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    Roy DeCarava Woman walking above, New York 1950   • Pentagon Chief Downplays Importance Of Bakhmut (RT) • Zelensky At Odds With Top General – Bil
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    Please make it stop!



    From 2020 to 2022 the world bought 928 billion masks at a cost of $389 billion.
    Well we may have spent nearly $400 billion on masks over the past few years, but at least they were also totally useless.

    ‘More masks than jellyfish’: coronavirus waste ends up in ocean



    China Shows Another Drone Swarm System – 48 Simultaneous Kamikaze Drones

    These drones action as a coordinated unit, a hive mind, and attack a target as a swarm from all directions.

    The Russians are going to ‘test’ these system under real combat conditions and give the Chinese ‘tune-up feedback’ on how well they perform in real action.

    Conduct a little experiment on NATOtard Ukronazis


    • Direct Talks Between Russia, US Needed To Settle Conflict In Ukraine – Hungary (TASS)

    Gotta call bullshit on this headline

    In order to have ‘talks’ the Empire of Lies® would have to admit publicly that it ran the war all along, essential admitting it Lied, thus confirming it’s new officially registered trademark name.

    Lies rot the Soul

    Big Lies annihilate the Soul



    • Norway Earns Record Oil, Gas Revenue After Ukraine War (RT)

    You can take the Quisling out of Norway, but you can’t take the Nazi out of Norway

    Police mugshot 1945


    Dr. D

    “SPLC Attorney Among 23 ANTIFA Rioters Arrested On Domestic Terrorism Charges”

    SPLC believes in peace, justice, and of course burning all our enemies alive in a fiery death. Perhaps will will drink from their skulls and hear the lamentations of their women, who knows. Bob in marketing does.

    “’The Government Is Trying To Kill Us Now’: Low-Income Americans Fume In Mile-Long Food Lines After Pandemic Benefits End
    “Blair and his wife hop into their truck twice a month at 4 a.m. to ensure they get a few staples at the Hazel Green Food Project’s giveaway. On a recent Friday, they waited nine hours”

    Kentucky has that new shoplifting problem too. And like Portland, Home Depot may have to close all stores because otherwise their new goal is to what? Take from the many to give to the few? Double prices on everyone else and put THEM in poverty?

    One thing’s for sure: we must never have competition, wages…or property rights. Not stealing things would be “Capitalism”, that is, the ability to make and own property, and we can’t have that. We are FOR stealing things! There’s no downside at all and people will never stop making new stuff for us to steal or nothin’.

    And Southern POVERTY Law Center? Crickets. You see, when people are starving, that’s no problem. When they use bad words, now THAT’S a crisis. (unless it’s on White people, then it’s a social good.)

    I’m not kidding about wages either: the Fed allows ALL consequences of easy money: speculation, inflation, direction of attention to idiotic and wasteful things. There’s ONE thing and one thing only that makes them raise rates and cut off the firehose-blasting, printer-go-brrr money train: rising wages. Everyone can get rich – literally everyone – except people who actually do work. That’s a pull-the-rope panic stop. It’s called “inflation” you see. “Inflation expectations.” “Cost push” and all that. Tut tut good sir in Kentucky, we’ve crushed your wages on purpose for 50 years, transferring all that wealth of all 300 million of you TO my friends on Wall Street. Know your place.

    Haven’t posted this in a while as it takes time to develop:

    Nothing goes straight up, tested trendline and continues. It’s stalling slightly at the 4% round-number mark.

    Chart of Nazi vote: America is in the color red. Might as well finish the job and put the big swastika on them.

    “The Pentagon and the National Security Agency Ran the Entire Pandemic Response”

    Now there’s a revelation worth having. The others, that J6 was a scam (we all knew before it happened), that we ran the labs, all that – they only ‘admit’ it later after you’ve emotionally cooled off and won’t hang them. Classic narcissist style, abusive husband all the way. I get tired of it because I don’t care about your emotions, your fee-fees. If they committed a crime AND NOW ADMIT IT, then like it or not, we are required by law and custom to arrest and adjudicate them. FEELING GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. So their lying, delaying, slow-walking until you’re not furious shouldn’t work unless you as a person abdicate all duty and responsibility. Yet it always works (or they wouldn’t keep doing it).

    In this time, this revelation, though, we thought we were at the top of the conspiracy with Congress and Pharma only to find out we’re being killed directly by the Pentagon. Hey, is killing a million of your own people on purpose possibly an act of open treason? Asking for a friend.

    Again as I’ve said, this indicates why it wasn’t so easy for Trump or anyone to shut them down. It’s like a third of government actively and intentionally doing this, and we may not know which third, either. What are they supposed to do, start arresting members of the other party just ‘cause? Yeah, I’m sure that’ll go well won’t cause a Civil War or nothin’.

    I don’t think moving the bull’s eye up a level has been fully digested the way I’m putting it, and no surprise as they have not yet accepted and digested even that Pharma knew. …Even as their literal court case is that “We didn’t commit fraud: we delivered exactly the fraud and murder requested and paid for by the Federal Government.” They say that openly in their own major court documents and we’re still having an argument. ‘Cause Americans and everyone in the West are retarded and illiterate I guess?

