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    Camille Corot Study for “The Destruction of Sodom” 1843   • Germany Launches Investigation Into Leaked Crimean Bridge Attack Talk (RT) • France C
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 2 2024]

    Dr. D

    I guess at $2,000 the $20 dollar rule for almost every day of my natural life has now been suspended? Gold up $40. …May be the same % tho, and also clearly capped on the # just like before, as a message.

    Gold: Silver ratio at a spicy 90:1. That’s nearly all time high, long term is 16:1, but since the ‘08 mega-rigging has often been at 80:1 for years. Silver miners near all-time lows (relative to silver).

    Since no one will bring it up, So old Mitch retires. Yet just a week after his sister in law dies? Getting close enough to get the message? Just has to be said.

    “Sen. Johnson’s Senate Panel On The Vaccines Is The Red Pill We’ve All Been Waiting For
    …meticulously breaks down exactly what went awry throughout COVID-19…

    Pegging. In both senses. They peg or tether your reality to the original release and understanding. Then later, nobody goes to jail. Then lies are slowly walked back into reality so that they don’t infinitely diverge with “Revisions” like the BoL etc does, and nobody goes to jail. 10 million people are killed and they get away with it because “reasons”. Why are you being so harsh on some less-strict paperwork and weak reporting? Is that worth jailing people for?

    A: Yes. Arresting or freeing someone is “Paperwork”. Judging someone Innocent or Guilty is “Paperwork.” Life and Death in systems are “Paperwork”. We arrest them more for paperwork than anything else. …But this is how Hobbes’ “Leviathan” is built, the Blind Giant, feeling his way to more free cookies to shove in his mouth. If Leviathan can kill a million pensioners to solve his bankruptcy health care problem, he will. He will wander blindly on the field until he stumbles into it. Even if he doesn’t know he plans it and doesn’t know he does it. Like other criminals. Ask them how they got into that fight, that bank at that time. Not intentionally, usually by accident, non-intent. BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT VERY SELF-AWARE. If they were infinitely self-aware, they would be enlightened masters. That’s WHY they are criminals, and that’s WHY we jail them. If we only jailed the enlightened, fully-self-aware criminals, the County lockup would more than suffice.

    Yes, we arrest them ALL. Who committed crimes. With an outcome like this, even misdemeanor crimes, and fire the rest. That’s just like a drug house having somebody die. We don’t USUALLY arrest every third rate user because we don’t have the time, but if you KILLED someone, then yeah, you’ve come to my attention. If you killed half the house with a bad dose or bad buy, then of course. You knew it was illegal and dangerous for the years leading up to now.

    Fauci knew since he killed half a million gay guys. He knew he was specifically defying Congress to set up a biolab with our strategic enemy. Giving them super high-tech cutting-edge bioweapons. The rest knew right away that everyone was dying and kept giving the Brown Acid after the loudspeaker system said not to. Reckless Disregard. Man 1. 5-10 sentencing recommend.

    “Details Of ‘Sabotaged’ Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal In First Months Of War Revealed
    17-page secretive document outlined a “permanently neutral state that doesn’t participate in military blocs”…

    I guess WaPo covered this, but like the NYT, phrases it using #Oppositeland? They said “We wouldn’t be involved there!” Yes. Why would we NEED to be involved there? “They would be a neutered, neutral state! ” You mean like Switzerland? How awful. “There wouldn’t be war!” Um, yeah, about that… I didn’t bother with the NYT yesterday, you probably read the same things I do. “Republicans believe what turned to to be the Truth!” Oh noes. “Trump’s arch enemy claims he’s a poopypants.” No kidding? Does he have evidence? ‘cause Trump’s been on trial like 94 times. Re-FRAMING the same facts with lies. Pegging. And it’s making me pretty sore.

    “Why Are We Still Reliant On China For Our Biosecurity?

    Yeah, speaking of. We, they, are “100% 24h/day we’re at war with China!!!.” (China: “Whut?”) and then like Ukraine, we made no steel, no rail, no shells. Mined no goods, opened no chemical factories that make explosive precursors. So we’re at war with China IN a pandemic, 2 years later not a single pharmaceutical brought home. The Point of the War was to LOSE.

