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    Edvard Munch Spring in Johan Karl Street 1891   • Trump: “I Almost Have Five Hundred Million Dollars In Cash” (ZH) • Trump’s Third Act Has Begun.
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    “A” is right in the middle. How does that make me a genius? I just located a letter that was different to the others – except the Z of course.
    Who decides what makes you a genius? People are wierd.

    Re the Moscow attack – adding to Belgorod – I don’t think Vlad will get drawn in. He is not that emotional and politics will not hurt him now after the election. Steady.
    Also the Bankers want lots and lots and lots of weapons made, purchased and also people killed and houses and land to become available so let’s not rush this wildfire of human misery and suffering.
    Europe is next though. They love it. all those nationalities and venom – ruling class, religion, border disputes and ancient hurts. Also history shows most of them can’t resist a bloodbath – looking at you Germany which btw is winning the fascist state award over there at the moment as CJ Hopkins and many others will attest.
    Yep – Armstrong and Nenner are looking like horses to bet on.

    Personally I’m doomsday prepping a little more each day. My brand new woodburning stove (7.5 thousand aud)with 8 kW water jacket to get installed now I have constructed my 5 m tower to hold the hot water via thermosiphon. It is sexy and can’t wait to light the fire in winter (coming soon) and know my trees are making warmth and hot water in copper!
    Damn it nice to be cosy while watching the world turn.


    IQ is relative. We all think we are 100 (special cases noted). Which answers the question “who decides”. There are some absolutes. Unintended consequence is the inverse of IQ. Censorship is the proverse. Our example is those persons for whom everything is going wrong and they want you to shut up. They are probably also that special case that thinks they are a genius.

    Figmund Sreud

    A: Horizontal row 13 counting down, right in the middle!

    Dr. D

    Okay, two year anniversary of Ukraine.

    “That the insane call themselves “progressive,” is a signature of their insanity. Progress toward what better state of things? Toward a supremacy of fiends, sadists, degenerates, and morons seizing riches and power by every dishonest means possible outside the rule of law and common decency? It’s not even suitable to call them “communists.” They lack the necessary idealism for that. They don’t expect to put their shoulders to the wheel with their fellow man. They just want to grab your stuff and then kill you so they don’t have to hear any complaints.” — Kunstler

    “The insane do not believe any of the theoretical bullshit they want to force you to swallow.”

    “US Intelligence Says It Knew ISIS-K Was Planning Terror Attack On Moscow

    Yes well since ISIS is the CIA, we built and control them, no surprise, right? How long do you think Russia’s going to put up with direct attacks on Moscow before they bomb NY? And it won’t be NY, it’ll be some secret unknown, denied sub base in the Pacific or something.

    “Doctors score win, forcing FDA to remove statements about ivermectin.

    A mere million deaths later. So we’re taking down the government for misinformation, right? Ban them.

    “’Gender Science’ Was Merely Ideology All Along: Why did it take so long?”

    Because they amputated and sterilized a whole city’s worth of (white) children. That’s a win. We’re going to take them down for misinformation, right?

    “Our Country Is Being Poisoned”: [80,000] Overdose Deaths Catapult Fentanyl As Major Voter Topic In Presidential Race

    So…tripled? The Chinese have studied the Opium Wars well.


    “she is using her office to avoid paying a $3 million loan while protecting a group that overly-inflated their property values.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! …The world’s biggest, longest-running coincidence theory strikes again! But nobody knewd nothin’. Not in gossipy NYC where private eyes are a dime a dozen. Okay, they spanked Fani before this. Why wait until now to know what everybody Knewd? Again, you have to MAKE the billionaires of NY understand. And act. They have to TAKE his property, or at least make it real to them. I guess not unexpectedly, Trump didn’t really want to lost Trump Tower for real. Oh well. A little short of being a patriot to no one’s surprise.

    “She should be disbarred.”

    Just one of so many, many reasons. I think running on taking down a man without a crime is the foremost. That’s the gold standard of “Politicizing” your office.

    “Judge Cannon seal the prosecution’s fate before the trial even begins.”

    Right on schedule. And there are five more levels, I’m most after “He’s not a Special Prosecutor to begin with.” His every minute is illegal. Same with the J6 COmmittee that jail Navarro. There are rules. If the committee follows no rules, they’re not a committee: they’re a social club.

    “From now until November, this is the four-step plan.”

    Yes, it’s the famous YouTube clip of Nancy Pelosi describing it as “The Wrap Up Smear.” I create a rumor, blackmail Buzzfeed into printing it, which is then picked up by WaPo, who then asks Congress, which means “this is a real thing” and refer to the FBI who open an investigation into the-thing-I-just-made-up, who then, as James vowed each day on the campaign trail, she will discover, prosecute, and fabricate if necessary.

    Wow, when they said “High” I thought like, “It was just obvious.” Instead, HE CONFESSES TO A FELONY IN COURT. Okay, you do you. Thanks, I guess. Saves us needing policemen if they come off the street and confess to crimes on videotape. Please do more, I could save the budget.

