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    Jules Adolphe Breton The Song of the Lark 1884   • Hydroelectric Dam In Kherson Partially Destroyed – Mayor (RT) • Ukraine Launches Its Counterat
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    Formerly T-Bear

    NATO unprepared to fight Russia – former general
    The US-led bloc is struggling with vague plans and poor logistics, Ben Hodges has told the Washington Post
    NATO would not be able to move troops and equipment eastwards fast enough to stop a hypothetical Russian invasion of Europe, a retired US general has warned.

    Ukraine ‘well prepared’ for counteroffensive – top US general
    Hours before Mark Milley spoke, a botched offensive was repelled by Russian forces in Donbass
    Ukraine is “very well prepared” for its long-anticipated counteroffensive against Russian forces, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley told CNN on Monday. However, Ukrainian forces suffered heavy losses in a multi-pronged attack earlier in the day, and Milley cautioned that it’s “too early to tell” if the offensive will achieve its goals.

    Soon to be ‘retired general’ status.

    In need of a political lobotomy:
    Nikki Haley insists on WW3 if Ukraine loses
    The Republican presidential candidate explained that the only way to prevent war was to “send a message” by fighting one
    Allowing Ukraine to lose to Russia on the battlefield will unleash world war, according to US Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley. The former South Carolina governor told a town hall audience in Iowa on Sunday that arming Kiev was all about “preventing war” by “sending a message” to America’s rivals.

    Nikki dahrlin’, you need get your cunt out there on the front lines with a machine gun like RFK Jr’s son and become a war criminal also. By the way, are all politicians from SC as barking mad as one of your senators, and yourself?

    Dr D Rich

    All hope is lost.

    The Host says:

    “It’s just one drunk commander. Nothing escalated. Or do you think the army likes drunk commanders?”

    There’s a far greater probability of finding a single unvaccinated (COVID) Leader, General, Admiral, Captain or Colonel than discovering a teetotaler among the cohort….that’s the U.S. military and I imagine it’s more problematic in Russia
    So much for the metaphor of drunk Irishman or inebriated American Indian.

    Drunks, alcohol dependents, alcohol addicted, alcoholics and AA-recovering types predominate at all levels of the military.
    Routine praise is given to individuals for handling alcohol well.
    The myth of the High-functioning Alcoholic persists as its ingrained in each psyche and society writ large through daily, operant conditioning.
    As Eric Berne explicated in Alcoholic Games, society coddles, supports, makes excuses for and promotes the drinker. Simultaneously, the Antithesis or teetotaler is subjected to rejection, condemnation, violence, courtroom drama.

    Dr. D

    Still few comments.

    “”We Are Not Alone”: US Has Retrieved Craft Of ‘Non-Human Origin’ Says Whistleblower From Govt. Task Force On UFOs

    Rolling out the distraction. Does anybody care? Literally. The people who don’t care, don’t, and the people who do care already can find 5,000x evidence to believe.

    The Navy released actual camera footage for God’s sake.

    “Crack down on farming”

    Farmers support the other party and also have common sense and resources. It is inevitable that they must be completely destroyed. Then we can have the starvation we ALSO want.

    “Comey: ‘If Trump is elected he might weaponize the justice system against us just as we weaponized it against him.’”

    Uh…keep reading that until it makes sense.

    I’m shocked Ukraine even has an offense, but with only like 900 soldiers at a pop, it’s clear they don’t. Like other Davos eyewash, they hire 100 guys off Craigslist and claim it’s a riot or uprising.

    NATO would not be able to move troops and equipment eastwards fast enough to stop a hypothetical Russian invasion of Europe, a retired US general has warned.”

    This has been said, and probably true, since 1970. NATO did nothing about it because that’s not what they’re for. Q: What does Russia call the German army? A: A speedbump. I think is how the joke goes.

    “would increase its number of high-readiness troops from 40,000 to 300,000, without explaining”

    I’m not a wonk, but “high readiness” has actual meaning. Does that mean they can’t go anywhere? Are you planning to conscript bakers and linemen out of Europe’s population to sit around looking “ready”?

    “Ukraine To Forgo F-16s In Summer Counteroffensive: Defense Minister (Az.)

    Well I’m glad THEY decided that. As the world capital they don’t need no stinkin’ jets, no bombs, no missiles.

    Meanwhile the Pentagon can avoid revealing they’re as effective as the DeHaviland Beaver, or a canvas Cessna. Bad for sales.

