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    Veracious Poet


    “We are trying to innovate in a context of making technology available to low- and middle-resource settings. Putting this diagnostic on paper is part of our goal of democratizing diagnostics and creating inexpensive technologies that can give you a fast answer at the point of care,” said Sangeeta Bhatia, a biomedical engineer at MIT and senior author of the study published on April 24 in Nature Nanotechnology.

    Is this the next phase, injecting all the poor people of the world with poison in the name of democratizing diagnostics. As this is MIT, that description of “democratizing diagnostics” means enslaving the poor and weak. It looks like America is trying to chalk up a few more deaths to its current tally before the third-world nations completely reject its malevolent advances. As usual they will find African and South American national leaders/traitors to bribe who will instruct their governments to kill their own civilians for a few extra bucks in their greed account.


    Is this me? Must be. Hey, y’all. It’s me. Absence from the net is good for the soul.

    “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive,” C.S Lewis.

    “If you think robots programmed by people are stupid, you should see people programmed by robots.” Me

    Well, we all have good intentions, and we all have programmed at least one remote control so that its attendant device could program us.


    Trapped in Self

    (from Rumi, slightly reworked by the composer):

    A Bird In God’s Garden – Rumi


    No matter what, we can’t seem to stop bitching about how bad people in power are, not to mention people in general… but let’s not forget you and me, please? .00001% of the populace isn’t responsible for this mess. We are.

    Stop Bitching and Do Something

    There. I obeyed the social rules for once in my life and did like the crowd does: point fingers, throw stones, hiss scorn like a drunk bubba whistling Dixie out his ass. So did Van: he was bitchi’ about how much people bitch.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: Good-on-ya staying where you are and doing your best with it and your friends and family.

    : Good-on-ya back in Old Blighty! You’ve got lots of homesteading to do.
    Out of the frying-pan, into the deep-fat-fryer, but at least you’ve got all summer now.


    I guess the covid deathstorm rattled his nerves, Normally he sings about what really matters:

    In the Garden

    Even the Garden myth scapegoats: it says all our problems were caused by soime bimbo named Eve and her dipshit beau, Adam. (I think it does so mostly as explanatory metaphor for why we can’t be nice beings, but those are my personal Cliff Notes.)

    And now, once again for never, I am really gone. (Now that’s a bass line.)


    Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey

    Former CEO and the person who enabled the security state to impose censorship on the US populace during elections. Now he is going to do the same again. Seeing this unfold, it becomes apparent that the sale of Twitter was intended to clear the way for this new application, one which can be used to launch a unified “distributed” framework which will be plugged into the secutrity state and will be the replacement for Twitter. Reading the rules it appears as though Dorsey has always been an authoritarian, does not care trampling over his users privacy or ownership rights, simply does what he is paid to do.

    I will certainly not be installing his application, but a big problem for us minions is that the open source environment is being overrun by these corporates and venture capital billionaires – like Jack Dorsey – who are tempting open source coders with big bucks, the result being that you have to be very careful with the open source apps that you download onto your machine. In the past the Linux open source environment was fairly free of these people, now there is a flood of them and you know from their backgrounds that they do not care for the open source ideals, they are greed machines.


    Doctors, scientists and researchers in the UK have built an artificial intelligence model that can accurately identify cancer in a development they say could speed up diagnosis of the disease and fast-track patients to treatment

    They make money paying politicians and corporates to force you to pay (mostly via tax) for the Covid vaccine which increases your risk of cancer. They then make money by forcing you to pay them to look for the cancer they have created. Meanwhile they encourage governments to ignore the shite food being fed to their citizens, so that they can make money helping those citizens to recover from their resulting bad health. Now they want those citizens to eat bugs, which will cause a myriad of other medical problems which they will charge you to investigate. Medicine is a tricky road to navigate.


    All those cats doing downward facing dog? Even yoga is going mad.

    Veracious Poet

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may The Great Spirit hold you in the palm of His hand.



    If not, IS there any point at which an adult SHOULD stop? Let’s start with that. Is there ANY age that too young for sex, or is zero the age of consent like the UN says? Can I BE offensive enough to make my point?

    I do not believe this is about sex education, it is about the transfer of parental powers from parents to government. You see the same in the transexual arena where parents are not allowed to know if their children are being treated as another sex while at school. The aim is the same aim that wokeness has always had, to destroy the family are replace it with the government. Discussions about what is right and what is wrong is irrelevant, a distraction, the aim is for the government to own your kids and for women to be baby factories until technology can take over.


    US Ukrainian War Plan A: March on Moscow

    Russian War Plan: Tactics, Strategies, and Logistics

    It has been just over a year since the war in the Ukraine resumed. So we know, more or less, what has happened in this time period. Everybody has a plan until punched in the face.

