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    Dr. D

    Good to know. No Zinn isn’t likely to be read by public schools…directly. Like the NY Times, These guys set the tone for the next level up. Similar to CRT, which they say “Heavens no! We don’t teach anything like that! We just teach all the exact same principles without that name!” The don’t even KNOW that’s what they’re teaching. They just teach what’s new and cool…according to the media, TikTok, MSNBC, and other sources. Gosh, actually doesn’t that show how stupid, ignorant and uncurious they are in a nutshell? That they themselves, don’t know, don’t ask, don’t care?

    The school description is similar to what I’m saying, adding pointless trouble, wastes of time, points of failure that can all be avoided if we just go back to what we know last worked? Do I have to buy them a banana-smelling blue ditto machine, or should I get some chalk and horn boards? Maybe then someone would be literate for a change. Certainly the computer and phone prevents my work almost every day for some update or another.

    ACT mandated: sure, it’s straight corporate welfare with no competition. An American specialty these days.
    Oh wait: we can welfare Dell, HP, and Microsoft too! Boy they sure need the money! Not your kids, or teachers, of course!

    Anyway, I see nothing but Zinn’s same “All expose: everyone you know and everything you’ve ever believed is terrible!” in the hot, popular reviews of college education right now, going back 40 years, which is why I mention it. I had to put up with a lot of it, and it was all false. Try passing classes providing evidence for that though. Therefore…school and university teaches you to be a seamless liar? That would explain a lot.

    Curlene, yes, it would be illuminating to teach as a counterpoint. I don’t mind. Same as presenting whatever false happy-stuff they used to print like Mr. Lincoln “If I could win without freeing the slaves I would” and Columbus, invented, resurrected in 1900 as a raw pander to Italian Americans. …But having spent a lot of time in schools, they don’t. They won’t. It takes a lot of time, and being critical undermines authority, I.e the teacher and administrators, later the parents, police, and nation. So those people – who set the curriculum – don’t approve of kids questioning. …Anything.

    Getting rid of libraries is a national crime, as it’s a temple or museum to the old, maybe the only one an American town has. What’s best to find is the books you didn’t mean to look for: something forgotten from the 70’s, or 1870s, books once hot now forgotten. And the skill and aesthetic of each era back into books practically made of gold, leather and gilt, tiny, sharp printing inside using methods now forgotten. That is, practically every stupid, primitive guy straight back to 1600 was BETTER THAN US. At everything. That’s what you really learn, NOT what you “clicked for.” Try passing a set of Middle-School Primers on ebay from 1900. Try writing YOUR OWN NAME with a pencil anywhere near competency compared to an average farmer in 1840.

    Anyway, that only means when I do it, my old books will now be priceless and worth their weight in…Dogecoin, Pokemon GO tokens or something. I’m sure like Scrooge they’ll sell them off in a big heap like the curtain from my bed and use them to warm the cooking fire, just like any chimpanzees. Do I exaggerate?

    They have already. And those are the LIBRARIANS.

    John Day

    “Prepare Warp Drive” post advocates for a peaceful transition

    The tension which has built in the plot-lines of western political control-narratives is almost unbearable at this point. The political control-narratives have lost traction and are losing adherents among the semi-faithful partisans. They are back-sliding in deeply rutted mud. They will be replaced when a broadly acceptable control-narrative has been composed to replace them. Any new control-narrative will really have to look like a thorough repudiation of the failed control-narratives. Disgust is growing. Disgust looks like it is actively being driven into a crescendo-peak this week. I presume that disgust and scorn are being carefully monitored on social media, that all developing trends are being carefully tracked.
    The strongest trends developing in social media are the ones which may become parts of the new control-narrative. (I don’t engage on social-media. I’m in as much of a rabbit-hole as I can manage, already.)
    Signs of control-narrative reconsideration have been signaled since late last year. When Henry Kissinger writes an article advocating a different direction for US foreign policy it is a signal. Henry Kissinger has represented Rockefeller interests since around 1950, when they discovered his talent and began cultivating his career advancement in US foreign policy. I was struck in mid December by the simultaneous public positions taken by Kissinger, Col. (USA Ret.) Douglas Macgregor, and the interview of Tucker Carlson by Tulsi Gabbard, which I detailed here
    Kissinger said the US was missing a narrow window of opportunity to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine, and gave the example of Woodrow Wilson’s loss of that sam opportunity in the summer of 196, which led to millions of more deaths in the trenches by the end of that year, and the loss of the historic moment. Kissinger explicitly made this point to the Biden regime.
    Colonel Macgregor came out and detailed that a change in the imperial-court in Washington might be the appropriate way to make a sea-change in US foreign (war) policy, and gradually built the historic case for it, before making his mesage clear in the last few minutes.
    Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard had a comfortable interview together, and both began by establishing in the first few minutes that they saw their lives as following an important destiny, and being busy doing so until they should die. It was not moribund, but clearly urgent, and seemed heroic to me.

