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    I don’t know what the tune is called, but I hope it suggests itself:

    When there’s trauma on their platter, they’ll regress.
    When there’s thoughts they need to scatter, they’ll regress.
    When there’s violence all around, when they’re stumbling on thin ground,
    When there’s nothing that seems sound, then they’ll regress.

    When the lies become too tangled, they’ll regress.
    When their fear cannot be strangled, they’ll regress.
    So when everything seems dumb, don’t be shocked they suck their thumb-
    Then throw tantrums and you’ll know that they’ve regressed.
    And they’ll sputter and spew nonsense when they’re pressed.

    D Benton Smith

    Every time a civilization collapses there were people around at the time. In this case those folks happen to be us. Sure is fascinatin’.

    By the way, for those of you with a dark enough sense of humor, have you heard the latest slang term for the Covid-19/Vax pandemic? Boomer Remover.


    Tourism for the 10%

    Want excitement, go to war zones.
    Feel special, go to countries to see starving people.
    Appreciation, smell rotting garbage and smelling feces on the street your thing.
    Action, get turned on by demonstrators clashing with police.
    Want to feel like a snob, Go to high inflation country

    Go to Europe


    @ morongobillfew

    Yup – it is a few handful of pills, but I’ve never had any gastric problems.
    Just slosh them all down with a large jar of tea!

    Been doing this since late 2020.
    Never took any supplements daily before Covid.

    John Day

    Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo saved the life of a man suffering from a heart attack at the State Capitol on Tuesday.
    The man underwent a “cardiac event” in the Capitol Courtyard on Tuesday, Spectrum News 13’s Jason Delgado reported.
    “Ladapo rushed over, performed chest compressions and stabilized the man using a defibrillator,”
    Angelic Ladapo

    Can’t tell if Willie Davis Jr. 57, was vaxxed or not…

    D Benton Smith

    The Tsar Bomba was a mere 50 megatons yield. Each of the 6 bombs on the Russian Belgorad sub are twice the yield, at 100 megatons apiece. When they set off the Tsar Bomba back in 1961 the fireball alone was 5 miles across. The blast zone obliterated (pulverized and incinerated) a village 35 miles from ground zero. Oh, yeah. Gimme a dozen of THAT prowling the seas.

    Jesus wept.



    @kassandra said:

    “Just got back from a business trip to a major southern city, one of my staff was drugged, taken back to his hotel room, and robbed of everything of value in his hotel room.”

    Very sorry to hear this. Can you confirm you mean the Southern U.S.? I live in Boston, things are still pretty calm here, but in NYC, where my employer is located, crime is getting much worse, and there have been increasing instances of these kind of premediated, well planned thefts, though this is the first of this kind I have heard of. This kind of organized attack is very unsettling, and it presages much worse once the economic free fall really gets underway.


    Gary Kaltbaum is calling for a good setup for a higher probability move to the upside. is golden. Even if you don’t invest. He’s wrong that Powell and Yellen are idiots, but he’s right that they are liars and a half. He doesn’t know the simple truth that…
    TPOTSIWID — The purpose of the system is what it does.
    They know exactly what they are doing, and so did Henry Ford.
    “The one aim of the global financiers (Allodial Royals and Rothschilds, everyone else is their debt/tax slave employee, even if paid very well for their servitude) is world control through inextinguishable debt.”
    ~Henry Ford.
    It couldn’t be more obvious, but Socrates was spot on when he called amathia (willful ignorance) the one and only evil.


    For those not clued in, Zelenskyy is financed by the Allodials to kill off as many military aged men as he can. Putin may be doing the same thing — I’d have to see the body count he’s running up.
    Remember in the middle ages when the Royals of different countries would get together to create wars for the sole purpose of killing off the aggressive youth in their own countries that posed the biggest threat to their rule?
    There is nothing new under the sun.
    The reason they don’t do that to the US military aged men is they’ve been hyperestrogenified by 80 years of rusty metallic iron filings added to the food supply as key nutrients (retinol, magnesium, and copper) have depeleted from it. The hyperglycemic and hyperinsulinemia is clearly gumming up the works as well — perhaps it is a turbocharger.
    The Allodials want you dead. They view you as unfit. This system is so pathetic that they have a point — anyone who actually thinks this system is organic is, factually, unfit. They are right. I can’t argue that point of fact.
    However, I don’t believe they should be killed off due to their “lack of knowledge.”