    ““Letitia James is about to hand Trump a huge victory…”

    Which one? There are 10 more reasons this wouldn’t stand. NY is making a spectacle they won’t recover from for generations, and I for one am glad. So when NYC collapses, both by population, and morally, then NY becomes a “Rural” state like, dunno, Iowa or something, which HAS a Blue city, collapsing in crime, drugs, racism, and misery, but can’t outvote the Rural hats and therefore spread it to everyone else. What happens if NY loses, I dunno, 2M and the state votes Red? Which like so many it’s always on the edge of? (MI and IL come to mind.) The anchor and the 28 electoral votes go Republican – or whoever is left then. And is a crater from space as a bad example to others, like Bud Light.

    “President Trump is billions of dollars richer after shareholders in Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) on Friday approved a merger”

    Right on schedule, with the world’s largest coincidence theory. Hey if this stuff keeps happening, then who’s in charge? Because it doesn’t look like the bad guys are controlling it. If they were, they’d put up obstacles to these predictable logic-trees. This pattern is just alarming and informing everyone without proceeding to win.

    “If they try to seize Trump’s assets there will be a bloodbath.”

    If only. We can only dream. This would activate the 80% of wealthy Americans, and take it out of a internecine battle of two wings of the Secret State no one cares about. Or trampling the People which they REALLY don’t care about.

    ““Trump turned Leticia James into his best fundraiser..”

    In the world’s largest coincidence theory.

    “”The establishment is acting like a cornered dog that knows it’s about to be slaughtered”

    That’s funny: I thought “They” control everything, we should just give up. I thought “They” were winning.

    “but US authorities threatened Vladimir Zelensky with withdrawal of non-military funding,”

    WHO? Who specifically? There is no “US Authorities” that have a Vulcan hive-mind meld. Are there “US Authorities” who do the #Opposite? Doubtless. So why don’t you mention them? Clearly you must suspect who this PARTICULAR authority is, so tell us.

    “The most disturbing thing about this whole story is that two or three months ago it was unthinkable, now, two or three months later, it becomes an ordinary event.”

    But Orban! We’ve always been at war with Westasia. Everybody knows that!

    ““..Peskov explained that despite the conflict “de facto turning into a war,” legally it remains classified in Russia as a special military operation..”

    This news had me very worried since they’ve been very legal and clear, turning into a war means “A War”, but his statement is unchanged and what we already knew: no War is declared yet.

    ““..Marine Le Pen [..] accused the president last week of “hijacking” the Ukraine issue for the sake of domestic electoral politics..”
    • Macron Believes Ukraine Could Fall Soon – Politico (RT)

    Nah, he doesn’t care a thing about France. Never has. If every Frenchman died, he’d throw a party. What’s happening is (Yet third Krainer interview, with Luongo, ) is Macron is core Euro, EU as “United States of Europe” and the Capital technocrats, ruling the shattered planet, boot on the face of humanity, forever. Iterations out from UN > EU > ESG > War Bonds is Ukraine, failing in both collateral AND proving Europe is run by a bunch of witless spankmonkeys. I’m not going to buy $1T in new bonds AND have all my existing EuroBonds vaporized by a bunch of halfwits who can’t even beat Romania. Or maybe I will for 20% interest rates, where both China and America run over you.

    If that happens, UN > EU > All EU suckups and vile Nazis, people-trampling authoritarians are going to be taken off the field in a box. …Or maybe more like a bucket. That’s what he’s most scared about, and why it’s worth murdering every Frenchman to delay it an hour. Too bad so sad. If you don’t want to leave in a bucket, don’t start a death match with 200 million pissed off Franks.

    “declaring there would be “no limits” to French support for Kiev and calling Russia an “adversary.”

    O Rly? Looks like neither you, your people, nor your generals will allow you to send even as few meaningless number as 2,000 men there, so get stuffed. Looks like they set a “Limit”. The limit is ZERO. Zero men is the limit.

    ““Western elites have the technology and well-trained soldiers.”

    God. No wonder we totally failed. We were doing DEI training while running our rifles on Windows11. It’s a miracle we weren’t all killed before now. …But I’ll call tech support and get this .223 out in 10 or 12 days after I mail it into to the home IT office via FedEx.

    “What they lack is the stamina and political courage to face the baptism of outrage once body bags start arriving back on home soil..”

    Oh DO we? You just put 90,000 men in body bags and destroyed all of Ohio and it looks like we’re coming for you. It’s the courage and stamina to tolerate ANY number of body bags, and the only question is: for what? To get rid of the elite no number is too high. Now take a 1975 Scotti Camper around all 50 states and ASK. I think you’ll find we haven’t got started and our will is immeasurable.

    “All it actually took was Newsweek to run a cover of a U.S. soldier’s body being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu to make Clinton not only pull out of Somalia altogether, but convince the UN itself to leave later in 1995.”

