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    M.C. Escher Gravitation 1952   • Steele Admits He Used Unverified Information In Dossier (CNN) • Even A Vacuous Mueller Report Won’t End ‘Russiag
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    I have a memory of Obama making Trump the laughing stock at a roasting dinner.
    I have a memory of Trump keeping the “birther” illusion alive.
    I have a more recent memory of a bitter payback by the democrats – Russian collusion”

    Are ALL of our powerful, rich elites acting childish in their second child hood, or acting like wise respected seniors?

    • Even A Vacuous Mueller Report Won’t End ‘Russiagate’ (Stephen Cohen)

    Anything Trump suggests must be opposed, regardless of the cost to US national security.

    • The Blind Leading the Deaf and Dumb (Kunstler)

    ” devoid of credible leadership “

    Would it be better to make a short list of WHO HAS credible leadership?

    Let’s use Tweet followers as the main criteria since we cannot use wisdom and age.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – AOC

    Can someone who cannot remember, gets confused, keeps reppeating himself and acts childish be accused of lying?


    Regarding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    – who exactly said, who had headlines saying that she trails in every group except for a few? I checked all the referenced articles, I saw no such headlines. Who exactly said that old conservative white men are now everybody? Some anonymous random person on the internet?
    – I’m not impressed with democrats who wail at how unfair it is that one tv network is biased against them when pretty much the entirety of the US media is biased in their favour
    – the fact that she sinks as more people get to know her is difficult to spin positively
    – she tenuously leads (falling) among women, but trails badly among men
    – she tenuously leads among the youngest (falling), but trails badly among all others age categories
    – at 31% favorable, this is much lower than Trump. Would you say that “Americans” view HIM favorably, or that “Americans” view him unfavorably? So, yeah, as most articles accurately pointed out, she is very much a mirror image of Donald Trump (except not viewed as favourably overall)


    As I’ve said before. Fusion GPS and C. Steele were hired by Paul Singer a supporter of Marco Rubio. When it was clear Trump was going to win the nomination he discontinued funding it and it was picked up by the Clinton campaign.

    According to an October 27, 2017, article in the New York Times and many other media outlets, the initial sponsor of anti-Trump opposition research conducted by the controversial Washington D.C. firm Fusion GPS was The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative political journalism website that is “funded in large part” by (Paul) Singer

    Also from the above mentioned CNN article.

    “Sources and verification.

    Val Gurvits, an attorney for Gubarev, XBT and Webzilla, acknowledged on Saturday that Steele could not answer questions during the deposition about what he did to verify the parts of the dossier unrelated to them.

    But Steele also wouldn’t describe what else he did to verify the dossier’s information, or where he got it from, because of the court-ordered parameters of the interview
    “I believe the only step I can describe within the bounds of the order is what we could call an open source search,” Steele said about his efforts to check details about the web companies. “Other efforts to verify relate to sources or sources and, therefore, are not allowed under the terms of the order.”

    Steele also used sources he trusted in Russia and elsewhere—some gathered over a career as a Moscow-based spy for British intelligence — to gather information in the dossier, according to the case file.

    In a separate transcript released in the case, another witness testified that Steele showed him a list of names that were his sources for the dossier. The witness, David Kramer, a former US State Department official who, alongside then-Sen. John McCain, reviewed the dossier from Steele, said he recognized names of the sources because of his own work about Russia.

    At least one name Kramer recognized as a “serious high-level source.” Kramer explained that he believed those sources passed the information through an intermediary before it got to Steele and into the dossier.

    The most salacious claims in the dossier are still unverified. But many of the allegations that form the bulk of the memos have held up over time. Those include the claim that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and the claim that there were contacts between Trump’s team and Russia.”

    Your post the other day about the emails between Bruce Ohr and Steele appear to me to be about protecting his sources inside Russia. Also that they had a personal friendship.

    Dr. D

    “He would not explain, for instance, what else he did or sources he used”

    One word: Skripals

    “Imagine that they have a new Brexit … what then?”

    Sadly this has turned out the way I expected. No divorcee is going to let you off nicely when you’re the one paying the bills. So if there’s a Brexit, you have to leave, give them nothing, and let them rage. …That is, of course, very difficult, but divorces are. What it does do, however, is cut all this two, five, ten years of crap that’s holding the country back and breaking it. What it doesn’t do, and maybe what the war-gamers knew, is give you time to stockpile, prepare, and test out your new adversaries. But as back when they started Trump (ugh) told them to do this since it would be better negotiating leverage. Instead, May gave everything upfront, and lost EU representation to boot, the opposite of having hard-ball leverage. Oh well, it what it is. Perhaps more important is Italy leaving and courting China.

    ‘White Men Are Considered Everyone’: Ocasio-Cortez (G.)”

    This was very badly written – but it’s the media, I repeat myself – what the article was saying in the arcana of demographics was EVERYBODY hates Ocasio-Cortez. Which is actually a bit surprising. She had support barely favorable among just three groups: “nonwhite Americans (+9) and Democrats (+8)” and 18-35. But every other group in America viewed her negatively, and not white men, as she said, but Republicans, Democrats, both women and men, and only “31% of respondents now view Ocasio-Cortez favorably … Her net favorability ratings are down 8%.”

    They are finding that the more people know about her, the less they like, and fast. Which again, is pretty surprising to me. Also her Green New Deal, which promises to Unionize every worker in America by force, was OPPOSED by unions like the AFL-CIO. If you don’t have union support with that plan, and the AFL-CIO is opposing the Democrats and not being supported by them (as seen with the core’s desperate push to find a moderate), then who does the DNC represent now? All non-white, non-male, non-union, non-Christian, non-rural, non-southern, non-rustbelt, and possibly non-Jewish members who believe in 10 genders. Wish I were kidding. They need a broader message that more people can support. People are telling them, polls are telling them, the candidates that are favored (like Biden) are telling them, but it doesn’t seem to be connecting.

    …If it were as her tweet says, it would be good: she’d be polling like 70% if she had a coalition of all women, all minorities and all 18-35 year olds. But she doesn’t. She’s barely positive even in her best groups.

    With Steele, again, why is the story not raging headlines of foreign election tampering from Britain and MI6? Since when does MI6 collude to determine the President, using fully illegal means? Shouldn’t we be expelling diplomats, confiscating British assets, and making comprehensive British sanctions, material and financial and/or invading them?

    I get tired of saying the double-standard [of everything] is appalling, astonishing, breathtaking, galactic in scope. And no matter how large it gets, how hypocritical, how illogical, how suicidal, no one notices.

    Maxwell Quest

    Concerning AOC, her poll numbers are dropping for one reason: negative press all around. Even though I avoid network news, paid pundits, talk shows, and the like, I see many articles and political cartoons, all of which have been negative and painting her as a crazed lunatic. AOC is an enemy to both parties, each of which represent big money interests instead of the common good. Therefore, an all-out effort is in effect to crush or control her.

    Her stance on policies aside, that is my take on it. The word has gone out to make an example of these upstart populist candidates. We can’t have the commoners making demands from their owners.

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