    I took this to be a form of messaging, with the message being that the current political operations were seen to be flawed by Rockefeller interests, which are elite interests, and never isolated. Alternatives were being considered, and that public debate on alternatives would be permitted to openly take place.
    Since then we have seen the media gradually allowing the advance of alternative interpretations of reality, interpretations which threaten the weakest aspects of the COVID/vaccine/lockdown/electronic-health-pass narrative, as well as the brave-Ukraine-beating-Russian-monstor war-narrative.
    The political-consensus which will be necessary for a country like the US to act cohesively, to adapt to rapid and pervasive change, will need to arise organically, not be handed down from above. We seem to be at the end of the enginnering of “reality” in the face of a rapidly evolving actual-reality which is shockingly different. This ilike the paradigm shift that I remember in American politics, which arose out of the 968 Tet-Offensive in Vietnam. Suddenly Americans saw Vietcong in every city and village attacking Americans and South Vietnamese soldiers, often taking towns, cities and regions, and Walter Cronkite wondered if we had really been told the whole truth about the war. My dad had just gotten back from Vietnam. I was almost 10. I already knew it wasn’t true, but it quickly became common-knowledge tin the US, that the US was losing the war in Vietnam. LBJ declared that he would not run for re-election, and would not accept nomination. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, who opposed the Vietnam War, were both assassinated, with blame placed on “patsies”. There were street riots at the Democratic convention. Richard Nixon announced a secret plan to end the war. Nixon won. Kissinger eventually negotiated “Peace with honor”. Later he peeled the Chinese Communists away from the Russian Communists, a tremendous and bloodless strategic accomplishment for US foreign policy.

    The historical transition we are now entering does not have a formed control-narrative yet, neither for the US, nor for “the west”. We can take part in forming this “noble lie” (Plato), which is the self image of any society. This is not cynicysm on my part. We can keep demanding truth and justice, while advocating moderation in this approach, not revenge, but some form of justice which can unify society. What I mean by that is Truth and Reconciliation in that order, which will necessitate broad, open and just recompense, which I discussed yesterday.
    The risk I see is that when enough blame has been placed for COVID-vaccine-deaths, losing the war in Ukraine, and the broad western “alliance” which pays tribute to “US interests” through the gloobal $US financial system, then we will be at a decision-point. Well “we” be induced to kill for retribution? That sword can be turned against anybody, once it is unsheathed. Who directs the killing? We can assume that those in the highest positions of power, who now direct wars and global thefts, have good plans to maintain their positions. We might see how far up the hierarchy the blame moves. The people who gave shots did not know what they were doing. Gates and Fauci presumably did know. The Philippines has put out an arrest warrant for Gates for mass murder by vaccines. Public response to that in various contries is certainly being closely tracked. Joe Biden is clearly expendible. Schumer, Pelosi and McConnell can step-down for their teams. Pfizer, Moderna, their CIA and DARPA backers seem like they will have to openly take blame, and give up scapegoats in public, but will they be restructured?
    How far will this limited-hangout have to go before the American public is satisfied that the swamp-has-been-drained?
    What about restitution? Will taxpayers pay other taxpayers for dead relatives? When the bubble bursts and most notional wealth in retirements and investments goes POOF, who will be seen to still command the remaining real wealth of the world? Will that be visible at all? What mechanisms will provide the minimal support to feed, shelter and transport people, whch are necessary for a society to be productive? The poor can’t really get poorer, and much of the upper middle class is probably poised to join them. How much will the real owners be willing to give over to any society, in order to sustain it? Can’t they just live in Dubai?
    What the ownership-class has done in the past is to get one group of people to kill off another group of people, rather than all of the people acting to wrest coontrol of wealth from the owners. One threat to oners is other-owners. One group of owners may offer another group of owners up for sacrfice. All the owners have armed forces. At times like this, one group of owners may offer an appealing social-contract to the people of a nation, in return for the allegiance of that polis, which means some of them dying, and all of them engaging in a war against another elite faction.
    In the Americn Civil War, Northern banking and industry competed with English banking and industry for the plantation output of the rural south, each requiring the cotton for it’s mills, and the market for its manufactured products. England offered the south better deals, but the North made war to gain the cotton and dominate the southern markets. (Lincoln only “freed” southern slaves, not northern slaves during the war. That military practice was already thousands of years old.)
    What will the owners be able to negotiate amongst themselves? Will people in my country, the US, be presented with a choice of owners/masters to support in a war? Will it be a civil-war, maybe an external war? Will Canada or Mexico invade? Probably not. Russia doesn’t want to come over here. China would rather just buy property. China might invade Taiwan. That hardly looks like something Americans would be willing to die for. Americans are pretty clearly against getting into a European war, already. Americans have never wanted to be in wars. It took Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Korea and Vietnam carried on from WW-2, but were rejected when the boys came home in coffins and body-bags. The owners mostly gave up on getting Americans to fight in the wars after that.

