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    Édouard Vuillard In bed 1891   • Judge Orders Families Reunited Within 30 Days (AP) • 17 US States Sue Trump Administration Over Family Separatio
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    Dr. D

    So much nonsense here, I wouldn’t know where to begin. It seems no one can think straight anymore. Example in the drug article that compares legal and illegal drugs, wildly different parts of the world, with no context. Then adds as a throwaway that, with worldwide opiates coming from everywhere, and cocaine being equal to them, all the cocaine on earth comes from Columbia. …But nobody knows nothin’. Can’t figure it out, and like the 9,000 metric tons of Afghan opium, Juan Valdez takes it over the mountains on his donkey. No one can find him.

    …You think maybe they’re using a “jet”? The backbone cargo plane, a C130 carries 45,000lbs and it would still take 22 of them to move that. That’s two a month, year ’round. …But I’m sure it’s Juan Valdez, hiding in the open desert, impossible to find. He’s Batman. Yup, nobody knows nothin’. Just one sentence in just one article.

    Glad to hear about trees, and by gosh when they cut them down in Brazil and Indonesia, that’s really something. And when they cut them down everywhere in Vancouver and to build their 45th mall in Denver and Hartford, well, those aren’t really trees, are they? It’s just business, you understand; totally different when we do it. Let somebody else pay to have the low-rent commodity growth. Not us, we’re special.

    I have often wondered, in Pakistan or Algeria or Scotland, why they don’t plant trees. Yes, they need a leg up, but it’s relatively easy with almost certain gain. Permaculture guys have quite a bag of tricks making this simple and profitable. But I could as well ask why they kill every tree they find everywhere else on earth, then curse God. Why ask why? Koyaanisqatsi. If we made the earth green again, how would we advocate for the death of a few billion humans? If they acted as a steward, which is so easy, and not a virus as we incentivize by law, we just couldn’t get that done.

    Dr. D

    I know it’s Newfoundland, but snow in July?
    Summer snow blankets parts of Newfoundland in late June
    Russia’s ports are also iced in.

    Found articles on military, low-yield nukes, allowing the U.S. a dozen ways to escalate, and despite the escalation, the Russians authorizing themselves none unless themselves in deadly peril.

    Russia’s Nuclear Doctrine Is Being Distorted Once Again
    “Among its principles, it bars states party to the treaty from placing weapons of mass destruction in Earth orbit, installing them on the Moon or any other celestial body, or otherwise stationing them in outer space.”

    But hey, did someone get kicked out of a restaurant before they got their fries? News at 11.


    but because American corporations betrayed the American people and exported their jobs.

    This was all an obvious globalist con job from the get-go, but they managed to pull it off. We need to bring production back to the US and diversify the sources of primary elements of production; that way the corporations will be more valuable to us once they are nationalized.


    But the profits!
    A great deal of which go to funding hidden nasty activities of the CIA/MIC and crooked international banks which do the money laundering. The enterprise also keeps the middle-classes stupefied and controllable. Oxycontin is for the WMC what crack and heroin was/is to the inner city blacks


    Dr. D, why do tactical nukes in space bother you so much? Pretty much every country with nuclear weapons has ballistic missiles that can be in space in under 30 minutes. Let’s say they save 30 minutes and put them in space beforehand, how does that change anything?

    V. Arnold

    We need to bring production back to the US…
    That is simply not going to happen; the U.S. can no longer compete in the world market.
    Infrastructure is key; and it’s gone, forever…
    3-D industrial printing will be a boutique form of production; but in the foreseeable future; not a rebirth of U.S. manufacturing power.
    They gave it up for profit and plunder of the U.S. prolateriate (worker’s) and their vast wealth of benefits.
    Things like S.S., healthcare, pensions, etc., etc., etc., …
    We’ve (the proletariat) been robbed in the biggest heist in world history…

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