    Hahahahaha! Oh my sweet, summer child. You actually believe that the media is independent and a reflection of the people? In 1995? Wow, what’s that like? No, CLINTON decided HE was leaving for his own strategy and TOLD Newsweek to run it or else. Newsweek, as the Press Office of the CIA Derp State, did their one job and collected their weekly paycheck. Change my mind.

    “• France’s Megalomaniac Macron is Gambling With World Peace (SCF)

    Is he? Because Every other nation can just say “No” to Article 5 and indeed all of NATO. Oh they signed a treaty? MAKE ME. What are you going to do, repossess Portugal? Oh so all NATO is busy in Ukraine, has no shells, but they’re ALSO going to ride out the border of Lisbon and start shelling? Boy, that’ll cause unity! Gosh you guys are So. Darn. Cute!

    “As well as France, the Poles and Baltic states appear to be gung-ho about sending combat units.”

    Oh if you mean the #Opposite of that, then yes. The Polish PEOPLE refuse, the French PEOPLE refuse – and half the generals too. So suppose one dimwitted PM says, “Fire!” Then what? He goes away. You can’t fight a war with zero home support, the government topples instead, and topples instantly. They already hate Tusk and booted him once. Nobody even knows who Sunak is. Macron is already hated and if there were an election wouldn’t make 1%. Who do they think they are? If you’re going to MAKE me pick up a rifle and get shot anyway, why wouldn’t I shoot YOU instead and save myself a long walk?

    This is what happens when you’re too smart for your own good. You can’t see how very simple things are. Con artists can only think in circles. Neo Con Artists.

    ““ circumventing a clause in the bloc’s founding treaty..”

    That is, by lying, cheating, and stealing. …In service of Murdering. So…how well do you expect the international coalition to operate after you do that? With everyone loving and trusting you more than before?

    “• Ukraine Makes Fresh Move To Draft More Soldiers (RT)

    Speaking of saving myself a long walk. Now you know why the population should be armed. If they won’t let you be legally armed, then be illegally armed. …Everyone else is.

    ““..why would you have 12 people armed with shotguns and machine guns, raid a doctor’s home in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and four years later never indict him?”

    A crime was committed and we didn’t prosecute. That is a crime. You can’t just voluntarily prosecute whenever you get the hankering. Just like if there’s a dead body, the police can’t say, “Well, I don’t feel like it this month, do whatever you want.”

    “• Global Population Set To Fall For First Time In 700 Years (MN)

    But, but, Science!™ But But, my multi-trillion dollar handout to solve this! …Yeah, we know. Books were already written about these demographics in like 2000. Looks like they were right but more of it. Surprise! (To no one. To no one who does “Science” and is “Literate”)

    So, we’re all saved? All the article say we’re now happy, right? It’s a good thing?

    No? To have population RISE is bad, a catastrophe, but to have it FALL is also a catastrophe? No pleasing you people.

    Numbers: Don’t outsmart yourself, it’s “6”. The number that goes in a triangle is “6”.

    Speaking of: “A” is right there in the title. How many do you need?


    So they have retarded explanations for their terrorism, that makes sense, you would hardly expect them to admit anything, which means it is time to torture the fuckers. This guys says he took 5k to do this job, the problem with that explanation is that they are paying 1k per day to be a mercenary in Ukraine, so why is he doing this shit? Doesn’t make sense. He could have gone on the front lines and be sending home a healthy packet every week, instead he sacrifices himself for 5k. Bullshit.

    John Day

    “12”, (or possibly “18” depending upon how one reads the order, as multiplying the number by the one above it. What about 9=90, though?), or multiplying the number by the next integer greater than itself.

    A in the middle takes careful scanning of rows, not intellect. It is flattery. I am not a “genius”.



    Fucking dumb assholes.

    Maxwell Quest

    ? = 13


    My efforts to help bring news to TAE
    Follow the trail of bread crumbs
    Update your info from
    March 23, 2024
    Media Snippets Related To The Crocus City Hall Attack
    Some cut & copy
    ISIS is the creation of USA and Mossad.
    The fact that the terrorists were racing toward the Ukrainian border when caught, is a very UNPLEASANT fact for Ukraine.
    I think that this time ukraine really did cross Russia’s red line.
    Up-to-date updates on the terrorist attack in Crocus:

    — 93 people have died so far. 41 of them were identified.

    – 11 people involved in the terrorist attack were detained, including four who directly attacked Crocus.

    “Among the detainees are two 19-year-old twin brothers: Rivojidin and Muhammadsobir Faizov. The latter, during the arrest, shot at the security forces. He was wounded (last photo), operated on in intensive care and is already being interrogated.

    “The perpetrators planned to escape from the Russian Federation to Ukraine through a forest in the Bryansk region. They were detained by officers of the Border Guard Service of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    “Thanks to the drones, it was possible to detect one of the terrorists heading to the Ukrainian border.