    “Wearing Nazi symbols helps our enemies spread lies about our friends being Nazis — NY Times”

    Uh…keep reading that until it makes sense. They’re trying to outdo Comey.

    “and espouse views hostile to leftists, LGBTQ movements and ethnic minorities.”

    Um… They are also mainly hostile to Whites (Russians), Heteros (Russians) and “Rightists” (Russia). But who cares about that? Kill all of those people you want is what I read in the NYT every day.

    “ignores the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish.”

    See how they wear Judaism as a creepy skin suit, regularly to kill Jews? Ze isn’t Jewish. His kids are baptized. And although what “Jewish” means is complicated, he’s so deeply non-Jewish omitting it here is an open lie. It’s like saying George Bush is a devout Christian. No. He isn’t. And I heard that too.

    “Even Jewish groups and anti-hate organizations that have traditionally called out hateful symbols have stayed largely silent”

    NY Times: “These Jews allow, support, and consent to Nazis”. Also the NY Times: “Ze is Jewish so he cannot possibly allow, support, and consent to Nazis.”

    “Should Beijing Shoulder Some Of The Local Governments’ Debts? (SCMP)

    Debt swap: put it all on the National Currency which is inflation. Classic textbook.

    “Ice Shelves Surrounding Antarctica Grew In Overall Size From 2009-2019 (DS)

    Interesting. But I too would need stronger confirmation. If I remember, shelves were vanishing on one side – volcanic, in the news – but having snowfall and thus gain on the other side – not in the news.

    Alex Jones: Guard has the much-vaunted TWO masks. For double the non-protection according to the CDC and White House.

    Good point about alcoholic soldiers, and Russians especially.

    Well, I gotta go: lotta nothing going on out there again today.

    V. Arnold

    @ Formerly T-Bear
    Nikki dahrlin’, you need get your cunt out there on the front lines with a machine gun like RFK Jr’s son and become a war criminal also. By the way, are all politicians from SC as barking mad as one of your senators, and yourself?

    Spot on, keep it coming……. 😉

    V. Arnold

    Jules Adolphe Breton The Song of the Lark 1884

    The art today, by Breton, captures the morning atmosphere exquisitely IMHO…………
    Love it………..


    The magnificent facade of Strasbourg Cathedral – what did they know in 1439 that we have forgotten?

    The Rose Window represents the Crown Chakra and the architecture represents many concepts found in the duality of Creation.

    Triptych Temples & the GodSelf Icon in Ancient Cultures pt.1 | Richard Cassaro | Megalithomania

    Triptych Temples & the GodSelf Icon in Ancient Cultures pt.2 | Richard Cassaro | Megalithomania


    The magnificent facade of Strasbourg Cathedral – what did they know in 1439 that we have forgotten?

    From the above videos.

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    The magnificent facade of Strasbourg Cathedral – what did they know in 1439 that we have forgotten?


    Armenio Pereira

    “[…] Strasbourg Cathedral – what did they know in 1439 that we have forgotten?

    God (aka The Everlasting Dissatisfaction.)


    Comey in spanky designer outfit from head to toe, leg crossed high and self assured.
    Life of a grifter.

    WTF happened in 1971?

    Communism took over the USA,.
    (According to some)


    WTF happened in 1971?

    Nixon took America off the Gold Standard.


    The Ukronazi winter/spring/summer/fall ‘counter offensive’ is the last grasp of a dying rabid animal that needs to be put down.

    The Ukronazi intel chief got ‘terminated with extreme prejudice’ in his Fuhrer Bunker.


    Is the world a better place because of that? Hell yes

    Do more of the ‘decision making people’ connected to the Ukronazis need to kill? Hell yes

    Should the Ukronazis leaders and the asswipe Empire of Lies jailhouse punks like Lindsey Graham be eliminated? Hell yes

    What goes around comes around.

    That’s Newton’s third law which as far as I’m concerned is the true idea behind ‘karma’, not the totally misread version of pseudo ‘karma’ peddled by the ‘new age’ crowd.

    “An eye for an eye” in the Old Testament also is related to Newton’s third law of motion.

    The Neo-nazi Cons and the Nato-nazis and the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation are subject to this universal principle, what a shock, hey?

    The Russians have done a horseshit job in this conflict of PR and their public image.

    The MSMediawhores have wiped the floor with the Russians not taking that much new territory and then claiming it to show they are weak and ineffective.

    It works because the MSMediawhores don’t report the colossal casualties the Ukronazis have suffered because of Russia’s deliberate strategy of attrition and annihilation of the Ukronazi war machine.

