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    James F. Gibson Tent of A. Foulke, sutler, 1st Brigade, Horse Artillery. Brandy Station, Virginia 1864   • Thread: Intensivist/A&E Consultant
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    V. Arnold

    James F. Gibson Tent of A. Foulke, sutler, 1st Brigade, Horse Artillery. Brandy Station, Virginia 1864

    Great photograph; it’s interesting to look around at that scene; there is a lot going on there…


    All of a sudden Switzerland reports 123 new cases; their total was 374 till now.

    V. Arnold

    Looking more and more like the real deal; get the facts, and deal accordingly…
    There is no road map for this…


    Wow, Raul, you work your tail off! And am not just noticing that suddenly, (will hit patreon right away) thank you.

    In a small town hosting a big University and everyone’s talking about: “What happens when the students come back from spring break (after mainly going home to DC, NJ, Maryland..)?

    Yeah, what happens?

    Was thinking about the Art of the Deal… It seems the President’s methods of jaw-boning and self-promoting, running the other down, bullying, and bribing are ineffective against this type of adversary.

    Sort of reminds me of a near altercation a neighbor recently had with two aggressive “bullying” guys. So neighbor, he picked up a shovel, to even things out. One of the aggressive bullies said, “I ain’t afraid of no shovel!” to which neighbor replied, “Hey dipshit, this shovel doesn’t care if you’re scared or not when it hits you upside the head!”

    I think the virus (whatever it’s name today) is the same. It clearly won’t be talked-to-death, bullied or bribed.

    Dr D Rich

    Is there any better example of the fascistic, authoritarian madness than Pence and Trump touting
    the CEOs of hospitals and healthcare companies with whom they are going to meet as the leadership source to lead us out of
    this mess?

    Ain’t no self-respecting doctor waiting to be told what do.

    Use to be doctors functioned independent of this leadership cult/madness, but to do so now just results in the state Medical Boards labeling that physician a disruptive employee suitable or summary dismissal by the Compensation Committee which just approved a 7-figure package for the nonphysician CEO

    Dr. D

    Success! Sentiment, which was 99% Bull positive last month is now +90% Bear negative. Okay! Shorts are in! Rocket is fueled and ready for launch. And here I thought we’d have to get under 20k and into April 1st. Silly billy. Not with computers and markets that are unrelated to anything real at all! Then it’s just bits and emotions. Almost like Crypto!

    Over the 20% bear market level to lure the technical traders in, all systems go.

    In other news, they detonated the last girders underpinning the petrodollar, as long-staged. I wondered why we played ball with MbS and Saudi arms, and now I know. I may not approve, but I understand why they played quid pro quo for this time when Cheeto would call the favor and hit the last oil mooring hard, freeing the dollar and the financial reset. Probably didn’t have Wuhan in mind when they planned it though.

    “I have worked in Italy, UK and Aus” and America.

    Huh? What credentials could he possibly have to make this legally possible? He’s an administrator, right?

    Anyway, every death is a tragedy for someone, what’s the death rate? Are you taking the year’s average flu death rate and packing it into one month with one flu variety? We don’t know. If so, we’re like 100,000 deaths short.

    “the outbreak has completely “killed” the country’s burgeoning tourism”

    Yes, but then the Germans and Brits will be spending that money back home instead. You’re just adjusting the same economy in different directions that otherwise would be fine, but happening too fast. But I have an answer! Fascism! Central Planning! We will MAKE people keep having holidays in Italy by FORCE. You will go, Comrade, whether you enjoy it or not. I’m sure just like China’s totalitarian central planning shock force, this will totally work and contain both the virus and the economy. No? I thought violently ordering people around to maintain the status quo was the answer to all problems.

    “Trump should be wishing that the Federal Reserve Bank had ignored his pressure to lower interest rates.”

    Whisky Tango Foxtrot. He wishes we had higher rates so we could lower rates? Because the ALREADY lower rates aren’t lower rates? By this logic, we should wish we have 100,000 masks in warehouses so we don’t have them in hospitals. Then we could RELEASE them to hospitals and be MUCH safer.