    You and I have an opportunity right now to seek a fair and equitable solution for society, which will not threaten to kill a group, and will therefore encourage the long process of difficult negotiations, where there will be progressive loss of wealth and power within western nations, but those who still hold a lot of wealth will need to embrace the support of the whole society, rather than turning the people to civil-war against each other. I see the biggest danger in being turned to hating and killing each other. We should always be steering away from that, and seeking ways to gently steer the owners and their upper level political and military courtiers away from that.

    ​ ​”Great job by Tucker Carlson tonight,” Trump wrote on Truth Social following the bombshell video release. “The Unselect Committee of political hacks and thugs has been totally discredited. They knowingly refused to show the videos that mattered. They should be tried for fraud and treason, and those imprisoned and being persecuted should be exonerated and released, now!”

    John Day

    Luc sent this story from Robert Malone MDs site, which is the declassified documentation from DARPA, from Summer 2021, by a Major USMC in the office of Naval Intelligence, and includes a brief cover letter with this paragraph:
    I’m unsure whether the significance of what I communicated is understood by those that received the report. Decisions with regards to the vaccines do not appear to be informed by analysis of the documents. The main points being that SARS-CoV-2 matches the SARS vaccine variants the NIH-EcoHealth program was making in Wuhan; that the DOD rejected the program proposal because vaccines would be ineffective and because the spike proteins being inserted into the variants were deemed too dangerous (gain-of-function): and that the DOD now mandates vaccines that copy the spike protein previously deemed too dangerous. To me and to those who informed my analysis, this situation meets gain of function criteria with regards to the vaccines until the toxicity of the spike protein can be investigated. There’s also information within the documents about which drugs effectively treat the program’s SARS-CoVs.
    Thus why I’m reaching out. I’m trying to help aid leadership grapple with the vaccines and the mandate with as much information as is available. I wanted to push this information your way.

    Sasha Latypoa has been revealing the documentary trail which shows US DoD ownership of the bioweapon-countermeasure-prototypes, marketed as “vaccines” by Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and others, in “Operation Warp Speed”. Her position has recently been misrepresented by others and she clarifies it here. She “knows who did it, but not who gave the orders”.
    ​ ​We have a mass murder/mass injury event ongoing and bodies are piling up. The deaths and injury are the result of the forced injections of “health products” that do not comply with any regulations for pharmaceuticals nor the lists of ingredients or advertised chemical composition. Thus they should be deemed de-facto poison. Even if the manufacturers managed to produce these substances with fidelity to the label and the law, the products would be still extremely dangerous to administer on a mass scale due to numerous toxicities built into their design, which is perfectly well known to the regulators and manufacturers. Albeit, the latter got rid of employees with expertise and conscience to know this in the years immediately preceding “covid success”, and replaced them with diversity hires and software. The needles are in the hands of “nice people from healthcare” who are doing their jobs as commanded by their superiors. I am tracing this organization back, starting from the weapon of murder and assault – the needle.​..
    ​..The mass injuries and deaths by the mRNA/DNA injections are intentional. They should be investigated as a crime of mass murder and attempted mass murder by poisoning.​..
    ​..HHS is following the orders of the National Security Council and the DOD as the Chief Operating Officer of the Operation Warp Speed, i.e. the HHS is operating under the military command structure…
    ​..​The organizational structure that is responsible for the execution of this crime in the US can be described as follows: POTUS=>NSC=>DOD=>HHS=>state and local health authorities => owners/administrators of health delivery settings=>local vaccinators.
    ​ ​All men and women in positions of authority in the above organizational structure operate treasonously and under the color of law.
    What organization is above the treasonous US officials, I can only guess.​..
    ..I am convinced that there is a centralized global control of this operation due to the perfectly implemented global lockstep procedures and control of ALL governments. US alone cannot do this.
    ​ ​The DOD is in charge of funding and ordering the injections from complicit pharmaceutical manufacturers, bypassing pharmaceutical regulations, and utilizing opaque defense purchasing systems typically used for weapons manufacture. DOD is in charge of the distribution of injections to the intended targets – the people of the United States.​..​
    ​..​The pseudo-legal statutory framework that the treasonous men and women are utilizing to commit these crimes has been described in detail by Katherine Watt.

