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    Vittorio Matteo Corcos Sogni 1896   • Scott Ritter: The Russians Advance and Ukrainians Can’t Stop Them (Sp.) • One of Russia’s Top Economists is
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    From the days when America allowed comedy. George Carlin and some US cultural issues, such as where do all the shit politicians come from …

    That man could see his nation was shit, but the only way he could reveal it was in comedy.


    Vittorio Matteo Corcos Sogni 1896

    Looks like a dude in a dress.


    On Monday, Justice Geoffrey Kennett denied an application by the country’s eSafety commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, to extend restrictions on the clip, which she had deemed to be “class 1” material relating to high-impact violence.

    Nice bluff, but we all knew that anyone getting X banned from Australia would have a very short future career. Especially as Musk is the golden boy of the new world order.

    Dr D Rich

    Nice start to the day…christ almighty.

    Pick one.
    I always preferred Poco’s take on the topic, spellbound.


    “From the cradle bars comes a beckoning voice
    It sends you spinning, you have no choice”

    “they are regarded as extraordinary, even brilliant, and they spellbind, traumatize, and distort other personalities, influencing them with a specific dynamic.”

    “This is reminiscent of the therapeutic activity of doctors who, on the basis of their knowledge of the nature of illnesses, intervene in their causality, doing so for the good of the sick person”

    What happened to the physicians? No wonder the Department of Defense opposed them, indeed, refuted the Hippocratic Oath and medical ethics. Put people in charge not bound by such superficial niceties and surface pieties.

    those darned kids

    “No matter how we reform our planet, I intend to keep this promise: If you like your old world order, you’ll be able to keep your old world order; if you like your oligarchy, you’ll be able to keep your oligarchs; if you like your autocracy, you’ll be able to keep your autocrat. Only now, your costs will be much lower*”

    *as you will no longer be living.

    Dr. D

    “Jen Psaki Claims Biden Never Looked At Watch, Suggests Gold Star Parents Lied”

    Again, all staged. But something else, like Trump vs cat laser day, they are fishing around week after week looking for some new approach that works to deprogram people. Nothing yet, no surprise. But you’ve got a lot of 1. Time 2. Smart people 3. Enormous public test body. So if there’s a way, good chance they’ll find it.

    “Trump Tells Massive Crowd: “Day One” Executive Order Will Target Offshore Wind To Save Whales

    Trump goes Green. That’s awesome. “No!” Democrats say, “DON’T Save the Whales!”

    “Poland’s Border Fortification Buildup Has Nothing To Do With Legitimate Threat Perceptions

    Just what JB said about Lithuania. They’re talking, but their talk is entirely disconnected from action. That is to say: they’re insane, like Russia has been saying. Not just now, but perhaps going back centuries as well.

    “US Says Putin’s Dramatic Cabinet Reshuffle Smacks Of ‘Desperation’

    Speaking of Bat s—t insane. The guy who won the war gets promoted to the most powerful council in Russia. Yeah, sounds totally cray-cray. Imagine! Promoting people for success! Unthinkable!!!

    “WHO Makes Key Concessions Ahead Of Pandemic Treaty Vote

    No. I don’t want “Concessions” at this point. I want them to cease to exist.


    Gotta hate somebody. If we aren’t divided then the rich guys can’t win.

    C’mon people now, hate on your brother/ Everybody get together / try to Hate one another right now.

    Now we didn’t mention it – the seen and the unseen – but let’s all take a minute and remark how the huge solar storm did NOT affect the United States, or anywhere it seems. So far as we can tell, Borealis right down to Florida or at least Tennessee, and not a single thing we know of was knocked out. So the grid – and that means EMPs – is an AWFUL lot stronger than suggested. I’m not saying nothing would be taken out, but when you have a grid almost like Quebec, and decades more fragile, with ever-smaller circuits, and ZERO? Well if you like technology, that’s good news indeed. Personally I’d rather it had knocked us all back to tipis. The caveat being we can’t unless our government returns to horseback too. And THEY can’t unless Russia and China do. So…

    But EMP? Did somebody know this? And they were billing “EMPs” that would all be fabricated with hack attacks? Because looks like your real world testing just proved every “expert” dead-wrong again.

    Cohen: “A known perjurer walks into a courtroom…” No, that’s not a joke, and that’s Turley’s joke.

    Still looking for the root crime. No one can find it, no one has suggested it.

    “The farce of a trial up in New York is a direct assault on our elections by Democratic Party politicians.”

    I’d rephrase it as that sounds generic. NEW YORK, City of, is telling the ENTIRE COUNTRY who they are allowed to vote for. The reason that doesn’t stand out is they’ve been doing that for 100 years, it’s our “Rules and norms based culture.” SHOULD one city — just one — be the only decider of every election forever now? Why not? It was only like 12 cities in 2020, and voted against their larger states, like IL and MI. (Surprisingly NY is also the same)

    Unrelated, sort of on the other side, the criminal, prosecution, court system swings into action WHEN THERE’S A CRIME. That is, the realization that a crime has been committed is the first and ONLY thing that engenders the rest. And in this case there’s no known crime. So we hear people mouth off about “witch hunt” “election interference” blah blah blah. Well literally that has to be completely, unarguably true. Right?


    The Woke mob is on about Seinfeld. I didn’t point it because I talk too much already, every headline, every posted Pocket news offering suddenly had “Let’s smash Seinfeld” in it. 2-3 weeks since it broke. And why? Do we bother with other retired comedians like Dick Van Dyke or something? Woke mobs killing people? That’s not news. What’s news is two: he SAID WHAT THEY’RE SAYING. Like Seinfeld says “Woke Mobs killing people is bending comedy.” They then say, “That’s not true! Woke Mobs unite to attack comedian!!” like a Monty Python skit. Like, beggars all reality, if you put it on TV would be a farce. Way past South Park. But here we are weeks later, still at it. Second and more important though: Everybody shrugs and goes through the motions. Has no effect. Wokers aren’t really mad. Reporters aren’t really surprised. Defenders aren’t really defending. Victim isn’t really worried. …But we carry on AS IF. That’s hidden in the “Internet is like now” yesterday was this:

    “What ‘People’ are you talking about, News Site?”
    “You know it would probably be best if you just react to the headline.”
    “The headline you just made up?”
    “Yes. Then I’ll quote you reacting and post it as news.”

