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    Ray K. Metzker Philadelphia 1963   • Vancouver Won’t Have A Middle Class Left In The Future (CBC) • Nomi Prins: Financial System Worse Now Than 2
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    To repeat.
    On Economics, big ‘E’, and its history. Listen to Professor Mirowski because he an historian of economics.

    And follow every other link to him. Also read his book,


    Speaking of planting trees – and I don’t wanna be smug but I planted around 40 Oaks this week (and got paid for it!) Years ago I got despondent about the work available that you can do to make a buck. It all has some impact on the environment that we just put up with – building with cement, cleaning with dodgy chemicals etc. I had been involved in regular jobs people do.
    One day it was like – fuck this I’m gonna find me some work where I am growing veggies, planting trees, making chicken runs etc. Had to run my own business it turns out.

    Dam it feels good to be out in the country planting trees. Especially Oaks. Here in Australia there is a very strong aversion to cutting them down and you get the feeling when you plant them they will be there for a while. And if things get real tough there are always acorns to consume or feed to animals.

    Dr. Diablo

    Sounds great, any chance of planting grapes? It’s super easy.


    Last night, I went to a meeting where a lady who represents AliBaba in Australia was making a presentation. She is one of the people who started the website.

    She mentioned that on one special day when they had discounted everything, they sent 650 million parcels. Yes, six-hundred and fifty million parcels. I don’t know where Amazon stands, but I find that quite amazing.

    She also said that their equivalent of PayPal – AliPay – processes up to 130,000 payments per second at peak time.

    I found the numbers totally amazing. BTW, 97% of PC’s in China are running Microsoft Windows. 90% of these are pirated. I think there are around 500 million desktop PC’s and laptops in China.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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