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    Formerly T-Bear, I already gave an historic example of the growth of the money supply linked to the exploitation of natural resources: viz. the gold rush of the 19th century. This process continued unabated until after WWII, when EROEI coeffecients finally proved unsustainable and more traditional checks on the money supply were almost entirely abandoned for fiat currency.. I agree that I wouldn’t be able to heat my house without unbacked paper securities. I am not arguing this with you. My point is simply that infinite growth on an finite planet is unsustainable. Infinite growth of the money supply with increasingly more costly and rare resources is likewise unsustainable. You are missing my point as evident in your hostile tone.


    I’m still reeling from Nuland’s “admission”.

    Smarter people than I have looked at this staged exchange between Rubio and Nuland. It’s looking like a repeat of Syria except we are knee deep in mRNA psyop, psychotic trump-hating, anti-Russian, foaming-at-the-mouth madness. At least seen through the desperate behaviour of seemingly “normal” people (I had assumed family members, collegues and random stangers passed for this) Not so. If you do not hate Russians then I WILL GET MAD and accuse one of not caring about the innocent children being slaughtered. I’m left scratching my head wondering when I became an inmate to the psycho ward.

    They don’t even need a prompt it seems. Is performative art a latent natural talent to a percentage of the population? We seem to be surrounded by aspiring actors in a play called “Lost The Plot” . It comes straight out of a bargain basement sale bucket next to slasher flicks and b-movies with actors you never heard of.

    I had given humanity more credit in its ability to tell right from wrong, truth from lie but we are dumber than we look (and that is saying something for a hairless, upright ape with prominent probocis)


    Lincoln wanted to issue money directly without any banks being involved. So did Jackson and Kennedy.

    James Garfield is seldom mentioned on this subject.

    James A. Garfield became president in 1881, and he was a staunch opponent of the banking powers.

    In 1881 he said the following:

    “Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

    Well, things didn’t go all that well for him.

    “He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.”

    ~President James A. Garfield

    President Garfield was shot about two weeks later after saying that by Charles J. Guiteau on July 2nd, 1881. He died from medical complications on September 19th, 1881.

    Don’t be sad,it was just a coincidence!

    “…well Mrs Lincoln, other than that, how did you like the play?”

    Veracious Poet

    Live by the psychopath, die by the pyschopath.


    At the beginning of the Evacuation, we saw/were shown day long traffic jams of cars trying to cross the borders.
    Now, we only see/are shown crowds of people trying to evacuate.

    I want to see/be shown images of the parking lots of cars that are being stored for the return of their owners.

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ John Day at # 104071
    My bad, the eyesight missed that. Fully agree Keynesians, particularly of the North American sort mostly missed understanding what Keynes had written. Some troubling stories on how Keynes’ teachings arrived to Harvard to be compounded by later economic advocates who had not understood him themselves but taught their opinions of what Keynesianism was. An economic cluster f**k, beginning to end. N. America never experienced (academically) anything Keynes. I would recommend finding Keynes’ reports and letters regarding the establishment of his ‘World Bank’ and ‘International Monetary Fund’ as it was proposed and not the form emerging from Breton Woods. It would be an eye opener. Probably the source for Churchill’s “Americans get things right, after they’ve tried everything else”
    Keynes’ first book reports on currency flows as related to production in India – “Indian Currency and Finance” (1913)when he worked India Office inWhitehall, predating Hudson nearly half a century with similar observations as you report.
    Thanks for the interesting conversation.



    “My point is simply that infinite growth on an finite planet is unsustainable”

    I still have my original copy of Howard Odum’s Environment, Power, and Society (January 1, 1970)

    Nothing’s been learned, nothing’s been done in 52 years regarding infinite growth psychosis.

    It’s a Kult.

    Infinite growth is the model of a cancer cell.

    A blivet is a term for ten pounds of shit in the five pound bag.

    That is humanity and the late great planet earth at this point in a nut shell. The Kult of Progress is a blivet.

    Lot’s of pie hole flapping and chin music about it, not much actual progress in five decades.