    That is: IT’S ALL FAKE. None of it is happening. “Made you jump.”

    Tide came in slowly, is going out slowly, seems like a high water mark indicator. Surge unable to reach former levels with same effort. Note, Social Engineers run this all on EMOTION, because the Alien Ant Farmers have none and it’s fascinating to them. They’re not affected by it. So it’s about ABUSING, then REPRESSING emotion, using evil, oppressive power tactics starting in school, by attacking the f- out of children. You’ve then surgically installed this trigger in them. Yay!

    “Wrong!!! Do it again!!
    How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat??”
    “When we grew up and went to school there were certain teachers who would hurt the children any way they could.
    By pouring their derision upon everything they did, exposing every weakness, however carefully hidden by the kid.”

    …And that was before they were grooming and raping them in the lockers. Common occurrence now. Administration enthusiastically agrees, covering it up constantly, hoping for their turn. No, I am not kidding. I can think of three that escaped being hidden and got public within 20 minutes of here, each one no problem, no harm, no shame.

    Then, all at once, you pull the trigger and they all try to fight against decades of abuse and lack of power as children, MISUSING power they’ve never had before, to march around in high boots like a Pink Floyd film. …Becoming their oppressors. Classic. Predictable. And the more “powerless” they felt, the more they abuse, which is they’re feverish to get trans or others involved as their tranny army. The scene here were suddenly the students wreck everything in “The Purge” is exactly that. Like Weimar Germany, from the Jazz era, erasing all their hard work, immorality then reacting and compensating for it. But this all depends on the AMOUNT of abuse and evil you can install ahead of time. As emotions go from REPRESSED to EXPRESSED, you run out of emotional juice. It’s out, not in. The power equalizes.

    And then? And then, well, they realize it’s up to them not somebody else, and have to “Adult”. That is, find a productive solution involving “work”, like getting 5 acres and a tiny house or something. That doesn’t mean they’re not still warped by non-stop abuse, that’s yet more re-plumbing the fixtures, but the pressure is off. The mental illness, “Mass Formation” lifts.

    That appears to be where we are now. All from one word, “Seinfeld”. Mass Formation has been diffused. Squib. White Hats slowly gaining ground.

    “• One of Russia’s Top Economists is Being Appointed as Minister of Defense (Sp.)

    Normally I would shudder at the very thought. But I Suspect it’ll be fine. Apparently and unreported, the MoD is generally a civilian. Shoigu was an exception. That actually makes a lot of sense. My read is not quite so happy, however. To me it says they expect to have to KEEP turning the entire Russian economy to a much LONGER, LARGER war. Like most normal humans I wanted the war to end. Like a day after it started.

    Russia is authoritarian and top-down, while military contracts EVERYWHERE are always centrally-planned, top-down, so being an economist of theory actually works a little better in that environment. How do you have a “free market” in ATACMS or Abrams tanks? I can’t buy one. True worldwide, see? So what’s the dif? DoD has plenty of Army-thinking, they’re 100%. But they need a counterpoint from the civilian world.

    “The White House has been infiltrated by “enemies from within,” former US President Donald Trump has claimed in a campaign speech,”

    They SAID they were. I only need quote Hillary, Obama, everyone, right back to Alinsky. THEY say, not us. …But also you can’t use “Lashing out at Joe”. First, it’s hackneyed at this point, and boring, but second, this is not an editorial. You can say, “He said.” Dark Brandon with a red Reichstag background wasn’t “Lashing out”? Just don’t say that. It adds nothing to the article and makes you look like an untrustworthy, partisan loser. — Thanks, RT. But NPR isn’t going to hire you back you traitor. You’re male and white and went to the dark side.

    “but it’s not him, he’s surrounded by fascists around the Oval Office,”

    Again, attack the language. WHAT is a definition of fascist? DO they in fact follow almost all bullet items? A: Yes. But now they’ve inoculated us against saying so. Outlawed the word “Spade” or made it mean 100 conflicting things so our meaning of calling them that is entirely lost.

    Point is, we’re IN fascism. Have been for years to some level. We’re still out there saying “If we don’t look out, something might happen!” When it ALREADY happened, the meta-meta reality. We don’t need to fear or undo something your meta-reality assumptions say hasn’t happened yet. We were probably fascist long before Bush, that’s how far back, but the elegance of their way was to roll it all in slowly. That’s the “Fabian Socialists”, whose symbol is the turtle. “Long march through the institutions”, above, so they can torture and abuse the kids into being little monsters we can set off with Moltovs whenever we need.

    …And on our side? How do you disarm that? Anybody want to be productive and DO something besides complain and say we should all surrender?

    ““If Mr. Biden wants to serve another four years, he has to stop being dragged to the left and chart a different course closer to the center that appeals to those voters who favor bipartisan compromises”

    He can’t. His base is Federal-building burning-everyone-alive radicals. They are a party made of opposites, as we see with Israel-Palestine right now. Biden needs them BOTH, which is impossible. I’m sure we all thought that it would be from hating women — their core and only remaining constituency — with the heat of 100,000 suns would be the reason. Maybe for being MOTHERS. Maybe for ISLAM, like Farrakhan, maybe for Feminism, who knows? But we did see this when the NYC feminist league told all the women Jews to leave the other year and supported…Islam and burka-wearing people. Boy, I feel liberated now! NYC liberals have supported them for a lifetime and they said, hit the road! Not ONLY anti-semitic actually, by definition, but Anti WOMAN, and Anti-Diversity too, but they always were that last part is no surprise.

