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    Pablo Picasso La guerre 1951   • Trump Approved Strikes On Iran But Cancelled Them: Reports (AlJ) • The Drone Iran Shot Down Was a $220 Million S
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    V. Arnold

    • US Spend Ten Times More On Fossil Fuel Subsidies Than Education (F.)

    Obviously. And make no mistake; it’s evident across the board…
    The coming 20/20 election cycle will be a kaleidoscope of ignorance and propaganda signifying nothing…



    I was intrigued when Iran fired missiles into Syria to kill those that they claimed were responsible for a terrorist attack. I was interested to know how accurate they were but there were no follow up reports which suggested to me that they were very accurate. This seemed confirmed a few weeks later when Israel complained that Iran were supplying missile components to Hezbollah which ‘ensured pinpoint accuracy’.

    I certainly felt the emphasis strayed away from direct attack on Iran and more on sanctions.

    If Iran can destroy key infrastructure in nearby countries then a direct conflict could see the war being brought to those who currently feel safe from harm. The weakest point of any country is the power-grid, especially transformers, which are unique and can take a year to replace. I have seen a picture of Iranian anti-ship missiles but am not sure how effective they would be against US ships. Iran has a reputation for being strong on electronic warfare.

    If oil supplies through the region are cut off then the US is in a relatively strong position. Europe is toast so it would be irrational for them to become involved. It is interesting that Israel said it would not take part in any conflict unless directly attacked. Saudi Arabia is far too close to be involved without suffering damage, even if acting just as a host for US forces. The UAV flew from the UAE so that is already a potential target for Iran. Would Turkey try and stop the use of Incirlik?

    There is also the question of whether the conflict would spread. Iraq & Syria do not want US forces on their soil so could take the opportunity to correct that. If Israel became involved it could bring in Hezbollah, who I read have 160,000 missiles, and a lot of battle hardened militia.

    The US could end up acting alone and only from seabourne resources, which themselves could be under threat.


    Kim Dotcom probably has it right. Seems like a lot of provocation going on and I have my doubts about it coming from Iran. Stockman has it pretty well nailed as does Tulsi Gabbard although she could have added Israel to the quote.

    Methane will continue to release at an increasing rate whether there is a big burp or not. Feed back loops are well underway and humanity will evolve through very difficult times, if it indeed it ultimately continues to evolves at all. We’ll think the dinosaurs had it easy when they were wiped out in a matter of hours (according to latest theories).

    V. Arnold

    The US could end up acting alone and only from seabourne resources, which themselves could be under threat.

    True that. I’m left wondering if that’s why the attack was called off…

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