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    Doc Robinson

    Last week I mentioned the CBC News article “Experts debunk social media posts about Ohio train pollution” which said “Derailment poses no risk to people in Canada: authorities, experts” (despite the NOAA model showing particles reaching the 50th parallel by Feb 8.)

    It should already be well known that dioxins in smoke can travel that far. A report from 1996 described how dioxins from trash-burning incinerators in Florida and Texas was reaching the Great Lakes.

    For example, now that we know that a significant amount of the dioxin emitted by trash-burning incinerators and hazardous waste-burning cement kilns as far away as Florida and Texas reaches the Great Lakes, we also know that dioxin fell to the ground everywhere in between — reaching thousands of dairy farms as well.

    Dioxin Fallout in the Great Lakes

    The New York Times back in 2000 had an article titled Dioxin in Arctic Circle Is Traced to Sources Far to the South.

    The above quote was published a quarter-century ago, on Page 1 of a book titled “Dying from Dioxin” (by Lois Marie Gibbs). The next paragraph in the book is:

    The dioxin story includes coverups, lies, and deception; data manipulation by corporations and government as well as fraudulent claims and faked studies. For the public, it’s a story of pain, suffering, anger, betrayal, and rage; of birth defects, cancer, and many other health problems.


    US-Ukraine Unity Is Cracking Apart

    wtf. seriously?

    Jim Henson-Kermit Unity Is Cracking Apart

    although even that isn’t right

    I think there’s a part in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in which Hamlet watches a puppet show of the play Hamlet in which the puppet-Hamlet watches his fellow puppets put on a shadow-puppet portrayal of Hamlet? Maybe that would just about sum it up?


    It is fascinating to see how memes are created and dispersed.

    We are to hate the executives at SVB because they funded their own bonuses and donated to the Democratic Party. And yet, the only SVB employee that I know personally is my BIL, who supports his wife and five kids, is a devout Mormon, and conservative to the core. I’m not sure what his exact position nor his income was, but he has been a banker for around 15 years and they have a semi-modest house in an old and nice neighborhood. He likes designer clothes, fishing, and gardening; my sister gets haircuts that I cannot possibly afford, teaches her own kids to play piano, and she frets about the size of their food budget and doesn’t feel like she can purchase organic, because it is costly.

    Reality diverges radically from the meme.

    John Day

    Barclays Joins Goldman In Expecting A Fed ‘Pause’ Next Week “Due To Financial Market Turbulence”

    I’m going on record to say that this is now war for the stability of the $US and retail banking, and that Dr. D’s observation about crashing banks and saving your “friends” is apt. This is war. A lot of “investors” think the Fed will still “back them”, but the meaning of that may have changed.

    My prediction is that Powell hiikes 25 basis points next week to remain plausible. (He could hike 50 bps to totally shock globo-cap, but he’s not an extreme guy.)

    John Day

    @Doc Robinson. The first name on that Dioxin-Drift from Texas incinerators is Barry Commoner, who I voted for (POTUS) in 1980.


    Oooops – I lied !!

    TVASF (thanks Dora)


    The rich do not lineup at the bank door to withdraw their money.
    The rich use interbanking transfers.


    The whole Venture Capital (VC) scene in Silicon Valley is the perfect cover for money laundering.

    Dump a lot of ‘money’ into a ‘startup’ that you know is crap and will fail.

    Nurse it along for as long as feasible for appearance reasons, put soiled money in, take nice clean money out, rinse and repeat times 10,000 startups, you got quite a racket.

    And SVB having 87% of account averaging 4 million all wildly exceeding the 250K insurance limit, only to be ‘made whole’ is quite the miracle.

    Why bother with FDIC in the first place if the Gangster Government covers everyone’s failures of judgement.

    Even though the accounts are covered by Pedo Joe and the DC crime syndicate, I imagine a lot of money is fleeing the Valley’s Banks as we speak.

    Dodged a bullet this time, but what about the next time?

    I smell sulfur and burning tires when Yellen and Powell’s names pop up.

