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    D Benton Smith

    So when most (f not all) central governments in the world surrender their nations’ sovereignty to the World Health Organization in a couple of weeks it is going to bring a few serious questions to the fore in a way which will be literally impossible to further ignore.

    The W.H.O. will give orders, and when they do then populations will be faced (unavoidably) with the choice of whether to obey or not.

    Our so-called “sovereignty” situation is about to shift rapidly, almost instantaneously, from hypothetical world dictatorship to actual world dictatorship. On paper.

    But crowning themselves Emperor is not the same thing as enforcing their self-declared Imperial authority. They have already made their intentions pretty clear, but do ya think they’ll actually try it?

    Will they actually attempt enforcement of something dire? Would populations comply ? More to the point, will WE comply? If not, then what form would such a rebellion take?

    Obviously, we shall see. And by that, I mean we SHALL see.


    ‘EU considers shelving ban on Russian oil as Hungary blocks sanctions’:

    “..One option could potentially involve separating the most contentious parts of the oil ban and moving ahead with other elements of the plan which Hungary could support. Budapest has previously suggested that deliveries by pipeline should continue to be permitted, with sanctions restricted to oil supplied by shipping.

    Yet any dilution of the oil package would be damaging to the EU’s credibility, especially after von der Leyen and other political leaders have been so clear that hitting Putin’s oil industry is vital. The remainder of the sanctions package includes measures targeting pro-Russian propaganda, lobbyists and consultants, as well as Sberbank, Russia’s biggest bank. But the heart of the package was always meant to be a strike against the Kremlin’s energy industry.”

    “It’s that mean, unwoke Orban’s fault!” Sure, sure; show me the part that’s *not* Theater, friends..

    Chaff Level: high, and climbing. Sources to be confidently trusted listed below:


    Professor Hudson says “America” is doing this, and this, and that.. My thinking is that there is a small, trans-national Ruling Class
    that’s benefiting well from the high-and-climbing chaff level in media, esp the internet kind.
    That could include Eurasian entities, despite the present polarization, or “polarization”.

    D Benton Smith

    Everyone with a spare neuron to keep them company knows that the accelerating dismantlement of civilization is a carefully deliberated series of long planned actions . . . not mistakes or incompetence or simple greed (although mistakes, incompetence and greed sure do make the job easier !).

    The plan is simple : when enough people are dead, dying or nearly so, then the starving survivors (maybe 20% of the current 8 billion or so ?) will be presented with the choice between Unconditional Surrender to unmitigated slavery . . . or death-by-chaos. Same way that smaller scale enslavement has always been done.

    That such stupid insanity could result in extinction does not even begin to phase the degenerate Death Cult who are currently executing the plan like there is no tomorrow. No tomorrow seems just fine for people who worship death.

    Might be a good idea to give them what they ultimately want, only a little sooner than they had planned on. Put them in jail, or in the ground (their choice) and let nature takes its course.

    It’s a tough call, isn’t it ? Really, really tough. I respect that some folks favor martyrdom over resistance. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

    Michael Reid

    Harley Schlanger discusses the importance of JFK on the 58th anniversary of his assassination, how he had been moving against ’empire policy’, and how far downhill the U.S. has gone since. The U.S. is committed to a global “rules-based order” with rules made by bankers and some of the same cartels, networks, and trusts who put Hitler into power. The Great Reset is something that has been underway for a while, which would give central bankers the power to determine spending. The Green New Deal is connected to The Great Reset because they don’t want to invest new credit into new physical economy, they want to shut down production. This is the purpose of the concocted environmental crisis. These Malthusians would rather not reduce the population through war because military conflict can get out of hand, they prefer disease and IMF conditionalities. The Treasury and Fed are setting up special detective units to check which countries and banks are investing in corporations that have a carbon footprint, with the idea of denying them credit. Given that they have suffered a huge loss at COP26, we discuss the escalation toward a US-Russia-China war, how we are one false flag away from conflict, and how Belt and Road threatens the international oligarchy.