    Years ago while hiking high in the Rockies in New Mexico, and I came across the half rotted carcasses of over a hundred elk, decomposing in this mountain meadow. I was with a local guy, a native American, who explained that they had probably got trapped in this high pass by an avalanche blocking the way down just before they could make it to their lower winter grazing areas.

    Not enough fat on them or graze left up there to last the winter, so they all died together, male female and babies. It was quite a sight.

    That is where we are today, in a very high mountain pass with an avalanche poised at the Pass.

    The Global Pathocracy seems the think the solution is just to get rid of the majority of ‘consumers’ to reset and resume Infinite Growth, so there will be plenty to go around for the few who are left.

    Pretty straight forward problem solving for growth on a finite planet. It least it will buy some time for the Chosen Few.

    The current flush of sanctions on fertilizer and energy will give everyone a sneak peek at coming attractions and how ecological economics works for any who have forgotten the obvious lessons of Odum’s Environment, Power, and Society.

    Veracious Poet

    If you like your Pathocracy, you can keep your Pathocracy.


    Dr. John Day & Formerly T-Bear:

    WW2 was a direct result of Keynes negotiations at the end of WW1. He helped abolished bill of lading financial transactions widely in use before WW1 to cripple Germany as a manufacturer going forward, no doubt to our current masters great advantage.

    So one could say he was a brilliant bastard. And we have paid the price and suffered ever since for his brilliant stupidity.

    Another thing to keep in the back of your mind, is one of the likely intended but secondary results, of FDR banning private US gold ownership and then re-pegging gold from $20.67 USD to $35 USD. Besides the obvious of increasing the value of gold reserves 69% allowing for the printing of more USD by the Fed, the secondary issue was of rising concern by bankers of a coming war in Europe.

    The concern by the bankers were the very large gold reserves held by many European banks that could potentially fall into German hands. By raising the USD price of gold to $35, this addressed this concern by attracting most of these large gold reserves into the US. That is how US gold reserves swelled to over 28,000 tons so quickly.

    After WW2, as Europe recovered, these gold flows reversed, returning to their original owners, causing US gold reserves to fall back to 8,000 tons. I think this was the plan but Vietnam kind of put a monkey wrench into the plan. Instead of the gold flow stopping after 8,000 tons, the Vietnam War money printing instead drove those holding fiat USD to wanting to take it all the way to zero!

    You know the best plans of mice and men! Besides most of the original 1934 bankers were probably dead by the 1960s! They probably never imagined the Fed would print unbacked USDs either. How stupid of them to “assume” so!

    Just something you never see written in history books.

    John Day

    There’s a picture of Jenny in the garden with fresh spinach. I’ll try not to put up Saker links that won’t post. God knows if RT links will take. This may take awhile…

    Israeli PM Bennett Pushed Zelensky To “Surrender” To Russia: Ukraine Official
    ​ ​Sources breaking this news from Ukraine stated that Bennett initiated the phone call with Zelensky in which he pleaded for him, saying “If I were you, would think about the lives of my people and take the offer.”​ [“The offer” is to recognize Crimea as Russian, recognize statehood of Donetsk and Luhansk, and to strictly codify and enforce Ukrainian neutrality. The ​refusal​ to accept “the offer” means that Ukraine will be​come​ a landlocked country.​ Zelensky is actually not free to accept, and would be killed if he tried.​]

    ​This is close to Poland, territory that was once Polish, the most hard-core anti-Russian area.
    Some say it is “a signal”. It also takes out military infrastructure that serves NATO interests.​
    (Lots of links from GASP! RT today…)
    Moscow confirms airstrikes in western Ukraine
    Over the course of 24 hours, Russian warplanes destroyed 107 military sites of the Ukrainian Armed Forces…
    Turkish-made Baykar Bayraktar TB2 attack drones were the primary target for Russian air defense forces on Thursday, according to the briefing. A total of eight such aircraft were taken down by Russian troops, in addition to three Ukrainian Mil Mi-24 helicopters, Konashenkov said.