    The trouble is there’s no easy target, no public names up at the Joint Chief of Staff levels to focus on who authorized a national genocide. Not too hard to get those names though, if anyone wants to.

    “Zelensky kept refusing [Bakhmut]”

    Ummmm, Zelensky’s not in power. He doesn’t control anything. So you want to tell me what’s really going on? They decided and are now throwing Ze under the bus which is why Biden was there the other day?

    Again, my guess is they just needed to hold it until the transfer to another attack and false flag. However, they failed that too, and no surprise with people who take six weeks of meeting to decide about their meetings.

    ““US officials have assessed that its loss to Russia would not affect the strategic situation…”

    Well that’s true. In parallel to the dumbest NASCAR fan knowing, the highest Leftist comedians like Jimmy Dore ALSO know the end of the strategic situation a year ago, 3 days after it stars: it’s going to end any WAY Russia wants, any TIME Russia wants. “But, but the war’s gone on….” Sure pal, sure. RUSSIA COULD HAVE NUKED UKRAINE TO ASHES IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES. And all Europe too, btw. So tell me again how they’re not “doing whatever they feel like there” out of the goodness of their hearts. They’ve lost 20,000 good young Russians ON BEHALF of their Ukrainian brothers. Not everyone in Russia thinks that’s a good trade.

    So anyway, yes, nothing that happens on the ground is going to change things a bit. And Russia is holding back because they anticipate NATO and all Europe attacking them en masse, as per usual every 100 years when Europe gets high on their farts and feel the need to be destroyed again. Y’all are BORING.

    Ze video: “There were no other opinions.”

    Uh, yeah, that’s ’cause YOU OUTLAWED THE OTHER DEMOCRATIC PARTIES. AND ran a military purge only last week. “You can have any opinion you want, as long as it’s mine.”

    “tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops were fiercely resisting Russian forces in Artyomovsk.

    They are. And accolades to them for it, it’s amazing. However, it’s tactically idiotic.

    ““..the Ukrainian military admits that several of its best-trained army units have been destroyed”

    Yes, we heard that and it makes sense. You always have some master force, and some human filler around them. The master troops in their case are Nazis, (obviously), but maybe no worse than usual. Point is: those men are in short supply, and not only are they hit hard, they are entirely destroyed; you cannot backfill the Battalion with new (Nazi) men because there’s not enough left of the old…how would you say, “institutional memory” left. And that “collective memory” of a unit 90% killed will be severely traumatized and not healthy to replicate. Some battalions, flags, and numbers are retired for this reason and recede into history. I expect all of Bakhmut will.

    So you only have X, a dozen? real, hard-core, nasty, violent, totally pro-Ukrainian ethnic independence “armies”, Battalions or Divisions in all Ukraine. They’ve already watered down a force of 10k into sub-5k but you’ve lost all of one in Mariupol, maybe more than one. If that leaves peasants with pitchforks who also don’t care, then what? This is just ordinary military stuff, which is why you withdraw and why it’s an outsized loss.


    Easy Company meets completely shattered company retreating from Bastogne, Band of Brothers.
    Bastogne was also a small but critical transportation crossroads.

    Video: If you’ve never walked roads that battered, it takes about 3x longer to go 100 yards, all day long. Walking 10 miles is like walking 30 — way outside your range. Of course they also have the option of snipers and mines. Of course the frozen mud is awesome, adding 5lbs per shoe, no place to dry off. Sean Penn wants to go, I’ll buy him a ticket!

    “Last year alone, at least $1 billion in arms was transferred from Bulgaria to Ukraine,”

    I wondered what Bulgaria as up to. Acting like Rhett Butler, I see.

    “We’ve long said that Hungary was going to leave the EU.”

    Why should they? As long as they’re in they can stab the EU daily. Force the EU to kick them out. This is the same plan as Turkey inside NATO. Plus, they get unstoppable inside intel!

    “America’ COVID Response Was Based on Lies (Scott Atlas) “

    Since Scott Atlas was supposed to be the official voice, who were the lies? Like I said back then, so we believe Fauci, because he’s an official authority, but do NOT believe Redfern, Altas, Johns Hopkins, or even Dr. Kory, who are also official authorities. So…how do we decide WHICH appeal to authority we believe? I didn’t get the memo. Did you get the memo? Where does this memo come from that lists who is popular and right, and who’s uncool that we need to underpants during gym?

    P.S. since Fauci, Birx, and others reversed every 100-year protocol the CDC ever made – and were completely wrong as expected – can we expect something to happen, and a new “memo” to appear discrediting them? Nope. Nowadays, failure just PROVES you’re an expert.

    Uh-huh. Anyway, it just proves that’s all a BIG LIE, and the issue is far further up. So don’t settle for the little bone lie. But DO settle for all the little-bone lies to be arrested. If they want to ALSO squeal in the guys above them, I’ll listen.