    Here’s an idea: if the economy is ALREADY hotter because of rates, wouldn’t that make it ALREADY stronger against headwinds? #AntiLogic.

    The pandemic is not only causing illnesses and straining health care resources”

    Really? Where? Now bait-and-switch conflate world problems with U.S. problems, in classic CNN #AntiNews.

    “Everyone should have access to health care right now” “It’s … only the humane thing to do,”

    Thankfully the laws of physics have been suspended now and we don’t have to worry about who will pay for it and how it will work. And it’s lucky it’s humane, because, Mr. Ghitis, we ALREADY all have access to EXCELLENT health care. Just walk in. Especially if you’re bankrupt, illegal, or in prison, for only then can you get the BEST care. How much better can it possibly be? …We just don’t have an answer to how to pay for it. Which we don’t have now, didn’t have before, and have never had in human history. NHS is failing, Finland, Sweden failing, France, riots from raising taxes from failing, Canada, even shipping their surgeries here, still failing, China, communist system, failing. But it won’t fail this time! ‘Cause I thought in in my head and said it with my mouth. Laws of physics are voluntary, subject to my will. Speak my will to power, and lo! Gravity obeys! There was a certain Angel who said this, and next he had to move out.

    The Geek federation of hospital doctors”

    I want to be part of this Geek Federation. Otherwise hired as their copy editor, a mythical beast now long believed extinct.

    “iPhone sales in China a “doomsday type” like decline.”

    It’s almost like they were dummies and the worst, most extractive company in the world and, despite stiff warnings both hyper-verticalized their whole supply chain to a single point of failure AND put in all in one nation, that ran open concentration camps, with a dictator-for-life, who had suicidal slaves work for you. So Progressive! So hip! All the cool kids love slavery, fascist dictators, and ethnic concentration camps for dissidents! Google said so! …These people drive me crazy.

    How about this: Apple is a suck company that deserves to fail and be wiped from the earth for being stupid, stupid, stupid about 20 ways to Sunday to squeeze a fraction of a nickel from the blood of the poorest to the richest, most insider shareholders on earth. Companies that live that far out on the tree get cut off. Bye.

    “Life is hard. But it’s harder if you’re stupid.” –John Wayne

    The publication of Vault 7 in early 2017 was the trigger for a major escalation in the US”

    Again, he was not responsible for Vault 7…exactly…nor some of the other leaks The Guardian put out against his wishes and over his frenetic work. …But then blamed HIM for THEIR laziness and unconcern. Can we arrest The Guardian and give them the death penalty instead? Public service like? (A: sadly, no. They are still the press. Unlike Europe, China, Britain, Canada, Sweden, we still believe in free speech.)

    the establishment wing of the Democratic Party wants to put him in charge”

    Nah, they’re going to have him retire the minute he picks HRC or Michelle as VP. As planned way back. Probably didn’t think it would get this bad, but it only helps their case. So who’ll be VP to the VP? Oh and remember, HRC never collapsed in public on a mild, breezy, 70f day and was bodily hauled off in black SUVs on camera. That was 4 years ago so she’s MUCH healthier now. Nope. Even though you saw it, asking questions is an illegal conspiracy theory. RussiaRussiaRussia. Now that Russian thing, everyone on earth is working for Russia, all 8 Billion of them, is totally true. They shut off my heat in Fargo! Oh wait, that was Wells Fargo, when their fake accounts and fake overdraft fees evicted me from my house. Welp, nothing to see here! Rachael Maddow’s on!


    USA has the best health system in the world (If you can pay for it)
    • Seattle-Area Nursing Home Unable To Test 65 Workers With COVID-19 Symptoms (R.)
    Good new for travelling Americans
    Foreigners who are short-term visit pass holders who seek treatment for COVID-19 in Singapore need to pay but testing for the virus remains free.

    Treatment of severe respiratory infections in Singapore public hospitals typically cost between S$6,000 – S$8,000 ($4,300-5,800), according to the Ministry of Health’s website.
    Italy, announced a jubilee/deferral of mortgage payments for those affected by the virus, I wonder what kind of paper trail/maze/challenge that will be needed to receive that help.


