switzerland – not that we’re in defeat or are going to sign anything or nothing – but that MAYBE we should, you know, TALK about contingency plans that we’ll never actually need, to freeze the contact line here…but just for a day or two, you understand, while Russia lets us re-arm and grow another 1M soldiers.”

    Um, no. You, sir, are INSANE. You are in writhing, psychotic, hebephrenic delusions. You MIGHT have done that last thing TWO YEARS AGO, when Ukraine had an army, when NATO had two guns left in a warehouse: an Enfield and a Mauser, but now is another PLANET of military difference. You are no longer on the PLANET of reality. There is no ship fast enough to fly you back to reality in time for you to catch up with the “realities on the ground.”

    So anyway, they’re still talking about the Kersh Bridge, which was militarily irrelevant 2 years ago, and ATACMs missiles which were militarily irrelevant 20 years ago.

    Go on, I guess, nothing else will top you. Something needs to go up and arrest your fantasies and we won’t. So thanks, I’d have to pay Russia for the favor, but they won a free country.

    “That’s a red line, the allies are calculating, which Putin would rather negotiate end-of-war terms than cross.”

    Of fantasies: Putin’s Bluffing!! 10,000th time in a row. Never bluffing before, isn’t now, been clear, if you remove Putin, every other man in Russia will bluff LESS and push red button MORE. …But the alternative is psychologically admitting they were WRONG. So? That’s impossible. We will blow up the whole world first, of course! That’s not even a question, never has been.

    “the Russian response will not be nuclear. … There are a thousand options between doing nothing and going nuclear,”

    How about blowing every French, British, and German satellite out of the sky in 5 minutes, in combination with something else? Not like they attacked the French people, or France. Why would Jean Dupont care? It will scare the s—t out of every leader though: they, every general, every action, every weapon, will stop working instantly. They’ll be completely defenseless. (in a way. But this only highlights how Russia is not “Invading” Europe.) Those satellites are expensive, but worse, not easy to replace and will take months. Could also set off a Kessler cascade for a decade.

    “The Doomsday Clock” is a P.R. tool meaning nothing. Just like “Global Warming” “Seas rising” “No pandas” “CO2 Measurements” etc. that ALSO never happen and can’t be proven. Because they had brains in 1950, they set it way back to start. But it’s not from 100 to 90 seconds since Trump, and where do you go to Zero seconds? Negative zero? Their P.R. fad is now used up.

    Btw, like Global Warming, this makes kids kill themselves, and the whole culture to short-termism, not think about the future but hedonistically live for today because: Why Bother? Not planting no trees when they’ll be blown up tomorrow. No need to start Chaucer or War and Peace. Shouldn’t write that symphony. Do drugs.

    “The result is that Ukraine is now defending a longer line of defense with even fewer forces than it started with.”

    Yes, and when will it end? I thought they should lose and give up about June of 2022 because “They should”. They didn’t, I was wrong, what now? Denial and lies are stronger than reality to most it seems. Worldwide. If they can go 2 more years, why not 4 more? Why not like our 1999 Stock collapse, 25 more? I’ll be right, but missing the timing is the same as being dead wrong.

    “foreign investment firms like NCH Capital, BNP, and the Vanguard Group now control around 28% of Ukraine’s arable land,”

    That’s more land than Russia took. AND they own the corporations too. And they did it without firing a shot.

    But there’s nowhere you can run
    ’cause a man with a briefcase
    Can steal more money
    Than any man with a gun” – Henley (6:15)

    “ ate up every piece of propaganda, repeated all of it without any thought to whether it was true or not..”

    That’s the #Opposite of “Media”, #Opposite of “Reporter.” That’s why when we say you’re an actor, a mouthpiece and a whore, we are not being slanderous or hyperbolic, we are being accurate. It’s not some kind of joke, it’s like saying “Water is wet.”

    Dave Smith: Again, only Comedians tell the truth, while the non-comedians are a joke or a clowns. Karlin, Jon Stewart (once), Jimmy Dore, Russell Brand, Joe Rogan (actually).

    “The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte was the first leader of a NATO state to try to send his soldiers on to the Ukrainian battlefield to fight Russian forces directly.”

    Great. Then Moscow should nuke Amsterdam, right? This is what Putin is saying when he says “They are very small countries and may want to think.”