    Anyway, there is no way for Biden to please both enough, nor is that the ONLY total contradiction in their party. They all depended decade after decade on HATE. …Well, we’re not the Republicans! We’re the People’s Party of Palestine. No wait, the Palestinian People’s Front. Poser!

    Why this has never come to fore and been exploited before now is the world’s greatest mystery. We all pointed it out, but it was logic so it never mattered.

    “• ‘Unusually Aggressive’ Anti-Trump Grand Jury Went Rogue With Indictments (ZH)

    This was awesome. They indicted EVERYBODY. Everybody on earth, people not even suggested. I think they should indict the Pope, Geert Wilders, Gavin McInnes, Ted Cruz, Wyatt Erp and William F Buckley too. Why not?? No legal reason not to.

    ““Russian political culture is returning to its fundamentals. Unlike that of the West, but somewhat similar to the East – it is based on the model of a family..”

    Gaaahhh!! Family! Ptooey. That’s the only institution we hate more than Slavery! Which it is! All women were always slaves to any family, in fact, unless they are solitary cat ladies, completely locked in their house, trembling alone. And no women ever LIKED being a wife, mother, and the core of the family therein. Nevah! Brittany in Basketweaving said so!

    They – HATE – the family. More than any single thing on earth. More than anything, ever. The Family is the one thing that opposes the State, and perfect, total, absolute power, in ME, and that’s why they are tireless in destroying it at every turn, for centuries.

    I Am EGO. I Am God. Do you see a “We” in here? There is no “We”, there is ME. There is no LOVE in here, only envy. This is Diabolic Narccisism. They have purged all love, all humanity, now like rabies they are thirsting for it and attack it on sight. Driven mad, out of their minds, irrational, deadly, fatal.

    “their desire to keep their assets in the West has ended up separating them from their native country.”

    Good riddance. Again, Trump slipped on a banana peel, did a backflip and landed on his feet. The sanctions that caused this let Putin divide the sheep from the goats, and dump all the goats. It was a totally free, fair choice. No one made them, oligarchs picked it themselves. Now Russia is amazingly stronger. (and we are weaker and collapsing for the same reason, traitorous unAmerican third columns). I was thinking again about Russia’s generals, and I suspect like Prigozhin, that the Generals were all on the take from the CIA, and that’s why they thought that they’d mishandle and run, etc. Because the West would ORDER them to, because they would MAKE them with bribes and blackmail the only thing they know. Yes, there were a few, but instead like Prigozhin (again, only a guess) they were picked up one way or another to Putin, either calling directly or known through contacts at FSB, and actually just feeding the CIA and their $6B a long line to hang themselves. When it came down to it, none of them flipped. CIA had an empty bag, and no $6B dollars.

    …Probably they couldn’t. Any misbehavior, honest or not, would be PERCEIVED as selling out to the West and be on trial for.

    “spoiled by the aggressive promotion of LGBTQ values”

    Whether these values are good or bad, they are destroying us around the world yet they remain #1 priority in starving, dying, ruined places like Afghanistan. “Do you want this apple? Then you have to be gay!!” W. T. F. ??? Really???? I’m pretty sure even gay and trans people would be against this, but our NON gay and trans leaders can’t stop. Why?

    “• Elon Musk Wins Court Battle Against Australia (RT)

    So the person who did this is fired, right? She was savaging the attack on all Australians’ human rights. Right? She was outside her job description and therefore illegal abuse of power. That’s what the court’s decision means, right?

    I don’t want to stop with the win. I need them to be removed UTTERLY. Cease to exist. Not done ‘til then. No sleep ‘til Brooklyn. She committed a crime. Arrest her and make her explain.

    “The Unit can also help to upend unfair pricing in commodity trading, by means of setting up a new – fair and efficient – Eurasian Mercantile Exchange where trading and settlement can be done”

    This is essentially the only power in the West, (Colonialism) and therefore the West will essentially collapse if honesty and price discovery return. This has several implications, one is that There Are No Free Markets, and therefore We Are Not Remotely Capitalist. HOW are the prices set if there is no market? That requires it is essentially All Centrally Planned. That is, the STATE controls the means of production. We are in a Soviet Central Planning Technocracy they always dreamed, which is yes, exactly equivalent to “Yes We have slowly become totally fascist since at least 2001” above.

    That all means IF there is a Unit and IF they can have honest and not colonial commodity pricing – as Africa v France just showed – THEN our entire government and society will collapse and have to be replaced. And Africa is fully self-funding by being honest. Rockets to the top of standard of living for all people. Can’t come too soon for me, just noting what it will probably be like if what we’re saying is true. That’s okay, it will need to be CONVERTED. To Capitalism, I suppose, where there is free and fair sales and honest price discovery, where if you make something, it’s yours to do with as you wish. Shocking, I know. Doing work and not having it stolen is the very definition of evil.

    “• Latest Polls Show Biden Will Need Twice As Many Fake Ballots This Year (BBee)

    Orlov pointed out this is not a problem: there are 330M living voters, but there are always more dead people than alive! Dead people are near-infinite and go way back. No problem at all. What did they find last time (you can’t look at the machines, you can’t look at the ballots) that many voter of 2020 were born in 1900? Wasn’t a problem then, why now?

    “CO2 Follows Warming Not The Other Way Round”

    Yes, but that’s facts and agreed upon Science and we don’t do that. It doesn’t have the Feelz.

    Tesla: The problem is, this is the anti-human technocratic dream. If they get there, they will create human killing drones with their robots – one man – then send them out to kill all humans who oppose them. Watch. That’s the whole point, that’s the goal for centuries, they’ve written in 10,000 times, so you need to know and respond.

    Russia’s drone war in Ukraine just proves that, advances that reality by 20 years.