    The whole world is staring at the crackhead, pointing. We have one sock on in our underwear and are MAKING them fight us when no one wants to and will beat us with one hand and a sandwich in the other.

    “Kiriakou is the sole CIA agent to go to jail in connection with the U.S. torture program, despite the fact that he never tortured anyone. Rather, he blew the whistle on this horrific wrongdoing.”
    “Journalist Catherine Herridge Fined $800 Per Day Until She Gives Up Confidential Source
    “Blaze Journalist Arrested On 4 Charges Over Jan. 6 Presence At Capitol

    Official, literal journalist.

    Gee why don’t American resisters stand up and wave little flags indicating themselves here? I just don’t understand how Americans can be so naughty and not march in the streets which hasn’t worked in 50 years. #Hashtag. What you really need to do is shoot the third undersecretary of the secretary of the Vice President of Paperclips. That’ll fix’r.

    Definitely Burn It Down, don’t reform it. Gee, why do some reporters need Insiders to run protection and interference for them? Me hates them most of all.

    “a manifestation many different kinds of hyper-novelty that is making it difficult for us to see”

    Hypernovelty? What the heck is that? The newer than new? The extremely very new? I think we’ve had new things before now. 4 Billion people moved from riding horses from sod houses to watching the moon landing on TV. They didn’t seem to have this problem.

    Diagnosis: The problem is LIES. We do not have a COHESIVE system of thought and understanding, between people, in our culture, or IN OURSELVES, because they’ve injected 70% lies into every minute of every day for lifetimes. Remove the lies and you’d just be like, “Oh we have AI since 2001 in Secret mil.spec centers and tech to go to Mars where we’ve already been but can’t hand that out to Cleetus because it’s too dangerous and powerful? Oh, that makes sense. I’d better go do X on my own like as a result, and vote Y.” Easy.

    How about this: The Truth only hurts when you wake up from a Lie. That’s why the Meme yesterday: “Conservatives are mad when you lie to them, Liberals are mad when you tell them the truth.” Different approach. I think it hurts Cons a lot to wake up from lies too, but they want, and have the emotional reserves to, take it on as they know they must, so the sooner the better. As they develop, absorbing them gets easier. With the Left, my experience, emotionally they’re at the wit’s end, ragged and fragile. They “Just. Can’t” as they say regularly. I sympathize. But like any war, that’s too bad. If you Just. Can’t. Face it and leave the house right now, the house will be bombed and everyone will die in it. Move your ass.

    I WILL help you. All day long. But only if you help yourself.

    “Resident Joe Biden and his visit to the border.”

    Okay, lost of fun, we’ve covered all that. But CONGRESS controls and restrains the President. Anyone investigating, impeaching, removing their Congressman? I mean, the next step is clear. President is not doing his job and/or a traitor. Congress is his Boss, and CONGRESS is not doing THEIR job and/or a traitor. So remove them, Congress. States can make excuses and recall their Senators, right? Do it and make them go to the USSC to reverse it. Etc. NOPE. We like complaining more.

    “a President who parrots Russian propaganda.”

    All truth on earth is “Russian Propaganda”. We don’t care, don’t even ask if it’s True or FALSE, only if it “Helps My Side Right or Wrong”. If it advances world war, it’s TRUE, and if it stops world war, it’s False. SAYS WHO? The National KAOS Association of Psychopaths? And you joined up? It was in the name, man.

    “The French government is mulling sending a small military force directly into Ukraine to serve as instructors for Kiev’s Armed Forces and as a “deterrent” to Moscow,”

    Military Summary adds: They are putting say, French soldiers into Patriot missile batteries, or say Abrams tanks, who knows? So Russia will have to decide to leave them alone or shoot them (and have an international incident). So the BODIES of FRENCHMEN are the Ukrainian Air Defense system now.” Um. Yay? It won’t help. Talk about a cynical Hail Mary.