    Speaking of Dutch, there’s “Royal” Dutch Shell and they are deeper into oil and gas than almost everybody, while Dutch pretending the most to be “Green”. You have to understand Holland IS oil (right now) but the size of Kaliningrad, to grasp why Russia is so involved for them: They are Russia. But with no land, no army, no power…and now no oil or resources. Sirs: be Holland. That’s not a bad thing. Is it better to betray who you are instead?

    “Huge Anti-War Rally In Budapest, Hungary (RT)

    It’s nice to have a peace rally where everybody is NOT being arrested. Is that the only nation on earth? All 200 others would arrest their people? Not just for war, but for everything?

    Speaking of, what WAS with that stabbing vid? Why was the camerman filming a food vendor in an empty square to start is my first question. Don’t know why that stands out, because the injuries and type sure looked real (although, lack of blood in neck). Do you film everything, like your laundry, your shopping? And you ALSO happened to be in this deserted square? If it’s staged then wtf, makes almost less sense ’cause he was seriously going at it.

    “because we evolved at the equator…”

    Clearly we did not because we don’t take heat well either.

    In fact, there’s like 40 reasons we can’t have “Evolved” in our present form at all. Half what we do is not Evolutionarily sound, like being unable to make Vitamin C. But also, our hair and nails don’t stop and need to groomed with scissors, we’re soft and squishy, suited to no environments at all. We cannot live alone, therefore must have had languages since always, we can’t give birth, etc.

    How is any of that evolutionary? And those aren’t even the largest issues, they’re just so obvious in a culture that can’t stop saying “Men and women, evolutionarily” while having almost nothing underneath to substantiate it. It’s a Religion: they just make it up. Can’t be debated, discussed, have no evidence. They have NO IDEA what men did in caves, what neanderthals were, same as we don’t know what the Garden of Eden was or what Adam did there. Just all made up. We’re projecting US onto yet another blank canvas and saying “Man, that guy is GORGEOUS!!” It’s like the water we/they’re in, taken for granted as “Everybody knows.” Well – I – don’t know. So tell me. I didn’t get “The Memo.” Bring your Science for a change, I would like to read it.


    The Doomsday Clock was at 17 minutes to midnight when Clinton came to office, but just 9 minutes when he left it. Bush pushed the clock to just 5 minutes, Obama to 3 minutes, and Trump to a mere 100 seconds. Now Biden has taken the clock to 90 seconds.

    Fucking meaningless shite from the nuclear scientists of the USA, all of whom are woke progressive idiots who claim they need to be heard. Give us a break, this clock garbage is meaningless, only a bunch of government scientists would come up with such a stupid idea, based on nothing. Here is their website …, you can have fun reading what government paid scientists think, amaxingly it is exactly what the government tells them to think. Morons.


    In a debate hosted by Patrick Bet-David of PBD Podcast fame, “Part of the Problem” podcaster and comedian Dave Smith took on former CNN anchor and Covid regime propagandist Chris Cuomo.

    Cuomo is a bit thick, he didn’t know he was a bit thick until he met a real person. I guess it must be tough being born into a privileged family, everyone telling you how great you are, you accepting the praise but not having the brains to understand that they are kissing your ass because of your parents. Then you go meet a real person and discover that you are a bit slow, your brain cannot work at the normal rate and now you are unprotected by your entourage and have to stand on your own two feet. You try to be genuine but your brain just can’t keep up, you are a bit retarded, then your retarded self get shown on TV. Yeah, the trust fund kids (called credit card kids in Asia) are all fucking morons because they have not needed to learn survival, these are the rabbits that walk up to the fox then are surprised when the fox eats them.


    Hundreds of thousands participated in a peace march in Hungary’s capital, Budapest on Saturday, denouncing the EU’s policy of escalating tensions with Russia.

    Wow, there are people who get off their sofas in the west? Ahh, it is Hungray, where people have sense.

    John Day

    @Dr. D. Rich: Yes, only stare at the sun with eclipse glasses, otherwise avert your gaze.

    Dr. D

    “The woke aren’t rejecting merit because they don’t understand the consequences of doing so, but because doing so enables them to destroy the institutions that have made their lives so meaningless. They are determined to DIE and therefore have made DEI their deity and built an IED in its image.