    ​ Lots of shoulder fired anti-aircraft weapons are flooding into Ukraine from the west. These are much better at shooting down civilian aircraft than military aircraft, and are much sought on the black market. The control of these weapons is an ongoing problem in the world. Russia has interdicted a shipment to Ukraine of 1970s Soviet heat-seeking “manpads”​ and is checking serial numbers to see who last possessed them.
    ​ ​The system is still in service with a number of Eastern European states which are now members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. None of these states have publicly acknowledged sending MANPADs of this type to Ukrainian forces.

    Russia Is Working To Determine The Supplier Of Igla MANPADS Captured From Ukrainian Forces (Video)

    John Day


    Foreign Militants Fighting In Ukraine On Both Sides Of Barricades (Photos, Videos)

    US hackers hijacked computers in China to attack Russia​ (RT​, Xinhua​)
    ​ ​Hackers operating predominantly from American soil have been taking control of computers in China, using them to carry out cyberattacks against targets in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, China’s Xinhua News Agency reported on Friday.
    ​ ​The news outlet claims that China’s internet authority began detecting such malicious activity in late February. According to the report, the country’s internet has been under “constant” attack from abroad ever since.
    ​ ​The news agency, citing officials, revealed that the majority of cyberattacks had been traced back to the US, with 10 such addresses in New York State alone. Chinese computers have reportedly also been targeted from Germany, the Netherlands, and several other countries.
    ​ ​According to figures cited in the Chinese media, some 87% of all cyberattacks carried out via computers in China had Russia as their prime target.

    Amid Ukraine War, Russia “Ready” To Resume Strategic Arms Reduction Talks With US​
    ​Ryabkov in his fresh Saturday comments blamed the US for the prior halt in dialogue: “We have not withdrawn from the US strategic stability dialogue. It has been suspended by Washington, apparently under the illusion that we need this dialogue more than Washington. Absolutely not.”

    The EU has used up all of the possible restrictive measures against Russia in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the bloc’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said, in an interview with Franceinfo on Thursday.
    “Of course, one can always go further, but we have already reached the limits of what we can do. We have done everything we could,” he said.


    With a grain of salt

    LVIV, Ukraine — The mayor of Melitopol is the kind of person Russian soldiers might have believed would have welcomed them with open arms and flowers.

    Ivan Fyodorov, as his name suggests, is an ethnic Russian in a southern Ukrainian city where Russian is commonly spoken and where ties to Russia run deep.

    On Friday evening, Mr. Fyodorov had a bag thrown over his head and was dragged from a government office building by armed Russian soldiers, according to Ukrainian officials. Video filmed in Melitopol’s Victory Square appears to show someone being escorted out of a government building by soldiers. The Times cannot verify the identity of the people in the video.

    Since Russian forces captured his city in the first days of the war, he had encouraged resistance, earning him the support of the public and the ire of the occupying army.

    On Saturday, hundreds of his townspeople poured out into the streets in an expression of outrage and defiance, despite the presence of troops on their streets.

    “Return the mayor!” they shouted, witnesses said and videos showed. “Free the mayor!”

    But nearly as soon as people gathered, the Russians moved to shut them down, arresting a woman who they said had organized the demonstration, according to two witnesses and the woman’s Facebook account.

    The episode is part of what Ukrainian officials say is a pattern of intimidation and repression that is growing more brutal. It also illustrates a problem that Russia is likely to face even if it manages to pummel cities and towns into submission: In at least some of the few cities and towns that Russia has managed to seize — mostly in the south and east — they are facing popular unrest and revolt.

    For anyone who believed the Kremlin propaganda that Russia was on a mission to save Ukraine from drug addled neo-Nazis, Melitopol was the kind of city, run by the kind of mayor, that should have viewed the Russian troops as liberators.

    President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said that the kidnapping of the mayor demonstrated the falsehood underlying the Russian invasion.

    “For years they have been lying to themselves that people in Ukraine were supposedly waiting for Russia to come,” he said. “They did not find collaborators who would hand over the city and the power to the invaders.”

    And he sought to tap into public rage in two videotaped speeches released on Saturday.

    “The whole country saw that Melitopol did not surrender to the invaders,” he said. “Just as Kherson, Berdyansk and other cities where Russian troops managed to enter didn’t — temporarily managed to enter. And this will not be changed by putting pressure on mayors or kidnapping mayors.”

