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    Edward Hopper The Circle Theater, New York 1936   • US Democrats Plan Crackdown On Booming Stock Buybacks (CNN) • ‘Mother Of All Yield Shocks’ Is
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    Dr. D

    The Facebook story is a media scam, but I haven’t figured out why. Possibly if they can be “regulated”, they will be gov’t enshrined and protected like all our other monopolies and the data rigging can go on, while the leaps FB’s competition have made (including Steem and former FB exec WhatsApp) disappear as the people are mollified and it’s all “fixed”. It’s all fixed alright.

    I say that because the present scandal is the essence and purpose of Facebook. We knew they were a big 1984 data-harvesting machine for the Deep State, both in and out of government for the sole purpose of waping people’s personal reality for power and profit. Who doesn’t know that? The details of the C.A. case are a basic rundown of the 2012 Obama campaign. Using apps to look at not the Obama volunteers, but all their friends, where the campaign expert proudly said they collected “all of social media”. That is, they harvested the profiles of all relevant, online people in the U.S. In 2012. And used it to bend and win the election. Colluded to rig it? Or is that just advertising and running a campaign?

    So now when C.A. does the same thing years later, it’s new and wrong. How? They didn’t steal the data from FB. FB sold it to them because that is Facebook’s business model and purpose for existing. Additionally, since a foreign company colluded with a campaign to do election tampering and favor a candidate — as how elections are legally run — and not a peep. Because British election tampering isn’t tampering, but 13 Russians creating Rainbow Bernie memes are. Got it?
    Bernie“The Coloring is something that suits for all people.” Wow, Russia nailed it!

    This is all known, was known, is known, and is used by every campaign since it began, because it’s legal. Maybe it would bring up the uncomfortable question that if it worked so well and everybody knew it, why didn’t HRC hire C.A. and the 13 Russians and just win the election herself? Was she too clueless and incompetent or was it because she did the equivalent on her side as is legal to do?

    This leads to the conclusion that anything that elected DJT — like honest voter registration and auditable paper ballots — is de facto wrong and illegal, and anything that would have elected Democrats is by definition good and right, but I think that’s just an incidental side effect of general dishonesty. There’s something else puffing up this well-known nothing into the news. When other guys like James Damore want to talk, they’re relegated to A. Jones and RT, while this “whistleblower”, who told us what we all knew since Facebook was started, is getting immediate A-List treatment on CNN, although it cost FB $54B and savages the NYSE index. When was the last time THAT happened without a fight?

    They’re up to something and I want to know what it is. Also IF they’re up to something they’re keeping us busy chasing our tails with old news, what’s going on we’re NOT looking at?


    “… they’re keeping us busy chasing our tails with old news, what’s going on we’re NOT looking at?…”

    “…it’s a dimly understood marketing revolution.”

    Ask: “If everyone was fully invested,
    If everyone was fully leveraged.
    Where is the new money coming from to buy the lows?”


    Interesting lengthy background for the Facebook story at the New Yorker.

    The Digital Military Industrial Complex

    “In a 2014 interview, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, speaking then as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said that such open-source data initiatives, and in particular the study of social media such as Facebook, had entirely transformed intelligence-gathering. He reported that traditional signals intelligence and human intelligence were increasingly being replaced by this open-source work and that the way in which intelligence agents are trained had been modified to accommodate the shift. A growing portion of the military’s $50 billion budget would be spent on this data analytics work, he claimed, creating a “gold rush” for contractors. A few weeks after this interview, Flynn left the DIA to establish the Flynn Intel Group Inc. He later acted as a consultant to the SCL Group.”

    “Carole Cadwalladr reported in The Observer last year that it was Sophie Schmidt, daughter of Alphabet founder Eric Schmidt, who made SCL aware of this gold rush, telling Alexander Nix, then head of SCL Elections, that the company should emulate Palantir, the company set up by Peter Thiel and funded with CIA venture capital that has now won important national security contracts. Schmidt threatened to sue Cadwalladr for reporting this information. But Nix recently admitted before a parliamentary select committee in London that Schmidt had interned for Cambridge Analytica, though he denied that she had introduced him to Peter Thiel. Aleksandr Kogan and Christopher Wylie allowed Cambridge Analytica to evolve into an extremely competitive operator in this arena.”

    Much more at the link.


    And more:

    [..] the development of behavioral technologies intended for military-grade persuasion in cyber-operations is rooted in a specific perspective on human beings, one that is at odds with the way they should be viewed in democratic societies.

    I’ve written previously about the way in which a great deal of contemporary behavioral science aims to exploit our irrationalities rather than overcome them. A science that is oriented toward the development of behavioral technologies is bound to view us narrowly as manipulable subjects rather than rational agents. If these technologies are becoming the core of America’s military and intelligence cyber-operations, it looks as though we will have to work harder to keep these trends from affecting the everyday life of our democratic society.

    Looks to me like we already passed just about all of the boundaries and warning signs. Move to Nowhere, Thailand, and then still.

    Orwell cubed.


    Where is the new money coming from to buy the lows?

    Dow -724.42 2.93%


    While we’re at it……

    Among the calls for removal of the Fed virus from our system, perhaps we could take a step back and ask a few more questions…..

    Such as – what on earth do we need a Stock Market for anymore? When squillions of dollars are made and lost shuffling bits of paper/electrons for zero productivity in real terms – get rid of it. It is an octopus that has way outgrown it’s original intent.

    For that matter, let’s hit the main issue.

    We need to stop speculating on assets.

    I believe Steve Keen was right in beating this particular drum. No more shareholders – sorry…..we need to being doing something real with our lives, not living vicariously.

    It ought to be obvious that the capitalist method has been brought to it’s logical conclusion.

    Now we need the co-operative model instead. We’re all on this spaceship together – about time we acted like shipmates, eh?

    Dr. D

    I don’t know, that’s a tough call with a lot of definitions. Capitalism IS cooperation. It’s voluntary cooperation, by exchange, where I get to own what I make, and you get to own what you make. Concept, I know!

    As we are naturally cooperating, the problem is in practice, “cooperation” means I do the work and others party, then complain that I’m mean not to “cooperate” and “share” by giving them what they didn’t “cooperate” or help work for. That’s what the money is supposed to do: calculate how much “cooperation” you’ve been giving, and so get back equal to what you gave. However, corrupt the money and you corrupt the inter-people sharing/measuring system. Since workers aren’t going to corrupt the money in order to give MORE (they already can do that with charity) the only reason to corrupt it is to receive wealth for cheating. That’s not cooperation, but since it’s been over 100 years since we had a real money system, no one has anything to compare it to. It also means the system we have is not, can not, be Capitalism, but neither is it the cooperation of communalism, it’s a terrible hybrid that favors only the cheaters and is the worst of both worlds.

    “You did not help me plant my wheat. You did not help me pick my wheat. You did not help me take it to the mill to be ground into flour. And you did not help me make my bread. And my little chicks and I will eat it all by ourselves!” And they did.”

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