    Harley Schlanger: Elites Suffered Loss at COP26, They Want War in Ukraine or South China Sea


    During Obamas time remember we were supposed to sign a Pacific trade treaty?
    The main feature of the trade treaty was all signing countries agreed to give up their individual country’s sovereignty rights to a council of international corporations. This corporate appointed council would determine all trade disputes between the countries.

    We just barely dodged this Obama bullet!

    Figmund Sreud

    Following reticle is on the subject of Finland and Sweden going NATO, … snip:

    The West has no positive vision anymore – its actions are about re-armament, threats, sanctions, demonisation, the self-righteous “we-never-did-anything-wrong” and the concomitant projection of its own dark sides upon others, China in particular.

    For small countries to put all their eggs in one basket when they do have alternatives and acting without a clue about the next five-to-ten years has always been a recipe for disaster, for war.

    Both NATO and the EU act these days as the passengers did in the restaurant of the elegant, luxurious RMS Titanic.

    There were huge problems which should have been solved for humanity to survive: climate, environment, poverty, inequality, militarism, nukes, etc. They are now forgotten. Economic crisis and disruptions followed, and then came the Corona and took a heavy toll on all kinds of resources and energies. And, finally, now this war in Europe with its underlying NATO-created conflict.

    This is not the time to make decisions in a moment of historical hysteria and panic. This is indeed a moment to keep cool.

    One can only regret that Sweden and Finland lack the intellectual power to see the larger picture in time and space. NATO has had the time since 1949 to prove that it can make peace. We know now that it can’t. Joining it, therefore, is one big gift to militarism and future warfare.

    It is foolish for Finland and Sweden to join NATO and ignore both the real causes and consequences

    It is foolish for Finland and Sweden to join NATO and ignore both the real causes and consequences



    Regarding Professor Hudson:

    Please keep in mind he comes at things with a socialist’s view point that governments should be making all of a country’s capital investments decisions. We all know how that turns out.

    His analysis of capitalism is slanted towards communism. I have lived and worked in two communist countries. Yes they were perfect workers paradises. You would absolutely love it there.

    Russian Shock Treatment.

    Two Russian friends were discussing the glowing propaganda regarding working in Siberia. After much discussion, they decided only one of them would go to see if this was really true. Once in Siberia the friend would write a letter back to the friend who stayed behind. If the propaganda was true the letter would be written in black ink. If the letter was written in red ink, then the propaganda was false and don’t come.

    So after a few months had gone by, the friend who had remained in Russia finally received a letter from his friend now in Siberia. The letter, written in black ink, talked in glowing terms of how wonderful life was in Siberia. At the very bottom of the letter the friend said. P.S. There is no red ink in Siberia!


    “There were huge problems which should have been solved for humanity to survive: climate, environment, poverty, inequality, militarism, nukes, etc. They are now forgotten. Economic crisis and disruptions followed, and then came the Corona and took a heavy toll on all kinds of resources and energies. And, finally, now this war in Europe with its underlying NATO-created conflict.

    Everything, in the USA, once again, distraction, buried under emotional response, ….. freedom …. to chose or obey. (abortion)


    Randy Weaver Dies
    In the infamous Ruby Ridge standoff, federal agents killed his wife and son.

    Randy Weaver Dies


    Thanks for the transcript and more to Dr. Day


    I actually viewed some legacy news headlines today. The Western powers want us to believe that Mr.Putin is gravely I’ll with cancer and that a coup to remove him is going to happen. Um.
    something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
    Has anyone seen anything that corroborates or disproves this from a sphere of influence that is not spouting pure propaganda in every moment?


    Don’t look now, but we’ve now got war and covid!

    More masks more vaccines!

    So, so many of my vaccinated and boosted friends are sick at the moment. Better go get another booster!

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