    After people took to the streets, he praised their courage and suggested the war lacked popular support among Russians.

    “Do you hear it, Moscow?” he asked. “If 2,000 people are protesting against the occupation in Melitopol, how many people should be in Moscow against the war?”

    Mr. Zelelnsky said he had raised the fate of the mayor in calls with the leaders of Germany and France.

    “We expect them, the world leaders, to show how they can influence the situation,” he said. “How they can do a simple thing — free one person, a person who represents the entire Melitopol community, Ukrainians who do not give up.”

    Melitopol lies only a short distance from Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. The city came under fierce assault on the first day of the war, Feb. 24, and Russian soldiers entered only days later. While the city fell, Mr. Fyodorov remained defiant.

    “We are not cooperating with the Russians in any way,” he said.

    As resistance has grown more brazen, the Russian tactics have grown more brutal, according to the Ukrainian government and witnesses. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Friday that Russian soldiers were committing robberies, taking hostages and executing civilians. The reports of executions and hostage taking could not be independently verified, but there have been multiple witness accounts, often recorded on video, of Russian soldiers looting stores and homes.

    Mr. Zelensky said the kidnapping of the mayor was part of a broader shift in tactics. “They have switched to a new stage of terror, when they are trying to physically eliminate representatives of the legitimate local Ukrainian authorities,” he said.

    Last weekend, people waving the blue and gold of the Ukrainian flag took to the streets of Melitopol and other occupied cities.

    For the most part, Russian soldiers stood aside, even as protesters commandeered a Russian armored vehicle in one town and drove it through the streets.

    Mr. Fyodorov encouraged the demonstration. In his most recent post on Facebook, he thanked business leaders who were helping the community in the moment of strife. “Together we will overcome anything!” he wrote.

    His location is now unknown.

    Muyi Xiao and Dmitriy Khavin contributed reporting.

    Veracious Poet

    Mass psychosis you can believe in!



    Which side of the Great Divide path were you on in New Mexico?

    Did you run into Yosemite Sam, the tuffess rooting tooting cowboy this side of the Great Divide?

    P.S. I spent several winters working near Window Rock, Arizona, while living in Gallope, New Mexico. Dr. John Day also once worked on the Navajo reservation too!

    John Day

    ​Charles Hugh Smith (This means “Do it yourself”.)
    The Only Non-Totalitarian Solution to Resource Scarcity: Decentralized Degrowth
    Totalitarian imposed inequality is the only possible path of centralized Degrowth: 10,000 for me, one for you, unless you disobey, and then you get zero.
    ​ ​The fantasy is that everything will soon be super-abundant and cheap again because creating money out of thin air creates demand out of thin air and supply will always magically appear if there is demand. The reality is super-abundant and cheap is gone for good. Demand doesn’t create new supply by magic; if the supply is gone, then demand has no magical power to conjure supply out of thin air.

    ​That’s not a bug; it’s a feature…
    Confidential Pfizer Docs. reveal the Covid-19 Vaccine accumulates in the Ovaries; & now Official UK Data shows cases of Ovarian Cancer are at an all time high

    Confidential Pfizer Docs. reveal the Covid-19 Vaccine accumulates in the Ovaries; & now Official UK Data shows cases of Ovarian Cancer are at an all time high

    ​5g communications use microwaves to transmit higher density of information.​
    5G Radiation Causes ‘Microwave Syndrome’ Symptoms, Study Finds
    ​ ​In the first study of its kind, Swedish researchers found 5G radiation causes typical symptoms indicative of “microwave syndrome.” The study, published in the journal Medicinsk Access, also confirmed that non-ionizing radiation — well below levels allowed by authorities — can cause health problems.


    @Ororborus on point. Great notes

    John Day

    Thanks WES for the information.
    Yes, Keynes was a financial Warrior of the British Empire. There are tales of his exploits breaking the Bank of Italy.. George Soros can’t even compare.