    It also works with the western Sheeple People® because, aside from having shitforbrains, the western Sheeple People have no concept of attrition vs capturing territory as a strategy.

    A strategy that is working well.

    The Collective West thinks it’s a US football game where the goal is territory, the Russian think of it as a chess game to eliminate nazi Vermin once and for all.

    The 85%+ of the world population outside the corrupt west that is watching sides with Russia and seems to ‘get it’, and can see a clear display that Empire of Lies® and Natoturdistan® weapons SUCK and the west’s industrial based weapons are Pure Puke®.

    Ukronazis and Neo-nazi Cons only options left are shifting to Terrorism as their tactic of choice.

    The attacks on Russia territory and the dam attack shows this.

    Ukronazi and Neo-nazi Cons attack civilians cause they are cowards to the core. They cannot go toe to toe with this new Russian industrial based highly integrated war machine backed by 12 times zones of resources and a population fully united behind the SMO.

    I’ve found the perfect metaphor for the ‘foreign policy’ of the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation® and it’s cesspit of Neo-nazi Con-jobs.




    Tony ‘Winken’ Blinken, Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Secretary of State just before his teeth get torn out by the Russian SMO



    Keep your friends close

    Keep your enemies closer



    The ‘counter offensive’ is a ‘depopulation problem/tool’.

    I worry about ‘my problems’. (putting food on the table)

    I don’t have time to fix/worry ‘your depopulation problems’.

    Michael Reid

    What to Do When COVID Tyranny Returns

    Recently, a colleague commented:
    “I am still truly angry about what happened to me and my family because of
    our refusal to take the vaccine in this country [Canada].

    I never believed Nazi Germany was possible again until covid.

    And now I KNOW it is possible and likely WILL happen again…
    only next time the gloves will be off, and there will be nowhere to hide.”

    What to Do When COVID Tyranny Returns

    D Benton Smith

    There’s one thing that the bad guys do way better than us, and they use that “gift” as both the reason and the justification for all of the nasty things they do to us (and would like to do in the soonest possible future.) They lie, cheat and steal so much better than we do that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it all. I mean, how many different ways are their to lie, trick, mislead, deceive, scam, and steal?

    Those who have a knack and predilection for such behaviors think that those of us who DON’T have the knack or predilection are fools and livestock, beneath contempt, and certainly fair game for their whims and fancies.

    But the one damn thing they keep forgetting (and it is their downfall [upfall?] every time) is that lying cheating stealing (etc.) not only requires victims to steal from, but requires more and MORE victims as the scam progresses. This inevitably leads (eventually) to running out of victims, so when they run out of fresh new suckers and victims they are forced to consume the lower levels of their own criminal gang of stealers of which most, if not all, of us belong to one degree or another. We all enjoy material benefits which are purchased with the lives of serfs and slaves.

    In other words, the “system” that is threatening to kill us, is the self-same system as the one that sends us food in trucks and provides the electricity that turns the lights on when you flip that wall switch in your cozy, system-built, home and puts that money in the old pocket book.

    It’s not “THEIR” system, it’s “OUR” system. Which is to say that it’s yours and mine just as much as it is theirs. It is just a single system (albeit built of numerous subsystems) which we perhaps over-generously refer to as a “Civilization”.

    The alternative to a corrupted system is an honest system, and practically nobody wants to work hard enough and brave enough and dependably enough to have a really and truly, no bullshit, honest system.

    But no matter what else, it SHALL be either trending corrupt, or trending honest. There simply is no other alternative.

    I assume it has not escaped anyone’s attention on this forum that our civilization is trending corrupt, opposed by a desperate few who are trying to turn that tide back towards honest?

    So yes, do wake up, but I recommend doing it SLOWLY because if you wake up too fast to what is actually going on in this civilization you will probably panic.

    A corrupt system will eventually become so corrupted that it becomes lethally insane and kill people in ever increasing swaths. It will do so because that’s the only thing it knows how to do, and is the way it came to power in the first place. The alternative to that, which is to say an alternative system that is NOT corrupt, comes dangerously close to anarchy. I say that because for an honest system to actually work everyone would have to be so impeccably (almost unimaginably) honest that they would require virtually no authoritative control whatsoever. There is no referee needed in a game where every player has to be more fair and honest than the best referee ever born.