    Unless you are for anarchy, we need leaders in our society (yes even leaders in hospitals and leaders for doctors to Dr.D Rich). We find ourselves with incredibly corrupt and plain poor leaders, the cadre of which helped put us in the financial mess we find ourselves facing. All that said I see also the benefits of having coordination of activities which involves leadership – roads and hospitals don’t get built without someone directing things. Poor quality leadership does not negate the need for leadership.


    “Don’t think they thought this through. Trump and Pence are seen together all the time. If both fall gravely ill, Pelosi takes over. Is that what they want? No-go for the same reason they can’t travel together. President must be tested, VP too.”

    Putting aside the possibility they’ve been discretely tested and really are going commando, this speaks to me of their ultimate disconnexion from raw reality. Getting sick is for the riff-raff. If the average bloke thinks he won’t get it, what about extraordinary people like Beltway upper-crusts?

    One assumes this refers to post-use TP. 😉

    When we went to Costoco yesterday, it was just for our usual every-3-months TP purchase, not to, I dunno, use TP to improvise face masks to sell on e-bay.

    The above is brilliant. Add some bat ears and I’m Batman! But srsly, good effective hack. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was a time when publicly wearing underwear on your head was both accepted and admired.

    Meanwhile, not every population is as docile as that of China, an uncommonly unified nationality:

    Burning Down the House

    Dr D Rich

    “Leadership”, it’s a mantra. Just repeat it often enough to let some sociopath or malignant narcissist soak up most the credit for other people doing things that the leader could never do even in their wildest dreams. Don’t fall for the seduction by these masters of “acquisitive projective Identification”.
    Btw, telling a doctor what do, isn’t that engaging in the practice of medicine?


    Now we begin to get a glimpse of the kinds of craziness we’re in for:

    Cough! You’re Dead!

    What’s so wild about this passage is that it is happening smack on top dead center of the 80-year Fourth Turning cycle. If anything were an argument for the release of this contagion being part of a deliberate globalist/anti-globalist scheme, it’s the timing. But this assumes a degree of competence I do not usually associate with global elites, who only survive by having fat governments to suck for profit. If it is an intentional release, than Dr. Strangelove got incredibly lucky,* cuz fuckers like them can’t find their own genitals with both hands tied to a stack of vintage Playboys.

    *in the short run. In the long run, Dr. Strange is probably gonna get real sick after burying his mother.


    Elegant quotes via Market Oracle

    “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” – Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds


    “Even dullards are starting to lose faith in the authorities, so a descent into chaos seems imminent.” James Quinn


    “A market crash before the November election could lead to a narrow victory by a Sanders or Bloomberg, as an angry populace blames Trump, who has taken full credit for this market bubble. The election of either would just ratchet up the vitriol and dissent roiling across the land. Discontent among the masses would spread around the world, leading politicians to try to distract their people with foreign enemies threatening their freedom. This is when the global war scenario of this Fourth Turning has the highest likelihood of commencing.”

    I agree. I’d rather Trump stay in office at this point. But I think we are going to be surprized this November. I anticipate maximum weirdness.


    Italy new cases are down from 1,797 yesterday to 977 today.

    But their deaths are up 168 in just one day, to 631.


    I read that Harvard has asked students not to return after spring break, true?

    My professor friends are talking of teaching “on-line” so this won’t be a big inconvenience. To them. From what I see, these same academics are seeing the world in a very simplistic way: everything just moves along, log on and continue. It seems to me that economic and/or political factors will quickly rise (already have?) in importance. I have laborer friends who have clients telling them: “Sorry. Money market account is down, no work for you”.

    One thing that’s crossed my mind is ALL the entities that have political influence, approaching the powers-that-be in prostration, asking to be (financially) “saved”, and arguing why they are more important than the other. What kinds of numbers could we be talking about? Mind-numbing…


    The USA “management” of the virus causes the following results ….
    Being self quarantined is too late.
    Impossible and a waste of time to try to find “patient zero”
    The health system will be unable to cope.
    The weak and old will be affected the most.
    Lets call this the americanvirus.