    ​ There is a prominent opinion, widely held in the halls of power and military hierarchies of European and Middle Eastern (West Asian) countries, that the Earthquake which devastated large parts of Turkey and Syria last month was induced artificially as an act of covert warfare. It is also possible that the solar flare tail which swept across our planet, including that area, days before the earthquake, was responsible in part. These both have the mechanism of solar energy causing cerent flows and heating at fault line, which are already under tension and poised to jump violently.
    Coronal mass ejection from the sun and HAARP ionospheric manipulation are not mutually exclusive at all. The solar mass ejection sweeping across the earth, during a period of solar maximum activity, with greatly reduced magnetic field strength protecting earth, is the ideal invitation to further weaken the ionospheric resistance to flows of high energy particles.​ I do not know if there was covert military action, but here is an exploration of that possiblity.
    ​ ​Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake: An Expert Investigation is Required

    Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake: An Expert Investigation is Required

    John Day

    I have lifted the pipeling story links from Ilargi’s post at the Automatic Earth today. He made it so easy.​

    ​ ​Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who wrote the expose on the Nord Stream pipelines sabotage last month, brushed off today’s report in The New York Times that blamed the attack on a “pro-Ukrainian group.”
    ​ ​Hersh’s original story went into detail on how the U.S. and Norway allegdly carried out the elaborate bombing. His theory is that President Joe Biden was concerned Germany would turn back to Russia for its natural gas if there was a cold winter and restart the pipeline. The White House called Hersh’s story completely false.
    ​ ​The Times’s report cited unnamed U.S. officials who said they reviewed new intelligence about the pro-Ukraine group with no known ties to the Ukrainian government. Ukraine also denied any role in the attack.
    ​ ​The paper said: The review of newly collected intelligence suggests they were opponents of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, but does not specify the members of the group, or who directed or paid for the operation.
    ​ ​Hersh seemed unimpressed with the report and laughed when reached by The Trends Journal. He joked, “I always thought either Somalia or Nepal were behind it.”

    China and Hungary have called for a full international investigation into the pipeline attack under the auspices of the United Nations.

    Russia Says NY Times Report on Nord Stream Attack is Deliberate Disinformation

    ​ Moon of Alabama:
    No. You do not dive down to 80+ meter for an industrial size job, involving the placement of hundreds of pounds of explosives in eight individual charges on very sturdy [and buried] pipelines, from a sparsely manned boat. Such deep dives require special gases, special breathing equipment, special training, a decompression chamber for emergencies and lots of well trained people to maintain all that stuff. [Not to mention the need for a sonar bouy later for detonation]

    ​ ​German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has dodged a question about how the Nord Stream sabotage case could influence Western military aid for Kiev if it turns out that pro-Ukrainian groups were behind the Russian gas pipeline blasts…The New York Times reported on the same day, citing US intelligence sources, that a “pro-Ukrainian group” was behind the September 2022 attacks. Pistorius brushed off the claims presented in the reports as “hypothetical” and maintained that the sabotage act might have been aimed at framing Ukraine. The chance of it being a false-flag operation is as “equally high” as the chance of Ukrainians being behind it, the minister said. Berlin has so far not made any investigation results public. Sweden, Denmark, and Germany have “informed the United Nations Security Council that the investigations are ongoing and that there are still no results,” a government spokesman declared on Tuesday.​

    ​ ​This looks like pressure is being applied all around to negotiate an “official story”.
    ​ ​CIA Director William Burns and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan considered a version of Ukraine’s responsibility for sabotage acts at Nord Stream gas pipelines in October 2022, the Wall Street Journal said, citing unnamed representatives of the US administration.
    ​ ​The US believes that Ukraine had an opportunity to perform such operation. No data are available at the moment indicating that Ukrainian authorities were involved in sabotage acts, the newspaper said.