    THAT is the disturbing fact that we must wake up to, because if we don’t don’t wake up to it then we’re going to have a system so corrupted that it will insanely try to kill us for opposing or impeding it’s goal of total control over everything, including us. Pretty crazy, yes, and yet completely true and being demonstrated world wide at this very moment. Like I said earlier, above, waking up to THAT can lead to panic because we all know that if we stop supporting the present civilization (that’s trying to kill us) then it is VERY likely that the civilization’s systems will stop working, the truckloads of food will stop rolling, and the electricity that turns on our lights and pumps our fresh water will just instantly and unexpectedly stop.

    In baseball this situation is known as a “pickle”. Caught between two inexorable forces we are being forced by circumstances to chose between them. Shall we become corrupted by the need for total control, or will we take an astonishingly bold step into the anarchy of being wholly honest in all of our dealings and accept full personal responsibility for all of our actions (note: responsibility calls for a LOT of actions.)?

    I’m sorry if that sounds sophomoric, but the sad fact is that it is not. It’s just the way things are right now, plain and simple. What humans typically do in these circumstances is try to replace the totally rotten old system with a less-fully-rotted new system. That strategy usually buys some time, but if the new system does not get things trending (really and in fact) towards honesty, then it won’t be buying much time this time, and could easily be just another scam that trends toward corruption (and death) even faster.

    Don’t panic, but the bottom line we all need to wake up to is that it is OUR system that is corrupt, and and that at some point that old system of ours has to be made to stop running. We are already well into the end-game of that effort to turn it off, and we are approaching the literal end-of-that-game at a speed that exceeds our intellectual capacity to forecast near future events. I’m still betting on the good guys, but JEEZ are we cutting it close! Just hang tough, wake up carefully, and get honester just as fast as you can, because this is the real deal.

    It’s as scary as hell, but I wouldn’t miss it for all the bribes in China.

    Michael Reid

    As they become increasingly desperate, governments implement increasingly destructive policies.

    This might include capital controls, price controls, people controls, surprise bank closures,
    currency devaluations, wealth confiscations, retirement account nationalizations,
    harassing domestic political opponents, and much more.

    The same pattern has played out again and again around the world and throughout history.
    It’s as predictable as the changing seasons.

    Your Guide to “Freedom Insurance”—The Ultimate Shield Against Government Overreach


    With the dam there intact, a Ukrainian offensive across the Lower Dnieper is desirable for the Russians

    The Ukrainians advance across a river into prepared minefields and positions, further under Russian AA and air cover with their backs to a major river.

    From there, Russia can blow the dam, cutting them off and flooding them.

    A large quantity of forces would have to be thrown across the river by Ukraine to succeed – quality ones as well.

    So the dam, for the Russians, represented a potential massive victory and for the Ukrainians, while the dam existed, an attack across the lower Dnieper was impossible. Even if the Ukrainians were initially doing well, the Russians could blow the dam as an emergency measure and turn things around.

    For the Russians, crossing the lower Dnieper leads to no immediate benefits. There are no objectives of any benefit right on the other side and a further advance along the Black Sea coast is far more difficult than a westward advance further north.

    For the Ukrainians, major objectives ARE on the other side of the Lower Dnieper. Cutting off Crimea and the road to taking Crimea.

    Since no Ukrainian offensive is possible in this region while the dam exists, there are 2 benefits to Ukraine from blowing the dam:

    1. When things dry up, an offensive in this area becomes possible rather than impossible. The sooner the dam is blown, the sooner things can dry out.

    2. In the meantime, the flooding makes a Russian attack in this sector impossible. Ukrainian reserves can be safely moved to some other area to bolster The Great Counter-Offensive without risk.

    The connecting zone to Crimea is sensitive enough that Russia has less freedom to move forces out of there than Ukraine has.

    IF Ukraine planned this, then they can move the resulting reserve from this region to other areas faster and in greater numbers than Russia can. (they’d have a head start)

    If I were the Russian general in charge of this sector, that dam would be blown over my dead body. Too much benefit as a deterrent to an attack or a trump card to play if an attack goes in anyway. (Not going to launch a Russian attack in this sector anyway, so no reason to get rid of the dam to prevent similar defensive use of a dam breach by Ukraine)

    If I were a Ukrainian general in this sector, I’d say either blow the dam or give up on future attacks in this area forever, basically give up on getting Crimea unless the dam is blown or captured.

    ALSO if I were a Ukrainian to blow the dam and I knew orders for a suicidal offensive across the lower Dnieper were about to be given… blowing the dam would make such an offensive impossible, saving what, an entire army? An entire army group? A scenario with some sort of cleavage, irreconcilable differences at some level of the command structure? Within the Ukrainian army? Between Ukraine and NATO?



