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    Wassily Kandinsky Moscow II 1916   • Iranian President Confirmed Dead In Helicopter Crash (RT) • The Trump Trial Could Be Over Sooner Than You Th
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    Dr D Rich
      “…group of top federal judges have signed a letter stating that they will strike back against the demonstrating students by refusing to hire any graduates of Columbia University Law School as law clerks.

    I bet,
    The top judges, unsurprisingly, are all Catholic and Amish, but the students, soon to be aggrieved, are all Jewish. Let them eat cake and entry-level employment well into their 60s. That’ll teach ’em a lesson alright.

    Dr D Rich

    I taught Bob Redfield, Ed Tramont, Shirley Polly, Peter Bhuto and few others how to perform paracentesis on my patient afflicted with massive ascites from liver failure. Ed and Bob were Colonels back then and I was a 3rd year med student

    Here’s what Redfield said. He was not backtracking or apologizing for anything.
    He saved lives

      vaccines that were developed as part of Operation Warp Speed were “important” and saved “a lot of lives


      global case fatality rate was 8.5 percent in February 2020 but had plunged to 0.27 percent in August 2022, meaning that the estimated relative risk reduction over that time was a whopping 96.8 percent

    With those facts and that logic you’d have to wonder why They The Federales waited until mid-March 2020 to declare the pandemic other than the oft cited “incoherence of the Trump administration”.

    JD tell us how easily you’d distinguish CJD from progressive supranuclear palsy, frontotemporal dementia, HIV dementia, neuroborreliosis, SSPE, CNS aspergillosis HSV encephalitis, metal poisoning Wilson’s disease, Uremia, Lupus cerebritis, sarcoid, brain metastases ad nauseam.

    Even Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease, ALS and Alzheimer’s are in the differential diagnosis.

    Did anyone pick up on Lyme and other tick diseases?

    those darned kids

    donald trump was either complicit or too incompetent to stop the d.o.d.’s “warped seed” injections.

    donald trump enabled the slaughter to continue in afghanistan, yemen, syria, half of the sahel, and on and on..

    donald trump HIRED JOHN FRIKKIN’ BOLTON.


    those darned kids

    coal-fired power plant proves why it’s the best thing for cybertruck owners to have in their backyard.

    Dr. D

    “Raw Milk Is More Dangerous Than Ever. so Why Are Sales Surging?
    It has everything to do with Americans’ distrust in government.” Vox

    They must be on this, yesterday they had a “Why Raw milk? Because it’s too easy to pop off and get some…” Whut? No. Categorically not. Raw milk is categorically harder to get than say, hard drugs, and unlike drugs, in some (most) areas isn’t available at all. When you say something like that I can practically guess your zip code. Then it’s “WE all do this? Amirite???” Uh, no. YOU’RE a weirdo and everybody you know is a neurotic demented weirdo too. You just grew up with it and it’s on TV so you think it’s normal.

    IS raw milk dangerous? Meh, they both have problems, nothing’s free. More the conditions, therefore the care, therefore the price decides. No free lunch. They should ask why is store milk so dangerous. It is, there are many studies on micro pasteurizing, etc that would make you seriously want a lot more studies before saying yes. The other headline? “Everything…> Distrust in Government”. And they ask WHY. Like they still have any question at Vox why every last 400 Million Americans (Up 40 million in the last few years) wouldn’t distrust the government. Nope, still mysterious to them, authority-seekers.

    That MEANS IT’S HAPPENING though. Everywhere. That’s my point. You can’t read a normal article on something unrelated without hitting scams and discredited experts. And when everybody knows, we win?


    I’m in favor. The first real thing they’ve said since they got there. Now to be a little more productive…

    “committed an FEC violation by intentionally misspelling”

    See, when you’re a “Pal” then misspelling “Corney” 10,000 times so nothing comes up in FOIA requests is a “Mistake”. Try that with the rest of us. I Misspelled “Taxes” to the IRS so the check won’t clear. I’m sure they won’t mind….

    …And then no one was arrested.

    “$1.7 TRILLION” That is, Two THOUSAND BILLION. That is, $1,700,000,000,000.00 Is just Cloward-Piven for Students. Collapse the United States, Build Back Bitter.

    “Backed the wrong horse”
    Well nice! Nice that nothing happens to him for killing a MILLION of his countrymen. Well, break some eggs, you understand, right?

    “Combined Russia will be at the border of Poland”.

    So? Russia has essentially always been at the border of Poland. That’s like saying if we don’t do something America will be at the border of Mexico. And? They’ll be at the border of NATO only because you moved NATO 1,000 miles east with 12 countries against all treaties.