    The regulators were asleep at the switch


    Figmund Sreud

    … didn’t read it yet ( driving right now), Alastair Crooke’s latest:

    Betting All on Hegemony; Risking All, To Stave Off Ruin

    Dr D Rich

    Did the Mormon BIL fight it? You can tell how much a man or woman fights the Man or the System by how much of a “problem” they’re perceived to be. My closest Mormon friend converted from Catholic and flunked every math class as an undergrad. Yet he still “qualified” for Harvare Business school and later Caterpillar CFO. Take note of Caterpillar’s decline on the heels of his departure, but he was an identity and credit stealer long before that.
    Next in line is the Bishopric of the Silverdale stake, drank as much caffeine laden Coke as liquor. And when caught performing disability evals on junior and senior enlisted plus the CO at his moonlighting private practice for $330 a piece his tactic was to label his superior Hannibal Lecter then claim policing his misconduct was tantamount to insubordination.

    The Catholics would take several novels to adequately address

    D Benton Smith


    Regarding the divergence between meme and reality.

    The point you raise is no small thing, and no easy thing, either. Your brother in law is probably a good example, and my own brother was certainly a good example. My brother Bill was just an Irish year older than me, and now deceased and dearly missed. He was a great guy, and to meet him was to like him, but he had a fatal flaw. He allowed his enormous paycheck to influence his moral judgement. His willingness to see with his true heart what he saw with his own two eyes was obscured by his half million dollars per year perks and pay from Uncle Sam. His job was a globe trotting intelligence agent who taught Tech spooks how to use specialized software to glean the undersea internet cables at the terminus facilities where the cables emerged from the sea and are re-routed.

    For some reason that I will probably never learn his employers murdered him He worked for criminals, you see, and he knew it, but his avarice enabled him to rationalize the bad part of it all away . . . except the part that they were cold blood killers.

    If one works for the interests of criminals there is simply no possible way to distance one’s self far enough away from the grim truth of it to evade the consequences. It doesn’t matter whether the employers are are bankers or spies, drug runners or FBI, the piper will eventually be paid by someone.

    Dr D Rich

    @Doc Robinson

    Hear! Hear!

    Add to that fine summary the case of (spraying defoliant on the power lines in western Pennsylvania) Asplundh’s “Agent Orange”…and 7 men with lymphoma on my parent’s street in a western Pennsylvania town of <500 people.

    You can’t give up the fight just because friend or family worked for DoD, Navy Medicine, BYU, UW Medicine, a bank, or the church, Israel’s, Mormon or Catholic to name a few

    Dr. D

    SVB’s All-woman Investment Committee, like Cathy Wood, lose more money than any of us have seen in our lives. Like I said, this nonsense is likely to set women back a generation – because they didn’t take the hard path of meritocracy. Makes me pretty cross. The other part? That it’s the WOMEN who signed up to a no-work, no-merit hire and THEY are the ones crippling other women who HAVE talent.

    “All these folks chanting “we must save the system!” are stuck in the old dilution/solution model. “

    If you make a bad thing like Roundup or Dioxin then Surprise! YOU have a bad thing like Roundup or Dioxin. Barrels and barrels of it! There is no “other place” to put it. Are you going to mail it to Mars? There is no “over there” we are All-One-God-Faith.

    D Benton Smith

    Alright, all you chronic prognosticators, time to call the toss. Is all of this banking crap over the weekend the Big One or not?

    I haven’t got anywhere near enough expertise to call it. All I know for sure is that the bullshit is flying like never before, the doomers are having near-terminal episodes of acute schadenfreude, and the big shots look like they’re edging closer to the life boats.

    What say ye, all? Is this the moment we’ve all been saying it was going to be if someone didn’t do something or else?

    Dr D Rich

    Bishop William Connare
    Fr. George Pierce
    Raped 10 year old boy, found out by Connare and dutifully transferred to our unsuspect8bg parish when I was a 10 year old…..altar boy


    @DBS – Is all of this banking crap over the weekend the Big One or not?

    I say no, but it is one step closer. The general population (at least in the U.S.) is too complacent right now, there needs to be more emotional build up, like the BLM riots, before we get to the Big One.


    Raising interest rates, is just as much part of Biden’s weaponizing the US dollar against the rest of the world, as the proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine is.

    What I am looking for are any signs that the Fed might first break the US derivative market before it breaks the rest of the world’s financial systems, as it continues to raise interest rates as the US engages in an all out economic war.

    The first sign of something breaking that we have seen, so far, are 3 small US banks. However, I don’t think this is enough to stop the Fed from raising interest rates higher still.

    The Fed clearly wants to break something much bigger, not in the US but something in the rest of the world. My clue is the fact Biden has said nothing about the Fed raising US domestic interest rates.

