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    Roman Vishniac Isaac Street, Krakow 1930s   • Stefan Halper: The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign (GG) • IG Horowitz Finds FBI, DOJ
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    V. Arnold

    Dead air, it seems.
    I must say, I’m fascinated by the arrogance of the U.S. towards the EU and other vassel states, as they wake up to their true positions.
    Actually threatening sanctions against the EU states for doing business with Iran; business already well underway.
    As Bugs would say; what a maroon…
    Germany is of particular interest as they seem the strongest; and they’re seemingly finally getting it; viewed as a vassel state and they don’t like it one bit.
    It all needs to play out; but, it may well be the beginning of a fracture in alliances throughout the west.
    One can only hope…

    V. Arnold

    Hmpf; I used the term alliances; but they are not alliances. Alliances are agreements with equals; peers, if you will.
    But the EU states are not peers; the U.S. has no peers.
    Think about that; a very cogent reality!


    “In other words, the constitutional charter of the EU subordinates it to NATO, which the USA dominates legally and structurally.”

    History is littered with broken treaties. They are instruments of the powerful for maintaining the status quo, until they are no longer mutually useful. Good luck with treaties when civilization is in an anti-Logos mode.


    Thank God the real friends of the earth and America,, the Russians leadership, Middle East Princes and Israeli spooks, helped elect Trump by flooding social media with messages designed to inflame anti nigger, anti spic, anti faggot pro gun real Americans. If AE’s friends, the niggers of Europe, Greeks are no better off at least we can look forward to millions of dead Iranians as consolation.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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