    “In total, about 300 Russian security forces and military officers combed the area. All 4 Wahhabis were taken alive.
    https: //
    Who Is Behind The Bloody Terrorist Attack In Moscow? Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.03.23
    Foreign mercenaries
    https:/ /
    Hundreds of Al-Qaeda militants arrive in Ukraine from Syria
    The Al-Qaeda militants arrived just days after Russian intelligence warned that Washington was providing them with training for the fight in Ukraine
    MAR 8, 2022
    This Is Not ISIS – Rossiya Segodnya Editor-in-Chief on Moscow Concert Hall Attack
    The truth will eventually come out


    I found the fish intriguing. It looks like it must be a Goliath tigerfish.

    John Day

    Bipartisan US agrees to starve Palestinians to death with cover of Moscow terrorist attack.

    The legislation provides 75% of the federal government funding for the coming six months. It includes measures to increase military salaries, eliminate funding to the United Nations agency supporting Palestinian refugees, and enhance security along the southern border.


    270,000 dead to Fentanol since 2015?

    I kind of don’t get it. Don’t you run out of people wanting to TAKE the drug? Where do all these people come from? If it kills too fast, don’t you essentially burn out the drug culture – no one to induct more people? Who volunteers to take some and why?

    I saw a thing a couple days ago estimating deaths of despair if you put suicide, drug overdoses, alcoholism related deaths etc in America are at around 200,000/year???

    80,000/year from a single drug is like a fairly significant war. 58,000 total US dead in Vietnam.

    An explanation I keep coming across is that Fentanyl is put into all the other drugs – meth, cocaine, pot, everything. “They” lace all the other drugs with it.

    But you are killing your customers. What gives? And… they are killing their customers, why are you stepping up to the bar for your own helping? Can you not find some pot seeds and potting soil instead?


    Math test.

    3 = 18


    Math Test
    ? = 13

    Dr. D

    Daily dose of pure insanity:

    Bioethicist trying not to be pejorative about Covid. Great! Problem: every part of her paradigm conflicts. She’s like the poster child of bio-insanity. Covid was real, doctors are great…except ALSO no doctor believes Long Covid symptoms, the medical system ALSO ignores, rejects, defunds (and therefore presumably kills) everyone. Look they can’t BOTH be heroes AND be louts. They can’t BOTH be totally on the ball, earnest, and true and ALSO be lazy, indifferent, and unhelpful. Pick one. The whole article dances in that space, which is essentially abused-children-covering-for-abusive-adult-alcoholics. Not a flicker of self-awareness, nor a flicker of “Hey, what should we do about it?” As fully realized adults and strong, empowered womyn, yo. Nope. I’m reporting it’s broken. Don’t know why, Not gonna do anything about it. Thot you should know. Somebody else’s responsibility. Somebody else’s fault.

    Clipping through some nearby links, this is nowhere NEAR the craziest, most unhinged thing on Rolling Stone. Like every third article is a fact-free, jaw-dropping hit piece by the Mean Girls’ Table now locked in an airtight control booth smelling each other’s farts. Why? As Ms. Yuko above points out, millions of people are living under a tarp, dying. And you have a thousand inches to dedicate to ragging on one 2nd string football player? Like that’s the top story by length this month?
    A guy none of has heard of, never cared about, never WILL care about, and has no power at all, thinks stuff. Oh Noes. Stop Americans “Thinking Stuff”. Because always before football quarterbacks were well known for their deep, insightful, well-researched opinions and their wide receivership of Nobel Prizes.

    As Kunstler says, all of it is an indicator that America is insane. Or…Actually…just this tiny, insignificant cadre of Ivy School grads numbering about 100,000 are completely insane, a number easily institutionalized for our safety if need be. The rest of America is not suffering any such delusions, thanks.


    US Senate passes $1.2 trillion budget, averting government shutdown

    But the measure did not include funding for mostly military aid to Ukraine, Taiwan or Israel, which are included in a different Senate-passed bill that the Republican-led House of Representatives has ignored.
    (Watch for the under the table work arounds)

    The bill also eliminates US funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) – which provides vital services on the ground to Palestinians in Gaza and across the Middle East – until March 2025.

    The agency lost millions of dollars in international support, led by the US, following allegations by Israel that some of its staff in the Gaza Strip were involved in the October 7 Hamas-led attacks.


    90 / 9 = 10,

    9 x (10) = 90
    8 x 9 = 72
    7 x 8 = 56
    6 x 7 = 42
    3 x 6 = 18

    ? = 18

    Maxwell Quest

    f(x) = x(x+1)

    f(3) = 3(3+1) = 12


    On Gaza -> several top posts.

    The Two-State-Solution has been touted for more than 50 yrs., nothing was ever done to implement it, it is just showy look-good, look pious, fair, etc. proposal.

    Clamoring for it now is just more of the same tired BS.

    ISR territory, which has no fixed Int’l borders btw, is incredibly small. Anyone who has been there knows this.. how such a postage stamp ‘non’ country could be divided is moot..

    Dividing that minuscule land into two states, or ethnic held territories in an odd patchwork, with one state of the 2 state solution, Palestine, and the other being Jewish, solves nothing. It would just exaberate the conflict, keeps it going, institutionalise the hatred, encourage violent escalation. There would still be one ‘group’ (no matter what patchwork land they lived on) dominating another.