    “• Macron’s Idea to Send NATO Troops to Ukraine ‘Made Him Look Very Foolish’ (Sp.)

    Your reporting that NATO troops aren’t swarming everywhere by the ten-thousands makes you look very foolish. There were probably 30,000 Poles alone. There would have to be 10k Americans, although we are probably more careful to overpay and air-lift people who are technically Columbian, Chechnian, Georgian… Add them together and whaddya got? Near 100k NATO rotated in off and on?

    “..It is estimated that up to 20,000 foreign personnel have joined the so-called “international legionnaires” fighting on the side of the Kiev regime..”:
    • NATO Troops Already Deployed to Ukraine, and Getting Killed (SCF)

    They usually lie by a factor of ten, but that seem difficult to believe in this case. Maybe including back-end people, tanker drivers, satellite intel targeters…? I hadn’t considered. I guess that’s plausible.

    “• Austin: If Ukraine Is Defeated, NATO Will Be At War With Russia (ZH)

    I’m lost. What does this sentence mean? I’ve gotten very confused because of the near-total black swan occlusion of meta-lies. We’re ALREADY there. Right. Okay, assuming we AREN’T there, and this totally unrelated country we’re not involved with at all loses a war, then…? We are in a war??? So if that’s true, we are de facto ALWAYS in the war, because everyone ALWAYS knew we would.

    That drops out some algebraic variables here and leaves: 1) NATO is not at war with Russia, and never will. 2) NATO is ALWAYS at war with Russia, and started it. Pick one. Because what you just said Mr. Austin, makes no sense.

    “Putin may not have fully understood the message at the time. He did not yet realize NATO’s expansionist aspirations.”

    What the heck is with the constant PutinTelepathy around here? Putin almost certainly knew as it ALREADY happened. He just was too weak a position to DO anything about it, that’s not the same thing. The fact that his strategy was built to develop right under the noses of NATO essentially proves he/they DID know. And DID act. They just don’t wave their arms and hold their war plan up in the air like Biden and Austin do: they keep their mouths shut. Jesus, is it unthinkable in the West to keep your mouth shut anymore? (A: Probably.)

    “The country’s president was a drunkard and the Chechen War threatened to spread to other regions and balkanize Russia”

    They neglect to mention WE picked Putin. Yeltsin looked for someone “Neutral” in that situation, without a political agenda, and the US approved him. Enthusiastically. All today’s Putin haters wrote glowing reviews of how awesome he was. Because they thought he was a bureaucrat. An uninspired milksop that would let them keep raping the country as so vividly described. When he didn’t – and slowly – they got increasingly mad at him, and he suddenly became “Unhinged” “crazed” “madman” “dictator”. …The only thing that matters is raping and stealing. That is the core of our Western Value system.

    When the system is made of American madmen raping and stealing, guess who they rape and steal most and first?

    “• The West Is Willing To Destroy Its Financial System To Punish Russia (RT)

    The Western Financial System will collapse either way. It’s just whether it’s more harmful or helpful to steal $600B on the way out.

    It’s hard to get a chart but here’s the reverse: USD$ FALLING constantly.

    Vs Bitcoin. Say from 35 to 5. US$ dropped sevenfold, so to speak. 85%

    ““She’s not building a big movement. What she’s doing is lying in wait and hoping for disaster.”

    Huh. It’s almost as if her Team can MAKE that disaster happen. Not that military contractors know how to crash airplanes or anything.

    warning that nominating Donald Trump for president a third time would mean “suicide for our country,”

    It’s almost as if her Team would slip America that suicide pill and stop all elections, starting a Civil War…

    ““..the company ignored its own ban on the use of its technology for “military and warfare” purposes and partnered up with the Pentagon..”

    Yes, but to be fair, their motto was, “Be Evil.” Same as Google’s.

    perhaps the greatest existential threat we face today.

    I still don’t understand all this. 1) Shut off the wall plug. The. End. 2) Ignore what it says. AI can’t “Do” anything. It’s a middle-manager, running spreadsheets, handing out orders, and the hilarious part is that its orders are WORSE than they already non-functional human middle manager apparatchiks we already have. So why the f— would I follow it? Do a single thing it says? Make Me.

