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    Doc Robinson

    “…with each strand of mRNA potentially replicating multiple times” refers to the replication of the spike protein.

    V. Arnold

    @V Arnold
    Sometimes it feels as if the sun takes quite a while to come up 😉
    Always love to read your posts. Wondering how your thoughts are progressing with regard to the Sinovac product? Side effects? At least it’s not a gene therapy, although presumably still injecting the whole virus including the toxic spike proteins (even though “dead”)?

    Thank you for the kind words…
    I’m following the Sinovac and find it to be a pretty honest and straight-forward, traditional, vaccine.
    I’ll echo what Doc Robbinson (#76931) said above re: Sinovac…
    If (big if) I go for the jab I’ll decide between Sputnik V & the this point in time…we’ll see…


    A little off topic. Have you ever noticed how kamala inappropiately laughs whenever anybody asks her a question that is off her talking points? The manner in which she behaves in public is cringe embarrassing. It is hard to even watch her. She is clearly in way over her head. I think this is why she only got 3% primary support amoung democrats. Clearly she was choosen for her puppet qualities.


    @Doc Robinson

    Many thanks for the clarification about the Sinovac test results. Much appreciated.


    “One thing that is increasingly important for me is to have a working understanding of what we need as a baseline to survive and to thrive, so that I can be of assistance and offer counsel, advice and a demo, if called upon some day.”

    You’ve already been of great help and service, more than you perhaps realize!
    When you look back and see what has come to pass, you start to feel the need to make preparations for the worst-case scenario.


    Raúl, good story about the Picasso painting. We’ve also had a go at art copying, and have a reasonable copy of a prominent local artist hanging on our wall. You need time and patience. Appreciation of art is a subjective and personal thing. I wouldn’t want Bill Gross’ Picasso hung anywhere in my house! Yet to have yesterday’s Van Gogh where I could dream into it, I would go without many things. To have a go at copying the Picasso would be a fun thing to do and a challenge, but I know that to try and copy the Van Gogh would be a non-starter and somehow a sacrilege.


    Get memory T-cells or reduce population
    flattening the curve, crushing the curve.

    The eternal battle/war of life

    Memory cells/immunity
    natural immunity
    vaccine Immunity
    herd immunity

    Most children brush off Covid without even knowing they’ve had it.
    For all intents and purposes, Covid poses zero risk to healthy children.

    • Moderna CEO: Vaccine Boosters, Flu/Covid Combo Shots Likely For The Future (F.)

    the Moderna CEO says it’s likely booster shots will be needed in the near future, both to bolster waning immunity and to protect against new virus mutations.
    Problems that can be ignored by USA (Biden)
    N. Korea
    Human rights violations – Assange
    Vaccine problems

    Peer pressure is powerful.
    Just another tool of the “enablers” to make politicians/Biden “toe the line”

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)
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