    Ashley: yes, this is not fake. The FBI cannot arrest you for not-stealing a not-real diary. And then the second they add here, it wasn’t stolen. Etc. But all of this is reality, so none of it matters. That’s why it’s no fun to see it in the news. Nothign matters, anything goes, then the #Opposite happens and nobody notices all over again.

    Once you break cause and effect, “The Market” in effect, it’s a direct plunge to pure insanity. But if there were cause and effect, meritocracy, all our rich guys and leaders would be toothless meth cookers and ex-janitors. So.

    a kullervo

    The chronicle of words of wisdom falling on deaf ears: in a nutshell, that’s what human history is all about. Still we persist, relentlessly flogged by our brains’ grueling addiction to words.

    Chaos follows Order
    Order ensues Chaos
    From a human psyche’s point of view, inflection points are the most taxing.


    Ed Dowd: “The Only Way Biden Wins Is If They CHEAT” (Again)



    The Russians Advance and Ukrainians Can’t Stop Them

    Nazilensky was supposed to use the BILLIONS in Empire of Lies aid to make fortified defense lines around Kharkov a YEAR AGO.

    Unfortunately those BILLIONS were stolen as part of the bottomless corruption of the UkroNaziland culture of Grift

    There is NOTHING to stop the Russian advance on Kharkov.

    The Russians will lure thousands of exhausted, depressed, and demoralized Ukronazi conscripts up to Kharkov only to severely weaken the contact line in Donbass.

    Then they will crush the remaining troops in the Donbass area like over ripe grapes and drink Russian Victory Wine from their hollow skulls.

    Nazilensky will officially be an unemployed War Criminal after May 20 when his term as Supreme Leader ends.

    The Russians will be free to hunt him down and many Ukronazis will even help by dropping a dime on him.

    Dead man naked



    Paint a Bullseye on his forehead



    Doing the opposite of what the US said.
    War on Gaza: Israel unleashes heaviest bombing in months

    The Israeli military has launched a new wave of attacks across the Gaza Strip, similar in intensity to the peak of its seven-month war on the besieged Palestinian enclave.

    Heavy air strikes were reported across the strip over the weekend and on Monday, with attacks since Friday killing at least 180 Palestinians and wounding dozens more, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

    The raids coincided with incursions into Jabalia in northern Gaza, the Zeitoun neighbourhood in Gaza City and eastern Rafah.

    The ground advances have been met with fierce resistance by Hamas and other Palestinian groups, with at least five Israeli soldiers killed over the weekend, the Israeli military said.

    Another 68 have been wounded over the past 48 hours, including Yogev Bar Sheshet, a brigadier general and deputy defence establishment comptroller, the most senior Israeli officer wounded in the war so far.

    By Huthifa Fayyad and Aseel Mousa
    Published date: 13 May 2024 15:00 BST


    @ oxy
    Uncouth, yes, but spot-on.

    May 14, 2024
    Ukraine SitRep: An Army And Country At Their End

    The U.S. obviously fears that the Ukrainian army will not be able to hold its lines. Today Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived on an unannounced visit in Kiev to shore up moral, or probably to arrange for a change in Ukraine’s leadership:

    Blinken and Biden need the Ukrainian army to hold until the November election is over. It is unlikely that they can achieve that aim. Some pause on the battlefield would now be convenient but that requires to get rid of Zelenski.

    U.S. media are emphasizing the $60 billion package passed by Congress for Ukraine. They neglect to explain that only $14.5 billion of that is actually going to Ukraine, half of it to keep the state solvent and the other half in form of weapons Ukraine might buy once they are build. The other money is designated to refill the U.S. military stockpile.

    The real military help for Ukraine during the next months, in form of artillery and anti-air ammunition, will be minuscule.

    Currently the replacement rate through Ukrainian mobilization is said to be only 25% of the losses that are actually occurring.

    Everyone knows that the war is coming to an end. That there will be a victor, Russia, and a lot of looser. The U.S. as well as the EU are now trying to find a face saving way to acknowledge that without admitting it.

    The easiest way will be to blame Ukraine, and especially its President Zelenski, for having not listened to western advice during some of the hotter phases of the war (Bakhmut etc). “We gave them a chance and they blew it,” will soon become the major tenor of official statements.

    U.S. Special Forces Chief Gives New Details on British Ground Forces’ Frontline Ops. in Ukraine
    Eastern Europe and Central Asia , Ground
    Military Watch Magazine Editorial Staff

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz confirmed that British special forces in Ukraine were providing vital support to facilitating launches of Storm Shadow cruise missiles against Russian targets, highlighting that Germany’s lack of a comparable presence prevented it from delivering its own cruise missiles as they would not be operable without foreign support. New information regarding the extent of the British role in the war effort comes as France has spearheaded calls by a number of European states for further expansion of NATO members’ role on the ground in the theatre, and shortly follows unconfirmed reports that French Foreign Legion personnel may have been deployed.

    John Day

    “The Unit” : There’s a New Kid In Town



    CO2/heat relationship

    I was always aware of this. To me, the real question was: what happens globally if the CO2 goes up in a big way, but not following warming, rather from a different, (man-made,) source? No one knows the answer. Not knowing is uncomfortable.

    Perhaps, the earth greens more, as plants have more abundant access to CO2. If that is the case, then it is a positive by-product in my book. The bigger concerns regarding fossil fuels have been various pollutions and toxicities that they contain or that occur in bringing them to the surface, as well as depletion over time and how our culture responds to that depletion.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: “Dead Man Naked” … Good one, sadly… Sad World.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: We humans spread a LOT of phosphorus around the world, too, which is often rate-limiting in plant growth, and tends to stay put in soil a lot more than nitrogen does.


    The future, ground to dust by time,
    Is fashioned into bricks of memory.
    And stacked in crazy layers, they climb
    To build the edifice of history.


