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    Pablo Picasso The artist and his model 1926   • US is Cleanest Dirty Shirt Among Manufacturing Giants (WS) • Trump Just Might Have Won the 2020 E
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    V. Arnold

    Secret Courts and Secret Juries and Secret Documents and Secret Accusations. Nice country.

    No, it’s not!
    The U.S. citizens remind me of the poem from the 50’s;

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    V. Arnold

    Chelsea Manning was allowed to leave her cell; but remains a prisoner for the duration of her life. Unless she flees the U.S., gives up her citizenship, and becomes a citizen of another country; for which she should exercise extreme care in her choice.
    Russia would be a wise possibility…

    Dr. D


    John Day

    Are you already “prepping”? How about just growing some vegetables?
    The Future (if any) is Rural.
    Whether because we can no longer afford the damage caused by burning fossil hydrocarbons or because they are a nonrenewable resource, the era of oil, coal, and natural gas will come to an end in the foreseeable future. Mass urbanization has been made possible by the prodigious exploitation of fossil fuels. Cities have always been wholly reliant on the capacity of rural areas to produce basic goods, most importantly food. But due to the concentrated energy in oil, with its ability to power heavy equipment and transport goods over long distances, cities have been able to reach the scale they do today by drawing support from a land base often several hundred times their own area.[ii]​ …
    ​In anthropological terms, as we have less energy available, our society will become less complex, characterized by fewer monetary transactions and an increase in subsistence and informal economies. Progressively less energy from fossil fuels will require greater labor inputs and less reliance on mechanization over time. As energy use in countries like the U.S. declines over the coming decades, rural areas will repopulate, and lifestyles may resemble those in countries that never had access to vast energy supplies (Figure 3). [vi]​ …
    Food, its scarcity, the desire and opportunity to grow it, and the need to do it in ways that are appropriate to place and circumstance, will drive demographic shifts this century. People with life experiences and training suited for the urban environment are going to need a rapid education on what it takes to live off the land, and so-called conventional farmers and ranchers will have a steep learning curve to adopt more frugal and sustainable methods. But farmers and ranchers are not the only ones who need help adjusting to 21st century pressures. A society that actively supports them is also crucial to their success.​..
    ​Navigating energy descent will likely require that we take the best of liberal world views—like openness to ideas, enthusiasm for change, and tolerance of differences—and at the same time be deeply conservative—valuing interpersonal relationships, demanding respect and civility when those are under threat, and rediscovering a land ethic that resets social norms to help us restore and protect the places we love.

    The Future is Rural: The Unexpected Consequence of Energy Descent


    The winter weather is still happening.
    What is the most valuable asset to succed in our social/economic system?

    Learn the Keys to success for dummies.
    Secrets ….
    Lies ….
    Illusions ….
    deception ….
    pretense ….


    @ John Day
    “…. rediscovering a land ethic that resets social norms to help us restore and protect the places we love.”

    Key changes are needed in: land ownership and rights of rentiers and rights of serfs


    I forgot…. You got to be able to recognize and know how to protect yourself from

    deceit · deception · duplicity · lying · falseness · falsity · falsehood · untruthfulness · fraud · fraudulence · sharp practice · cheating · chicanery · craft · cunning · trickery · artifice · artfulness · wiliness · guile · double-dealing · underhandedness · subterfuge · skulduggery · treachery · perfidy · unfairness · unjustness · improbity · rascality · untrustworthiness · dishonor · unscrupulousness · corruption · criminality · lawlessness · lawbreaking · misconduct · crookedness · shadiness · foxiness · dirty tricks · kidology · shenanigans · monkey business · funny business · hanky-panky · jiggery-pokery · monkeyshines · codology · malfeasance · management · knavery · knavishness


    I stopped at a small store (Northern Vermont) hearing a conversation in Spanish, I asked if she was from Venezuela.
    Yes, so Guiado or Maduro? She said oh, Guiado. She said that it is the Maduro government that has caused the crisis. I said well isn’t it the American sanctions that are the cause? She said no, Maduro is stealing all the money, so the US is just preventing Maduro government from stealing it.
    I said, well won’t the US steal all the oil? She said, it doesn’t matter, Maduro steals it now, but if his government is gone it will be better for Venezuela and US.
    I wanted to ask her if this is the white minority wanting power back from the brown majority? But I knew I was going to get nowhere. (thanks Greg Palast)

    John Day

    @ Zerosum

    “Key changes are needed in: land ownership and rights of rentiers and rights of serfs”

    Yep, but first, somebody has to survive on the production, huh?

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