    “Twitter Insiders: We Can’t Protect Users from Trolling”

    You mean people say mean things on the Internets??? Oh no! When did this start? Shouldn’t we add a “Blocking” function? We did??? 10 years ago??? And getting on AND reading it is all completely voluntary??? Tell me again about your fee-fees and your human rights to never have anything mean ever happen to you.

    “Concerns that child sexual exploitation is on the rise on Twitter”

    Uh, no: the minute it was taken from Roth, they shut down like 100k trafficking sites. So if you mean “If history began the day after that happened, AND the amount is still relatively small”, then yes. And you’re a liar. This is like how all Ukrainian history started in 2-22-22.

    Kunstler: reminds me of the new meme going around, “Transhausen Syndrome”. Look up the term “Munchhausen by proxy” It’s where parents pretend, fabricate, that is LIE that their children are injured, in fact sometimes poisoning or actively injuring them for weird narcissistic reason of self-promotion and profit. And so for trans people! Really teenagers were never, ever unhappy before now, were never confused, it’s all just because of this trans thing and you’re the only one ever! “Shocking Study Shows More Kids Identifying As Members Of World’s Most Celebrated, Popular Group” –BBee. Who knew?

    Why do PARENTS, AUTHORITIES make this up? And while it’s STILL in the doctor’s DSM listing as a disorder. …Or worse, when they know that “Conversion Therapy” doesn’t help and the converted are still depressed and suicidal. But “Conversion Therapy” for me and not for Thee! I guess. It’s only good when I do it!

    Transhausen. Think about it. Then think about why. What do the mentally ill GAIN?

    “• FDA Pledges to ‘Save Lives’ by Policing Online Content (CHD) “

    How is this illegal? Let me count the ways… This is the same “helping” above, where everyone is your Mommy, and you are but a wee helpless infant, sucking her teat. The FDA now for “Medical” reasons needs to censor (1A), without trial or evidence (4A) and the FDA, CDC, and WHO need to take your guns (2A) while poisoning 10 million people with dioxins is safe as water to the FDA, CDC, and WHO – not a problem at all! It’s those registered AR-15s, of which statistical zero are involved in crimes, that are the real health pandemic! Have we ever lied!!! I mean, except about everything?

    As last year, All Federal Agencies DO whatever it is they are NOT authorized for, and DON’T DO whatever it is they ARE mandated for. That’s just Common Sense. For instance, the President is both the Judge AND the legislature, but absolutely does NOT execute the will of Congress and enforce the borders. The Judiciary passes all our laws, while Congress … well nobody’s yet figured out WHAT they do. Play the part of the People in asking questions no one will answer and demanding things that the government employees refuse to provide, then never using the purse to cut them off and arrest them.

    Anyway: WHO, CDC now the law-passing gun-control agencies. Also censorship. Also finance. Also all contract law. Also all treaties. Also all tracking. Also all housing. Also all wealth distribution. Aw heck, just let them control everything without a vote, I guess!

    Anyway, as Meme-posted earlier, all the misinformation so far is directly from the FDA. 100% of all medical statements so far have been wrong.

    “Those Pesky Savanna Monkeys and Their Dreams of Gold Hydrogen (Ugo Bardi) “

    Perfect! Step one: Invent vaporware. Step Two: ??? Step Three: Profit! There’s also sunlight falling everywhere in 100x energies compared to hydrogen and that isn’t profitable either.

    “A resource is not a resource if it is not concentrated enough.”

    Bingo. Soft, diffuse sunlight isn’t used because it is widespread. It’s not concentrated. Although concentrating it is RELATIVELY EASY, like the reflective mirrors to the sodium tower, only a few acres, it STILL can’t pay for itself, its own infrastructure. And that’s because it’s diffuse. Sunlight is constantly on the edge, and that’s probably a reason, as we, all life, live at that same cusp of entropy and negentropy from the sun.

    Hydrogen is 1000x worse. Let’s just start from #1, hydrogen can’t be stored as being lightest and smallest, it leaks from all containers while also ionicly destroying them, tearing them apart. It’s toxic, explosive, suffocating, hazardous material. Suppose it DID pour out of the ground like Perrier: that doesn’t matter when you can’t bottle, store, or transport it. Dummy.

    “• Jan. 6 Footage Shows Capitol Cops Escorting QAnon Shaman To Senate Floor (NYP)

    Oh good. We all knew this was true. And his pals with all the communist tattoos? And the whole press corps moving with them?

    “the officers are seen walking Chansley past seven other police officers”

    That’s odd. They didn’t ask??? Didn’t say, “Hey Karl, whatcha doin’?” Yes, that’s because IT WAS ALL PLANNED. The only reason they wouldn’t ask is because they already knew.

    Okay, next question: since he was clearly planned, arranged, and escorted expressly FOR this, why is Chansley in jail and who put him there? Do police usually imprison other police and their own employees?

    “Risk from the unvaccinated”. Yup, they’re still at it. Totally illogical. Doesn’t mean a thing.

    “Covid as cause of death” Yup, still at it! No one will arrest the lies. And with +90% false reported it STILL was only 0.03%.