    …I suspect the problem is, they’re all ten-thousand years old and when they hear that they hear “Soviet” “Cold War” era, tanks-in-Czech-and-Hungary. I might be ten-thousand years old, who knows, but I hear what is ACCURATE and TRUE. Not a bunch of fantastical, outdated lies. Too much? Just too hard to read the news and put it in your brain-pan? 6th grade reading. 3rd grade mind. Too much?

    It’s fully possible Russia would take Europe. It’s more possible than ever thanks to you causing their full mobilization and de-militarizing NATO, Europe, and screwing every citizen so that they’d rather shoot Macron than Putin. …But you’d have to show me ANY evidence of this before posting fantastical implications and claims.

    If you think Russia is a threat – any threat at all, ever – wouldn’t you, I dunno, MAKE SHELLS or something? Re-man ANY of the 25 armies of Europe, with ANYTHING? You’re a joke and you don’t believe a word. Why should I?

    Okay, here’s the other part: he says “% GDP, Europe and US”. Well that’s all fake bond-kiting but point taken. And then the U.S. said: “Oops. You want a war, YOU fight it. Good luck.” Europe then…what? That’s right, ordered us to fight it with our money and men again. Then ordered us again and again and again, adding nothing.

    They were also talking % GDP to war, with the new Russian minister, trying not to unbalance the economy in Soviet or German fashion. The US GDP has 30 Million government employees/contractors, etc. We’re already way over imbalanced in promotion of war, yet another key signal of a fascist state. We live by expansionary war or collapse, a key bullet point of fascist states. We drum up “Demagoguery” but against “Them” the Muslim towel-heads, or the scheming Chinese, the Rooskies, a key indicator of a fascist state. We have allies that are running open, ethnic cleansing genocides, with “Total War”, every living thing standing in the Warsaw Ghetto killed. But it’s not fascism when Mike Johnson and Nancy Pelosi do it!

    “MTG: “Everyone that’s gonna be voting for President Trump hates Mike Johnson..”

    Yes, as I said: some Leader, some Cult. He tells us to take the vaxx, we don’t. He tells them to like Mike Johnson, he’s on express Trump orders and approval, they don’t.

    “Putin and Xi in Beijing: Steps into the 21st Century (Patrick Lawrence)

    It drives them crazy that they don’t matter. Like all narcissists. They’ll blow up anything, kill, shoot, stab anyone, just to be center of attention and matter again. Yes, that’s mentally ill.

    Pointed out that, as self-referential, Russia is now making a full passenger jet with no foreign parts. Hey! That’s what WE used to do, and for the same reasons! Because only then do you have national sovereign control over your reality and options. So sanction them, cut them off, whatever. Here’s the other part of that: the Globalists – that is “Oceana’s” – control of the world is sea-shipping routes and commerce, which include capital flows through banking. Then no nation (Anyone seen Sri Lanka lately?) can oppose them or we’d “Cut them off”. This is arranged FIRST, people forget, with wildly inefficient “Globalism”, running the same iron from Peru to Canada, to China, to South Beach to Peru again, because then we have maximum intermediaries that can all strangle you if we need to replace Peru. No foreign motion, no foreign money = no strangle. But ALSO no colonial extraction, saving you what might seem like 5% — very relevant – but turns out to be 5% at every level, like 50%. …As Russia just showed with cost-of-157 shell.

    Although they’re working against themselves, this is why they can’t bring manufacturing back to the U.S. and make shells. YES, they need them and will collapse, but if the 50% overhead money-theft of colonial extraction overcharge stops, they’ll collapse a lot faster first. There’s like TODAY, closing Bank of America’s books without bankrupt, and then there’s the horizon problems of shells 6, 12 months out. (Yes, BoA is teetering)

    “I can’t help but wonder what proponents of America’s participation in the old Cold War dinosaur known as NATO are thinking”

    He should ask. Reality EXISTS. Despite all their protestations. That means they are doing this for a REASON, however demented and self-serving. Why are they doing this, sir? Because otherwise the entire West will collapse. We are based on compounding debt-extraction and got on a fascist/war business model, with dangerous fascist/war mongers in power who openly kill their enemies for saying the least things on Twitter. So it’s not a small job to replace/remove/indict them. THAT is what they are thinking. If we don’t have a war, we’ll all be hung.

    “As a part of NATO, the United States would be obligated under the alliance’s treaty to aid in the defense of any attack on the trainers, potentially dragging America into the war.”