    I got nothing on the triangles- I agree that 6 works as well as anything.
    …6×7=42, 5×6=30, 4×5=20, 3×4=12, 2×3=6, 1×2=2
    Or what Maxwell Quest wrote.

    Here in the land of lakes, people say muskies are scary.

    Doc Robinson

    Subtracting the bottom right number from the sum of the other two numbers gives 13 for the triangle puzzle.


    Yanky going home

    America’s $280 Million Military Mission in Niger Ends in Failure

    America’s $280 Million Military Mission in Niger Ends in Failure

    Air Base 201 in Niger was the U.S. Air Force’s largest construction project in history: a massive drone center that cost American taxpayers $280 million.
    The U.S. presence in Niger, unknown to most Americans, has been a mess for years. In 2017, the Islamic State ambushed and killed four U.S. Green Berets. The U.S. military reprimanded several commanders for improperly preparing the troops and lying about their mission. In 2022, local bandits robbed a van carrying $40,000 in American taxpayer money, meant to pay local employees, in broad daylight just outside Air Base 201.

    Many West African countries are former French colonies, and France has also used counterterrorism missions to retain its influence over the region it calls “Françafrique.”

    Resentment over the American and French presence boiled over in 2020, when West Africa began to suffer a series of military coups, bringing anti-Western governments to power. Ironically, many of the coup plotters—including the Nigerien officers—had also received U.S. military training before turning against their American backers.


    In the triangle puzzle

    ? = 13

    Two math puzzles both using “?” as the unsolved variable makes the answers in comments a little confusing without noting which puzzle is being solved.


    Is this part of the french invasion?

    Foreign servicemen injured in Ukraine were urgently transferred to Poland, which means that a precise “arrival” took place.

    The medical plane of the Polish Air Force took off from Rzeszów and landed on the territory of the 33rd transport aviation base in Powidz.

    A medical C-130, quite rare in these parts, took off from the territory of the main base, where all shipments of weapons and mercenaries to Ukraine come from, and also where they are transported if they are injured.


    What happened to Edvard to go from Johan Karl St. to the Scream? Kunstler pleads it’s insanity because he cannot, will not face jew machinations., made plausible by money from nothing. 100 years of planning is not insane, it’s deliberate. None of it happened by accident. The Fed, Depression, Weimar, World Wars, UN, JFK, Fake moon missions, 911, Ukraine, Gaza, endless wheels of misery till you finally get people to line up, voluntarily, for a shot that kills them. It only seems insane if you refuse to face up to the perpetrators. People would rather be robbed blind, incapacitated and murdered, than be considered antisemite. Now that, that is fuckin insane.


    Blockchain of Custody; Linear Reality-
    Where dost Thou live in Completion?
    All of Thy data conveys immortality:
    Deity! Thou art Accretion!

    Whales may be sharks,
    And some poems are snarks.

    Doc R- Sure enough!
    6 6 6 and 13.


    A major study published in scientific journal The Lancet has found that the global population will start to fall within decades due to vastly reduced fertility rates and may never recover. The study, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that by the year 2050, 155 of 204 countries are on course to have birth rates lower than required to sustain the population level

    Just too silly.

    We assume the study completely ignored peaking and decline of oil extraction, abrupt climate change, the insect apocalypse, wars to maintain/acquire control of resources etc. .

    Much more likely is a decline in world population commencing around 2030, perhaps before.

    John Day

    Systemic Jeopardy

    Systemic jeopardy , THE COMING FINANCIAL CRASH​ , Surplus Energy Economics
    One question, above all others, has dominated our recent discussions here. This is the issue of whether the financial system will fracture as the underlying “real” or material economy inflects from growth into contraction.
    Has some kind of chaotic reset – either contractionary or hyperinflationary – become inevitable? Are we – to put it colloquially – heading into a re-run of the Wall Street crash and the ensuing Great Depression?
    The answer is that we are. Only two outcomes remain possible. One is a cascade of defaults and asset price crashes, and the other is a full-on resort to money-creation, resulting in an uncontrollable surge in inflation.
    The likelihood is that the latter will be tried, but will fail to prevent the former.​..
    ​..This doesn’t just mean that households will have to get by without various non-essentials hitherto taken very largely for granted. It also means that they will find it increasingly hard to ‘keep up the payments’ on everything from secured and unsecured credit to subscriptions and staged-payment purchases.
    ​ In an economy shaped by energy, there’s no bottomless well of household financial resources, and any attempt to create one using ultra-loose monetary policies can only lead to the hyper-inflationary destruction of the purchasing power value of money.
    ​ The outlook for the material and financial economies is quite clear, and is pictured in Fig. 2.
    ​ Structurally, the departure of the “financial economy” (of money, transactions and credit) from the underlying “real economy” (of material products and services) has introduced enormous disequilibrium pressure into the system (Fig. 2C), pressure that has been rising even as the aggregates of debt and broader liability exposure have been escalating (Fig. 2D).
    ​..Within our general understanding of economic and financial causation, two big questions remain to be answered. First, what’s going to happen to domestic and international politics as the public, previously promised perpetual material betterment, awakes to the reality of deteriorating prosperity, narrowing choices and worsening insecurity?
    ​ Second, can the financial system, in its present form, survive the inflexion of the material economy from growth into contraction? The short answer to this question is that it can’t, and the task ahead is to redesign the financial system for a smaller, supportive role in a shrinking economy.
    ​ The political issue requires a discussion all to itself, but we can already see popular dissatisfaction finding voice in the rise of authoritarian populism…
    ..We’ll have to go through a GFCII event, this time on a scale that no amount of monetary gimmickry can buy off. Then we’ll have to build a new financial system, just as individual countries have been compelled to do after the hyperinflationary destruction of their currencies.