    John Day

    ​ “We have no armed forces that could defend themselves in the event of a brutal war of aggression”, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius openly warned, openly admitting the​ serious problems of the Bundeswehr. (Google translate)

    Υπουργός Άμυνας Γερμανίας: Η Bundeswehr δεν είναι σε θέση να υπερασπιστεί τη χώρα σε περίπτωση ρωσικής επίθεσης!

    ​ ​A team of SAS commandoes are reportedly scouring the world for stocks of Russian-calibre artillery shells to refill Ukraine’s depleted arsenals.
    A British daily newspaper reported that a dozen special forces troopers have been travelling across Africa, the Middle East and Asia along with intelligence agents and Foreign Office officials.
    ​ ​The group, posing as arms dealers, carry “substantial amounts of cash” to buy up stocks of 122mm-calibre shells — fired by many of the artillery pieces Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union — on the spot.

    ​ ​Stocks of ammunition in the UK are now at “dangerously low levels” due to the country giving away supplies to Ukraine, Britain’s Defence Select Committee has now warned.

    ​ ​US could ‘shift focus’ from Europe to Asia ‘anytime’ – Berlin
    ​ ​German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has expressed concern that Europe is relying too much on the US in the area of defense. This means there is pressure on him “at all times,” he admitted during a talk with Germany’s Deutschlandfunk (Dlf) radio broadcaster on Wednesday, adding that Washington’s priorities could always change.


    On the table in the cabin, the investigators were able to detect traces of explosives, according to the research.

    So the explosives were not sealed in mines or anything like that, with a detonator and electronics in a container manufactured by a factory with the unit air-tight and the exterior cleaned, like with all other factory produced military explosive products? Instead it was raw plastic explosive that was carried down to the pipes by the divers who then moulded it around the pipe? You know, like they do in James Bond? Maybe they used one of those shiny stainless steel pin detonators that set off the explosion like in James Bond? Maybe they divided out the explosives on the table, you know, one block of plastic for each diver? Maybe there was a diversity hire diver which is why one of the pipes was not fractured.

    What a preposterous story. Empire of Lies strikes back.


    The Western nations are likely not to disclose the name of a Ukrainian businessman alleged to be involved in sabotage acts at Nord Stream pipelines to keep the unity of the West in providing military aid to Ukraine, the Daily Telegraph newspaper said, citing sources.

    Well that’s totally believable! How did they have the time to do an oil pipeline attack while laundering all that money for Biden, this businessman must have ADHD.


    Von der Leyen – ‘Get her out’

    Isn’t she just a puppet, a dainty ‘fashion plate’ dancing to the tune of the big guys. The entire former Eastern block needs to break free of the EU shackles. But it’s all about debt, no? They’ve jumped on the ‘growth’ bandwagon, sucked off easy EU/German cash. Just sensing that there is some desire to follow the Hungarian lead, (or maybe just wishful thinking.) They’ll all know that any stepping out of line will be met with colour revolutions. Stronger leaders with integrity are needed. Where are they? Only the old guys know the score.


    If you have a look at the – ‘learn more’ – links on each partner you will observe LOTS and LOTS of money awarded as base amounts to these companies – some now discontinued got over 800 million in 2020 now just a memory.
    That shit is buying alot of yachts.

    Dr D Rich

    Amen, citizenx


    I counted 60+ shell in a about a minute on one relatively small Ukronazi position. Sixty shells per minute in open country with little protection. Nazilensky troops are being annihilated.

    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D or is it Raůl?

    You wrote: ““when will xenophobic criticism of China/Chinese be declared off limits””

    “Depends if it’s xenophobic…”

    So who’s the arbiter here, you or Raůl, or one in the same as in Dr. D is Raůl’s alter-ego kind of the same?

    Plus, Xi Jinping and his CCP crew raised quite few couple hundred million poor folk out of poverty and you, D, are always preaching, correctiy, how particularly deadly poverty is.
    Where are the similarly styled leaders from Israel raising a couple hundred million poor Palestinians or white Deplorables out of poverty?