    Yeah? Make me. Yes it’s serious, but I think we just did this. Russia Hypersonic’ed Lviv and the Pentagon hasn’t been seen since. No Ukraine is Russian, past-tense, we gave it to them for a mere 5% of GDP.

    “Or rather, the problem is that there does not appear to be any thinking about it at all”

    Yes, on any side. But that’s “College” for you. No thinking allowed. You’ll fail.

    “stood up for Biden while almost none of the students stood”

    No black vote. No student vote. Don’t worry: he’ll win by at least 400 Million votes.

    “”saw pictures of [Palestinians] tying a mother and a daughter”

    Wow. Speaking of “We Make S—t Up.” The plagiarist Joe clip has been going around again lately, with dozens of lies he denies, then are in like kind exposed, then lies again. I was interesting hearing how the Media, NPR reporters, approached this in 1990, with wit and restraint. Like another planet.

    “its reputation tarnished by the de facto humiliating defeat in Afghanistan in 2021 and the inability to stop Houthi”

    Rabbit defense: But I stopped thinking about that so it doesn’t exist.

    “You’re witnessing the United States military completely coming apart at the seams”

    I guess we’ve been disarmed and de-Nazified. We couldn’t fight a war even if we wanted to. Nor anywhere in the West. It’s the only way to stop us. Soros calls up on the phone and we say “We can’t.”

    “Strings recounts having “endured” her own bad relationships and maintains that “Romance is an old white cultural institution that began in the Middle Ages.”

    Yes. F**k love, wherever it is found, in whatever form it takes. F**k it to death. …What was that about (most) diabolical narcissists, who as a defense to trauma, purge all love within themselves? Then they become Wendigos, Japanese ghosts, forever hungry, attacking love and goodness anywhere it’s found like rabid animals? THIS is why. Don’t do this. This is bad. There is good and bad, and this is the “bad.” …I’m not saying that for my soul, I’m saying it for YOURS. We love you, don’t do this.

    Pocket – didn’t bother forwarding, SSDD – a Vox article (I think, maybe “Romper” which teaches young couples how to couple or with children) about the same thing. Woman review of couple’s therapy, as she (Indian) move from Canada with her husband to NYC. The sort of terrible, intolerable husband who tells her she’s working too hard, moves to a foreign land for her, and makes her special tea with cardamom the way she likes. Wife-beater stuff. As they go through endless, faceless (according to her), EXPENSIVE therapy, this like 3-year marriage (wtf, you barely met yet), she realizes she’s in therapy to get PERMISSION to divorce. Like, again, WTF? Permission? Because only outside authority??? And “Sacred vow to God almighty, before friends and the world, ‘til death do you part? Whatevah! Bored already.

    …ALL THE COUPLES THERAPISTS PROMOTED THE DIVORCE. Doctors. That was their outlook, their Purpose, their goal. Like, sure-whatever, if-it’s-not-too-hard, Maaaaaaybe. But probably not. That’s “Couple’s Therapy”, considered perfectly normal, logical in the US Center regions. …But you didn’t think NY people would be radically different than their own time-and-place right? OF COURSE love is disposable, dispensable, and marriage is like a 2-week hook-up! This isn’t like Alabama, you know where people vow to get married, they TRY…to keep the vow. Try a leeeeeettle bit.

    So Therapy = AntiTherapy, add it to the long, long list.

    Yes. Love = Evil. It’s fascist white supremacy, like eating healthy and working out. No joke.

    And btw, we often don’t think to refine down to this, but removing the coasts, the divorce rate is 30%. That means the divorce rate in the warped Woke areas is 80% to make up for it. …Same as the guns, same as the crime. Wtf?

    Sad statement for today, but look at it positive: all the people who behave “normally” – sort of – are getting good results, no crime, no shootings, no divorce. Those that are behaving badly can change in an instant. Like when migrants show up, chop you up and flush you down your own sewer (this actually happened), and you’ve had enough of that. Easy peasy. Don’t like stupid prizes? Stop playing stupid games. Problem solved.

    Not-Hiring. Yeah, that would make them Not-Special from a ticket to Columbia. Oh noes. They’d be like the rest of us. The horror.

    Phoenix: I understand but I had a different take on Harrellson. You ALREADY shut off all consumerism. Like going Freegan, dumpster diving pajamas means you bought no nothin’ never. Shut off the machine. You wake up in that state, like it or not. Anything you HAVE to buy still makes you 50% better than the Middle Class peers who drone on and on about “Capitalism” “Billionaires” “Oppression” while supporting every one, plus endless war, with every of their $70,000 dollars-a-year, and THEN some (another $70,000/year in debt). In my opinion, you’re already covered, done your bit and more, AND your kids are tough and capable being able to identify administrators and authorities as a scam.