    Masks: wasted money AND polluted the oceans? Shut up and take my money, it was all worthwhile!


    Gotta love Medvedev

    “Russia is ready to help the world do away with the vestiges of a Western-dominated colonial past, as Russia “which has never had any colonies…”

    Well the Empire of Lies has over 800 military bases around the world acting as defacto colonies, Step-in Fetch-its® for Duh-merica the Brave.

    “…The ex-president and now deputy chair of the Russian Security Council, argued that the “malignant tumor of a colonial past” is a problem that calls for “international surgery….”

    The Empire of Lies®
    truly is a malignant tumor, literally and figuratively.

    The Financial Mafia lies, the Military Mafia lies, the Media Mafia, the Big Pharma Mafia, the Medical Mafia

    “Nice country you got here, too bad if it burnt down some night…”

    Ya seen one mafia, you seen them all…

    “Russia, together with other countries, can now drive the final nail in the coffin of the Western world’s neo-colonial aspirations,”

    Medvedev’s breathtaking World Cup penalty style kick to the Neocon’s gonads





    Dr. D

    Quote from Zinn. Not that it’s wrong, but in general, Zinn lied about everything in order to paint an falsely dim view of America. Just as previously historians (or their Middle-school versions anyway) presented a falsely positive view.

    Basically it’s okay to lie about, misframe, cherry-pick, and quote without checking facts, because then we can destroy the United States and end the principles of the Enlightenment, and all Rights of Man in service of Communism. The Ends Justify the Means, my friend! If you are doing Good, that is, “Communism” literally any act you do from that moment forward is authorized, justified, and good™.

    So…it’s a Religion. Of 100 million deaths in the 20th century.

    Ah, lots of fun, lots of fun. Who wouldn’t want more of it?


    DrD: Transhausen. Think about it. Then think about why. What do the mentally ill GAIN?
    Case study: Greta T. and her parents.

    On the sticky subject of climate I’m one who has followed the “science” on warming since the late ’70s and as such have learned to hate models. No argument from me on the idea that the system is shifting and our pollution sinks are full to over flowing. How much they are contributing to the current noticeable changes is still not proven beyond modelling reference. The weakening magnetic field goes further to explaining it as we are experiencing it in the present. The only reason I even bring this seemingly contentious issue up is because the CBC has been running a commercial for saving wetlands as a good way to store CO2. Another total scam due to the fact that wetlands are the source of 22% of global CH4 emissions as well as a large contributor of N2O. Methane (CH4) is considered anywhere between 25 times and 200 times as powerful greenhouse gas compared to CO2. Those multiples for CO2 are dependent on the timeline study i.e. multiples for the first five years in the atmosphere or one hundred years.The higher multiples for the shorter timespan. Nitros oxide (N2O) has a potential of 300 times. They are also running a commercial about where to go for information and what disinformation is! You can imagine what that looks like.


    Howard Zinn is featured in The Architects of Woke

    The Great Grand Daddy of Woke-tards


    Also an interesting read:

    A Former Communist Examines Zinn’s Communism

    The Architects of Woke all 10 Parts of the Series


    Ben goes into AI here a bit. He has a new rumble channel so he can discuss stuff that may be an issue on youtube. For the daily update on the suns activity it is still on you tube @ suspicious observers.
    For the link below I have removed the (.) from between rumble and com.


    “’The Government Is Trying To Kill Us Now’: Low-Income Americans Fume In Mile-Long Food Lines After Pandemic Benefits End
    “Blair and his wife hop into their truck twice a month at 4 a.m. to ensure they get a few staples at the Hazel Green Food Project’s giveaway. On a recent Friday, they waited nine hours”

    When reporters want to jerk at readers’ heart-strings or when non-profits serving the poor want to open purse-strings, they can always find some poor soul that is stressed out by food acquisition. It isn’t difficult to do. The article doesn’t explain how the SNAP system works, so the average person who has never been on SNAP has no idea. For that matter, many people who *have* been on SNAP have no idea. Probably most people on SNAP have not read their state’s policy handbook regarding SNAP certification and eligibility — most don’t know that such a manual exists. One year my business had a small profit, which passed through to my personal taxes so that I could enjoy the privilege of being taxed for it. The ninnies at the Dept of Economic Security told me that it had to be counted as personal income, even though I had not taken a distribution. I appealed. The judge was completely ignorant of the federal tax code regarding my business entity type, and ignorant of his state’s policy manual regarding SNAP, and ignorant of the federal code that governs SNAP eligibility. The judge also was not interested in being educated about these things by the person who initiated the appeal, so I lost the appeal, even though my position was, technically, correct. Fortunately, the sum in question was very small. (I have noticed that since then, DES workers checking SNAP eligibility now follow a rubric that correctly looks at my business, and I haven’t had that problem since.)

    As far as the Hazel Green project, it probably supplies food pantry boxes (a federally subsidized program, including only shelf-stable foods with a specific nutritional profile,) and adds to it perishables and extra non-perishable food items donated locally. The perishables are “ugly” produce and items near, at, or past their “best by” dates. My guess is that Hazel Green is likely in a rural area, which means that it serves a large geographic area, which is the reason why “Blair and his wife” drive so far and wait for so long. In large cities, there are places handing out food boxes and perishable foods every day with minimal wait (15 minutes to an hour.). The wait has more to do with the choice of living in rural America.