    MacDonald is an exemplar of an abundant species of vaguely conservative anti-woke crusaders who seem to think that the woke are simply wrong, that they can be won over with plain-spoken logic and common sense, and that we can then all return to the sensible classical liberalism of 1995. Their analysis tends to focus on demonstrating the obvious flaws in wokeness, which is frankly low-hanging fruit because Marxcissists are quite clearly mentally ill – any sapient human can see that women are not men. Everything else about our civilization is, these conservatives seem to feel, absolutely fine, and therefore worth conserving. That’s what makes them conservatives.

    Others see more deeply.”

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: Hungarians, Magyars, are sort of Slavic and sort of Turkic, but not quite. not regular whites.

    The historical Magyar conquerors were found to show significant affinity to modern Bashkirs, and stood also in contact with other Turkic peoples (presumably Oghuric speakers), Iranian peoples (especially Jaszic speakers), and Slavs. The historical Magyars created an alliance of steppe tribes, consisting of an Ugric/Magyar ruling class, and formerly Iranian but also Turkic (Oghuric) and Slavic speaking tribes, which conquered the Pannonian Steppe and surrounding regions, giving rise to modern Hungarians and Hungarian culture.[43]

    those darned kids

    Northwest B.C. teens hailed as heroes for stopping runaway school bus

    4 days ago

    Student takes over bus during medical emergency
    Apr 26
    Northland Schools Student Honored for Helping Bus Driver During Medical Emergency

    2 days ago

    Greensboro News & Record
    School bus driver suffers medical emergency in Greensboro
    Mar 18
    Jennifer Young

    WVTM13 Birmingham
    All students safe after Pell City school bus driver experiences medical emergency

    Mar 13
    Lynne Keenum

    Children on board when school bus driver suffers medical emergency, crashes

    Mar 6
    Tacoma students save school bus driver experiencing medical emergency

    Dec 30

    NBC Chicago
    School bus driver dead after suffering medical emergency, crashing into median on DuSable Lake Shore Drive

    Mar 6

    Teen dies after medical emergency on school bus

    Apr 30

    Yahoo News Canada
    Bus driver suffers health emergency, dies after crashing with kids on board, cops say

    Mar 7
    Mike Stunson

    School Transportation News
    Washington Students Aid School Bus Driver Who Lost Consciousness

    Jan 3
    Merari Acevedo-vigo

    Driver who crashed into Newton County school bus suffered medical emergency, police say

    May 21

    School bus crashes after driver suffers medical emergency

    Feb 20
    Olivia Tock

    Alabama’s News Leader
    Pell City students heroically stop school bus after driver suffers medical emergency

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    8th-grader saves school bus from potential crash after driver has medical emergency
    May 1

    Wisconsin Kid Saves School Bus After Driver’s Medical Emergency

    May 6

    Glen Hills 8th-grader helps save school bus after driver has medical emergency

    Apr 25
    Jay Sirkin & Michael Beiermeister

    8th grader saves bus full of students when driver passes out, Wisconsin school says

    Apr 26
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    Yahoo Canada Shine On
    1 Child and 1 Adult Dead After School Bus Full of Pre-K Kids Hit by a Truck: ‘Horrible and Tragic Day’

    Apr 30

    School bus driver suffers medical emergency and crashes on DuSable Lake Shore Drive, later dies

    Mar 7
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    Driver suffers medical emergency, crashes Fort Mill school bus into tree: Officials

    Feb 6
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    Yahoo! Voices
    15-year-old boy dies after medical emergency on Orange County school bus: officials
    Apr 30

    St. Clair County school bus driver suffers medical emergency while driving, students on bus call 911

    Mar 13
    Reggie Kyle

    WESH 2 Orlando
    15-year-old dies after medical emergency on Orange County school bus

    May 1
    Hayley Crombleholme, Averi Kremposky & Senait Gebregiorgis

    ‘I just wanted to get the bus to stop’: 8th grader takes the wheel during Glendale bus driver’s medical emergency ‘I just …
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    Yahoo! Voices
    Glen Hills 8th-grader helps save school bus after driver has medical emergency

    Apr 25

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Glendale middle schooler who saved school bus from crashing appears on Tamron Hall Show

    May 15
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    Middle schooler helps stop school bus after driver passes out behind the wheel

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    Jordan Gartner

    Yahoo Canada Finance
    Student dies after medical emergency at high school, officials say. ‘Never be the same’

    Oct 23, 2023

    Bus driver dead after suffering medical emergency, crashing on Lake Shore Drive

    Mar 6

    The Suburban Times
    Students Stop Bus and Save Driver Having a Medical Emergency – The Suburban Times