    The reason I am focusing on the derivative market is it is much bigger than all of the world’s economies and is also hidden from our view. Many of these derivatives are based upon interest rate movements.

    So the question is which will break first? The US or the rest of the world? The US has successfully done this many times in the past but is this time different?

    Dr D Rich

    Murtha was murdered at Bethesda…same place SecDef Forrestal leaped to his death.
    Murtha’s botched lap-chole at Bethsda occurred 4 days after Jack signed personal correspondence to investigate the bishopric double dipping from the Navy and QTC-Lockheed…probably would have uncovered triple dipping at the VA

    Figmund Sreud

    Helmer fighting Hersh, … with China’s help!





    D B Smith:

    I don’t think the Fed considers 3 small banks to be but mere “road kill”.
    The Fed’s owners want as many small banks killed off to eliminate competition.
    The Fed as ensured that the big US banks have access to unlimited liquidity as required as the US inflicts economic war on the rest of the world.
    Most of the world isn’t as well protected and if things go to plan, the rest of the world will break first. A standard US wash and Rinse operation.
    Only Russia and China seem somewhat prepared.
    That is why I wonder if this time is different?

    John Day

    DBS asked: “Is this the big one or not?”
    I think it is, but is it 1939 yet? It’s not 1941 yet…
    This is probably going to take years of agonizing tension.

    John Day

    Thanks Figmund Sreud for the Helmer & Crooke. I’ll read them after I do some mowing.


    The Ukraine.

    The west has been shipping as much grain out of the Ukraine as fast as possible. There are now concerns that Ukrainian farmers, who haven’t been pressed ganged, will be short both planting seeds as well as fertilizers, not to mention diesel fuel for this spring. Early estimates say 1/3 of normal grain crops will not be planted this year at all.

    One business that continues, as usual in the Ukraine, is the exporting of Ukrainian black top soil to Europe for as little as $5 per ton. Talk about being raped.

    This winter, winter never really came and stayed in the Ukraine. So General Mud has reigned supreme. The mud hasn’t seemed to have bothered the Russians very much. The Ukrainians have been complaining though, as they have mostly wheeled vehicles now, which are getting stuck in the mud.

    With the “all seeing eyes” of the 24/7 western survalence systems, the Russians seem quite content to spread their forces and activities out along a rather broad front to apply constant pressure on the Ukrainian forces. No big arrow moves. This minimizes the “all seeing eyes” effectiveness, since they have to look everywhere constantly, while not being really sure what the Russians are up to next.

    Since NATO only really has expensive Himar missiles, the Russians are not giving them very many environment rich targets to shoot at. Do you shoot a Himar missile at just one Russian tank? A rather poor economic trade off, so not likely. Then there is the risk that the Himar will be intercepted by S-300s too.

    The one nice thing for the Russians about their artillery, is it can be spread out widely, move quickly, yet still be able to rain a concentrated fire on one small section of the front. I have seen reports stating 85% of all casualties are from artillery.

    Dr D Rich

    To a certain degree this debate on whether “this” bank debacle is the big one depends all on position and perspective.
    Take a stand and find out.
    Take a stand against torture then find out CO, CFO, Harvard, Hopkins, Cornea, Retina, job security, private practice bank rolling, Seattle, San Diego, and even Pittsburgh are off limits as controlled by the IDFers, Punjabs and Chinese PhD overlords pureeing chick retinas.

    Yeats was right.
    What’s left individually is major depression or PTSD or why not both?
    Collectively, WB said there’s no middle ground since it cannot hold/we all run out of steam or life and “The best lack all conviction, while the worst  Are full of passionate intensity” like those opportunistic girls at SVB.



    The best deep dark topsoil is in the southeast quadrant of Ukraine, all of Donbass and Lugansk, not as much going north to Kharkiv, southern part east of the Dneiper. Sure, the Ukronazis are stealing the silverware, they’re two bit hoodlums and punks, but there are no soil stealing ops going on near the battle front, too dangerous.

    Brian at the New Atlas had a great observation about Ukronazi vs Russian artillery.

    The Russians not only shoot more shells per day than the Ukros, probably closer to 10 to 1 by now, but Russian has about 1000 working artillery systems in tip=top shape in action daily, Ukronaziland is down to barely 300 functioning systems.

    Artillery pieces can only fire X=number of shells before their barrels are wornout and trashed, like mileage on a tire.