    Since 2014, the US has had the Ukraine build a huge Magnot line in the center of the 2 breakaway Republics of Lyugansk and Donetsk. Throughout these years the Ukrainians have been busy shelling the civilians living in these 2 republics, killing more than 30,000 of them plus wounding many more. The Ukraine has been very vocal about wanting to invade these 2 republics. The US built up Ukraine’s army into the biggest in Europe. In addition the US has built NATO up to Russia’s borders and sanctioned Russia, acts of war. All part of their Plan A to march on Moscow.

    The US Plan A was to lay a trap for Russia. The goal was to emotionally goad Russia into attacking the Ukrainian Magnot Line built in the center of the Lugansk and Donstsk republics. Thus the need to constantly shell the civilians living in these 2 republics to build up these emotional strings. The US deliberately did not heavily fortify north or south of the Magnot line in the Ukraine. Ukraine only positioned about half their army on the Magnot Line. The larger half of the Ukrainian army was held back in reserve, in the center of the Ukraine.

    After pulling out out of Afghanistan, the US was ready to spring the trap on Russia. Several months (3 or 4?) before Russia attacked, Biden boldly announced to the world that Russia was going to attack. Instead Russia waited until the Chinese Winter Olympics were over. In the meantime the Ukrainians started increasing their shelling of civilian ten fold while the western media went crazy hyping war fever. When nothing happened, then the Ukraine announced they were going to acquire nuclear weapons. But still no attack. The Biden neocons were starting to get anxious because Russia still wasn’t taking the bait in their trap.

    Since my tablet will likely crash, I will hit submit.


    @ WEs
    Good first 1/2 of an Executive Summary.
    (for tomorrow morning?)


    US Ukraine War Plan A: March on Moscow

    Russian War Plan: Tactics, Strategies, and Logistics

    Part 2

    The US Plan A packed a 1-2 punch. First get Russia to attack and then second strangle Russia’s economy, so it couldn’t wage a long war, by getting the rest of the world to united behind the sanctions on Russia for starting the war.

    The Biden neocons should have known something was wrong with their Plan A when the Russians didn’t immediately take the bait in their carefully set trap. The clues were everywhere for all to see! Clearly the Biden neocons didn’t see and must have been drunk on their own propaganda Kool-Aid.

    Russian War Plan: Tactics, Strategies, Logistics

    Surely the Russians must have understood the Hollywood script that they were supposed to immediately attack the Ukraian’s Magnot line with their usual massive huge army. They were also to overlook that neither the northern or southern parts of the Ukraine were lightly guarded. The same for Ukrainian mobile reserves stationed in Central Ukraine.

    Instead the corrupt, incompetent, and stupid Russians ungratefully declined the tasty bait in the US trap! They didn’t immediately attack on schedule either. They waited instead! Months went by. The Russians were busy reading the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”

    Since the Russians didn’t have a very large army which to attack the Ukraine with, due to the Russian constitution limiting conscripts to only serving inside Russian borders, they had to make do with a rather small attacking force. (Did the Biden neocons not know anything about obeying the laws of the land? Oops! Guess not! The law is in their mouth!)

    Since the Russians couldn’t attack the Ukraine with a huge army, they were too embarrassed to take the US trap’s tasty bait. Since the Russian forces was too small to take on the Ukraine’s Magnot Line, they obviously had no choice but to make alternate plans. The Russians couldn’t òfollow the US’s carefully laid out Hollywood script even if they had wanted too. Instead the Russians out sourced the attack on the Magnot Line to the musicians of Wagner!

    The Russians must have wondered why north and south of the Magnot Line were not also heavily guarded? And what were Ukraine’s mobile reserves doing sitting in the middle of the Ukraine? By the way who are we really fighting against anyway? The Ukraine or the US/NATO? If so, what does the US really want? What does the Ukraine regime have to defend at all costs?

    After answering these few unimportant questions, the stupid Russians ungratefully decided instead to mostly attack southern Ukraine, with a small token force attacking Kiev.

    I can tell you, Biden’s neocons all shit their Depends, big time!

    Why you ask? Well by attacking Kiev, the Ukraine regime suddenly had no choice but pull all of their mobile reserves, sitting in Central Ukraine, north to defend Kiev or the Ukrainian’s and US’s entire money skimming laundrymat would come to an abrupt screeching hault! That was just the neocon’s first Depends dump!

    By drawing away the Ukrainian’s mobile army reserves towards Kiev, this left southern Ukraine’s Kherson and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts lightly defended. The Russians took these 2 oblasts very quickly. Now Russia had secured the Crime and it’s water supply. This is when Biden’s neocons made their second massive dump into their already over flowing Depends! The one thing the US wanted more than anything else, was the Crimea! The US’s carefully laid trap for Russia, had totally failed! The stupid Russians had turned the Hollywood tables on the Biden neocons! Now the US neocons have to play the Russian version of Russian Roulette! A pistol with 5 bullets and one empty chamber!

    I have a feeling my tablet is going to crash any second so I am hitting the submit button again!


    It is getting rather late and I am having trouble focusing my eyes, so I will have to try finish 9990my fictional version of world war 3 in the Ukraine tomorrow!

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