    Jan 2

    Bus driver ignored medical emergency leading to Florida teen’s death, family says

    May 1
    Garrett Phillips

    WKRC TV Cincinnati
    ‘He’s an ace’: 8th grader saves bus after driver has medical emergency while driving

    Apr 27

    Yahoo! Voices
    Family of teen who died after ‘medical emergency’ on OCPS school bus holds news conference

    May 1
    Gene Saladna

    ‘A local hero’: Student awarded for stopping school bus after driver experiences medical emergency in Lake Villa

    Mar 20
    Sam Borcia

    New Jersey family sues school bus company after son with special needs dies from medical emergency

    Dec 5
    Brandon Goldner

    Driver suffers medical emergency in Charlotte school bus crash, 4 students evaluated

    Jan 25
    Ciara Lankford

    14-year-old saves school bus after driver passes out

    May 8
    Tod Perry

    WESH 2 Orlando
    Orange Co. bus driver ignored medical emergency as teen died

    May 1
    Allison Petro & Senait Gebregiorgis

    Pell City bus driver has medical emergency, students call 911

    Mar 13

    Family demands answers from OCPS about 15-year-old’s deadly school bus ride: ‘My brother is not breathing’

    May 1

    CN2 News
    Fort Mill School Bus Driver crashes into tree during medical emergency

    those darned kids

    No injuries in Somonauk school bus crash caused by man’s medical emergency: Cops

    May 17

    Students stop runaway school bus after driver loses consciousness

    Dec 31

    Glendale student parks bus safely, driver had medical emergency

    Apr 25
    Ashley Sears

    WGN TV Chicago
    ‘I couldn’t be more proud’: Student hailed hero after bus driver suffers medical emergency in Lake Villa

    Mar 22
    Courtney Spinelli

    School bus driver, students injured in bus crash

    Apr 10
    Martina Bills & Adriana Doria

    Students among several hurt in Yorktown school bus crash

    Apr 12
    Dave Carlin

    CMS: Medical emergency leads to school bus crash in north Charlotte

    Jan 25

    Investigation underway after bus driver’s medical episode put 2 students 40 minutes away from school

    Nov 7, 2023
    Gabriella DeLuca

    Parent who helped save bus driver from heat-related medical emergency calls for AC on buses

    Aug 29, 2023
    Falon Brown

    Global News
    3 children, driver airlifted to hospital following Quebec bus crash

    Jun 12, 2023
    Annabelle Olivier

    School bus driver, multiple kids injured in crash in Putnam County

    Apr 10
    UPDATE: Student in Putnam County school bus crash to undergo surgery, in serious condition

    Apr 10
    Andie Bernhardt

    Student earns Lake Villa Life Saving Award

    Mar 21
    Dave Oberhelman

    WISN Milwaukee
    Glendale 8th grader helps stop school bus after driver passes out behind the wheel

    Apr 25
    Tanner Kahler & Erica Finke
    Baton Rouge school bus stops, students unloaded for medical call Friday afternoon

    Apr 19
    Bonnie Bolden & Trinity Velazquez

    Chicago school bus driver Christopher Johnson dies after crash on DuSable Lake Shore Drive in Streeterville; 2 children injured

    Mar 6

    Student recalls escape from head-on bus crash in Putnam County

    Apr 10
    Daniel Burbank
    ‘You could hear kids screaming,’ says witness who helped pull them off school bus after Windsor crash

    Jun 20, 2023

    ‘My brother has passed out:’ Family criticizes driver after teen dies on Orange County school bus

    Apr 30
    Anthony Talcott

    7th grade student helps stop school bus after driver passes out in Warren

    Apr 26, 2023
    Natalia Escalante & Simon Shaykhet

    Yorktown school bus crash: Students, driver injured in accident on Route 132 in Westchester County

    Apr 12

    WOWK 13 News
    Bus driver, student praised as heroes after medical emergency on Wayne County school bus

    Oct 1, 2023
    Lane Ball

    School bus driver dies after crash on DLSD; 2 children injured

    Mar 6

    Video: 7th Grade Boy Safely Stops Bus After Driver Passes Out At Wheel

    Apr 28, 2023
    Christopher Smith

    9 students, school bus driver hospitalized after bus crashes into tree, police say

    Apr 10
    Martina Bills

    School bus driver, students injured in bus crash in WV

    Apr 10

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Glen Hills Middle School eighth grader saves school bus from crashing