    “WW2 was a direct result of Keynes negotiations at the end of WW1. He helped abolished bill of lading financial transactions widely in use before WW1 to cripple Germany as a manufacturer going forward, no doubt to our current masters great advantage.

    So one could say he was a brilliant bastard. And we have paid the price and suffered ever since for his brilliant stupidity.

    Another thing to keep in the back of your mind, is one of the likely intended but secondary results, of FDR banning private US gold ownership and then re-pegging gold from $20.67 USD to $35 USD. Besides the obvious of increasing the value of gold reserves 69% allowing for the printing of more USD by the Fed, the secondary issue was of rising concern by bankers of a coming war in Europe.

    The concern by the bankers were the very large gold reserves held by many European banks that could potentially fall into German hands. By raising the USD price of gold to $35, this addressed this concern by attracting most of these large gold reserves into the US. That is how US gold reserves swelled to over 28,000 tons so quickly.”


    North Central NM, northwest of Cimarron.

    John Day

    @Oroboros, about the dead elk.
    Now what do WE do?


    What does the mayor know?

    Zelenskyy seeks Israel’s help for release of Melitopol mayor

    Kyiv [Ukraine], March 13 (ANI): Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy discussed the war situation in Ukraine with Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and sought his help for the release of the Melitopol mayor.

    Taking to Twitter, Zelenskyy wrote, “Continued dialogue with Israel PM @naftalibennett. We talked about Russian aggression and the prospects for peace talks. We must stop repressions against civilians: asked to assist in the release of the captive mayor of Melitopol and local public figures.”Earlier, Zelenskyy also spoke with the German chancellor Olaf Scholz and the French president Emmanuel Macron for their help in the release of Melitopol mayor, Ivan Fedorov.

    “I spoke with @OlafScholz, @EmmanuelMacron. We discussed countering the aggressor, RF crimes against civilians. I ask my partners to help in releasing the captive mayor of Melitopol. Prospects for peace talks were also discussed. We must stop the aggressor together,” Zelenskyy tweeted.

    On Saturday, Zelenskyy said that a total of 1,300 soldiers were killed by Russia. This is the first time he President mentioned Ukraine’s estimated military casualties, The Kyiv Independent reported.

    Notably, Ukraine’s armed forces estimate Russian casualties to be over 12,000.

    Meanwhile, western countries have imposed comprehensive sanctions on Moscow.

    On February 24, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine after the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republic requested help in defending themselves.

    The Russian Defense Ministry said the special operation is targeting Ukrainian military infrastructure only and the civilian population is not in danger.

    The West however denies these claims by the Russians and in response, Western nations have imposed comprehensive sanctions on Moscow. In addition, they introduced sanctions on Belarus for supporting Russia’s operation in Ukraine. (ANI)

    John Day

    @Oroboros, about Cimarron:


    love that song!


    Reality check
    Ukraine did not pay Russia for what is burning/bombed storage.



    If you send a convoy of military supplies. Its fair game for attack. – Russia



    Did you know Cimarron was the scene of the Colfax County War that killed over 200 people in the 1870s to 1880s?
    Yeah, a real wild west lawless town!
    Land owners verses settlers!
    The fastest six gun wins!
    Shoot out in front of court house!
    Not many western towns can say that!
    Gotta wonder if they ever made a movie about it?


    @orobus love the McD portrait.

    those darned kids



    From yesterday, this observation of yours peaked my why/what if thought process.

    “What we have seen since the Bid-election is that the US is disengaging from its hegemonic role.

    It abandoned Afghanistan and is no longer rah-rah about Syria, as regime change there failed (care of Russia) and it doesn’t play any real (?) role in Lybia.”

    What if we (USA) gamed the likelihood of Putin wanting to make Russia great again by invading the Ukraine and decided to pull back our hegemonic footprint and prepare for the eventuality of conflict with Russia and any Allies that get drawn into this.


    @Dr D said …

    The key to inflation is PERCEPTION, which cannot be predicted. This is true of gold and dollar replacements.