    #273: Systemic jeopardy

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow has news and an opinion. Update on the ‘Crocus City Hall’ massacre
    The death toll has risen sharply from first news last night. It now stands at 143 and may go still higher. Most of the victims apparently died from gunshot wounds. Some died from asphyxiation linked to smoke from the fire on the premises which the attackers lit with incendiary devices. The event under attack was a rock concert that was about to begin and many of those killed were children and adolescents, a fact which, rightly or wrongly, Russians consider particularly heinous…
    ​..We know that 11 of those responsible were apprehended, including the four who committed the murders in the auditorium. They were caught in a forest of the Bryansk province, following a car chase and exchange of gunfire with law enforcement officers when they tried to evade a roadside control. They were driving their Renault car in the direction of the Ukrainian border.
    ​ We are told that several at least are citizens of the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan, although Tajik authorities deny that their people were involved. Representatives of the Islamic State terrorist organization have claimed responsibility, although that by itself says nothing about ultimate directions from Ukraine.
    ​ One of the terrorists revealed under police interrogation that they were paid 500,000 rubles for the attack, amounting to a paltry $5,000. Another 500,000 was to be paid later, following the attack, but it is safe to assume that the paymasters never expected that half to be paid out.
    ​ Vladimir Putin’s address to the nation was calm and non-accusatory with respect to the puppet masters behind the atrocity…..“Putin: there is information about the preparation of an escape window for the murderers on the Ukrainian side”​…
    ​ Otherwise, Putin’s opening words were of comfort to the bereaved and relatives of those wounded. We know from other sources that the Moscow and Moscow regional authorities have announced compensation to be paid to all victims and their relatives…​..Tomorrow has been declared a national day of mourning in Russia. The Culture Ministry has cancelled all events involving large gatherings of people and cities across Russia have declared heightened security measures. Indeed the situation at the Crocus City Hall was exceedingly lax: there were no armed guards. The security people had only wooden clubs, not firearms, and they apparently were in their quarters when they were tracked down by the assailants and murdered first before they proceeded to the auditorium.
    ​..Let there be no confusion here: the tragedy yesterday is a turning point in the war. I remain persuaded that it was an American sanctioned or directed provocation intended to elicit the violent response that I mentioned in my last essay – a Russian strike on Kiev with intent to decapitate the Zelensky regime.

    ​ US Intelligence Says It Knew ISIS-K Was Planning Terror Attack On Moscow
    ​ The initial reports that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attack in Moscow appeared rumor at first, and has still been subject of widespread scrutiny and debate, however, US media and government officials are saying that the Islamic State (or ISIS-K) statement is authentic. “A branch of the Islamic State claimed responsibility on Friday for the attack in Moscow that killed at least 40 people and injured about 100 others, and U.S. officials confirmed the claim shortly afterward,” The New York Times writes late in the day.
    ​ What’s more is that US intelligence knew there was to be an imminent attack on Moscow: “The United States collected intelligence in March that Islamic State-Khorasan, known as ISIS-K, the branch of the group based in Afghanistan, had been planning an attack on Moscow, according to officials. ISIS members have been active in Russia, one U.S. official said,” according to more from NYT.
    ​ The Kremlin had earlier in the day demanded answers of Washington explaining why the US Embassy in Moscow issued an alert earlier this month for all US nationals to avoid public venues and be extra vigilant.

    John Day

    ​ Swamp Wins: Senate Approves $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill, Narrowly Averting Gov’t Shutdown
    ​ The legislation provides 75% of the federal government funding for the coming six months. It includes measures to increase military salaries, eliminate funding to the United Nations agency supporting Palestinian refugees, and enhance security along the southern border.