    Apr 25
    Drake Bentley & Claudia Levens

    Face2Face Africa
    8th grader rescues students on school bus after their driver passes out

    Apr 30
    Dollita Okine
    ABSS bus driver ‘blacks out’ crashes into house, officials say

    Jan 5
    Blair Barnes

    Students, driver safe after Sparkman Middle bus driver suffers ‘medical emergency’

    Sep 25, 2023

    Northwest B.C. teens hailed as heroes for stopping runaway school bus

    Sep 26, 2022

    WHNT News 19
    MCSS: Bus driver charged with DUI, no students injured after Monday crash

    Sep 25, 2023
    Maggie Matteson & Logan Sparkman

    WXII12 Winston-Salem
    North Carolina school bus crashes into home, bus driver suffered medical episode, officials say

    Jan 5

    Video 7th grader who stopped bus after bus driver suffered medical emergency speaks out

    May 7, 2023

    7th grader honored for saving bus driver and other students

    May 4, 2023
    School bus crashes through fence in north Charlotte, 5 hurt
    Jan 25
    Hank Lee

    Smithers teens hailed as heroes for stopping runaway school bus

    Sep 26, 2022

    Michigan 7th grader safely brings full school bus to a stop after driver loses consciousness

    Apr 28, 2023
    Laura Ly & Kia Fatahi

    School Transportation News
    Students Park Bus after Driver Suffers Medical Emergency in Canada

    Mar 27, 2019
    Taylor Ekbatani

    NBC Chicago
    ‘Little Hero’: Boy Stops Michigan School Bus After Driver Suffers Medical Emergency

    Apr 28, 2023

    Missing School Bus Full of Kids Found in N.J. Parking Lot After Driver Had ‘Medical Incident’

    May 12, 2023
    Abigail Adams

    KOMO News
    Kentwood High School student’s death appears to have been a ‘medical event’

    Feb 7
    PHOTOS: School bus crash in Alamance County

    Jan 5

    M53 school bus crash: Driver named as father of 2 as family reveal medical issue

    Oct 1, 2023
    Alexander Butler

    Michigan seventh-grader stops school bus after driver passes out

    Apr 27, 2023
    Isabel Keane

    VIDEO: Student helps stop school bus after driver has medical emergency

    Apr 28, 2023

    Brothers Who Steered School Bus After Driver’s Death Called ‘Heroes’

    Mar 16, 2022
    Jason Duaine Hahn

    CBC News
    Quick-thinking students save school bus after driver collapses

    Mar 20, 2019
    Adam Carter

    Bus driver Stephen Shrimpton ‘suffered medical issue behind the wheel’ before horror smash on M53 that killed

    Sep 30, 2023
    Eirian Jane Prosser

    Marion County school bus crashes into tree after driver experiences medical emergency

    Oct 31, 2023

    School Bus Driver Dies After Students Steer Bus to Safety During Medical Emergency

    Mar 16, 2022
    Olivia Jakiel

    Video 7th grader stops school bus after driver passes out

    Apr 27, 2023

    FOX 2 Detroit
    GoFundMe started for driver of school bus who fell unconscious in medical emergency

    Apr 28, 2023

    School Transportation News
    Texas School Bus Driver Suffers Medical Emergency, Student Hailed as a Hero

    Oct 30, 2019
    Taylor Ekbatani

    Not having cellphone allowed US boy to save runaway bus from crashing

    May 14, 2023
    Maya Yang

    Man, 73, dies after his car crashes into school bus in Webster

    Sep 29, 2023
    Colleen Farrell & Bonnie Marrocco

    school bus medical emergency
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    those darned kids

    “anecdotes are the layman’s science” ~ tdk


    I think that four years of JFK J’s voice would drive me nuts, while it would not be, at all, about the sound of his voice.
    Similarly, I am pretty close to that with Trump’s rearranging of a few dozen words that he’s got in his library.