    Gold as a currency is deflationary and is not in the slightest dependent on perception. That is why fiat was introduced in the first place, so that the rich can get richer and continuously fleece the poor who’s wealth is mostly in currency. The problem with gold as a currency is that growth that out-performs the supply of new gold will result in your gold coin being worth more next year than it is this year: so stuffing gold under the bed is a good way to save for your pension as is saving rather than investing – growth is therefore limited to only very profitable enterprises and debt is almost unaffordable for most of us. Banks don’t like people who stuff gold under their beds, not only does it increase deflationary pressure but it also means that poor people get to keep their money. Not good. Mining, of course, compensates and so there is a balance of sorts. Growth and debt service are today’s goals, gold as currency is way too egalitarian.

    Russian military releases footage of helicopter attack on Ukrainian convoy (VIDEO)
    More than 1,100 Ukrainian tanks and APCs have been destroyed since the start of the offensive, according to Moscow
    Early on Saturday, Russian long-range strikes with high-precision weapons rendered inoperable a military airfield in the town of Vasilkov and a radio surveillance center in Brovary, both in the Kiev region, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said during a briefing.

    Over the past 24 hours, five Ukrainian UAVs were shot out of the sky, including two Turkish-made Bayraktar TB-2 drones. A total of 145 military facilities were targeted by Russian aviation, with three Buk M1 missile systems, eight command centers, and five arms depots among them, according to the spokesman.

    The forces of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have continued their offensive with fire support from the Russian forces, capturing several more towns and villages in the east of the country, Konashenkov added.
    Since the start of what Moscow calls a “special operation” in Ukraine on February 24, the Russian military has destroyed 3,491 of Kiev’s military facilities, 1,127 tanks and APCs, and 123 drones, the spokesman pointed out.

    According to Russia, sending its troops to Ukraine was the only way to “demilitarize” and “denazify” the neighboring country, and to hold accountable those responsible for what Moscow has called the “genocide” of civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk. Other demands by the Kremlin induce neutral status for Ukraine, which would prevent it from joining the US-led NATO bloc, and recognition of Crimea by Kiev as part of Russia and of the aforementioned republics as independent states.

    The Ukrainian authorities have rejected Moscow’s justification for the incursion, blaming Russia for waging an unprovoked war against the country and rallying for international support.

    Bill Roope

    I really suggest looking at the translated video by Iurii Poliaka in Vineyard of the Saker blog for March 12. He talks about how the sanctions will in the end help Russia and seriously hurt the west. He says something like “We have entered a new world. It’s goods-money-goods, goods-money-goods with no add-ons. If you don’t want to buy, go away. And, the courts and regulations now have no jurisdiction.”
    I hope more of his videos are translated.

    No international banks, brokerages or insurance companies taking their cut.) It’s only 7 minutes and really easy to understand. Is there an easy way to transcribe subtitles?


    @ Bill Roope above.
    Iurii Poliaka in Vineyard of the Saker . Agree he seems a very bright cookie. I know I don’t grasp the implications of it all, but get this is a battle between the US and Russia which puts me above the pack. Usually one imposes sanctions to hurt the relatively weak or at least those less able to hit back. This time – doesn’t look good, until all realise this is not getting what they want. Then one only has to look at domestic disputes to see rationality is not always trumps.

    Formerly T-Bear

    It is probably a sign of the indoctrination passed off as MBA Econ 101 that forms the slander regarding everything John Maynard Keynes that the commentariat seem driven to use. JMK was the great master of economic theory of his era. There were only about six such masters in western economic history; this generation seems hell bent on demeaning, destroying in its entirety what was produced by the master in response to HIS era AS HE LIVED IT, and in doing so destroys a significant part of economic history and the doorway of understanding our own economic era and any possibility of rectifying what is amiss. If you do not actually know your history, you will never know where you have been, where you are now and how you got there or ever have the capacity to plot your future course. Keep to your YT, twits, FB’s and conspiracy theories and as the saying concludes: ‘… or open your mouth and remove all doubt’. If Michael Hudson and Steve Keen ,with their superior abilities, can only orbit MBA Econ 101, your capacity could hardly produce a ballistic trajectory in economics, you have not had an original economic thought of your own and parrot drivel you have been fed. For the most part conversing economics with you is rarely worth the candle. (/rant)

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