    ‘More masks than jellyfish’: coronavirus waste ends up in ocean

    I In his arguments with AFKTT, jb-hb had stated that:
    “Human existence and activities are nature.”
    Something to that effect.


    Dr D: Quote from Zinn…
    Just because one doesn’t agree with someone’s ideological viewpoint, doesn’t mean that the other individual is corrupt or evil, etc.
    Zinn did serve the principles of The Enlightenment — and so do you.
    If we are going to overcome the WEFfer cabal, we need to stop getting up on our ideological high horses and shooting arrows at everyone who doesn’t have an identical horse. That, essentially, is exactly what we criticize the Woke Folks of doing. Zinn pointed out elements of US history that many would like to ignore. (Gee whiz — his book People’s History…. would be considered mis-/dis-/malinformation in the current political climate.). Ignoring history causes people to repeat mistakes. To overcome the “New Normal” we need to come together as disparate folks with disparate ideologies and find common ground against our oppressors. C’mon — you know this. Zinn pointed out oppression — just like you do. Just because Zinn self-identified as a “liberal” and many pushing the WEFfer agenda today self-identify as “liberals” does not mean that Zinn was pushing “The Great Reset” that we are currently embroiled in. Liberal is a “liberal” word and means different things in different contexts. (Quite likely, many of the US Founding Fathers would have been comfortable self-identifying as “liberal.”)
    United we stand — divided we fall.


    Civil War, Genocide, white supremacy neo-nazism
    The city of Artyomovsk, or Bakhmut – a major stronghold and logistics hub for Ukraine forces in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) – has continued for years, ( since 2014), being described by some as the fiercest in the conflict, (civil), between Donetsk, (Russia), and Ukraine.
    The city is part of a 70km Ukrainian defense line created since Kiev initiated the fighting in Donbass in 2014.
    It is an important transportation hub for supplying Ukrainian troops in Donbass.

    Disinformation, is anything that the gov. don’t agree with.
    Easier’ to inform/control the public/sheep when there were fewer communication channels.


    People tell lies on the internet
    People say mean things on the Internet

    Social/economic/political system
    elitist/supremacy – by the people, for the people, of the people



    The Weight of Russian Manpower is Crushing Ukrainians

    Douglas Macgregor interview starts at 4:15 mark

    Nazilensky …..has lost all his seasons soldiers and is now shoveling seniors and boys into the meatgrinder…

    Doc Robinson

    CBC News has now “debunked” the warnings about dioxins from the Ohio train fire being transported into Canada by the wind. (WES in Ontario still has cause for concern, though.)

    Experts debunk social media posts warning about Ohio train pollution

    According to a release from the agency, the map is designed to simulate the direction and dispersion of particles through the atmosphere. Importantly, it does not show pollution levels near the ground where people live and breathe.

    While this is technically correct, in that the map doesn’t show pollution levels near the ground, it does show the distribution of unidentified particles at ground level (zero meters) up to 10,000 meters.

    The only scientific expert identified and quoted in the CBC story is Philip Jessop, a professor at Queen’s University. Jessop addressed the risks from phosgene, while dismissing the risks from dioxins, which he says “mainly poses a health threat by contaminating food close to where it’s released and is too heavy to have crossed the Great Lakes through the air.

    However, this peer-reviewed study (below) found that most PCDD/F [dioxins] emissions can be transported beyond 100 km. (How far beyond 100 km is presumably disclosed behind a paywall). The article cites three other studies which estimated that the dioxins can travel up to 1000 km, 1900 km, and 810 km.

    We conducted model simulations of the atmospheric fate and transport of PCDD/F to assess the fraction of emitted PCDD/F that would deposit within 100 km from the source. We considered eight major categories of PCDD/F emission sources and six different locations, to cover a wide range of source characteristics, PCDD/F congener profiles and particle size distributions, meteorological conditions and terrain configurations. These results suggest that for sources that have tall stacks and/or high plume rise (e.g., copper smelters, cement kilns, sinter plants), only a small fraction of PCDD/F emissions is deposited locally (typically, less than 10% within 100 km). Other source categories such as municipal solid waste incinerators, medical waste incinerators and diesel trucks lead to a greater fraction of PCDD/F being deposited locally; nevertheless, the majority of their PCDD/F emissions tends to be transported beyond 100 km.

    Atmospheric fate and transport of dioxins: local impacts

    So why would the “expert” quoted by CBC News make such a dismissive statement about the dangers of the dioxins travelling to Canada?

    D Benton Smith

    I’m about to speak sternly to Mr Bardi, so if you are of delicate disposition about the slaughtering of sacred cows I suggest that you turn away.

    What Ugo reveals about himself when he disparages all of humanity by comparing it to “Savanna Monkeys” is the terrified arrogance characteristically displayed by the not quite bright, and the thoroughly terrified. They are afraid because to them the Universe is a very fearful place that they don’t understand at all, and within which they feel as vulnerable and at risk as lambs in a slaughterhouse.

