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    Vincent van Gogh Courtesan (after Eisen) 1887   • Same Old Greed In A Shiny New Wrapper (Felder) • Brexit To Put £29 Trillion In Derivatives Cont
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    Re: How To Get Away With Financial Fraud…..

    Well fellow readers – as much as I appreciate being kept up-to-date by TAE, I wonder if it isn’t perhaps time to add a few more positive things into the daily mix?

    Maybe time to ask that occasional “what if”….. or “how about”…..??

    A lot of the nonsense we see here has greed written all over it, but underneath greed is something much more fundamental – and that is a fear of lack.
    Thereby “forcing” one to use any means possible to have a bigger pile than you.

    What if – the standard vehicles assisting greed are removed? Namely stocks and shareholders?
    In times past the stock market served a useful function of assisting companies to grow. Now it is just a casino where squillions of dollars are “made”, without any corresponding production. Squillions made just by shuffling paper or electrons.

    So how about Get Rid Of Stocks & Shareholders (GROSS) ??
    When the reset hits wouldn’t it be an idea to have some strategies ready to go that would promote a positive change?

    I for one am tired of rampant speculation on assets (see Steve Keen).

    Having run a couple of local barter systems previously, I discovered the joys of community co-operation and trading. In fact, one worked too well !! Everyone became such friends that they didn’t bother recording trades anymore !!
    This is what our world can look like :))

    And if we must still have investors – why don’t they restrict their’ activities to a local level, where they have a vested interest in the community succeeding??

    What say you?? Thanks for “listening” :))


    Good point, VisionHawk. I agree.

    I’m currently re-examining “home economics” from the point of view of old denigration of Women’s Work and the need for cheap female workers in the 50s. It may be a time for a re-appreciation of Home Economics.

    By buying low or no packaged goods, we can decrease landfill and pointless dangerous plastic in the environment. It’s amazingly hard to buy things that don’t contain plastic. And as Charles Hugh Smith says, a home cooked meal can be a revolutionary act.

    I’m looking into a way to cover bowls with beeswax soaked cotton, as a way to avoid plastic wrap, etc.


    I’m looking into a way to cover bowls with beeswax soaked cotton, as a way to avoid plastic wrap, etc.

    Beeswax soaked cotton… Damn… What’s wrong with lids?
    The schizophrenia of being comfortable and eco-friendly never ceases to amuse me 🙂


    Instead of Stock markets, Could our societies go back to
    provisions, gear, etc., furnished to a prospector on condition of participating in the profits of any discoveries.
    money or other assistance furnished at a time of need or of starting an enterprise.


    It is so hard to be plastic free but I remember a time when there was none. Dad had a 44 gallon drum in the garden where everything was burnt. The rest was made into compost. And now!! Everything is made from or covered with plastic. It will take a long time to change our habits but little by little, I believe, it can be done. Here in New Zealand we are, gradually, getting rid of plastic bags at the supermarket. So far the Government hasn’t banned them – I wish they would – so progress is slow but it is happening.


    Melbourne shivers through coldest June day in 25 years

    I am really glad I got out of Melbourne and moved to Cairns. Of course, this piece of information is a “one off” I expect there will be an awful lot of “one offs” this Winter in Europe, Russia, China and North America.

    BTW, it seems there is an active volcano under the “melting” part of West Antartica.

    The funny thing is the guys who “discovered” it were on a mission to prove that “the End is Night” They were the very same people who won’t release their data on alleged Global Warming – the University of East Anglia. The ones who faked their conclusions and would not let anyone look at their data.

    Volcanic heat source discovered under Pine Island Glacier, the poster child for Antarctic melting

    Life is full of funny stories. It is a shame so many poor people must suffer unneeded hardship just so that these people can keep their jobs.



    Just preventing companies from buying back their stock would do wonders. Preventing the Fed from setting fake interest rates is another thing that needs to be done.

    Your idea might work on a – very – local level but it cannot be scaled up. It is a fantasy. One in 10 males is a psychopath and one in 100 women. They would disrupt your idea in no time once they could hide their activities. You cannot keep tabs on everyone.

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