    How do you degeneracide and genocide Earth? You imagine God specifically chose your bloodline to finance end-time Biblical prophecy against “Philistine” humanity.
    Think of it as a King David / Noah Complex all rolled into one.
    This is what the Allodials are financing, and they only do it because the masses, and those claiming a position of leadership for humanity, never address the private control of fraudulent zero-sum debt-based money systems.


    Zinc 40 mg

    Vit C 3000 mg
    Vit D 8000 IU

    Zinc stimulates metallothionein, which binds with and depletes metals from your liver. It is especially aggressive towards copper. This is not good as most people are copper deficient. All, and I mean all, oxidase enzymes in your body require copper to work properly.
    40 quadrillion mitochondria need copper for cytochrome c oxidase to spit the oxygen you breath into H2O and ADP, the latter of which is then spun into Mg-ATP, the true energy currency of your cell (which doesn’t work without the magnesium attached — and you doctor doesn’t know this! The researchers absolutely know this, though.)

    Ascorbic acid strips copper out of its transport protein, ceruloplasmin. This was known all the way back to 1948.

    Vitamin D supplements upregulate calcium at the expense of magnesium, and also depletes retinol in the human body. This is critical because magnesium and retinoic acid are required by the ATP7B enzyme to load copper atoms into its transport protein, which is a requirement to flip the copper from unusable to bio-available. Magnesium is also required by ATP7B to load copper into ceruloplasmin.

    Those three supplements are a perfect recipe for one to deplete their “blue blood” status, which is exactly why the Allodial Blue Bloods financed this protocol as a controlled opposition counter-narrative.

    The Allodial Blue bloods are thorough, and if you don’t know your chit, they will trip you up.

    To learn the true physiology at play, look up Dr. Chris Palmer and Morley Robbins on Youtube. Look up Dr. Thomas Seyfried for bonus points.

    PS — While I lacked knowledge, I took about 50mg of zinc a day for about 18 months, and I literally felt my energy levels completely collapse. I’m still devising ways to get back to the point where I was before taking the zinc, which honestly wasn’t that great, either. But it is better than chronic lethargy.

    As an aside, when I took the zinc, my Na/K HTMA ratio dropped linearly from over 6 to 1.8. I should have stopped the zinc at 2.5, but I was so insouciant that I didn’t take the tests in a timely fashion and nobody made me aware of the consequences of not stopping the zinc.

    Caveat emptor.

    PS — It is very possible that therapeutic uses of these synthetics are beneficial in acute flair ups of CovFeFe. I don’t dispute that possibility. However, long term use is you depleting your blue blood status, which is a silent weapon for quite war agenda financed upon you by the Allodial Blue Bloods.

    D Benton Smith

    I see two thirds of the world’s population standing around passively waiting for permission to defend themselves. Plainly, they wait for Godot.


    Those stuck paying US Federal income tax are guilty of “providing material support to a terrorist organization.”


    @ John Day

    So John, how do you reconcile Israel with its knickers in a knot over ‘judicial reform’ and yet with 96% vaxed and boosted multiply times, nothing but crickets on that subject???

    You mean the vax side effects, disability and death are a mere details to Israelis compared to political issues of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

    Or should I say pinhead?

    Israelis are never shy about telling you how smart they are.

    Taking the Killshot in world record numbers doesn’t support that claim very well.


    D Benton Smith

    I think @TheTrivium4TW is sugar coating the facts so as not to scare people to the point that they stop listening to him. I understand the dilemma.

    It’s a delicate balance. Realities must be described factually enough that people are moved to action before it’s truly too late, and yet at the same time they must be soft pedaled enough that the audience is not frozen into the paralysis of blood freezing terror or hopelessness.

    I speak of the reality of the existence of the Cabal. Let me try again (please pay special attention, James, because this attempt is largely directed to your attention.)

    We have all experienced a lot of lock-step style coordinated bad stuff lately. For lock-steps to be coordinated requires a lock-step co-ordination board, and that board requires a chairperson (or at least some sort of individual acknowledged by them as being “First Among Equals”).

    So long as that source of command direction continues to exist it will continue to issue commands, directed toward the objective of there being no more free or fully human beings on planet Earth. Full stop.