    They live in constant fear that this enormously powerful Universe might randomly twitch and rub them out at any moment, about which they themselves (as individual narcissists) are completely incapable of doing anything about . They are so totally incompetent at DOING the things that are required to survive that the only way they can get them is to steal such skills, products and practical wisdoms from the folks that actually do have them. And I’m not just talking about the practical capabilities and competences such as gardening and small engine repair. There are other and equally important skills such as thought, wisdom and ideal governance, of which the omniplegic elitists also know nothing. The victims of these thefts, by the way, are the very same ones that the narcissists revile, disdain, slur and disparage so freely, without the slightest thought that such expressed hatred might itself be the worst “hate crime” of them all.

    Maybe the most galling thing about these pretentious self proclaimed brainiacs is that they don’t actually know what the fuck they’re talking about, but they do reckon that they can pretend to know more about it than you do, and are thereby justified in bamboozling you with all sorts of scary bullshit propaganda, fear mongering and gaslighting all of which is intended to “prove” that they’re smarter than you are, and for that reason have the authority to boss you around and take your stuff .

    That authority, by the way, includes the authority to tell you to drop dead. Why? Well because, in their authoritative and superior opinion, you are getting in their way and blocking the view of their imagined perfectly peopleless world. They don’t want your disgusting existence cluttering up their garden. The fact that you might disagree with any of their disagreeable proclamations is just more proof that your ideas are so far beneath contempt that they’re not even worth being legal to think, much less say out loud.

    So Bardi calls us “Savanna Monkeys” thinking himself so very academically clever as to reference Darwin without mentioning the name, blissfully oblivious to Darwin’s ancient theory being long since discredited by non-theoretical nuclear biology, or that the Savanna hypothesis is as extinct as the boney fragments that it was speculatively based on. That’s okay, though, because simulated erudition wasn’t the real point of the exercise, anyway.

    The intended point was to label you as a worthless monkey, and a pitifully inadequately “evolved” monkey at that, thereby justifying the act of killing you off because you are not REALLY the child of God. How could you possibly be the product of a divine intelligence? They dismiss the very notion as being a “quaint” and “superstitious” idea so unworthy of adult consideration that it need not even be explicitly denied, and so typical of the “primitive” sub-human mind. So, case closed on whether or not humanity is worth anything. So no, in the view of Bardi and his atheistically fellow numbskulls, you are not the incomprehensibly elegant masterwork of the conscious Creator of the Universe. You’re just “population overshoot.”

    He doesn’t know that his theories are self-serving lies, see? He truly does NOT understand that his materialistic hooha is absolutely false and tragically misguided toward a suicidal objective. Because he is an idiot hiding behind arrogance (that final refuge of the profoundly stupid). Because he is scared shitless of a world in which he feels absolutely powerless to survive if he can’t steal it from those who are NOT incompetent fakers.

    I’ve got nothing against logic, reasoning and the scientific method. But God save us from the certified ignoramuses who think that any of those pursuits have got ANYTHING to do with pretending to know something that you just plain DON’T.


    Dr.R: So why would the “expert” quoted by CBC News make such a dismissive statement about the dangers of the dioxins travelling to Canada?

    Beats me. Seems most of his knowledge is outside this area so maybe that’s it. According to his bio from

    Philip G Jessop is the Canada Research Chair in Green Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Queen’s University. His current research includes CO2-switchable materials and applications of CO2 in biomass conversion. He also serves as Executive Research Director at Forward Water Technologies and the Chair of the Editorial Board at the journal Green Chemistry. His video series, entitled “Which is Greener?”, is available on the web and on TikTok.
    Skills and Expertise
    Green Chemistry
    Carbon Dioxide
    Homogeneous Catalysis
    Inorganic Chemistry
    Coordination Chemistry
    Organic Synthesis


    ON THE AIR inteviews Dmitry Polyanskiy, First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the Russian Federation.

    In-Depth: History of Ukrainian Nationalists, aka “Nazis in Ukraine”

    part 1.

    2 more parts follow on. Each is about 20 mins.

    An easy listen re. history of Ukraine.

    (me) “Nazism” is today specifically ascribed to Hitler and his minions, National Socialism that oppresses, Jews in concentration camps, etc. Yet… ‘ethnic’ ‘racial’ ‘cultural’ ‘religious’ hate of ‘the outgroup’ has been a fixture of many régimes throughout history, used to fire up ppl for thousands of years…

    (I am not defending Hitler. Half of my family died on the Allied side in WW2.)


    here link to part 1


    Maybe the most galling thing about these pretentious self proclaimed brainiacs is that they don’t actually know what the fuck they’re talking about,

    Not a word to disapprove what Bardi had written other than disseminating the “wisdom” highlighted in bold, which reveals that mindless hatred goes beyond and is not triggered by the writings in this particular article only.
    It is well documented as wide brush seething hatred for anything intellectual, “bookish” or “theoretical” that plagues the country.