    Viruses must attach to specific receptors on the barrier between the outside and the inside of our bodies before they can get in. When the viruses attach to the receptors, they do so by using a spike protein. After the viruses attach using their spike proteins, the cells can pull the viruses in and make more copies. If the copies get released into your blood and lymph and tissue spaces, you are now considered to be infected. The only way to stop this from happening is to prevent the virus from being copied and released at the epithelial barrier. This is done by cells of the innate immune system without involving serum antibodies (the ones in your blood). It can also be done by special mucosal secretory IgA antibodies that result from natural exposure to viruses moving through that epithelial barrier. IgA antibodies are on the outside of you and cannot be produced by injecting something into your body, bypassing the epithelial barrier.

    See Figure 1. In following link. Omicron seems out of family when compared with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.

    “Currently, Omicron variants inefficiently use TMPRSS2, causing the spike to rely on cell entry through endocytosis [44]. This caused a change in the cellular tropism of SARS-CoV-2, moving away from TMPRSS2-expressing cells. However, BA.5 has recently shown efficient use of TMPRSS2, indicating a possible shift back to pre-Omicron tropism and infectious mechanism [45].”

    The possible shift back to an earlier tropism reminded me of something Sorotkin had pointed out.

    “Until SARS-CoV-2 is understood as a LAV that’s deattenuating towards a highly-pathogenic chimeric coronavirus that’s going through gatekeeping mutations and has no intention whatsoever of following the assumptions drawn from observing natural evolution or even the paths of the H1N1 LAVs which melted back into their original endogenous human hosts – humanity is going to continue to be standing on its head as it attempts to battle this.”

    At the end of the day, it was designed to be a bio-weapon, intended to debilitate a nation or area slowly, with plausible deniability, over a decade or two or three.

    So did the Chinese release Omicron after they had their country locked down? Seems pretty diabolical, but who is to say?

    Still probably wouldn’t hurt to have some IVM, HCQ….. on hand going forward.

    John Day

    Hi Chooch.
    Yep, “Be Prepared”.


    when will xenophobic criticism of China/Chinese be declared off limits

    It’s pretty clear that there will be a tidal wave of anti-Asian racism in coming years as the US continues to demonize China. As the US continues to sink, the elites will use this to get people to turn on each other.


    I went and saw the movie “Jesus Revolution” recently. It was a segment of history I was not familiar with since I was pretty young during that time period. I had been doing some more research into it and came across the writings of Reverend E. L. (Stacey) Hebden Taylor, a professor of Economics and Sociology at Dordt College. Here are some excerpts from the Preface of his book, “Reformation or Revolution.” Copyright 1970.

    [..] . And so the great prophet of modern nihilism tells us the madman went into one church after another and intoned his requiem of the death of God. When asked what he was doing, he replied, “What are these churches now, if they are not the tombs of God.” Nietzsche, with the penetration of genius, had fixed upon the great new phenomenon of post-Christian Western society, the gradual fading out of the consciousness of God from the mind of Western man. He has driven Christ out of Christendom and now lives as if God were indeed dead.

    What had begun in the second half of the nineteenth century has gone very much further in the twentieth. As a result of this apostasy from God we are faced today with the fateful choice of revolution or reformation. The forces of unbelief have spread out from hotbeds of atheism in Europe to undermine the great AngloSaxon democracies. Our English-speaking nations today stand at the cross roads of their destiny. Our situation is remarkably similar to the conditions and climate of opinion which prevailed in Western Europe during the breakup of medieval Christendom in the “waning of the Middle Ages.” There is the same disrespect for the authority of government, the same breakdown of marriage and family life, the same scepticism and uncertainty regarding the nature and destiny of human life. In the later Middle Ages this movement of thought was called Nominalism or the “Modern Way”; today it is called logical positivism and language analysis. The universities of America, Britain, and Canada have become “multi-versities” in which all values are held to be relative and scientific method alone regarded as the avenue to truth and blessedness.

    Our present revolutionary situation is due to the breakdown of a unified field of knowledge and experience. A great symptom of this spiritual crisis now facing us is the growing drug addiction of our young people. Drug addiction is the symptom of the dis illusion of young people with the godless, inhuman, and depersonalized society in which they have had the misfortune to be born. It is an escape from the futility and boredom of modern life and an attempt to find the chemical equivalent of Christian grace and blessedness on the part of people who can no longer find any meaning to their lives. It is a sign of what happens when people live and behave as if God is in truth dead. When love is dead man is dead.