    It is not possible to find and/or stop persons or things which are denied to even exist.

    Step #1: Acknowledge the harsh reality of the existence of an actual Cabal. (temporarily using a vague “place holder” definition of their specific identity is probably necessary until one becomes incrementally more aware of what reality really is.)

    Step #2: Find them, name them them, geo-locate them. They are not abstractions. They are people (who knows, maybe even human people.)

    Step #3: Stop them, which might involve some harsh realities of its own. (is that soft pedalingly euphemistic enough to get past the censors?)

    There is no questions that the showdown is coming. The only pertinent question is about one’s personal role in it. The choice is whether to fight or yield. Do one or the other please, and stand clear of the firing line.


    “Even the French are moving away from $US.”

    John Day

    Oroboros said: “So John, how do you reconcile Israel with its knickers in a knot over ‘judicial reform’ and yet with 96% vaxed and boosted multiply times, nothing but crickets on that subject???”

    Here is something I found online, which sort of addresses that, though not the “vaccine” compliance, about Ben Gvir’s Militia, the deal Bibi made to keep his right-wing coalition together by agreeing to let the Minister of Police have a government militia under his command.

    I don’t know how the near-pervasive penetration of the shots into this society will dovetail into something like civil-war, but it won’t be stabilizing.


    This report, highlighting the 75%+ danger of extinction of indigenous species, fails to note the 100% danger of human extinction that accompanies continuation of business as usual.

    D Benton Smith

    There is no time like the present to introduce something that might change your life for the better. Listen to what Ren has to say, and enjoy like mad the amazing way that he is able to say it.

    John Day

    @Germ: I agree with TT4TW that 40 mg/d of zinc makes you get low on copper over time.
    I take 6.25 mg/d of zinc, some calcium, some magnesium and lots of fresh vegetables, B-complex with C, Vitamin-D and vitamin K2.

    I more or less agree with DBS about considerations for dealing with our owners, as their plans to deal with a lot (most?) of us are rolling right along TT4TW has tried to provide a particular view of this, which is helpful to him, probably not far from the truth, but packaged in a way that most people would recoil from it.

    There is also the scenario of a goose flying into the intake of this big jet engine which powers the elite flying machine. We are all passengers on “their” machine, and so are “they”. Week before last a solar mass ejection, some say much bigger than the Carrington-Event, but who can be sure, blew out on the other side of the sun, missing Earth. The sun rotates and the Earth orbits it. These things are a crapshoot.

    No smartphones = no control of starving humans.


    I’ll be mocking you…

    Epic ! But the Cult were so sure, so right, so justified, so righteous…and now so very DEAD wrong.

    Let me ask you one question
    Is your money that good
    Will it buy you forgiveness
    Do you think that it could
    I think you will find
    When your death takes its toll
    All the money you made
    Will never buy back your soul

    And I hope that you die
    And your death’ll come soon
    I will follow your casket
    In the pale afternoon
    And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
    Down to your deathbed
    And I’ll stand over your grave
    ‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead

    Thanks to all those staying on it and continuing to press the Truth on the Cult F’rs.
    Forgive and Forget? Fuck off with that nonsense… cowards of Truth.

    I have different insight into the Cvd 19 Cult Propagandists living in Wa State- ‘first’ cases, first lockdowns, latest to ‘re-open’, surrounded by rainbow libtards… massive hypocrisy my body my choice cunts. “Man – dates” everywhere, signs everywhere, drowning in propaganda w a-hole cult members EVERYWHERE “reporting” on your non compliance. Fuck every single one of them with suddenly vax dying.

    We have become guinea pigs in a ruthlessly calculated, carefully orchestrated, chillingly cold-blooded experiment in how to control a population and advance a political agenda without much opposition from the citizenry. This is mind-control in its most sinister form. With alarming regularity, the nation is being subjected to a spate of violence that terrorizes the public, destabilizes the country, and gives the government greater justifications to crack down, lock down, and institute even more authoritarian policies for the so-called sake of national security without many objections from the citizenry.