    Time to raise banana flag indeed.


    reference argument with spouse from yesterday:
    yesterday was finished a project the lady of the house desired.
    The lady wanted to replace the beds in two of the bedrooms with the largest beds available. The question of which furnishings would be placed in the rooms was addressed. It was noted that the space between the new bedding and the furnishings would be insufficient for human scale. There was a difference of opinion.
    Autocad was fired up and a floorplan of each room created. Polyline blocks representing the furnishings desired were created and placed as desired in each floorplan. A copy of each floorplan was made for each available bed size with a polyline block representation of each bed placed. The space between each bed and the furnishing was annotated. An existing bed was moved until the space that would have been created by placing the largest bed came into being.
    The lady of the house now has a new mattress in one room and a new bed frame and mattress in the other. Neither of the new mattresses are the largest available. There was no agument and opinion was superceded by measurement.
    My emotional construct and opionion of necessity tends to make spartan appear oppulent. The lady of the house is constructed of a more genteel nature. The lady, a professional with a vocation for teaching children music, is the home builder, the Home MAKER. There are also new bed dressings and accessories in each room. The fabrics, the textures and colors of the bed dressings and the accessories are all according to the ladies emotions and opinion of style. My opinion of these things play no role, the home builder is happy and that pleases my emotions.
    I understand that the Y chromosome folds a few proteins differently from those of the monogametes and aside from that necessity of sexual reproduction the Y chromosome is mostly superfluous. Emotion and opinion aside. The monogametes have more than a million years of home building experience prior to the advent of agriculture and that is a fact.

    on the predictive programming, someone needs to convince me that 9/11 and all subsequent history is not the result of predictive programming. The stench of The Tonkin Gulf Incident still offends my olfactory sense. That five countries in five years planning springs to mind. Ole Stevie Boy knows something about this without Eva’s perspective.


    “So predictive programming is the idea that our governments or our elites for example use things like fictional stories, movies, the media, Hollywood to sort of condition the general public and prepare them for certain type of future events in this case you…

    This quote itself is predictive programming

    The Deep State has gotten so insanely incestuous and confused it has crawled up it’s own ass.



    Forgiveness – executive privilege

    The first president in US history to pardon his son and himself as the Biden legacy

    The first president in US history to pardon himself as the Trump legacy

    Pardon charges of seditionists and insurrectionists.

    Turing test
    Using A.I. and deep-fake software, emotions will rule the world of opinions and of facts and of truth.
    To falsely smear someone with an entirely made-up tape in order to deceive and manipulate a particular class of voters into making a misinformed decision?

    “ ate up every piece of propaganda, repeated all of it without any thought to whether it was true or not..”

    • Dave Smith Burns Chris Cuomo To The Ground In Epic Covid Debate (ZH)

    Path to Peace/Victory

    • RFK Jr. Slams Biden’s Decision to Allow Ukrainian Strikes Inside Russia (Sp.)

    • Huge Anti-War Rally In Budapest, Hungary (RT)

    Questionable Biden/Israel/Gaza Peace Proposal


    This picture of a young Putin evokes the Tom Petty song about the mystery of a Face in the Crowd


    The Russian people lucked out with this guy


    Oroboros they are not suffocating they like the view.

    Looking at the Tyndall experiments I was attempting to see the amounts of gases used. It would seem he used the gases mentioned at concentrate, I may have missed something? Still I wonder if he had the ability to use just natural air and then inject a few ppm’s to note any change? Would he have had any reasonable way to measure any gas concentration at ppm levels, or even at a few parts per thousand? I bought this drivel about co2 for far too long as if it were passed down by the gods. So here is an experiment from The Royal Society:
    A simple experiment has been developed to demonstrate the global warming potential of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. A miniature electric resistance heating element was placed inside an inflatable balloon. The balloon was filled with either air or CO2. Whereas the CO2 partial pressure on the earth’s atmosphere is approximately 4 × 10−4 atm, in this experiment, a high partial pressure of CO2 (1 atm) was used to compensate for the short radiation absorption path in the balloon. The element was heated to approximately 50°C, the power was then switched off and the element’s cooling trends in air and in CO2 were monitored. It took a longer time to cool the heating element back to ambient temperature in CO2 than in air. It also took longer times to cool the element in larger size balloons and in pressurized balloons when they were filled with CO2. To the contrary, the balloon size or pressure made no difference when the balloons were filled with air. A simple mathematical model was developed, and it confirmed that the radiative heat loss from the element decreased significantly in CO2. This investigation showed that the cooling rate of an object, with surface temperature akin to temperatures found on Earth, is reduced in a CO2-rich atmosphere because of the concomitant lower heat loss to its environment.

    That last line says it all “CO2-rich atmosphere” their atmosphere is all CO2 and we are at, what was that JBHB less than 1% with grand increases of a few millionths of 1%. Fear baby fear, there be monsters under your bed.