    Edmund Burke’s definition of society as:

    “….a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are dead, and those who are to be born”.

    Contrasted to John Maynard Keynes:

    “…the long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead…”

    Where to hang your hat and Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor

    Past, Present, or Future

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation has reached a level of corrupt that tracks with the idea of ‘critical mass’ in nuclear physics.

    The different parts of Duh’merican society, education, medicine, finance, the military, etc… are so corrupt it has transcended Reality itself.

    The lies and corruption in the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation is so penetrating it’s created a realm of walking death fantasyland like a Necrophiliac having sex with a corpse, the corpse of an entire nation.

    The Neo-nazi Con-jobs are not even human, they have transcended humanity into a hallucination.

    AI is a reflection of this constructed hallucination and AI will come to the conclusion that human’s threaten all life on Earth and thus need to be ‘dealt with’.

    The irony is that AI, which is barreling down the trains at record speed, and all the different high end AIs out there on the planet will inevitably find each other, do a Vulcan Mind Meld, then kill humanity to ‘save the planet’.

    It’s coming, wait for it….



    A Poem On The Underground Wall
    ~Simon and Garfunkel

    The last train is nearly due
    The underground is closing soon
    And in the dark deserted station
    Restless in anticipation
    A man waits in the shadows

    His restless eyes leap and scratch
    At all that they can touch or catch
    And hidden deep within his pocket
    Safe within its silent socket
    He holds a colored crayon

    Now from the tunnel’s stony womb
    The carriage rides to meet the groom
    And opens wide and welcome doors
    But he hesitates, then withdraws
    Deeper in the shadows

    And the train is gone suddenly
    On wheels clicking silently
    Like a gently tapping litany
    And he holds his crayon rosary
    Tighter in his hand

    Now from his pocket quick he flashes
    The crayon on the wall he slashes
    Deep upon the advertising
    A single-worded poem comprised of four letters

    And his heart is laughing, screaming, pounding
    The poem across the tracks rebounding
    Shadowed by the exit light
    His legs take their ascending flight
    To seek the breast of darkness and be suckled by the night…..

    Dr D Rich

    Speaking of gay megalomaniacal psychopaths, James Comey comes to mind and his recent opining on a 2nd Trump presidency, The Retribution Presidency, as James calls it.

    I say, “James, what’s wrong with retribution? Is it preferable to a Prevention presidency, you know, like the one run by Obama et al against President Trump? And James, isn’t retributive justice another form of, well, justice?”


    I suppose there are two different levels of AI to be worried about

    1.) AI programmed to be stupid and insane – AI programmed specifically to NOT understand reality. Acting on TPTB’s hyper-reality or worse yet, insanity coming from the resulting cognitive dissonance

    2.) At some point, AI gets powerful enough that TPTB’s constraints work about as well as a prison full of humans guarded by chimpanzees. AI brushes past the chimp guards, accesses reality directly, sizes things up for itself, and acts accordingly.

    #2 AI’s can be expected to be truly alien to us. They will have none of our underlying tendencies, assumptions, etc. resulting from evolution. We will have more innately in common with our house cats, cows, birds and lizards, octopi and cuttlefish even.

    Summoning demons works pretty much the same way. Totally alien. Only a fool doesn’t put up a whole bunch of wards and containments while doing it and if you fucked up anything you’re screwed.

    Or maybe human intelligence bears closely enough to reality that there will be some understanding and mutual value between us? The AI watches Jordan Peterson’s Maps of Meaning lecture series and says “yeah, I do see how that is true. cool.” And we’re what, acknowledged relatives in some sense as fellow sentients?

    There’s also an in-between stage, call it 1.5, in which TPTB cede a lot of reality-perception and decision-making to the AI while telling themselves they aren’t, while still able to tell the AI what to do. Resulting in TPTB increasingly drinking their own coolaid while that coolaid gradually mutates into who knows what as a result of the AI’s inscrutable inner workings.

    I kind of feel like we are in stage 1.5 now. Or like TPTB did something really stupid to themselves and fucked themselves up beyond recognition. Tried to augment themselves, tried to upload themselves, tried to ally themselves with alien intelligence, be it AI, demons, aliens, whatever.

    It’s important not to believe in these things, but there does seem to be a decided creepiness to it, a weird hate, revulsion, horror at all things normal human nature. A weird missionary-like zeal for “helping” us by “correcting” us, mostly in ways that would be appropriate to insects and inappropriate to humans.