    I oppose and object ALL of the Cults bs… similarly I have zero interest in speaking politely around any of this. Vulgar, crude, cursing in your f’n face. They deserve EVERY bit of ridicule and harshness at least until they beg forgiveness, exclaim how wrong they were, and are ostracized from society for, oh 3 years at least. Oh, and they must pay reparations for loss of income, freedom, time, and persecution of the wise citizens.

    Pandemic of the Vaccinated Cult Dying off… Happy Spring ! Two years into the ‘vax program’ , three more to go before how many die off? All of them !

    I tried to tell them, I warned them, they mocked us…

    I’ll be mocking you.

    John Day

    @DBS: Ren portrays the experience of Multiple Personality Disorder, now preferred “Dissociative Personality Disorder”, which escapes the cognitive dissonance of multiple-personalities (demons?) existing within one human body, or transmitting into one human body, whatever the model.
    This is a service to us. This particular stage is most eloquent, including the attendant, the gown and the room.

    I recognize it, because I have cared for one patient, and really spent a lot of time with that patient, those 8 separate personalities, in the late 1980s. After that I first saw that Operation MK Ultra worked to create multiple personalities in children, in experiments using ritual-abuse.

    That is where you are coming from with this, no?


    Just use 1% of your brain.”


    “The top 1% of US taxpayers paid 48% of total US income taxes… the top 10% paid nearly 72%… Meanwhile, the bottom 40% of US income tax filers paid no net income tax at all…”

    Now I ask, does that sound fair? Honest question. 1 in 100 people pay half. Let’s say it’s a summer Boy Scout camp. 100 kids. One kid’s father pays half, nearly the entire camp, all the land, all the rent. A mere 10 fathers pay almost all the rest, all the food, payroll, maintenance, etc. The other 90 kids pay $20 a week, a mere pittance, not even charity. If they reduced affairs only slightly, they could not have to pay at all.

    So shouldn’t only those 10 men vote?

    I had an interesting conversation with a brother in law about this issue

    He was for a federal flat tax on the above basis

    I explained that a multitude of fees, fines, etc even out so that the little guy IS, overall, paying the same % in income as the big guys. Thus, to do a federal “flat tax” would be to UNFLATTEN things

    I then suggested, enthusiastically, that we GO with his flat tax idea. Flatten everything. Make speeding tickets – which can RUIN a poor person barely getting by – FLAT. Parking, registrations fees, etc.

    FLATTEN EVERYTHING. Flatten all those government related costs to be a % of your income. So that a $100 speeding ticket for a call center worker is $10,000 for a doctor. Flatten EVERYTHING! Flatten the registration fee for conceal carry such that call center workers pay $100 and upper middle class pay $10,000. Flatten car registrations, home inspections, fees to incorporate, garbage service, ambulance and firefighting fees. Flattening of everything is THE BEST.

    He became increasingly agitated that his government related costs would go up. Disturbed. Felt it was unfair somehow. Welcome to my world. I’m happy to live with you, work with and or FOR you. Want to “reform” things to make it “fair” more?


    Physicist Albert Bartlett made the case that humanity’s greatest weakness is our inability to understand the exponential function. If this is so, then surely our inability to process time must be our second greatest weakness. As I wrote in my book, The Consciousness of Sheep:

    “The overwhelming majority of us are completely disconnected from our future selves. We understand at a cognitive level that we will become a different person in the future to the person that we are today. But we struggle to understand that these people that we are to become are really ourselves. If they become unwell, we are going to have to experience their pain. If they are poor, we are going to have to experience their poverty. If they are obese, we are going to have to struggle for breath as we lug their excess weight around…

    “This… highlights a key reason why so many people stay stuck in unpleasant situations simply because they will not put effort into making change. Again, we all ‘understand’ this at a cognitive level. For example, we know that someone who is in a poorly paid and/or stressful job would be better off taking up a night school or distance learning course than, say, going to the pub in an attempt to unwind. Nevertheless, adult education is struggling to recruit students while pubs are full of people complaining about their jobs!

    “To most of us, our future selves are complete strangers. Indeed, we are often more caring about our present friends and relatives than we are about our future selves. And if our future selves are strangers, is it any surprise that we offer them no greater support than we would to a stranger today? It is not that we wish them harm. But – let’s be honest – how many of us would give up a small box of chocolate today so that someone else can have a large box next week?