    Dr. D

    I dunno. If you’ve ever worked in any business or industry or tried to get anything useful done, ever (naturally that excludes government), you could shoot every “leader” and no one would notice at all. Things would probably improve.

    Since government is nothing BUT ordering people around, exclusively to do things that shouldn’t be done, like robbing some people to pay for killing others, then I suppose you would need leaders. But remember: THEY don’t do…anything. If they did any work, they’d be “Laborers”. You know, doctors, machinists, carpenters, toilet cleaners, drug dealers: honest work. They have the only job in the whole nation that we exclusively, by definition, don’t need. Even stockbrokers like Gordon Gekko are more useful: they put weak, stupid businesses out of their misery.

    Ah, but as our founders said, anarchy or democracy (but I repeat myself) is no solution, so government we have. Somehow there must be a structure to pay the courts, be public liaisons with the military, and run the post office and patent office, at a loss, extremely badly. Other than that, I couldn’t be happier to hear every one of them has coronavirus. If they stayed home with hot orange juice we might save 500 bombs and 5,000 lives a week.

    Of course if everyone didn’t love it — and them — as icons and our very gods to worship, WE would stay home and cut off their taxes, and save those 26,000 bombs/year while taking a well-earned vacation. …Then go back to working having fired them all with a 30% pay raise.

    In any case, “Leader” is clearly synonym for “doesn’t do work”, “stole my paycheck”, “doesn’t know jack” and “doesn’t make good decisions” in every year of my experience. Congress is rated below “bedbugs” but edged out “ebola” for reason. My heroes.

    Here’s the deal in America: I’M the leader. I’M the boss. The people are the boss of congress, not the employees. We don’t need you. You need us.


    This Seems Apt

    I nominate it for the Anti-Logos Oscars, but it started wityh me wondering what boilingfrog’s scenario:

    “ALL the entities that have political influence, approaching the powers-that-be in prostration, asking to be (financially) “saved”, and arguing why they are more important than the other.”

    And I kept hearing Dr. Smith wailing in despair was was his usual want between bouts of thoughtless greedheadf scheming. Which produced a green sex goddess in the windshield, and who can gainsay that?


    “I dunno. If you’ve ever worked in any business or industry or tried to get anything useful done, ever (naturally that excludes government), you could shoot every “leader” and no one would notice at all. Things would probably improve.”

    DOc, you say some amazingly brilliant things that you thoughtfully balance with total klunkers. The above is such. In the entire order of biological nature, hierarchy manifests itself either intra-specially or inter-specially. The function of leader runs throughout life.

    Humans put a label on it, put a uniform on it, givwe it a title and a badge if only a nametag that says manager, and thereby distorts our view of and involvement in this function of focusing group activity through a central point (like a harness rigging horses to a wagon).

    Give people full anarchy and they’ll elect a boss in a week. People would definitekly notice the absence.

    Much more critical is the idea of submission. In nature, critters fight for dominance and submit only provisionally after some struggle. Civilized humanity, raised on a series of brain-entrainments all based on Do What You’re Told and Don’t Do What Is Forbidden, has taken the fundamentally cybernetically logical concept of Leader and turned it into something one should really only see in absurd dreams, but alas, they spilled out and colored our world.


    Dr. D:. Leadership is kind of a strange thing to define.

    We often think leadership means making a lot of noise in front of a group of people.

    However most leadership really comes from quiet determined individuals just going about their daily lives. These kinds of people lead by simply putting their thoughts into action. If they are not there, then nothing happens. For these types of people you can safely shoot their leaders and nothing will happen!

    Some of these quiet leaders are socially shy. They don’t say much. They just quietly convert their thoughts into reality. However try to divert them from their tasks, you will only succeed temporarily, because as soon as you stop pushing them, they will revert right back to doing what they perceive to be their first priority.

    Sometimes when trying to push them against their will, they will suddenly and unexpectedly react in a manner you don’t expect. Then you have discovered too late, that they won’t jump off the cliff as you were expecting them too!