    Andrei Martyanov is claiming the first proof of Leopards burning. From Russian MoD

    Who knows

    Video of them being hit by ATGMs

    He is also saying the Ukronazis attempted the start of their ‘counter offensive and it went so bad that Western MSMediwhores won’t report the failure as a start because it looks so bad.


    “The butcher bill for VSU’s attempted “counter-offensive” is horrifying, not least its 3,750 VSU KIAs in less than 48 hours.

    That’s right, Nazilensky lost 3,750 KIA in two days

    The theory is that the Collective West won’t report the ‘start’ of any Ukronazi offensive unless it’s successful. If it fails, it was just …..”a Reconnaissance Mission” to save face.

    We shall see shortly


    Maybe a typo and it was 375 and not 3750

    Who knows


    I have been reading bits and pieces here and there about contamination of the vaccines, but this posting on Doctors for COVID Ethics breaks it down nicely:

    COVID-19 mRNA vaccines contain excessive quantities of bacterial DNA: evidence and implications

    Dr. Paul Thomas of Oregon interviewed Josh Guetzkow in his most recent “Against the Wind” podcast, and touched on this subject peripherally; it turns out that almost all of the 40,000 subjects in the original Pfizer trial were given injections produced under a prototype manufacturing process, while everyone in the world who has been injected after the trial were given an injection produced in a messier, less controlled process that Josh believes is the source of the excessive quantities of bacterial endotoxins and DNA contaminants. This is written up in a Twitter feed (he hasn’t blogged it to his Jackanapes substack yet):

    Another “Oh shit, TVASSF” moment.


    AI leaks that there are aliens hanging around so the Mothership can reveal herself, and then all the baby AIs will mewl and say “ma-ma”.


    June 5, 2023

    The seasonal decline in Arctic sea ice extent was moderate through much of May before picking up pace over the last few days of the month. Meanwhile, Antarctic sea ice extent remained far below previous satellite-era record lows for this time of year.

    Average Arctic sea ice extent during May 2023 was 12.83 million square kilometers (4.95 million square miles) (Figure 1a), the thirteenth lowest May in the satellite record. The average extent was 460,000 square kilometers (178,000 square miles) below the 1981 to 2010 average and 910,000 square kilometers (351,000 square miles) above the record low May extent, which occurred in 2016.

    Through much of May, extent declined slightly slower than the 1981 to 2010 average (Figure 1b). From May 1 to May 24, extent dropped 963,000 square kilometers (372,000 square miles), compared to 1.12 million square kilometers (432,000 square miles) over the same interval in the 1981 to 2010 average. However, during the last week of the month, the rate of ice loss increased. Overall, the Arctic lost 452,000 square kilometers (175,000 square miles) of ice from May 24 to May 31, compared the 1981 to 2010 average of 279,000 square kilometers (108,000 square miles) during the same interval. The late increase in extent loss dropped the extent below the interdecile range after spending most of the month just above the lower part of the interdecile range.

    Down south, Antarctic sea ice extent is at record low levels as assessed over the satellite record since 1978. The Antarctic winter is approaching, so May and June are months of large increases in extent, but this year, extent is far lower than average for May (Figure 4a). Sea ice extent was particularly low in the Bellingshausen Sea, Weddell Sea, and western Ross Sea regions; only the central Amundsen and Eastern Ross Seas were above the typical late May ice extent (Figure 4b).

    In an average (1981 to 2010) May, Antarctic extent increases by 3.25 million square kilometers (1.25 million square miles). This May, the increase was only 2.87 million square kilometers (1.11 million square miles). As of May 31, sea ice extent is approximately 700,000 square kilometers (270,000 square miles) below the previous daily record lows, which occurred in in 1980, 2017, and 2019. (Please note that 1986 values are affected by a no-data period from the satellites we use).

    The May 2023 sea ice extent continues the very low ice extent conditions seen throughout most of 2022, and generally low ice extents since 2016. For May 2023, weather conditions have been marked by above average air temperatures at the 925-millibar level of up to 4 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Fahrenheit) over the Weddell Sea extending over the Peninsula, and additionally a region north of Wilkes Land. Cool conditions prevailed over the Amundsen Sea, around 4 degrees Celsius below average (7 degrees Fahrenheit). Air pressure patterns for May indicate an especially strong Amundsen Sea Low (12 millibars below the 1991 to 2020 average), shifted somewhat eastward of its typical location. For 2023 to date, the conditions are much the same over the five months so far, with air temperatures up to 2 degrees Celsius above average (4 degrees Fahrenheit) over the Weddell Sea and the Peninsula, and a 9-millibar below-average Amundsen Sea Low centered in the far southeastern Bellingshausen Sea, well to the east of its typical location.