    Post-Christian man has created a sterile society in which both God and man are dead. Human life has become meaningless as apostate man finds himself reduced by his own science and technology to a cog in the great machine of nature and of society. The only way of escape lies in a non-rational world of experience, drugs, absurdity, pornography, an elusive “final experience,” and ultimate madness. The one freedom left to modern godless man, according to Michael Foucault in Madness and Civilization, is the freedom to become crazy.

    [..] As a result the biblical doctrine of creation became secularized as nature was proclaimed to work like a machine rather than an organism. The divine Creator became the deified image of the creative urge worked in man by his drive for freedom.

    [..] By the seventeenth century nature had totally devoured grace, and what was left in its place was man’s striving for freedom. However men soon found that their freedom was being threatened by the deterministic and mechanistic image of the world which their natural science was creating. Freedom was now understood as the reversion of man’s freedom in Christ. The individual’s freedom was no longer seen as dependence upon God and his law but as complete independence and autonomy from God.

    As such it soon came into conflict with man’s science ideal, since the latter tended to reduce man to a machine. The fight to retain freedom was carried on by the Romantic movement, beginning with Rousseau and Kant. Romantic literature and art express a casting aside of the industrial and scientific civilization as that which restrains and inhibits man’s freedom. It marked the birth of the Bohemian ideal. Thus by the beginning of the nineteenth century autonomous freedom and autonomous science stood facing each other in deadly combat. Soon science and technology was to swallow up freedom. In terms of the doctrine of the uniformity of natural causes working in a closed system, the mechanistic view of reality came to include not only physics but everything, including man. Apostate scientists such as Laplace, August Comte, Marx, and Lotze insisted on the complete unity of man’s spiritual and physical life, and so freedom disappeared. Neither God nor man’s freedom exist any more for Europe’s most advanced thinkers in the nineteenth century; everything is now placed in the great machine of Nature. Human values such as love and sympathy for the poor of Europe disappeared as an apostate economic individualism reduced the former peasants and guild craftsmen to slaves of the new factory sys tem. No one better reflected this new attitude towards life than the Marquis de Sade. Schaeffer writes of him in Escape from Reason: “He understood the direction that things would have to take when man is included in the machinery. The conclusions he drew were these: if man is determined, than what is is right. If all life is only mechanism—if that is all there is—then morals really do not count. Morals become only a word for a sociological framework. Morals become a means of manipulation by society in the midst of the machine. The word `morals’ by this time is only a semantic connotation word for non-morals. What is, is right.”

    [..] in America’s cult of violence on the streets, on her TV and cinema screens, in the death of man in art, music, and life. By making nature independent of God apostate modern man has thus brought upon himself the judgment of God, in so far as he finds that life without God is meaningless, hopeless, and loveless.

    On the basis of rationality, logic, and scientific determinism man’s life no longer has any meaning to it. Scientific humanism has cre ated a sterile society in which the individual as a person has been reduced to a statistic in the records of big business and big govern ment. His personality has been stripped from him leaving him to fulfill a function in a depersonalized, militarized, technological mass society as an empty husk of a person. Today millions of people are shirking off their responsibilities as parents, workers, citizens, and consumers, and they have surrendered them into the hands of the leviathan state, of the secular labor unions, political parties, and big business. In short, with the death of God they find themselves also dead if not dying in “The Waste Land” of modern society.

    [..] All that is now left for such people to do is to make a nonrational leap of faith into sex, drugs, anything they can think of, because they are now living under the line of apostate humanist despair. They have given up all hope of achieving a rational unified answer to the problems of knowledge and life.

    The Christian does not condemn the “hippies” out of hand. He agrees with the hippies’ diagnosis of modern society but rejects their solution. Anyone who can gladly accept society as it has become today is even more to be pitied than the “hippies” themselves. Un fortunately the “hippies” themselves are heading toward the same dead end as the dehumanized society they so vehemently condemn.
    Both socialist collectivism and hippie and beatnik individualism are based on the same false premise, namely, that man is the master of his own fate and that man is autonomous. The hippie movement is tragic insofar as it is doomed to failure, but its great value is that it gives us the opportunity while there is yet time for reformation and to look at ourselves and see what has become of our utopian revolutionary dreams of “liberty, equality, and fraternity,” without God. Our faith in science as man’s only savior has brought us to the edge of the abyss. The way of escape does not lie in a nonrational world of “first-order” experiences induced by drugs or by “happenings” but by a return to the true origin of meaning and purpose in human life. Man’s happiness cannot be found in pan theism or in surrender to drugs, but only in the service of God and of one’s neighbor. For the Christian real happiness only comes from obedience to the Great Commandment as summed up by the Lord Jesus Christ.