    World Sees Gaza as ‘US Genocide’ Not Just Israel’s

    ​ The West’s Reckoning? Dr. Michael Brenner
    ​ Western leaders are experiencing two stunning events: defeat in Ukraine, and genocide in Palestine. The first is humiliating, the other shameful. Yet, they feel no humiliation or shame. Their actions show vividly that those sentiments are alien to them…
    ..Clues for these abnormalities are provided by their most recent responses as deteriorating conditions tighten the vise – on emotions, on prevailing policies, on domestic political worries, on ginger egos. Those responses fall under the category of panic behavior. Deep down, they are scared, fearful, and agitated. Biden et al in Washington, Macron, Schulz, Sunak, Stoltenberg, von der Leyen. They lack the courage of their stated convictions or the courage to face reality squarely. The blunt truth is that they have contrived to get themselves, and their countries, in a quandary from which there is no escape conforming to their current self-defined interests and emotional engagement…​
    ..French President Emmanuel Macon’s proposed plan to station military personnel from NATO members within Ukraine to serve as a tripwire. Arrayed as a cordon around Kharkov, Odessa, and Kiev they are meant to deter advancing Russian forces from moving on those cities for fear of killing Western soldiers – thereby risking a direct confrontation with the Alliance…
    ..There already are thousands of Westerners bolstering the Ukrainian armed forces. Roughly 4 – 5,000 Americans have been performing critical operational functions from the outset. The presence of a majority predates by several years the onset of hostilities 2 years ago. That contingent was augmented by a supplementary group of 1,700 last summer which was a corps of logistic experts advertised as mandated to seek out and eradicate corruption in the black-marketing of pilfered supplies. The Pentagon people are sown through the Ukrainian military from headquarters planning units to advisers in the field, to technicians and Special Forces…
    ..The principal lesson to be drawn from this overview is that the positioning of European troops at key sites as human hostages is not wholly original. Their presence has not deterred Russia from attacking them in the field or, as in the French case, hunting them down in their residences…
    ​..Insofar as the violent ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is concerned, it is fair to say that the Western government’s complicity via its arming and unqualified backing for Israel’s gruesome actions constitutes grotesque behavior. To single out individual elements among individual governments is superfluous. The entire episode is grotesque. So it is seen by nearly the entire world outside the countries of the collective West…
    ​..There are actions that manifestly represent a clear and future danger of an expanding war in Europe…
    ​..Taken together, the actions of Western leaders – supported by their nations’ political elites – are indicative of a behavior pattern that has parted ways with reality. They derive deductively from dogmas unsubstantiated by objective fact…
    ​..Back to the ingredients of panic. We noted fear – of both the identifiable and the unknown, and sub-conscious feelings of insecurity… opening opportunities for willful persons or factions who harbor audacious objectives of remaking the world’s geo-political space according to American hegemonic specifications. To that end, our leaders manipulate and exploit conditions of emotional disorientation and political conformity. The outstanding example is the so-called ‘neo-cons’ in Washington (who number Joe Biden as a comrade-in-arms) who have crafted a network of like-minded true believers in London, Paris, Berlin, and at both ends of Brussels.
    ​ What of the puzzle we noted as to the near complete absence of feelings of guilt or shame – especially over Gaza, of being humiliated in the eyes of the world? In conditions of nihilism, matters of conscience are moot. The implicit rejection of norms, rules, and laws frees the individual self to do whatever impulses or ideas, or selfish interests impel it. With the superego dissolved, there is no felt obligation to judge oneself about any external or abstract standard. Narcissistic tendencies flourish. A similar psychology obviates the requirement for experiencing shame. That is something that can only exist if we subjectively are part of a social grouping wherein personal status, and sense of worth, depend on how others view us and whether they grant us respect. In the absence of such a communal identity, with its attendant sensitivity to its opinion, shame can exist only in the perverse form of regret that one has been unable to meet the demanding, all-consuming need for self-gratification. That applies to nations as well as their individual leaders.

    The West’s Reckoning?

    ​ Russian servicemen to kill all French soldiers in Ukraine — senior lawmaker
    Pyotr Tolstoy pointed out that 147 out of 367 French mercenaries who arrived in Ukraine earlier have been eliminated

    ​ Andrew Korybko, Analyzing The Kremlin Spokesman’s Unprecedented Description Of The Ukrainian Conflict As A War​
    This should be seen as the Kremlin’s clearest signal yet that it’ll respond to the scenario of a conventional Western intervention by striking those opposing forces in line with the international laws governing this form of conflict.​..
    ​..Returning to Peskov’s rhetorical shift, the best that it could therefore do is prompt the West to back off from its plans, after which the warring parties could rely on Indian mediation to manage this latest phase of their security dilemma. If the West misinterprets his words as a “bluff” and still goes through with what Macron talked about, especially without India mediating to share each side’s red lines and how they’ll react in various scenarios, then the risk of World War III by miscalculation will be higher than ever.​

    John Day

    ​ Aleks at Black Mtn. Analysis interviews Alex Krainer, discussing Economics And Empires
    They cover a lot of ground, and efficiently so. The video is an hour long. Stop when it gets dull. 🙂

    Mike Benz (5 min): Hunter Biden was advancing a CIA project in Ukraine to swing the natural gas market towards NATO & that’s why he’s untouchable.

    CIA Protecting Biden by Blocking IRS Interviews, Says Former Whistleblower​ [Including dramatic SWAT intervention on Hunter’s Psychiatrist to ransack his house.]