    They have a base assumption that Power will stay on. And that Everything it says isn’t a lie that will become instantly obvious as Google was, with black Nazis and planes falling out of the sky. AI is the only way to get to “Idiocracy” faster than now. I guess – ballparking here – they believe there’s No Free Will. People ALWAYS follow orders, have to, and always will, like an Alien Ant Farm. You know,…they actually DO believe that. And everywhere else act like that. I see t every day. Because THEY are Alien Ant life forms and THEY act that way. When anyone doesn’t, they cast about furiously looking for WHO gave these other orders, since humans never act without orders from outside.

    Out here in the real world, you can’t get people to obey enough not to shove crazy glue in their underpants.

    Anyway, Maybe? But seems as overblown as usual? Unless you’re going to kill every human too (they are), we’re pretty safe, and if so we have problems far larger than AI.


    John Day spent some time in Japan, I too have spent many years there. Japan wash their asses with water, the western world wipe their asses with paper. The western world still consider themselves superior, but are they? Diarhea makes water a champ.

    Only kidding, I have not used paper to wipe my ass for about ten years; dry my ass, yes, wipe my ass, no. I kind of find it amusing that the “garden people” still use abrasive paper to wipe their asses, like elephants use trees to scrath their asses when they have ass-itch. Do you experience blood after a few wipes? Do you send your arse skin down the drain with your blood?

    Westeners; they are a joke but they have lots of money.

    Dr. D

    The West and Russia’s $600B:

    I smell a nickel around here somewhere…



    I would vote for him, he may be a left wing bastard, but at least he is a genuine bastard, so I would vote for him. And good luck to him, hopefully he can rid us of the Keir Starmers and Rishi Sunak cunts of this world.


    Executive Summary


    Lies require secrets.
    Denying is needed for liars.
    Control requires censorship.
    Most soldiers in European armies are not eager to take part in modern warfare, where the risk of dying in a rocket attack without even seeing the enemy is high.

    The training France would like to provide to Ukrainians “on the ground” includes handling air defense systems, Friday’s report said.

    The “presence of French soldiers or [those] of other nations would potentially protect certain areas of the Ukrainian territory.”

    It could “constrain” Russia’s targeting and strike capabilities.

    “There’s no consensus today to send, in an official manner, troops on the ground,” he said. “In terms of dynamics, we cannot exclude anything.

    We will do everything necessary to prevent Russia from winning this war.”
    In a Freudian slip he blurted out what they had in mind.

    NATO military personnel are already in Ukraine and have been since at least 2014 when they started training the NeoNazi brigades to terrorize the ethnic Russian populations in Crimea, Donbass, and Novorossiya.
    Many of these soldiers are deployed unofficially as mercenaries or ostensibly as security details for NATO diplomats.
    Numerous reports have attested to the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine in one form or another.

    It is estimated that up to 20,000 foreign personnel have joined the so-called “international legionnaires” fighting on the side of the Kiev regime against Russian forces.
    A fair assumption is that most of these soldiers of fortune are temporarily “decommissioned” NATO troops.
    Germany’s Scholz let the cat out of the bag this week when he said he was opposed to sending long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine because that would mean the deployment of German troops to assist with operating the weapons.
    Scholz misspoke by inadvertently disclosing that the British and French had already dispatched special forces to assist with their missile systems, the Storm Shadow and Scalp, respectively.

    So the consensus narrative and belated mainstream media admission is that Ukraine’s military is a mere months away from clear defeat, and the top US defense chief just said NATO will go to war with Russia “if Ukraine falls”.

    The situation is delicate for all concerned.

    Ukraine itself verges on collapse with its army decimated, its ammo used up, and its coffers empty, awaiting the $60-plus-billion aid package that is stalled in Congress, meaning no salaries for Ukraine govt employees and no pensions.