    @ tboc
    reference argument with spouse from yesterday:

    In my world/experience … I would be the cause of the errors/mistakes/misinformations.
    Hehehehe 🙂
    and I don’t belong to a political party.


    Western “Ukraine” was always a Fake Country with a Fake Language.

    “Ukrainian” is just a bastardized crude dialectic of Russian evoked to legitimize a Fake Cultural construct of a ‘country”.

    The Hungarian portion of Fake Ukraine will be reabsorbed into Hungary with NO ILLEGAL MIGRANTS in sight.

    Hahahahahaha Euroturdistan up your!

    The Polish part of Fake Ukraine will be an endless guerrilla warfare with second rate Neo-nazis killing Poles for generations!

    A living lethal Polish joke.

    Transnistria will help facilitate a land corridor to Hungry and Serbia so they can join BRICS and be saved from sure death in the dying West.

    Backup Plan



    Journallst distracting the sheep – (talk about guilty 34 charges)
    while the murdering of people goes unreported/minimized


    My daughter is a visual artist. Like many of her friends, she has an instagram account. Apparently, Meta decided to use its users posts — including their original artwork — to train their AI models. My daughter was telling me yesterday that, apparently, if an artist posts original work on Meta (FB, instagram, etc.,) all of their hard work put into developing their craft and style can be copied by AI, and used for AI to generate comparable art.


    Fish net master
    This is the area where humanity shines — individuals who take the time to learn a craft or art or skill: visual artists, musicians, net throwers, actors, surgeons, teachers, etc., and through their diligence and dedication a beautiful synergy arises. The results are art and music and buildings, children taught and lives saved. We honor these people for their efforts and work, even when they have failings in their personal lives, because their social contributions are greater than their immediate social circle of family, close friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

    What happens when an AI produces visual “art” in seconds, commercial jingles and pop music, architectural plans, learning modules, and performs surgery? What is the point and purpose to learning to draw or paint or play piano if an AI can “do it better” or “do it for me?” Humanity will be tempted to take the route of the child of wealthy parents…who cannot give limits to the child because all limits are surmountable with money, and imposing a limit might be interpreted as withholding love. Hunter Biden who spends his life on hookers and blow and creating bad art because he never learned the value of persevering through adversity. It is in persevering through adversity and challenge that humanity becomes more than the sum of its parts.


    Evolved at the equator

    Near the equator the temps don’t change much one way or the other, neither hot nor cold, staying near what is commonly referred to as “room temperature.” So, yeah, I’d say that suggests humans evolved at the equator, we tend to abhor large temperature swings.


    The Yemeni Houthis for the second time announced a strike on the

    aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69).

    The previous message appeared on May 31, and on June 1, the US Department of Defense extended the deployment of four ships from the anti-Houthi coalition for a month. That evening, the Eisenhower and an unnamed destroyer were attacked by PKBMs and UAVs.

    In addition, drones and missiles were launched at three civilian vessels. The bulk carrier MAINA was subjected to two attacks, first in the Red Sea and then in the Arabian Sea.

    The LNG tanker AL ORAIQ was attacked in the Indian Ocean, and the oil tanker ABLIANI was attacked in the Red Sea.

    Regardless of the success of each attack individually, the Houthis are doing an excellent job of creating and maintaining tension in the Red Sea region, which, in turn, affects world processes.

    The cost of transporting goods is growing, transport companies are incurring high costs, not to mention the countries that traditionally “feed” on this sea route.

    Curiously, CENTCOM reported only the launch of a PKBM on the destroyer USS Gravely (DDG-107) and the interception of several drones. There were no reports of damage to civilian vessels or coalition ships.

    However, according to some sources, the Eisenhower moved to the Jeddah area. However, this does not mean damage to the aircraft carrier.

    Of course, it is unlikely that the Houthis will be able to sink or at least damage an aircraft carrier covered by air defense ships, but nothing prevents them from continuing to strike.

    Without a ground operation in the face of a large number of false targets and many years of preparation for war, it is not possible to knock out the Houthi unmanned missile capabilities.

    Dr D Rich

    Conversely or perhaps it’s complimentary:

    “Don’t expect your patient to react or behave like the 95% Confidence Interval in your double blind, randomized clinical trial”

    John Day can attest to the following.