    ​ FDA Settles Ivermectin Case, Agrees To Remove Controversial ‘Stop It’ Post
    “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

    ​ Pierre Kory MD, The FDA Settled With Us Because They Knew They Were Going To Lose
    ​ After 4 years of catastrophic health agency tyranny, physicians finally score a legal victory. I think the FDA settled because their Pharma masters were terrified of discovery. Here is the backstory.

    John Day

    ​ The Hertz Meltdown Reveals Scale Of The EV Debacle
    ​ CEO of Hertz Stephen Scherr has been booted out due to a vast purchase of an EV fleet that consumers didn’t even want to rent. The company has now been forced to sell them at a deep discount and in a market where consumers are not particularly interested.
    ​ Looking back, however, Scherr’s decision to bet everything on an EV boom was a disaster that was highly praised at the time. Only last year, the company bragged: “This morning, [Hertz] was recognized by The White House for our efforts to expand access to electric vehicles across the country. Demand for EV rentals is growing and we’re here to help our customers electrify their travels.”


    My Father used to complain about how stupid the government was, but then would say “Thank God They Are So Stupid”!
    Fani and James.
    I rest my case.

    They have thrown the kitchen sink at Trump and he is still sortta standing.
    Trump has at least revealed how crooked the deep state’s government is.
    But they are not quite finished yet with making an example of Trump.
    There is more Lawfare and crooked judges waiting.
    They need to make sure we know and never forget, who is the boss.
    Each of us lessor souls would have already been crushed and dead.

    I still don’t believe Trump will ever be elected President.
    The clue is the neocon’s decision to openly up the escalation in Ukraine.
    The RINOs in the House have already decided to pass the Ukrainian Aid bill.
    The deep state has no intention of giving back control of the government.

    The deep state rigged the 2020 election to save “their” America.
    So far they have done a great job in “not” saving “their” America.
    Having to run the government, they have been reduced to being the “government”!
    Once you are reduced to being the government, you reveal for all to see, your stupidity!
    Since we can’t stop you, carry on you being you!
    As Dr. D would say, just take my money and my vote!

    Covid Vaccines:
    First, it was Queen Elisabeth.
    Second, it is King Charles.
    Third, it is Kate Middleton.
    King William will rule without a Queen.
    The Reign of Turbo Cancer.


    Marandi noted that he has been to China twice and public opinion there has shifted as well. He noted that he does not think China will ever invest in Israel again. “They see on their own social media networks what you and I are seeing,” he noted.

    I would agree with this; many Chinese people have mentioned to me how astonished they are that such bad things are happening, and these are people who survived the cultural revolution.

    I met a Chinese person here who’s daughter met some Israeli students when she was abroad, the Israeli students were completely supportive of the genocide, the daughter was so taken aback that she recounted the conversation to her parents. The parent then asked me why I thought the Israelis were so supportive of genocide, my explanation was that the children had bad parents who have brought them up to be haters of the Palestinians who see Palestinians as lesser humans. I passed my judgement that the world would be a better place without Israel and the Israelis.


    I would like to draw your attention to the EU Brussel’s continuing efforts to gain the powers of direct taxation of EU citizens to fund the war in Ukraine.

    First, it was seizing Rusian Central Bank assets to pay for the war in Ukraine.

    Second, it was seizing the interest from the seized Russian Central Bank assets to pay for the war in Ukraine.

    Both of these ideas have run into stiff resistance at the BIS, the central bank’s international central bank.
    If this were to happen, then the BIS would fail.
    Likely a bridge too far for bankers to accept.
    The BIS was the banker’s first step toward one world government.
    I doubt bankers would sacrifice the BIS for funding the Ukraine war.

    Thirdly, EU Brussels is trying to use tge Ukrainian war to create an emergency crisis so they can grab direct taxation powers. This involves using Macron to help create this crisis situation.

    Fourthly, the EU Brussels are trying to reinterpret Article 41(2) as only applying to EU countries but not to a foriegn non -EU country like Ukraine.

    Fifthly, who knows what EU Brussels will try next???
    Farmers spraying mannuer on EU?
    But they won’t quit trying!

    Remember for EU Brussels, their survival depends upon gaining direct taxation powers so they can borrow money by issuing bonds.

    They are desperate!
    They are willing to kill you to get this power!


    I should also point out that the EU Brussels politicians are not elected but appointed, so they are responsible to no one!

    As one German said, it seems like the EU is the dumping grounds for each country’s most incompetent politicians!


    The Hertz EV crisis is just the tip of the iceberg!

    Three Chinese EV makers are currently spending billions on constructing new plants in Mexico as a result of bribes to Biden to push the EV mandate.
    Mary Bara CEO of GM, a Biden supporter, bet the company on EVs too.
    GM may go bankrupt again, jeopardizing all of GM’s current employee retirement pensions.

    We haven’t seen all of the EV casualties yet!


    If you can’t afford to buy an e-car or to operate it, then you will have the poor man option, of buying an e-scooter, or an e-bike.

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