    And remember, not many days ago Mr. Putin told Tucker Carlson that he was ready to talk to anybody.
    What this will demonstrate is that America has neither the ability to continue its proxy war nor the will or sense to engage in peace talks

    President Biden wants the G7 countries to develop a plan to eventually have Russia’s frozen sovereign assets handed over Ukraine in order to support the war effort, Bloomberg has reported.

    The idea that hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of reserves could simply be confiscated if a country found itself at odds with the overseers of the system didn’t factor into any of the equations.

    Dr. D

    I keep restraining myself as nothing new to add, no action can be taken yet, but since Israel appears to be dropping food so they can strafe and nuke specifically starving civilians, this is deserved.



    Oh he has many more.


    One of the best big picture articles I have read regarding the Russia vs the West:

    Figmund Sreud

    the rapidly eroding Anglo-American empire will now be compelled to swallow the bitter pill of decisive strategic defeat on the same eastern European steppes where its predecessors were served their own banquet of consequences. – from [ … nice find, btw. Thanks.]

    You wish, … you cannot underestimate very next actions of a cage animal! Precious little does the world know, caged animal will most often scrape the inner walls of its mind until it gets what it wants! Thucydides’ Trap, … I will stick to that term, …


    Maxwell Quest

    “Diagnosis: The problem is LIES. We do not have a COHESIVE system of thought and understanding, between people, in our culture, or IN OURSELVES, because they’ve injected 70% lies into every minute of every day for lifetimes. …”

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Jeez, here I go again…

    Which is why I continually beat people over the head with all the warn out Matrix movie references – the false world pulled over our eyes, the control system put in place by the powerful few in order to keep us turning the cranks that generate a vast river of wealth and power that flows right back to our jailers.

    Not only the LIES of commission, but also the LIES of OMISSION – knowledge that is purposely withheld and suppressed that would allow humanity a fighting chance to get their bearings in life, their culture, the world, and finally the cosmos. It would provide the GPS system for navigating through life in a closer relationship with natural law. People would gain PERSPECTIVE – the ability to locate themselves in the vastness of life so as to find an appropriate place to make their contribution according to their own talents (aka Reality). Imagine that world and society.

    Even if we swam in truth from day one, there would still be basic human weakness to contend with. We all have our temptations waiting in the background for the right circumstances to bring them to the surface. However, if early training also included extensive exercises in self-knowledge, many of the pitfalls of life could be avoided.

    Sure, I’d love to see the world transformed into a paradise, or at the very least be released from the bondage of ignorance and lies. As Neo found out, it is not especially pleasant to leave the Matrix and experience the Real World of desolation and suffering, and then wanting to help those around you only to be attacked by an Agent Smith who pops out of your closest friend whenever a system-installed tripwire is activated.


    Russia was justified.
    Covid was crap.
    Elections are crooked;
    AI is a trap.

    Nothing they tell us
    Is close to what’s true.
    Keep your eyes on what’s real
    And we’ll all make it through.


    .Gonna be hard, to stick up for the jew. The way they’re acting, as they always do.


    • Germany Launches Investigation Into Leaked Crimean Bridge Attack Talk

    Look, Scholz flubbed it up by revealing France and UK-tardistan already had actual military personal on the ground in Ukronaziland so then amazingly by sheer coincidence shortly afterwards the German Luftwaffe generals conversion was leaked by France and UK-tardistan on purpose to fuck the German’s in the ass as retaliation.


    Scholz, the limp wristed liver sausage works his magic once again!

    Now German is standing naked on the world stage with their putz in one hand and a flaming bag of dogshit in the other.

    The Whole World is Watching
    The Whole World is Watching
    The Whole World is Watching

    Germans discussing blowing up Russian Bridges in 2024 just like 1944

    You woulda’ have thought?

    Deutschland Uber Alles

    I’m glad Germany is being utterly de-industrialized for the rest of the century.

    They deserve to be crushed like a cockroach.

    It’s gonna be like the collapse of Wiemar X 10

    (Why should a beautiful anthem about German brotherhood be banned for being too “Nazi”?)

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