    [..] Likewise the Christian will point out to his unregenerate friends that meaning and purpose for modern man can only be found by returning to the biblical view of human nature and destiny, which locates man’s origin in the God who first created and then redeemed him. Only such biblical Christianity can restore dignity and meaning to modern life, because it refuses to divide up human experience between nature and grace, or freedom and nature, or faith and reason. Instead God’s Word provides us with a unified field of human experience and knowledge. God’s Word alone can provide us with the true ordering principle which gives us our frame of reference and only sure point of departure for all our theoretical and practical life. It does so by working in us a true knowledge of God, of ourselves, and of the law-order of the creation. The Word of God is the power by which the Lord God opens our hearts to “see” things as they really are.

    Apart from this revealed framework of creation, radical fall into sin, and equally radical redemption by Jesus Christ in the com munion of the Holy Spirit, man’s fallen reason darkened by sin uncovers only a meaningless and irrational chance . 8 God’s Word alone can put meaning into the facts uncovered by scientific investi gation and show us how to use our science to God’s glory and the benefit of human welfare and the improvement of man’s estate. Without this biblical frame of reference, the data provided by scien tific investigation is ultimately meaningless. True knowledge is thus made possible by true religion and arises from the knowing activity of the human heart enlightened through the Word of God by the Holy Spirit. Thus biblical Christianity can play a decisive part in reforming modern life and guide us in the ordering of our everyday experience and scientific activities.

    Reformational Christianity can not only provide modern man with a unified field of knowledge for his science, but it can also provide a way out of the false dilemma of individualism versus col lectivism, socialism versus capitalism, racism versus integration, for the Bible alone reveals the true basis for society in a cultural unity in diversity. Man’s personality can develop only in relationship to God and with his neighbor. The common error of both conservative individualism and socialist collectivism is that both take their starting point in man, whether this be the individual or the group. The biblical view of man in society overcomes this dichotomy in social science. In the light of God’s Word we know that God created man for community with his fellow men and as a social being. This means that man does not find his purpose in himself as John Locke supposed, or in the group as Karl Marx supposed, but in the God who created him. The individual and the community are equally called to live in obedience to the laws of their creator.

    It is only by such obedience to God’s creation ordinances for human society that the present conflicts rending society apart can be re solved. If the individual and the community will occupy their God given place in a truly Christian society dominated by adventure for God in the context of love and service, their need for drug addiction, civil disobedience and other forms of social deviance will disappear. In such a reformational society young people would once more find a reason to live, and they would not need to take to drugs but they would become busy being “hip” to God’s great laws.

    In this book we shall describe how men have tried to make their social life independent of God’s creation norms for their lives and the tragic results of this apostasy. We shall then suggest a reformational, biblically based solution for the grave problems now facing modern society, especially in the field of industrial relations.

    [..] May the Lord Jesus Christ, once Carpenter of Nazareth and now risen Lord and Savior of the Holy, Universal, and Apostolic Churches of God throughout the world by the Holy Spirit, bless this work and use it to the glory of God the Father and in bringing back peace, joy, and love to the workers and managers of industry, the husbands and wives and their children, and reconciliation between the classes and races of the world. May Reformation rather than Revolution prevail.

    V. Arnold

    March 8, 2023 at 11:07 am #130759REPLY

    Formerly T-Bear

    Better late than not at all:
    Kudos T-Bear for that excellent post and my appologies for not commenting that very day; my very bad
    You beautifully laid bare today’s MSM for the rot it is…thank you…


    Rumor has it that some US boots under ground will not be requiring body bags nor burial.


    @ TAE
    Thanks; I’ve been sitting in your virtual presentations and the multidiscipline debates.
    Identified. Many problems, many causes, All proposed solutions still not within reach of imperfect mortals.
    Can I get a Virtual TAE Doctorate Degree?
    Peace and long pain free life

    D Benton Smith


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