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    James Ensor Baths at Ostend 1890 — Find Waldo…

    My thought exactly

    TAE Summary

    Covid Now

    Omicron is fairly benign. I had it and several friends have had it. Everyone says it’s no big deal.
    I haven’t been vaccinated and expect I now have natural immunity.
    The vaccinated get it and say it’s mild because they are vaccinated. But they get it more than once. When they get it their immune system thinks it’s what they were vaccinated for and produces antibodies for the spike protein of the original variant but these antibodies are ineffective against the omicron spike proteins. They have a mild case because it’s not that bad for most people, but their immune system doesn’t produce antibodies for it because it thinks it’s already handled (Original Antigenic Sin). So when they are exposed again in a few months the whole thing starts over. They make a big deal about being protected but are embarrassed to get it again and again. Blather, wince, repeat.

    John Day

    @VP Gary: Bitcoin use of electricity is crowding out aluminum smelting.

    Miracle of the marketplace.

    What could go wrong?

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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