    My daughter has been sick with mono for six full weeks now, the extreme exhaustion stage has been for the last five weeks. She is in good spirits most of the time, but sleeps 11-15 hours per day. Needless to say, she is struggling to keep up with school. No clear end is in sight yet.

    I can’t help but compare this to the ridiculous Covid scare. In my household, Covid as a “real” sickness, in the sense that we each got sick from it at least once and had symptoms that were undeniable, such as significant fever, temporary loss of taste/smell, etc. For my daughter, she had significant Covid symptoms that kept her out of school for two weeks…she finally was at my home, I gave her ivermectin when the Covid was lingering, and (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles,) the remaining brain fog cleared up a few hours later.

    This mono thing isn’t so scary — in the sense that it has been something with humanity for a long time, there is a fairly large body of human knowledge associated with it — but it is very significant and serious in a way that Covid was not. It can’t be shrugged off, cannot be ignored, and while it runs it’s course, mono is the most powerful contributing factor to her life. Everything else in her life right now has to be fit in around the biological imperative to sleep half of every day and the fact that even when doing so, she may still be sleepy during waking hours and find it hard to focus.


    Labrador vs. border collie
    It reminds me of how, sometimes, great intelligence is more of a hindrance than a help — the border collie just *knew* that he could cross without getting wet, but didn’t anticipate how great the challenge would be.

    John Day

    Biden Nightmare: Ashley Confirms to Judge That ‘Showers with My Dad’ Diary Really Is Hers

    Biden Nightmare: Ashley Confirms to Judge That ‘Showers with My Dad’ Diary Really Is Hers


    Capitalism works best when you have a monopoly.

    Biden Administration Quadruples Tariffs on Chinese EVs
    The quadrupled tariff aims to keep the excessive cheap Chinese EVs at bay and protect the U.S. auto industry.
    By Terri Wu


    What is good for the goose should be good for the A.I.

    How to verify the credibility of your sources when conducting research

    Copilot Using the web

    Verifying the credibility of your sources is a crucial step in conducting research. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your sources are reliable:

    Authorship: Check who the author of the work is. Look at their credentials, their affiliations, and their past work. If the author is an expert in the field and is affiliated with a reputable institution, this increases the credibility of the source.

    Publication: Consider where the work was published. Academic journals, books published by university presses, and .gov or .edu websites are often reliable. Be cautious with .com and .org websites, as they can be written by anyone.

    Peer Review: Academic articles and books usually go through a rigorous peer review process before they are published. This means that other experts in the field have reviewed the work and deemed it credible.

    Citations: Look at the bibliography or works cited page. A credible source will usually reference other credible works.

    Bias: Consider whether the source has a particular bias. All authors have their perspectives, but good research should strive to present a balanced view of the topic it is covering.

    Currency: Check the publication date of the source. In some fields, like science and technology, more recent sources may be more accurate.

    Reputation: Some sources have a strong reputation in their field. These sources are often considered reliable.
    Remember, even with these steps, it’s important to use your judgment. If something doesn’t seem right, it’s worth investigating further.


    To me, the real question was: what happens globally if the CO2 goes up in a big way,

    Well, if our foremost Climate Meltdown Alarmist assures us CO2 went up by 0.0000142% because of humans, then it’s going to be alright, isn’t it?

    John Day

    Meet The Unit

    The $US is the wealth extraction mechanism of the western financial empire, remitting full value to the US, when accepting “printed money” which decreases in value over time as a result. The $US was redeemable at #20 per oz of gold in 1932, and the current rate of exchange is 2356:1. The seigniorage on that currency creation has long paid for the military enforcement arm of the empire, now in decline. When a country prints the global reserve currency, the market value of that currency tends to make the goods produced by that country too expensive and less competitive, weakening the industry of that country, which reduces the real wealth of the country, the Triffin Paradox or Dilemma.
    If the US steps down to being another nation in the community of nations, there will be this vast, unserviceable debt in a currency declining in trade value, which will need to be paid in goods and services. Most of it will need to be “written down” severely after a wave of defaults in the financial system make much of it disappear. Something on the order of a 9% loss of current notional value is to be expected. If social order is to be sustained, most of this loss will need to be accepted by the most wealthy, not just the top 10%.
    I am hopeful that my country will be able to re-enter the world of nations as a good citizen, which the American people have generally thought they were…

