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    Vincent van Gogh Bridge in the rain (after Hiroshige) 1887   • David Davis Resigns As Brexit Secretary (Ind.) • World Trade Has Decelerated Sharp
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    V. Arnold

    Such great paintings by van Gogh and Hiroshige; perhaps Hiroshige should be first.
    Whatever; great art is great art.

    The virus strain, epidemic across the planet, has been identified as usa#1; very virulent, but the newest anti-virals applied, seem to be working, albeit, very slowly.


    4 boys rescued already today. More to follow.

    V. Arnold

    I’m chuckling at the dismal reporting by the Thai press.
    English is not their strong point, added to lousy reporters.
    Yes, one boy out? And three to follow?
    We’ll see; damned if I know anything for sure.
    Ilargi, you’re probably better informed than I at this point…very frustrating, to say the least.


    The rescue team have already complained about all the press attention, even saying a drone was flown over the site. Paparazzi. But Reuters look well informed.


    Total number of deaths on the Mediterranean were down 40% in 2017
    2016: 5143
    2017: 3116

    Numbers for 2018? 1074 deaths so far in 2018 over Italy, a fall by half over the 2185 in the same time frame in 2017 – that is because in 2017 Italy took some basic steps to discourage crossings. We can expect that number to fall a lot further since Italy has just announced it has equipped the Libyan Coast Gard with 4 ships.

    One can notice that while the number of deaths towards Italy was going down significantly, the number of death over Spain has gone up, to 293 so far this year from 118 in the same time frame in 2017. We can expect the effect of the new socialist, pro-migrant spanish government: more deaths on the sea.

    The numbers are impossible to ignore. Encourage crossings, get more drowned people. Discourage crossing: lives saved.

    V. Arnold

    Well, lets hope so. I did read about the drone. Meh.
    Part of the vagueness I can understand; intentions cannot always be realized and the press will jump on any perseved failures like stink on shit.
    Very high stakes activity wrought with deadly possibilities.
    Nothing assured, and until the last person out, nothing is certain.
    White knuckles all the way…

    V. Arnold

    Oh crap; even Zerohedge is reporting 4 more boys freed, for a total of eight!
    Fuck if I know…


    CNN says rescue mission suspended for the day. The weak point seems to be the oxygen tanks; they deplete. First number of hours today were used to send in divers to replenish them. If you see how narrow some of the passages are, hauling oxygen tanks through them is astonishing.


    From Twitter:

    Sven Henrich

    1h1 hour ago

    UBS conducted 10,000 simulations and predicted Germany would win the World Cup.
    Goldman conducted 1,000,000 simulations and predicted Brazil would win the World Cup.
    Neither team made it to the semi-finals.
    Banks also make stock market predictions.

    V. Arnold

    Indeed, discourage emigration. Italy is and quite successfully as I understand.
    Beyond that I don’t have much to offer.
    Understand the problem and solutions will come…


    Boris Johnson just resigned. That article of mine yesterday keeps the heads rolling.

    V. Arnold

    Boris is an unabashed liar; may the pox be upon him…

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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