    I call these types crocodiles! Push them too hard and they will quietly lure you into deeper and deeper water, before suddenly turning on you and drowning you!

    Crocodiles are leaders too!


    Just for shitzies, I’ll put my marker down now that the DNC, despite its stunning best efforts to lose, will end up with the White House. Things are just that crazy and that bad. Wish we could keep Trump but I think the terms of engagement are moving beyond the art of his deal. Ron Paul is simply too decent to be elected POTUS and the GOP has no real young rock stars. (Today’s GOP: the All-Male All-White Old Guys Mens Choir.)

    Don’t ask me how, but I’m coming to genuinely fear a DNC win. The bar has been lowered so much by both parties, and the times so demandingly turbulent, it almost demands something that insane to happen. Last time I made an impulsive prediction like that was around ’13 when I called Cruz for ’16, not knowing that even wilder maniacs would seek the office. It’s logical to call for a Bernie win but that’s too plausible. And Tulsi’s so honest she better have half the SEAL corps guarding her if she grows real numbers. Maybe it will be in the form of Nancy Pelosi as the only player left un-coughing come election time?

    The likelihood of an election contested not just partisanly but populistically cranks up the weirdness. One recalls the very successful recent gun rally in Virginia. Grass roots, real grass roots, can form ranks and move quickly these days. Gun rights, babies for better water, you name it.

    “Trump will be reelected in a landslide,” says an evangelical fellow I know who follows this stuff closer than most but with that evangelical, you know… zeal. He don’t say it but somehow you know he thinks Trump is, like, Chosen, you know? Which is cool. God loves a fool and Trump is one crazy fool. Gotta love him. (Rod Stegier from Dr. Zhivago hollering “Clayyyy!!!! Clayyyy!!!!”

    I said the same thing two months ago, I replied. But things like mutant viruses, a global geopolitical tailspin in full swing, and an economy shuddering downward as the result (well in progress), change that.

    I saw the look on Pence’s face when Trump made him the Kung Flu Boss. Fall guy. But it won’t work.

    Voters are fickle. Jimmy C was everyone’s darling until he wasn’t. Jimmy wemt in to drain the swamp and they fought him too.

    That said, new things could turn in Trump’s favor. But he’s up against real, not political nor digital banking, reality. Reality, especially biological reality, wins against guys like Trump, easily. Man in the Wilderness he is not. No combovers wanted. (note to self: human hair probably makes great firestarter)

    I wish it was still political reality that prevailed, cuz his loose cannonism was perfect for this transition, imo. But now it’s physical reality. You can’t bankrupt your way out of that.

    I feel sorry for whomever gets the job, though. Unless it’s Jesus His Own Almighty Ass, history will not be kind to them.

    “This will pass. Trump will have several bombs to drop on the DNC before the election. This is an all out media blitz to take him down. Every 4 years there is an “outbreak” about to destroy humanity, that is, until the election is over,” he replied, catching my attention. It worried him a bit, I could tell.

    Oh, this outbreak ain’t gonna destroy humanity blah blah…., I replied, but it is already pincering a way over-extended just-in-time supply chain and already has ample momentum (like how a mere 6-foot tsunami can go way inland and wreak havoc) to create a major reset, which tsunami wave Trump will have great difficulty surfing to his political advantage. Unless miracles occur soon to reverse the economic hemorrhage, enormous social discomfort will create disruption without large death statistics.

    It’s not Trump versus the DNC, as I see it. It’s Trump versus a major economic collapse along with the usual blase’ horrors, from smoky Australia to drowning Tennessee, or… all of which is ongoing hemorrhage too.

    I don’t fear the DNC winning because I see it offering anything superior. I don’t. Many would say Bernie is but I’ve tracked him too long not to know he sucks Pentagon schnizzel like the rest of them, which is one reason why he might end up in the White house. The Praetorian guard will ignore its wealthy benefactors for awhile and back the “crazy socialist” if it’s what keeps the nation together and their defense contracts going. (I think of the Pentagon as the Catholic church but with better taste in whom to rape.)