    Pepe Escobar introduces “The Unit”: De-Dollarization Bombshell: The Coming of BRICS+ Decentralized Monetary Ecosystem
    The Unit is a concept that has already been discussed by the financial services and investments working group set up by the BRICS+ Business Council and has a serious shot at becoming official BRICS+ policy as early as in 2025.
    According to Alexey Subbotin, founder of Arkhangelsk Capital Management and one of the Unit’s conceptualizers, this is a new problem-solving system that addresses the key geoeconomic issue of these troubled times: a global crisis of trust…
    ..Subbotin leads the Unit project under the auspices of IRIAS, an international intergovernmental organization set up in 1976 in accordance with the UN statute (International Research Institute for Management Problems )…
    ..The Unit proposes a reliable, quick and economically efficient solution for cross-border payments. The – transactional – Unit is a game-changer as a new form of international currency that can be issued in a de-centralized way, and then recognized and regulated at national level.
    The Unit offers a unique solution for bottlenecks in global financial infrastructure: it is eligible for traditional banking operations as well as for the newest forms of digital banking. The Unit can also help to upend unfair pricing in commodity trading, by means of setting up a new – fair and efficient – Eurasian Mercantile Exchange where trading and settlement can be done in a new currency bridging trade flows and capital, thus paving the way to the development of new financial products for foreign direct investment (FDI).
    The strength of the Unit, conceptually, is to remove direct dependency on the currency of other nations, and to offer especially to the Global Majority a new form of apolitical money – with huge potential for anchoring fair trade and investments. It is indeed a new concept in terms of an international currency – anchored in gold (40%) and BRICS+ currencies (60%). It is neither crypto nor stablecoin – as it’s shown here.
    ..The inevitable consequence translates as financial sovereignty. What matters in the whole process are independent monetary policies focused on economic growth. That’s the key appeal for the Global Majority: a full ecosystem offering independent, complementary monetary infrastructure. And that surely can be extended to willing Unit partners in the collective West…
    ..The Unit ecosystem may be easily scalable because it comes from a fractal architecture supported by simple rules. New Unit nodes can be set up by either sovereign or private agents, following a detailed rule-book in custody of the UN-chartered IRIAS.
    The Unit organizers employ a distributed ledger: a technology that ensures transparency, precluding capital controls or any exchange rate manipulation.
    This means that connection is available to all open DEX and digital platforms operated by both commercial and Central Banks around the world.
    The endgame is that everyone, essentially, may use the Unit for accounting, bookkeeping, pricing, settling, paying, saving and investing.
    No wonder the institutional possibilities are quite enticing – as the Unit can be used for accounting and settlement for BRICS+; payment and pricing for the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU); or as a reserve currency for Sub-Saharan Africa…
    ..The Unit has already received backing by the BRICS Business Council and is on the agenda at the crucial ministerial meeting in Russia next month, which will work out the road map for the summit next October in Kazan. That means the Unit has all it takes to be on the table as a serious subject discussed by BRICS+ and eventually be adopted as early as in 2025…
    ..As it stands, the major takeaway is that the Unit should be seen as a feasible, technical solution for the theoretically Unsolvable: a globally-recognized payment/trade system, immune to political pressure…
    ..Vasily Zhabykin, co-author of the Unit white paper and founder of CFA.Center, Unit’s technological partner at Skolkovo Innovation Hub in Moscow… is keen to point out that “the Unit can keep all the wheels turning unlike most of the other concepts that feature ‘dollar killers’, etc. We do not want to harm anybody. Our goal is to improve efficiency of currently broken capital and money flows. The Unit is rather the ‘cure for centralized cancer’’’…
    ..Sergey Glazyev, “The New Development Bank (NDB) and BRICS+ shall embrace the concept of Unit and help it to become the pinnacle of the new emerging global financial infrastructure, free from malign political interferences while focused instead on fair trade and sustainable economic growth.”​ https:/

    ​ Ed Dowd Warns Of “Huge Credit Crisis Coming”
    “You’ve got to look at history. In 2008 and 2009, everyone talks about the crisis, but bank failures started showing up in 2007.
    ​ I suspect as we roll through time in the real economy and the money supply issues start to hit the economy, we will see more bank failures and more businesses shut down.
    46% of small businesses are having problems paying their rent. There is going to come a time in the next 6 to 12 months this huge shock that we saw in the 2008 financial crisis, and the 2000 bubble where massive layoffs start to happen–it’s inevitable.​ This is what happens when you crank up interest rates from 0% to 5.5%. There is a lag in the real economy, and it’s hitting right now. It’s only going to intensify as time goes on…
    ..Dowd also thinks that the CV19 bioweapon shot pushers are trying to change the narrative to admit “some deaths” happened, but the amount is small. Dowd calls BS on that, and he thinks the death and injuries are at least 33 million in the USA alone.
    ​ According to Dowd’s research, the CV19 vax was a criminal enterprise that murdered and seriously harmed millions. Dowd thinks the deaths and injuries from the CV19 vax are going to get worse. Dowd thinks Johns Hopkins and the rest of the medical community are trying to change the narrative, so they don’t get blamed for pushing a massive death and disability CV19 vax program.​

    John Day

    ​ The large national debt and excessive spending policies of the US government could lead to a fiscal “train wreck” as soon as 2025, former World Bank President David Malpass said on Monday.​ “All signs point to a fiscal train wreck in 2025 when the debt limit is triggered, spending surges, and tax rates jump​.”​—malpass-1118412062.html

    Nebraska Ends Income Taxes on Gold and Silver, Declares CBDC’s Are Not Lawful Money​

    ​ Thanks Eleni. Next Up, Realism!​ By Karen Kwiatkowski
    ​ Realism requires we recognize that the ruling classes and the US government have no durable community and no internal integrity. The state is a pirate gang writ large. It is unified by criminal circumstance, functions by fear and tribute, and is surrounded by enemies who would see it stripped, drawn and quartered at first opportunity. It’s almost enough to make one pity the state, and mourn the ruling classes!
    ​ Realism reminds us that desperate, declining states don’t fix themselves. They quickly become dangerous to innocent bystanders, enemies, and its own citizens – and these three categories become indistinguishable just as quickly. It’s happening right now in Ukraine, in Israel, and ready or not, in the United States.​

    ​ Russia Discovers Massive Oil and Gas Reserves in British Antarctic Territory
    Russia’s Rosgeo uncovered oil and gas reserves in British Antarctic territory, estimated at around 511 billion barrels.
    ​ The discovery poses environmental risks and challenges the 1959 Antarctic Treaty, which prohibits oil developments in the region.
    Geopolitical tensions rise as Russia’s activities in Antarctica are viewed as a move towards resource extraction rather than scientific research, sparking concerns among international observers.
    The reserves uncovered contain around 511bn barrels worth of oil, equating to around 10 times the North Sea’s output over the last 50 years.​

    John Day

    War on Gaza: Israel unleashes heaviest bombing in months​ , Intense air strikes and ground attacks return to Rafah and northern Gaza​

    ​ Israeli occupation forces’ use of Palestinian children as human shields during raids in Tulkarm, West Bank highlights ongoing human rights violations.
    ​ Israeli soldiers reportedly used three Palestinian children as human shields during violent raids in Tulkarm, West Bank, earlier this month, according to a Defense for Children International (DCI) report.​ The children were forced to walk in front of occupation forces as they raided the alleyways of the Nur Shams refugee camp and the homes of Palestinians in its vicinity.​