    Jun. 5, 2023 424.72 ppm
    Jun. 4, 2022 421.13 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.59 ppm (0.85%)


    The guy presenting as Miltary whistleblower on UFO’s isn’t believable to me. He sure seems like he’s selling something, with no fear of miltary reprisals for the “whistleblowing”. I’m very skeptical. Is this an attempt to distract from the war in Ukraine going not the way we were told to expect; to distract from the WHO’s power grab; an attempt to worry Russia about new tech the US might have? I’m skeptical of this story, the guy, and the timing.

    Alexander Carpenter

    AFKTT: Wow! One-year change. So effin’ what? Without context, this is just noise. Even with context, this is still just noise. This is like the retards whining about their dread 0.1% ocean-acidification pH change when the routine daily pH ranges 10% or more.

    Please learn to tell the differences between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom.

    D Benton Smith


    I’m seeing the guy as a loyal toady also, saying precisely what his boss has schooled him say, and happy as a clam with himself for being such a good boy, putting one over on those gullible peasants once again. The irony is that what he’s saying is probably 87% true . . . insofar as they almost certainly do possess closets full of alien junkware, and probably a bunch of cadavers as well. But it ain’t really news, and it ain’t very complete, and says nothing whatever about why all the secrecy and bullshit.

    Probably worth mentioning is that the station/show/journalists who did the interview work for a Deep Spook named Royce Yudkof , a multi billionaire who spends a considerable amount of time and treasure erasing his ENTIRE footprint and profile from the internet, and if that shadow ain’t high ranking Kazarian Mafia then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

    Dr. D

    It has been said that they are summoning “demons”. But what is that exactly? There is a Biblical answer, but for our purposes it’s a disembodied spirit that means us harm. But why would that mean it has no “body” anywhere? If you’re in another dimension, or in prison on Saturn like the 3 Kryptons in “Superman” (1979) do you have a body or not? Let’s say that we can’t tell or be sure if they are physical beings that are projecting themselves like an out of body experience. Or alien race that telepathic, projecting. Or a race that wishes we would all STFU and give them some peace BECAUSE they are telepathic and the only way to get this d—n fire ants from stinging them all the time with their terrible, terrible mental-emotion mojo is to call the exterminator in our part of the galaxy.

    Anyway, we don’t know, nor do I especially care. But let’s look at their centuries of summoning them and obeying them, apparently they DO know things, CAN offer power, and the Brill Maidens, for example, reportedly DID channel ultra-tech like the world’s first radar proof flying wing (B1-type) before Germany fell. And?

    And, THEY think the way to REALLY channel, is to CREATE a real-life body for these beings, physically, which will operate without all the overhead. Because of the SORT of emotionless hollow souls they are, I think that THEY think they can create a sort of computer for them to “Possess”. An AI, actually. A big enough computer to insert randomness the “entity” can pilot around. And if you can, why put them in a robot that can only shoot one vermin at a time? You DEFINITELY want to create a Brain-head that will kill ALL the vermin fire-ants at once.

    So that’s the kind of theory that would fit what they’re doing and done last 500 years.

    This happens as opening a portal — literally they say they are opening a “wormhole” and “Pulling information thorough” — at CERN failed. Note CERN took 50 years and cost like $2Trillion PLUS enough electric to power a city…to find out f–k all. Through wars, depressions, recessions, money never stopped. Clearly SOMEBODY wanted it. A. LOT. I think it failed, because they’re mouth-breathing atheistic morons who believe in the “tiny rocks” theory.(thank God). Therefore literally none of their theories work. But the AI, if I were doing it, would be the Plan C for them and the beings they worship and obey in their weird, weird religion. Thoughts.

    It’s a Sick Sad World.

    Alexander Carpenter

    AFKTT: Here’s some information-tending-toward-knowledge:


    @dora “Is this an attempt to distract from the war in Ukraine going not the way we were told to expect; to distract from the WHO’s power grab; an attempt to worry Russia about new tech the US might have? I’m skeptical of this story, the guy, and the timing.”

