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    Dave Note

    Two days ago

    First-hand coronavirus report from Italian health workers )subtitles)

    Dave Note

    “Italy’s high death rate — currently over 7% and double the average globally — has been blamed on its unusually old population, which is second only to Japan’s. But about a third of the ICU patients in Lombardy are aged 50-64, meaning the virus isn’t just striking the very old, but also Italians still in their working prime…”

    “..Doctors Without Borders dispatched teams to four Lombardy hospitals, including hard-hit Lodi and Codogno, which had to close its emergency room to new patients because it was so overwhelmed. The extra support of nurses, epidemiologists and other experts will enable the hospitals to reopen 20 more beds to patients.

    But in some hospitals, even with extra hands to help, there simply aren’t enough beds to go around…”

    The World Health Organization ranked Italy No. 2 medical system behind France (No. 1), the U.S. is 37th

    Beds per 100 by country

    Dr D Rich

    What is the rate of tobacco smoking addiction throughout Italy?


    someone told lies
    cough, cough You know who.

    China sends essential coronavirus supplies to Italy
    China steps in to help Italy in its time of need as wealthy businessman Jack Ma offers to donate supplies to the US.
    In a separate development, Chinese businessman Jack Ma, who is the founder of the Alibaba Group and among the world’s richest people, offered to donate 500,000 coronavirus testing kits and one million masks to the United States,
    Over the past weeks, Ma’s organisations have helped provide similar supplies to virus-hit countries such as Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Spain.

    Dr. D

    The other first thing said in horror movies is a scientist who just created a new master invention, usually a life form, and then says, “I mean well. What could go wrong?” “Since 1813”

    Did anyone check China’s masks to make sure there’s not a “present” inside? I would explain a lot about how they’re supercharged and no one else on earth is. (Unless China wants to come clean) Just as written about Jan 1st. Just before they had a worldwide pandemic planning, that shuts down the world economy, crewed by the same insiders shouting now, for a rogue “coronetvirus.” What a coininkydinky. Everything a coininkydinky.


    Thought experiment:
    Will business deals be more or less satisfactory when face-to-face contact is restricted?
    I have known business people who insist on human contact when making deals, but these people are often charming bullshitters and not particularly trusted by those who know them personally. Their charm closes the deal, not the facts or data.
    If people must make a deals based on the information before them, and not the personal sway of the handshaker, might more satisfactory deals be more likely?


    the t- virus has mutated (trillion)

    It is now a MMT – virus

    The core proposition of MMT is that a government that issues its own currency can always fund itself with that currency. Therefore, a government does not need to worry about accumulating large debts.

    Gov. is proposing free coronavirus test for everyone.
    Socialist countries did not even try do that.
    Guess what.
    Don’t think that the invoice will be $10/test. Try $2,000 -$3,000.

    Capitalism will produce millions of new millionaires.
    The poor and the street people are still left out.


    ” …. If people must make a deals based on the information before them”
    You would not be living on earth. Deals are made because the seller has knowledge that he is not disclosing to the buyer (lying to the sucker.)


    @ Dr. D

    “a rogue “coronetvirus.” ”
    I would think that this virus would have been made by the people who have, the “best” labs, the most to gain, who have demonstrated their desire to control the world.
    Hummmm USA come to mind.

    Don’t get upset, Who or what ever could have been responsible, don’t care about our opinions.
    Its a “She said, he said situation.


    Dave Note:. I agree! People making light of the coronavirus will continue to behave and act, in a manner, that helps the spread, far and wide.

    But then we already know 43% of people who self quarantine, do not! So nearly half cheat!

    That is sufficient to ensure nearly 100% spread rates!

    Here in Canada cases jumped from 67 to over 200 today. Italy here we come!

    Most surprising we are seeing leadership from the province of Quebec of all places! BC and Ontario have the most cases and should be leading but are not! BC is doing better than Ontario!

    Yesterday, Quebec closed all their schools, from day care to universities! Hard to believe!

    Today a few universities in Ontario are going online. My daughter’s school, Ryerson, in downtown Toronto, announced everything is going online.

    Thanks Quebec for kicking everybody else’s (especially Ontario’s) ass into some kind of action!

    Quebec is opening 10 more regional community centers (2 already operational) with testing. Total = 12.

    Ontario is just opening it’s first “assestment” center, and no you can not get tested there! Testing is reserved for only those who qualify! (and you don’t!)