    ​ ‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 220: Resistance returns to the north, UNRWA says 300,000 people fled Rafah
    ​ The Israeli army has intensified its renewed assault on Jabalia refugee camp and the Zeitoun area in northern Gaza as resistance factions regroup there, months after the Israeli army said it had “defeated Hamas” in the north.
    ​ Israel kills 130 Palestinians, wounds 241 since Friday, May 10, across Gaza, raising the death toll since October 7 to 35,034 and the number of wounded to 78,755, according to the Gaza health ministry.
    ​ The U.S. ambassador to Tel Aviv says that U.S. assistance to Israel will not be interrupted and that nothing strategic has changed in the U.S.-Israel relationship.
    Netanyahu says that Israelis are “determined to achieve absolute victory.”
    ​ Israel’s war minister says that war will continue until “dismantling Hamas.”​

    ​ Egypt announced on Sunday that it would join South Africa’s case before the International Court of Justice causing Israel of committing genocide in Gaza.
    The announcement from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs came nearly a week after Israel seized the Gaza side of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt and the day after the Israel Defense Forces issued new evacuation orders for Rafah and the north of Gaza. It also comes as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said that around 300,000 people had fled Rafah in the last week and the death toll reported by the Gaza Health Ministry surpassed 35,000.​

    US Army Officer Resigns Over ‘Unqualified’ Support for Israeli Slaughter in Gaza​ , Maj. Harrison Mann was working at the Defense Intelligence Agency​

    John Day

    ​ ‘Israel is a European settler colony’​ , Partha Chatterjee, a political theorist, political anthropologist, and historian, served as Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia University for many years before retiring three years ago.
    ​ “As far as I know, Columbia University has the only Centre for Palestine Studies in the entire country. However, the history and politics of the Middle East are much studied and taught. I am not aware of any direct Israeli influence in that academic field. But the ideological balance in the courses offered and research conducted would, I think, reflect in general the prevalent American attitude towards Israel.​” …
    ​..”I was not present in New York during the recent events. But I have followed them closely in the media as well as in email conversations with faculty and former students. I think the way accusations of antisemitism have been flung at the protesters is utterly absurd. My own sense is that during the first stage of demonstrations, various abusive epithets were shouted from both sides. As soon as some Jewish students complained of antisemitism and a lack of security, the protest organisers became extremely careful not to provide any opportunity for the charge of antisemitism to be levelled against them. Even when repeatedly provoked by pro-Israel agitators, the protesting students did not react. In the end, sections of the media and politicians began to equate antisemitism with any opposition to Israel’s policies. This is a travesty.”​

    ​ US calls on Iran to halt ‘unprecedented’ weapons transfers to Yemen’s Houthis for attacks on ships
    ​ Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the council that the Israeli announcement on May 6 that it was starting its military operation in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah, where 1.2 million Palestinians had sought safety, ratcheted up the spiral of escalation in the region “another notch further.”
    “There’s no doubt that this will have an impact on the situation in Yemen’s surrounding waters,” he said, noting the Houthis’ opposition to Israeli attacks that harm Palestinian civilians.​ But, Nebenzia added, “We call for a swift cessation of the shelling of commercial vessels and any other actions that hamper maritime navigation.”
    ​ He sharply criticized the United States and its Western allies, saying their “totally unjustified aggressive strikes” in Yemen violate the UN Charter.​

    ​ Iran allegedly has nuclear bombs, Iranian lawmaker claims
    ​ An Iranian lawmaker recently claimed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has obtained nuclear weapons. The lawmaker’s claim follows threats by Iranian officials that the country has the capacity to make a nuclear bomb and could choose to make nuclear weapons if its nuclear facilities were attacked.​..
    ​..Fox News reported that Ahmad Bakhshayesh Ardestani, who was re-elected in March to Iran’s parliament, told Rouydad 24, an Iranian-based news outlet, on Friday that Iran had “achieved nuclear weapons.”​ “In my opinion, we have achieved nuclear weapons, but we do not announce it,” Ardestani reportedly said. “It means our policy is to possess nuclear bombs, but our declared policy is currently within the framework of the JCPOA.”​

    ​ Scott Ritter: The Russians Advance and Ukrainians Can’t Stop Them
    ​ As Russian troops continue to push south from the Belgorod area​ (Kharkiv front), Ritter notes that the situation exposes a broader vulnerability within the Ukrainian defense strategy. “The Ukrainians are now in a panic, pulling forces from critical fronts elsewhere,” Ritter explained. This reallocation of troops to the north leaves other strategic areas, such as Kherson and Odessa, potentially exposed to new Russian attacks.​

    ​ NATO unable to prevent GPS jamming in Baltic region — retired Polish general​ (but it still works​ fine in Ukraine, right General?)
    ​ NATO is showing a lack of capability to combat the jamming of GPS navigation signal in the Baltic Sea region, said retired Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak, a former commander of the country’s Land Forces.​ “The worst thing about it is that so far we are powerless. We don’t know at this time what to do,” he said.
    ​ He said he believes Russia is involved in the suppression of the GPS signal over the Baltic Sea to “test the alliance’s reaction.” Skrzypczak did not provide any evidence to support this theory.​

    John Day

    ​ An economist and experienced government minister will address changes pertaining to the growth of the Russian military budget from 3% to 6.5% of GDP, get rid of corruption and facilitate rapid weapons development. Proposed Russian defense minister outlines his priorities , Andrey Belousov highlighted the need to reduce red tape and improve the welfare of military personnel​

    ​ Belousov will become Defense Minister, Shoigu becomes the Secretary of Security Council instead of Patrushev. Shoigu, however, moves to his new position retaining much (and getting even more) of responsibilities he had as Defense Minister–as the head of the Commission on Military-Industrial Complex, plus he will be in charge of weapons’ trade (in Russian).​..
    ​..Belousov is an “executioner” who will mop up whatever is left in Defense Ministry in terms of its apparatus corruption and streamlining many of the decisions in terms of everyday operations. This also has to do, methinks, with Timur Ivanov’s and his network of economic criminals (and possibly foreign intel assets) who used SMO for their own interests. Nothing will change in terms of General Staff, that is people who run SMO.​