    Doc R after reading some of his papers it would seem he spends most of his time trying to extract valuable fibre from liquified solids for an alternative fuel source. The works I’ve just perused look at getting more of the desired molecules for fuel from things such as wood fibre and algae. As well as more of the desired molecules out of other source materials for places like big pharma using CO2 in various forms for the solvent. No sign of any study or work on aerosols or their dispersement. You may need to get out your copy of “chemistry for dummies” if you want to follow this abstract from one of the papers:

    Astaxanthin (ASX) is a carotenoid with several applications in the food and pharmaceutical fields which is recognised as having a higher physiological and commercial value when it is biologically rather than chemically sourced. This work experimentally investigates the bio-fractionation of biomass of the Paracoccus carotinifaciens bacterium by extraction with the switchable hydrophilicity solvent N,N-dimethyl cyclohexylamine (DMCHA) to obtain ASX and related carotenoids in separate form. This is done by means of a sequential process carried out in a single apparatus. DMCHA gave an extraction yield in terms of equivalent ASX extracted per unit mass of processed dry microbial biomass (62.5 %) higher than acetone (48 %) and ethanol (14 %). After the DMCHA was washed from the extract with carbonated water, 88.2 % of the extracted ASX was recovered. The possibility of extracting carotenoids with recycled solvent with a minor (-7.7%) efficiency drop was also demonstrated, as was the lower energy footprint of DMCHA-based than competing volatile solvent-based extraction processes.

    Doc Robinson

    @ Red, thanks for the background on the “expert”.

    I’m no expert, but a couple minutes of online searching for journal articles on the subject gave me enough information to doubt such a definitive and sweeping pronouncement by the so-called “expert”.

    D Benton Smith


    Admittedly, this isn’t the first time that I have had to roll my eyes at what Ugo Bardi has written, but this forum is hardly the proper venue for point by point peer review of the rest of his brilliantly written but factually lacking wrong conclusions drawn from massive data. It is enough, in this particular case, to note that his disparagingly intended equation of miraculously refined human beings with “savanna monkeys”, is enough bull shit for one sitting.

    Yes, I hold Mr Bardi’s academic accomplishments in low regard, but only because he is so dead wrong about such big things. To imply that my criticism of his faulty work is somehow indicative of “…seething hatred for anything intellectual, “bookish” or “theoretical”. . . is going a bit far. Let’s try for a description that comes closer to my actual feeling, such as, “visceral contempt”.


    Beginning of the video brought memories of 1994 Winter Olympic games, figure skating contest where on American side there was that great idea of winning by braking the knee cap of the rival, while true winner was Russian Oksana Baiul,
    I believe that most of us remember that dark blotch in the history of US sport.
    BTW, before the games Oksana practiced in the ring with semi-melted ice, given the state that Russia was at the time.


    Since I am logged
    Your contra-argument to his article is…….?


    Zelensky’s decision to hold Bakhmut/Artyomovsk
    1. It’s too later. cannot retreat.
    2. Losing that means that it’s the fault of USA for not giving him more ammunitions and bigger guns.
    3. With NATO’s help we have fortified since 2014.
    4. We need more help


    Aside from all the blatant lying and deceitful fabrications of The Empire of Lies with respect to Ukraine and Jan 6th and Covid and ‘Climate Emergency’ scams run by governments in conjunction with the UNIPCC that make matters worse etc., we are witnessing and experiencing the breakdown of the system at the local level by way of inability of people to purchase items that had previously taken for granted.

    A friend who had health problems relating to diet experienced an improvement in health by eliminating certain foods and eating more of others. One of his staples is (was?) kumara.

    He noted that the price of 1 kilo of kumara was $13 yesterday -which effectively makes one of his staples unaffordable. The price until recently was around $4 a kilo.

    One of the reasons for the sudden surge in price is the devastation of large areas of kumara grounds that are a result of climate chaos triggered by atmospheric CO2 being approximately 50% above the historic pre-industrial level (420 ppm versus 280 ppm), amongst other things.

    As Red has noted, it is not only CO2; CH4 and N2O and a multitude of other gases in the atmosphere contribute to the overheating. Indeed, methane in the atmosphere is approaching three times the pre-industrial level (2000 ppb versus 750 ppb). Although its concentration is seemingly very low, in practice its effect is dramatic, since its multiplier is up to 300 times CO2, depending on the rate of conversion of CH4 to CO2 via the OH radical system in the atmosphere. Worst of all, as the overheating continues, we must expect water vapour (not a primary driver of overheating but a very important secondary driver) to incease in effect.

    Of course, the anti-science brigade will declare that a gas [methane] that is’ ‘only 2000 ppb cannot possibly have any effect’. It’s a bit like saying that 20 ppm H2S won’t kill you. Or that crushing and grinding a castor seed with your teeth won’t kill you.

    In addition to the climate chaos effect, the price of kumara is obviously affected by the devaluation of the Kiwi dollar by the central bank and the general increase in the price of imported fuels, very noticeably diesel, which the entire system runs on.