    The Ukronazis are firing all their shells through the same barrels day i and day out and wearing out them out much faster than the Russians.

    The Russians can spread out the rounds fired out over a much larger number of systems. The Russians can also swap out their artillery pieces for new ones right next door on their short supply chain with their very deep industrial base right behind it.

    The Ukronazis have to manage to evacuate their worn out artillery pieces a 1000km back to Poland to fix them, there are no safe maintenance spots left in Ukronaziland that the Russians can’t take out with missiles.

    Once their pieces are fixed in Poland, it’s a 1000km of dangerous transport back to the front.

    Attrition is the name of the game, the Russians aren’t going for territory, they are going for grinding the bastards down.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. Day – I’ll read them after I do some mowing.

    Well, … I won’t be doing any mowing ‘till about mid-May! Mind you, I just read both articles just as I finished shovelling phlunkin’ snow. In fact, shovelling snow in Calgary will be an issue all the way ‘till ~ mid-April, … than ~ month-long break – no shoveling and no mowing. Yippee ki-yay!





    Yes, I agree the Russians have much more and better artillery. Logistics is playing into Russia’s hands so why would they move the front west? I have also read Russian artillery barrels are more rugged and last longer too.

    One thing I have really noticed is that all Russian artillery, within range of Ukrainian counterbattery range, are mobile self-propelled vehicles. They shoot a couple of rounds then quickly move. Shoot and Scoot.

    The Russians have also been using well armored T-62 tanks, rather than mobile artillery, to provide close artillery support for their troops. Again they shoot then scoot too.

    I suspect one of the reasons the Russians have been focusing on taking fortified towns/cities, this winter, are the presence of all weather roads, to avoid fighting in the mud anymore than they have to. Of course the Russians don’t let the Ukrainians use these same nice roads, always leaving only a muddy dirt road open for the Ukrainians to use!

    As for stealing top soil, the Kherson area is the new hot spot.


    My anger is my armor. It keeps the tears at bay.
    The world I so looked forward to has all been swept away.
    The armor must come off. I must accept it. I must weep.
    It’s then I will learn bravery and earn a good night’s sleep.

    Dr D Rich

    Pfizer has just purchased Seagen for $43 billion.

    CNBC. ‘Pfizer will bring Seagen’s cancer crugs to the world at a scale not seen before, CEO says.’

    Bourla must be anticipating huge demand from cancer victims. I wonder why.

    V. Arnold

    My credit union (non-profit), sent out an e-mailing assuring us members they are safe and sound.
    I quit using banks more than 30 years ago…
    Banks are a rigged game…


    Also from CNBC.

    ‘Charles Schwab shares drop 12% even as the firm defends financial position.’

    Must feel they need to then. We understand he still has 10 billion to lose, but it’s an impressive start!


    My credit union (non-profit), sent out an e-mailing assuring us members they are safe and sound. I quit using banks more than 30 years ago… Banks are a rigged game…

    Colleagues were knocking on my door and sending me text messages yesterday to ask how I was betting on how the Fed would deal with the new crisis, and what I expected might happen. They know I am a Bitcoiner. I could only shrug my shoulders and say: “I dunno. Maybe nothing will happen.” I did not share their curious fervor. Fifteen years ago I was in their shoes. I had no gold, and Bitcoin had not been invented yet. It seemed like the whole financial system could fall apart back then. But it never did. I got some gold back then (which I still have), and I was hoping that the old system would collapse, and that everything would be revalued against gold when the system recapitalized.

    Now I just don’t care about timing. You have to live you life. I keep most of my wealth outside of the banking system. I sleep well at night, and I feel that everything will be fine if the financial system collapses. The system will recapitalize, there will be winners and losers, and life will go on. Gold, or Bitcoin, or both, will do well in the new system. And they will probably do just fine even before we get to the new system.

    ₿est wishes to all.


    @ DBS
    And…I make it sound like my BIL is wonderful…he had a rough childhood, and bears the emotional scars from it…the marriage has had ups and downs…but, based on my observation, as well as conversations with him and with my sister, he unswervingly believes that it is his god-appointed duty to provide for his kids — and I respect that. (Considering how my ex lied and perjured himself in order to shirk that same responsibility.). Beyond that — for the past 20 years I’ve only seen him at a few family dinners and reunions, so I can’t judge his character any further.

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