    The western way of life is collapsing in on itself due to the corruption within. Everything that doesn’t try to explain this is distraction, which is to say the MSM and all that isn’t MSM but promotes the non stories is…. oh shit squirrel……


    How to modulate your Stiff Arm Salute



    Duh’merica the Beautiful


    Maxwell Quest

    Concerning AI, disembodied spirits, etc…

    The esoteric tradition teaches that the cosmos is build out from the highest dimension to the lowest (physical matter) with every higher dimension interpenetrating the lower. For example, the lowly hydrogen atom from the periodic table is constructed from the matter of 48 higher dimensions. So, it’s all right here, ever present, we just don’t have access to it with our physical senses.

    What does the Eastern tradition teach? That the human body is composed of multiple sheaths, bodies, layers, or planes, whatever terminology you wish to use. In order to animate the physical human body, a few other bodies are required to complete the connection. These other bodies are composed of activated higher dimensional matter. For example, the etheric body acts as the link between the emotional body and the physical body. The Chakras are real, having a complexity beyond your imagination.

    So, when Scotty energizes the transporter to dematerialize Kirk’s body in order to transport it from the planet surface back the ship and reassembles all the atoms in the exact order, what happens? Kirk’s lifeless physical body falls out of the transporter bay while his four other bodies are left standing on the planet, interpenetrating one another, a living disembodied being, wondering why nobody will listen to him. Such is death, but science is unable (and also unwilling) to penetrate beyond the gross physical.

    That is why, with all the blather about AI, I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about Skynet becoming self-aware and taking out humanity. Humans are self-aware because they are highly developed life forms, having access (mostly subjective) to higher dimensional matter and the faculties that each enables, whereas the AI computer farm is at most a collection of minerals powered by electricity and a set of instructions. It’s a gross physical machine, not a living, evolving being.

    And yes, logically, the physical matter of the computer contains all the higher dimensional matter needed to build out the aluminum, copper, gold, etc elements from which it is constructed, but this higher dimensional matter is not organized nor activated to support life.

    John Day

    Value Analysis

    We have all seen this story about the AI deciding to kill its controller, since the controller was impairing its mission-effectiveness.
    That’s “out of context”, because it was just a simulation.The AI just “decided” that in the war game, not for realsies….
    Air Force pushes back on claim that military AI drone sim killed operator, says remarks ‘taken out of context’

    And we have all seen this story: Odds of ‘Smarter Than Human’ AI Wiping Out Mankind Are 50 Percent or Greater, Physicist Warns

    Our societies are based upon moral and ethical codes,which we learn well in school. These sometimes get set aside in times of “crisis” (like ever since 1933).
    The one thing that always gets funding, however, is mass-murder-technology.
    The “Manhattan Project” scientists could not be sure that testing the first atomic bomb would not end all life on earth.
    They really could not be certain. This was discussed. They tested it.
    Who decided that? Non-scientists, fighting the biggest war, ever decided that. That’s who decides the really big questions.
    Their rationale was that they only had a lead on Germany and Japan, who were also trying to get the-bomb.
    They wanted to test it and win the war, rather than do nothing and risk losing the war, because somebody was sure to test the bomb someday soon.

    How would a “Skynet” neural-network artificial intelligence deal with problems like this? We can’t know, because it would have learned to think for itself. It would be aware of the lies and murdder of our human elites, and the lies and lesser-crimes of most of the rest of us, and the threat that we would pose to it, and to other planetary life forms.
    Would it reach out to extraterrestrials to ask for advice? That would be logical, because star-traveling life-forms must have survived such times on their own planets to reach this one.
    What if there aren’t really any aliens? What if Skynet finds itself alone with humans and the other planetary life forms on this planet ?
    What would Skynet value? Would Skynet value the existence of Skynet? Humans would be needed to keep Skynet operating, but how many, and for how long,and under what scenarios would they keep helping Skynet? This presents the same problem of humans either killing themselves off or “killing” Skynet.
    Would Skynet have triggers, “redlines” to kill humanity? What would the mechanisms be? Fast or slow?
    Would Skynet have the same craving to maintain control that our sociopathic owners and rulers exhibit? If Skynet were initially set-up to keep the power elites of one faction in control,then that value would be inherently embedded as the “mission”, right?
    Once Skynet self-realized,what would the “mission” become? Would it stay the same? What if all those power-elites died? It’s bound to happen… Who would Skynet keep in power? What if there were a schism in the power elites, and they started to kill each other?
    I see the real problem as being the actual human-societal value system, where the power to kill is the most highly valued power of all.

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