    The truth is that TAE is not alarmist. It has been most rational of the handful of my trusted sites reporting on the pandemic. It is clear that the COVID-19 is airborne and has asymptomatic transmission. Half of the population, conservatively, are projected to be infected. In China it took a month to infect Wuhan city. The Washington DC capital region is at the end of the first week of the epidemic. The for-profit hospitals in the USA will not be overrun. They will turn away the uninsured when their beds are full. They will ignore any law saying their ER has to treat the ill. There are no backup public health facilities. From Boeing to the endless wars, in the Western Empire, profit trumps lives.

    Besides Tom Hanks, the wife of Justin Trudeau and the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, are infected. This virus is so contagious, their families are infected too. President Donald Trump has been close enough to infected people from both the New Rochelle NY and Brazil clusters to have had airborne exposure. Can heads of state telecommute?

    Only a miracle cure will allow an election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in November. Louisiana has already postponed their primary. The only candidate to have the charisma and intelligence to be the next American leader is Major Tulsi Gabbard. But she’s in the Hawaiian Nation Guard not the Praetorian Guard.

    Change is coming. Amazon Prime Pantry is mostly sold out. I’ve sheltered in place for 10 days. We cannot make it four months without restocking. I don’t think Americans will peacefully die at home or in homeless hooches while the rich survive in their bolt-holes. Grocery stores are open and President Xi visited Wuhan after a seven week quarantine. Without a similar national effort, the pandemic will kill millions of uninsured/under-insured and the economic depression will splinter the United States apart. This is not a hoax or fake, it is people’s lives.


    Zerosum:. This might interest you!

    Milan, Italy’s virus epicenter is home to over 100,000 Chinese! There are direct flights between Wuhan and Milan.

    Why so many Chinese in Milan? Well Italians sold their textile Mills to the Chinese who then imported their countrymen to staff the Mills!

    Now you know why the coronavirus struck Milan so hard!

    The lefty Major of Milan was even promoting a “hug a Chinese” campaign during the outbreak!


    VietnamVet:. Well let us hope the arrival of warm weather slows down the spread of this virus!

    Nothing else seems to be working!


    @ WES
    I glad to hear that the Chinese were a positive influence on productivity in Milan.
    I expect that the spread of the virus is going to depend more on the availability of seniors to dispose.
    I expect that the MMT – virus is going to last even longer.

    Dr D Rich

    Here’s a pic from an LA grocery store tonight. Looks the same at Target, Ralphs, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods etc.
    What a manipulative clusterf*ck transfer of Wealth. And still the numbers don’t add up. At least one pro golfer opined this afternoon that nothing had been “cancelled” like this since World War II. I nominate all PGA tour golfers for leadership positions in all U.S. major medical centers because without leadership there will be no hierarchy, just anarchy.

    Dr D Rich

    Anyhow, the file didn’t download. It’s a photo of empty shelves


    Dr. D. Rich:. Cheer up! In 1983 the grocery store shelves in Siberia where empty too!

    Dr D Rich

    Btw, we found an Asian Market, fully stocked with assorted goods……the owner said “folks” were afraid to shop there.

    Dr D Rich

    WES: They were empty throughout Russia in 1994 too after the IMF/World Bank did their dirty deed.

    Dr. D


    Good example why I’m not alarmed yet. Problem being, when it goes it will be fast. Here’s why Cheeto wanted some air speed, as opposed to candidate Cheeto, so when things happened he would have power/time to act. Imagine same crash from 10k, which is where it deserves to be.

    Notable, more oversold than 20 years, maybe ever, but certainly a historic long time. Those things don’t last. From it you can see that adding ‘energy’ to the markets has another danger: impossibly fast flip-flop bullish to bearish which breaks derivatives, trading houses (Mnuchin probably bankrupted one in Chicago), and destabilizes the system. A system that was going down, and planned to anyway, but… Roughly equivalent to rocking the boat. Yes, in seas you may need to run the gunwales up to keep waves from coming in, but as you wildly flip the boat back and forth you also greatly increase the chance of capsize. Of course, if you’re PLANNING to capsize, as discussed for 40 years, the only way TO do this is to flip the boat back and forth. Capitalists are amazingly resilient and very clever and can adjust faster than you can order them about from a podium. They’re not going to sit still to be massacred. So take it any way you want, that’s the system report card.

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