    “The physician-scientist-statistician is almost never a skilled diagnostician nor possess astute clinical acumen”
    It’s like a rule but don’t tell them that

    When does anecdote become observation as the first step in the scientific method?
    Why the reproducibility crisis in science, particularly psych and medical research?

    Dr D Rich

    1. Did the Houthis hit the USS Eisenhower?

    2. Did the Navy really make a journalism major the first female DEI Chief of Naval Operations, CNO?

    Is 1. related to 2.?

    Did the Houthis really care?


    Ilargi, Here is a good meme, you are welcome to use!


    “If we allow the standard that you can throw your political opponents in jail because they’re doing better than you in an election, it will be the end of this country as we know it.”

    It is the end of the country as we knew it…. time to get real and stop with the hypothetical bs.

    If there is any fight left in Americans…It is unclear what stands against the tyranny of Washington.

    Brave new world…far too many Americans begged Daddy govt to tyrranize them harder,,,rule me harder Daddy Biden. Sponsored by the Fauci fan club following at the speed of science.

    “President” Joe Biden’s decision to greenlight Ukrainian strikes using US-supplied weapons inside Russian territory.

    Fuck around and find out Brandon. Just because Ashley didn’t resist you raping the shit out of her, does not mean the rest of the world will roll over for trash like you.

    Biden has taken the clock to 90 seconds. Most presidents, and most Americans, have little idea how close to the abyss we are.

    Reality bites hard… We are in the abyss, not getting close to it. IN IT to win it right brainwashed subhuman(brain dead zombies) trash Liberals ?

    Ukraine will not exist in 50 years..

    Nor will USA…the US does not exists today ass we “knew it”…

    Cuomo: “I can argue yes, and I can argue no.”

    Another example of Liberals being brain dead sub-human trash. Total retarded hypocrites… we’re all in the abysss together…thanks to all that effective tyrannical “resistance” these past years. Ask Julian. His body their choice. Your mind their choice.

    Americans will fall for any old shit…

    Have fallen.

    Perhaps Billy Joel will rewrite the Piano Man ?
    As Liberals locked down the bars, broke the piano, drank all the poison, and are now too sick with no firewood to huddle together on the corner which the nukes took out… only one good use for piano wire now.

    Sing us a song Emmanuel…


    Military mission creep is no different then “Society creep”…the slide into dystopian insanity from “democracy”.

    It’s fascinating to see that ALL the grocery stores (Liberal run shithole city) now have multiple armed guards.

    Let me repeat that-
    ALL the grocery stores now have multiple armed security guards…

    They make you line up at the exit after overpaying for inflationary prices and “check” your receipt which they mark with a glow pen… Shithole Nation, run by retarded corrupt politicians, supported by retarded braindead sheeple…

    USA is over folks.


    Dr. D:

    I don’t need to own a Tesla.
    I already own a device that can go from zero to 100 in nothing flat.
    My bathroom scale!


    There are 2 women in my house.
    I learned early that their vote counts, while my vote doesn’t count at all!
    My only defense against their proposed homemaking projects is that it is too much work!
    If they require me to do all the work, then I have some leverage.
    I then stall and hope in time they will forget that particular project!
    Of course they just generate new proposals!
    I do my best to not bite and let them talk away how great it would be.
    They are social animals and need to talk!
    If you look in either of my ears, you will see daylight!
    This hole allows for the safe passage of sounds to pass through my head without harming me (most of the time)!
    P.S. I design all of my projects on the back of envelops!

    While the Empire of Lies may have run out of real things to throw at the Russians, one thing they are in no danger of running out of is money to corrupt Ukraine’s elites to keep the war going.
    This war will continue as long as the Ukrainian elites are making money from the war.



    My Mother’s test to see if my Father was really listening.

    My Father learned over time to constantly say unhun, unhun, etc.
    My Mother would then ask my Father if it was OK to buy a fur coat (knowing it wasn’t)!
    My Father always nicely fell into the trap by saying, unhun!
    Then my Mother would proceed to nail my hapless apologizing Father to the cross!


    I sure that you never fell into this trap.
    “Does this dress make me look fat?”



    Bus drivers dying while driving a school bus is now considered perfectly normal these days.
    It isn’t even news anymore.
    Just like school children dying of heart attacks.
    Just part of our new normal.
    Of course we can not mention the fvax reason for all of this.

    The deep state has successfully reorganized our brains per 1984.
    They already have AI programmed properly.

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