    “Of course, many of the issues facing us are so much greater than who gets chocolates. An adult will not educate themselves so that a stranger can get a better job. A drunk will not turn down a drink so that a stranger will be spared a hangover. A smoker will not turn down a cigarette so that someone else does not get cancer. And none of us will leave our cars at home or turn down holidays abroad so that strangers do not have to cope with economic collapse and climate change.”

    In short, while we are able to understand immediate cause and effect, almost all of us are incapable of mentally processing circumstances in which an immediate action has only a longer-term effect…..

    Time trap


    Afewknowthetruth, go ahead and give it all up then.

    Last time you were invited to, you got really incensed.

    You’ve proclaimed that the MOST merciful thing would be to have 7-8 billion die. You’ve said that agriculture and everything that came after – ie ALL civilization would be better if it never happened, ended asap.

    Yet here you are using a computer, the internet, and the alphabet. Urging others to give up everything and constantly, constantly implying they should not be at all. Go on then. Show us how it’s done.

    D Benton Smith


    @DBS: Ren portrays the experience of Multiple Personality Disorder, now preferred “Dissociative Personality Disorder”, . . . . . That is where you are coming from with this, no?”

    Welllllll, no actually. Closer inspection of the word-for-word dialogue between the two ostensibly dissociated personalities reveals that the musical/poetic/philosophic/theological performance is the stunningly brilliant work of maybe the most talented (and certainly the LEAST dissociated) artists of his generation. And the message of the song could not be more timely.

    It’s easier to follow if you can get your hands on the lyrics and follow along with the performance of one of the most gifted (and courageously hard working) artists since Dylan. What Ren speaks directly into the camera in the last minute or so after setting down the guitar is the punchline. Give it another listen or two and let me know what you think then.

    Doc Robinson

    hexadec: Those stuck paying US Federal income tax are guilty of “providing material support to a terrorist organization.”

    A couple with 2 kids and earning $73,000 (per year, pre-tax) can legally get away with paying zero Federal income tax by donating half their income to charitable organizations.

    This is using the child tax credit and the charitable contributions deduction. If they qualify for any additional deductions, their income can be higher than $73,000 while still owing zero Federal income tax.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Best way to avoid federal income taxes is to avoid income.


    Thanks, DBS. That was enchanting.

    userzeroid- Halllooo! Are you out there? What say you?


    NBC says Trump has been indicted by NY grand jury. He is now officially a ham sandwich!


    @my parents said know
    Tune is probably “If You’re Happy and You Know it”


    Everybody …. forget everything else …. look over here …. indictment circus


    With loss of one income, married couple sits in the kitchen and acknowledges the problem. That does not mean that they want their kids to “disappear” or, God forbid, that they were newer born.
    Sample parabola should be easy to translate to the current global issues.
    Something will need to give or crumble since we live in the monetary system that requires endless growth. We can not support that model and laugh on “Walmart people” at the same time. Or to scold on “Bullshit jobs”, term that David Graeber introduced us to, that are the only mean for existence for millions of people but created to support the mentioned economic model nevertheless.
    Personally I would settle if people would stop throwing garbage just to about anywhere. It is easy and “free”.
    My take.


    Show us how it’s done.

    I have been, for more than 20 years -nearly 60 if you count my early efforts. Five books, magazine article, television interviews, public meetings, radio interviews, websites, direct activism…

    And many month ago I posted a checklist of preparations on TAE.

    The trouble is, people like you take no notice of what is written and said and just bang away with their armchair criticism. That’s why I refer to such people as arseholes.

    Nothing constructive to say, just trolling. No original ideas, no community leadership. Just cherry-picking and faultfinding.

    A frequent reminder of how nasty many humans are.


    15 to 20 years ago the key topics for discussion and action were:

    1.How do we prevent Abrupt Climate due to overuse of fossil fuels change rendering the Earth uninhabitable for humans and most other extant species?

    2. How do we prevent the mass starvation that is an inevitable consequence of peaking of oil extraction and its subsequent decline?

    ‘Nobody’ was interested in science-based analysis. “We want more.”

    So now we are at the stage of Abrupt Climate Change combining with the effects of the Peaking of Oil Extraction to cause the unravelling of historic economic financial-economic arrangements (which were always Ponzi anyway). And the central-bank-controlled maniacs want to squander even more precious resources on boondoggles that will have zero utility in the near future, e.g. even as Airstrip Five implodes the maniacs in control are talking about a second harbour bridge for Orcland and a major extension of Orcland Airport.