    I stopped buying such things a while ago but noticed that the cheapest low-sugar fizzy drinks that were $1 for a 1.25 bottle litre a year ago went from $1.20 to $1.30 this week. That is 30% annual ‘inflation’ -devaluation of fiat money.

    I also noticed yesterday (at Bunnings) that the yard cart I bought for $148 18 months ago is now $200. That’s about 33% ‘inflation’ in 18 months.

    Back to the supermarket experience: there were actually cartons of eggs for sale; not many, and at about $3 more than 6 months ago, i.e. 40 or 50% ‘inflation’.

    In order to mask the lack of eggs, the supermarket staff were busy filling the empty bay with…..wait for it!…chocolate rabbits!

    Hollow, of course, and covered in shiny aluminium foil, and in an oversize cardboard box.

    The dumbed-down, lied-to masses have to be persuaded to part with their fiat money via the fake Easter orgy of overconsumption of crap, just as I, as a child, was trained to do.

    Such is Life at the End of Empire on the Planet of the Maniacs.

    But I won’t complain, just observe and report, because I know it’s far worse on other ‘Airstrips’ in the Empire of Lies.

    “Where were you born?”

    “Airstrip One.”

    Where do you live?”

    “Airstrip Five.”


    A good listen:

    The coronavirus pandemic is thriving under capitalism, and in the process creating conditions for an even more repressive system to emerge.

    William Robinson: How COVID-19 will lead to a global capitalist police state


    D Benton Smith


    “Your contra-argument to his article is…….?”

    First, of course, (and to be redundant yet again) is his presumptive and unsupported pejorative dismissal of the human race as “savanna monkeys”, which clearly implies that both homo sapiens AND Australopithecus are in some unspecified (and thus inarguable) way less than worthy examples of what it takes to qualify as a life form that’s worthy of being seen as having some worth.

    First off, let’s not skip over the fact that on a strictly biologically factual basis such an assumption is just flat assed WRONG and devoid of supportive facts or reasoning. Both life forms are SUPERB examples of advanced organisms which out-competed ALL of the other life forms in their contemporary environment to achieve the position of “Top-O’-The Food-Chain” at a certain point in time. Maintaining that position is a challenge, of course, and there are no future guarantees, but that is always the case regardless of how or why a species managed to get there. The point is that they DID get there. That achievement is no small feat, and deserves at least acknowledgment (even though as a self-loathing people hater Bardi cannot seem to bring himself to show actual appreciation.)

    Secondly, and on the other hand, if neither species is worthy of respect then why give a damn about whether either of them survives or not? You simply cannot have it both ways at once. Either humankind deserves to be what it is, in which case it should be should shown great respect and greater care. Or it does NOT deserve to exist, in which case we should immediately assist each other in dropping dead so that worthier life forms (or barren rocks) can get on with the business of being whatever Earth will be when the people are all gone.

    That’s my real beef with pseudo-intellectuals like Bardi. They speak with forked tongue because they “think” with forked brain, if you could even call it real thinking at all. It’s more like just seething hatred dressed up in fancy jargon.


    Posting this here as a follow-up of a conversation from yesterday …

    D Benton Smith … Okay, you are correct in that I misread your statement. Thanks for clarifying.
    I certainly agree that most people of my ethnic group are completely WRONG-HEADED apologists for Israel, and thereby help perpetuate its racist and heinous crimes against humanity. They hide behind accusations of “anti-Semitism” whenever confronted with the reality of Israel’s criminality.
    However, slinging the word “Jew” around as an insult (as in “Fauci the Jew”, which our esteemed colleague wrote a few days ago) doesn’t help any argument except the for one that the Empire of Lies, Israel, and the world-wide oligarchy wish to make.
    I read this blog for the information that Ilargi brings to light, and I find it incredibly valuable.

    Formerly T-Bear

    US spies say ‘pro-Ukrainian group’ bombed Nord Stream – NYT
    Anonymous agents cited unspecified intelligence to deny US responsibility for the pipeline attack

    From RT. “Pro-Ukrainian group”, you don’t suppose it would be the White House, U.S. State Department, U.S. Department of War by any chance?


    Canadian Hearing ….. Weather balloon …. China spy balloon ….

    Q.: When, What, How, Who
    Answer: Dhuuu, Hummm, Its a secret, don’t know



    …..Or it does NOT deserve to exist, in which case we should immediately assist each other in dropping dead……

    Where that came from? Elite acknowledged the resource / energy / garbage problem and wants to do that, not the guy who sees the same problem and is sounding the alarm.
    This excerpt from his article should concern you more than “monkeys in savanna”:

    ….Peter Coy defines natural hydrogen as a “Gold Mine of Clean Energy Hiding Under our Feet…..


    Oh, and I am not an expert of the topic,but you are.
    So, for the third time, enlighten me on where is he wrong?


    @phoenix: “… we need to stop getting up on our ideological high horses and shooting arrows at everyone who doesn’t have an identical horse.”


    Michael Reid

    @ Germ thank you for the link

    The social fabric is disintegrating

    William Robinson: How COVID-19 will lead to a global capitalist police state

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