    But I don’t think it will be Bernie (which is more reason to think that’s who it will be;) ). I think fate will sweep aside Trump’s poll charisma at a very bad time and then, somehow, some ungodly Hillary Reagan beast will appear fully formed from Pelosi’s cleavage like Maggie Thatcher in a JFKennedy wig.

    All I’m actually saying is that the potential for real crazy evil lurks in my gut spidey-jammies about this in an icky way of late.

    There will be a period this year of many missed weeks of work, even months, for far too many people, accompanied by various shortages on the market shelves, some important, many not, but none good because every void indicates a string of jobs also now vacant. That changes a plebiscite’s mood real fast. So I’ll hold to my irrational bet on the party determined to lose so it can continue bullying Trump from the Congressional pulpit so it can avoid real disclosure about real criminal activities by most of its many — especially dominant — members.

    I don’t think the DNC wants to win (I didn’t think Trump wanted the job and still think so, altho he’s learned to enjoy the ride for awhile) but will find itself somehow forced to. Like maybe the debbil will make em do it.

    All that said, what makes what I suggest even entertainable as a notion is an environment so volatile it could easily turn around in a way that carries Trump to a record win. More or less equally likely. But my guts isn’t scared of Trump winning; they smell stink approaching the other direction. And if a man can’t poetically empower his wily intuitions, what fun is it?

    Something Wicked…


    The DNC’s election theatre is doing a good job of creating lots of drama these days!

    Now that the hired cast, earier voted off the stage, have all rallied around brain dead Joe, the next scene has the DNC hiding Joe!

    Obviously the side of beef directing the DNC’s theatre isn’t willing to take any chances that old Joe might steal her nominatiion!


    The new president will be who is left standing after the virus eliminate those running that are over 65 yr. old?


    I am inclined to agree with bosco.

    The last time I voted in an election (and the last time I probably ever will vote) was to vote to Obama for his first term. My vote was not so much a vote for Obama as it was a vote to repudiate Dubya. Similarly, I think a lot of people voted for Trump as a repudiation of Hilary and the DNC. Although the DNC is still worthy of repudiation, I think the country’s mood will change significantly between now and November. I expect that the populace will be ready to repudiate Trump for his incompetence and total failure to take the necessary steps to contain this when it was still possible. Then again, I would not be surprised if the election is canceled and the US is under martial law by that time.

    V. Arnold

    Thailand’s economy is primarily tourism based, followed by manufacturing and exports.
    One of our neighbors is a very good seamstress who, for the last couple of years, has been contracting to make window curtains for new tourist buses; she hasn’t has any work from them for 4 days now.
    It’s becoming obvious the CV-19 is affecting economies/people, across the board; and in ways never previously considered by this one.
    What’s especially concerning is the fact this thing is just starting…
    I think few of us have considered the depth of the ramifications yet to come…


    Now that we have a big cluster in Seoul, it looks like it is only a matter of days before I am working from home. Although this has all been a sudden change, I have to admit that I have been able to catch up on my sleep over the last few weeks. And I suddenly have time to read some books that have been on my “to read” list — though I have not had the time or energy until now. My wife is not an instinctive prepper. It has been a battle to convince her to stock up on things. She is used to the Korean way, where 85% of grocery shopping here is now online. Every day we get at least half a dozen boxes delivered, usually more than that.


    So I asked him: isn’t there anywhere where you got something you loved and it was not a reward for something you had done?
    He insisted there was not.
    I looked at him and asked, “what about us?”
    Do you recognize there are things that cascade over us that we had no hand in, and these are the things that shape our lives?


    My son works in a major downtown hotel in Seattle. Been there a year or more.

    His hours are down to helium squeak. Hotel capacity 20%. All his roommates work in hospitality. His ex-girlfriend, who rooms with his roommate’s girlfriend, work in hospitality.


    Hmmm…. brain dead Joe. Just realized this clown could any day utter in public very dark private secrets involving him and other Dems. I would think they seek to muzzle him. He’s too gonezo to realize he’s already lost. Talk about a loose cannon… you know, a debate between Biden and Trump would be fascinating: intentional lying vs unintentional lying. On both sides. What a show.

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