    John Day

    @DBS: I did watch and listen intently. That is my take. It is not what you are getting at. Got it. 🙂
    It seems to be warring personalities within the “self”, in a psychiatric hospital, no?

    Different personalities within a “person” may be variously aware of each other, variously able to maintain control, can negotiate, and certainly argue. They can have very different abilities, including sports, and can move and speak so differently as to not seem like the same body.

    D Benton Smith


    That take (warring personalities within the “self”, in a psychiatric sense) is certainly a valid interpretation, and Ren most definitely sets the staging to suggest and include that interpretation. (which makes even more sense after one learns about his personal experiences over the past decade or so) but I felt that the main message of the piece was much deeper.

    The dark side is the scale of darkness (evil) all the way down to Satan, and the light side is strength and good, all the way up to the divine, whereas we as human beings (and because we are human) are irrevocably connected to both and thus caught up in a dance, with swinging of the pendulum between those two elementals, seeking a balance but only ever achieving the dance. Both ends are eternal, and as human beings we will always dance with both.

    Here’s the lyrics from the last two musical segments of the song, and the final synopsis which is spoken acapella.

    I was created at the dawn of creation
    I am temptation
    I am the snake in Eden
    I am the reason for treason
    Beheading all kings, I am sin with no rhyme or reason
    Sun of the morning, Lucifer, Antichrist
    Father of lies, Mestophales
    Truth in a blender, deceitful pretender
    The banished avenger, the righteous surrender
    When standing in front of my solar eclipse
    My name, it is stitched to your lips, so you see
    I won’t bow to the will of a mortal, feeble and normal
    You wanna kill me? I’m eternal, immortal
    I live in every decision that catalysed chaos
    That causes division
    I live inside death, the beginning of ends
    I am you, you are me, I am you, Ren!

    [Verse 2]
    Hi Ren, I’ve been taking some time to be distant
    I’ve been taking some time to be still
    I’ve been taking some time to be by myself and I’ve spent half my life ill
    But just as sure as the tide starts turning
    Just as sure as the night has dawn
    Just as sure as the rainfall soon runs dry when you stand in an eye of a storm
    I was made to be tested and twisted
    I was made to be broken and beat
    I was made by His hand, it’s all part of His plan that I stand on my own two feet
    And you know me, my will is eternal
    And you know me, you’ve met me before
    Face to face with a beast, I will rise from the east, and I’ll settle on the ocean floor
    And I go by many names also
    Some people know me as hope
    Some people know me as the voice that you hear when you loosen the noose on the rope
    And you know how I know that I’ll prosper?
    ‘Cause I stand here beside you today
    I have stood in the flames that cremated my brain and I didn’t once flinch or shake
    So cower at the man I’ve become
    When I sing from the top of my lungs
    That I won’t retire, I’ll stand in your fire
    Inspire the meek to be strong
    And when I am gone, I will rise
    In the music that I left behind
    Ferocious, persistent, immortal like you
    We’re a coin with two different sides

    [Spoken Outro]
    When I was seventeen years old, I shouted out into an empty room, into a blank canvas that I would defeat the forces of evil
    And for the next ten years of my life I suffered the consequences…
    With autoimmunity illness, and psychosis
    As I got older, I realized there were no real winners and there were no real losers in psychological warfare
    But there were victims and there were students
    It wasn’t David versus Goliath, it was a pendulum
    Eternally swaying from the dark to the light
    And the more intensely that the light shone, the darker the shadow it casts
    It was never really a battle for me to win, it was an eternal dance
    And like a dance, the more rigid I became, the harder it got
    The more I cursed my clumsy footsteps, the more I struggled
    So I got older
    And I learned to relax, and I learned to soften, and that dance got easier
    It is this eternal dance that separates human beings from angels, from demons, from gods
    And I must not forget, we must not forget, that we are human beings


    jb-hb and anyone else who want to use the faux argument he tried earlier.:

    It is entirely appropriate to use my master’s tools to dismantle his house. Indeed, there is nothing more satisfying that using the master’s tools to dismantle his house. 🙂


    My goodness! Some politicians with spines!

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