    ​ How Impolite! Indian Foreign Minister said US dominance in the world is over
    Earlier, a senior Indian diplomat, in response to Western accusations of trade with Russia, pointed out that not all states are obliged to agree to anti-Russian sanctions imposed by “developed countries.”​

    ​ Africa already views Russia as the continent’s main guarantor of stability and security, and Moscow is not worried about other countries trying to take its place as such, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said in an interview with the New Eastern Outlook magazine.
    ​ “Russia, never one to shy away from a fair competition, is ready for exactly that as it offers itself to Africa, first of all, as a major guarantor of stability and security while extending its traditional and newly generated competencies, sometimes unique,” said Bogdanov, who also serves as Russia’s special presidential representative for the Middle East and African countries. “Judging from the response from our African partners, in the Sahara-Sahel region, for one, and across the continent, too, there is a growing demand for the assistance being provided by our country,” he added.​

    ​Matt Taibbi, Justin Trudeau Creates Blueprint for Dystopia in Horrific Speech Bill [Attn: Bibi Netanyahu, Life Sentence for Advocating Genocide.]
    Life sentences for speech? Pre-crime detention? Ex post facto law? Anonymous accusers? It’s all in Justin Trudeau’s “Online Harms Bill,” a true “threat to democracy”​

    John Day

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, Tracking Unvaxxed With Fingerprints
    ​ A new lawsuit states the FBI was tracking “unvaccinated” New York City schoolteachers and employees using their fingerprints. The city gathered a list of its employees who refused to get the COVID-19 shots, tagged them with a “problem code,” and flagged them to the FBI with a file that included their fingerprints.
    ​ Not only were some of these Americans fired for refusing this shot — many for religious reasons — now their fingerprints are on record at the FBI with a flag.​

    ​ Dear Slovakia, Please show up and vote “no”. Meryl Nass MD, Slovakia announces it will not sign the existing versions of the treaty and IHR amendments. Tedros begs Slovakia to not block “consensus”. The bogus consensus the WHO often claims, but rarely receives, is something that needs to be exploded.

    Meryl Nass MD, ~15 nations have made their position on the WHO sovereignty grab, misleadingly spun as an “equity” effort, publicly known before the WHA meeting commences. The negotiations have been controlled by globalists, not nations, from day one. How many other countries are entirely fed up with the World Stealth Organization’s tricks?

    Meryl Nass MD, 14 Members of the Australian Parliament call on their government to exit the 2 WHO treaties

    “…I could make it infectious in months.”​ , Former CDC Director Redfield says real biosecurity threat of H5N1 is lab manipulation.​

    John Day

    (No​t looking profitable?) What Tesla’s Charging U-Turn Means for U.S. EV Adoption​: Tesla’s reversal on EV charging expansion in the US, coupled with layoffs in the charging infrastructure team, has raised questions about the pace of EV uptake and charging infrastructure development.​

    ​ EV Charging Station Costs $1 Billion​ (I did the math. It’s just $140 million each so far)
    According to the Washington Post, EV charging stations cost US taxpayers $1 billion. However, after two years, only seven chargers and a meager 38 parking spaces have been built out of the allocated $7.5 billion.​

    ​ Tesla Re-Hires Some Of The 500 Workers It Laid Off Its Supercharging Team​

    ​ Another “Behemoth Solar Flare” Sparks Radio Blackout Across North America​
    ​ “The largest solar flare of the current solar cycle 25, and largest since 2017 was just observed around deparing AR 3664 off the west limb. The X8.7 event peaked at 16:51 UTC (May 14) causing a strong R3 level radio blackout directly over North America,” Solarham wrote.​

    ​ The Ethical Skeptic presents a plausible explanation of the meaning embedded in the structure of the Great Pyramid at Giza, and the fact that its limestone covering was dissolved by extended bathing in the ocean at some time for 50 to 80 years (est.) A rotating body with irregular mass distribution, in equilibrium, will undergo shifts in rotational axis from time to time without losing rotational inertia. Our planet qualifies, due to irregular distributions of mass beneath the surface. When such a rotational axis changes the oceans slosh, and redistribute. That would be a “flood”, like the Gilgamesh and Noah stories were about. The Great Pyramid would likely have been built about 11,000+ years ago. Some centuries after that postulated event. This is carefully researched and very well presented, but not brief. (Global warming might be coming from beneath our feet.)
    ​ Exothermic Core-Mantle Decoupling – Dzhanibekov Oscillation (ECDO) Theory
    ​ It is our contention that we are now well past an Indigo Point of exothermic core-mantle decoupling, and that we have incorrectly interpreted the heat presented by this transpiration as being caused by man’s activity alone. We now face the urgent need to detect the approach of a subsequent Tau Point Dzhanibekov oscillation in Earth’s rotation.
    ​ For decades, I was taught to view such a rotation and its resulting inundation as impossibilities, and I believed it. However, we lack the ability to distinguish a Dzhanibekov rotation from a geomagnetic pole excursion or flip. How, then, can we be so certain? My confidence in this long-held dogma has been shaken to its core.​


    When the lab corrals some sheep into a pen, I’ll be impressed.


    Ritual Humiliation of UKturdistan Sheeple

    Rub their noses in it.

    They lap this shit up with a spoon





    It worked!

    No one peed on the floor!



    Is this the future of America? Homelessness, waste, and decay.

    Why Yes, in fact it is.

    A homeless woman lives here with her kid.

    A lot to digest here.

    Why are we allowing her to keep her kid?

    Why do they have to be this messy?

    Why do the outreach workers leave so much food when a majority goes to the rats?

    And why is America slowly becoming a third world shithole country?



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