    Point is: if we all acted like the Amish, “They” couldn’t do what they’re doing, right? The world would be different. Yeah, well, we all USED to act like the Amish, essentially, and it was considered normal. The Italian neighborhoods USED to grow a garden, have big families, raise each other’s city bungalows, and take loans from each other not the Morgans. You CAN do it again and Woody is right, it will cut them right off.

    …Of course they’d go bananas and try to kill you all, but one thing at a time. As a herd, you need to work together as your only protection. Ain’t no white people doing that, nor anybody else.


    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    US is borrowing/lending money that don’t exist to countries that are never going to pay it back, to countries that have no assets

    Mike Rowe: “We’re lending money we don’t have, to kids who are never gonna be able to pay it back, to train them for jobs that don’t exist anymore”

    Expecting “serial perjurers,” to tell the truth.
    I have a dream – Martin Luther King Jr.

    Putin and Xi are world statesmen while Western elites are shown to be the real threat to global peace

    Putin and Xi are world statesmen while Western elites are shown to be the real threat to global peace

    May 17, 2024
    This week, for those willing to perceive reality objectively, displayed two kinds of world order.
    The heartening news is that one will prevail over the other and thereby produce a better world for humanity, one of dignity and development for the common good.
    Patrick Lawrence: Putin and Xi in Beijing: Steps into the 21st Century
    May 18, 2024

    We ought not miss the significance of what Putin and Xi had to say this week to one another and to the rest of humanity. The world just turned once again.

    The Kremlin was first to publish a transcript of their “Media Statement Following Russia–China Talks.” The two presidents spoke in turn—Xi, the host, going first and Putin to follow. Here is a snippet drawn from Xi’s remarks:
    ‘Profit-Generating’ and Woke Brainwashing: What’s Happened to US Military?

    “For the first time in the history of the United States, the American people, I believe, are looking at the military with a sense of disgust and a sense of fear and loathing because it has been used to ignite wars around the world and destroy the American reputation in Syria and Afghanistan, in Iraq and Libya and in Ukraine,”
    Bennett added. “And now Europeans are also waking up and seeing the US military is one of the biggest threats to world peace.”


    Just like when people have have increased health problems and doctors are “baffled” and we know definitely, positively, right away, the moment we heard that news, what DIDN’T, definitely didn’t cause the new wave of health problems….

    We know right away, for sure, positively, it was fog and a 40+ year old helicopter that killed the Iranian president.

    But Iran has been operating an entire Bell factory since 1979. Took it over back then. Has been cranking out their own versions of various Bell helicopters – was sued in the early 2000’s by Bell to stop making them. Burgeoning export business.

    But somehow we knew RIGHT away that the president died in a 40+ year old machine, knew to make SURE to inform everyone that Iran is destitute, has a faltering economy, cannot keep aircraft going due to sanctions let alone build them Because it’s still 1979 and Bell isn’t suing Iran for its exporting helicopter industry 20 years ago.

    Good thing we knew that right away the moment the President died. Good thing there aren’t any hostile countries with a well established history of assassinating Iranian public figures from scientists to politicians to military leaders. Good thing there aren’t any recent events in places like Slovakia or Pakistan to compare to. THAT would encourage already-debunked conspiracy theories, which we know are always racism, homophobia, xenophobia, fascism, antisemitism and misogyny adjacent.


    is it too early in the week? to point out

    The United States of America IS a planned economy.
    The USA is a planned economy by law. 1913
    A private corporation owns and manages the medium of exchange.
    The Legislative and Executive branches of The U.S. federal bureaucracy have no audit authority over the private corporation planning the economy and controlling the medium of exchange.

    by advice and consent the Executive and Legislative branches select the chairperson of the Federal Reserve board while leaving the entire structure beyond accountability.

    what is the ism for accepting eye candy as meaningful? or maybe it is an ist

    “if a man were permitted to make all the ballads, he need not care who should make the laws of a nation.”
    Andrew Fletcher – circa 1704


    Corporations are entirely an artificial creation of the State.

    They exist as an abstraction created by the laws and regulations of the State.

    Captialism = individual owns the means of production.

    Corporations are, as created by the State, bureaucracies that must be treated as “people”

    There would be no corporations but for the State.

    They are corporative, that is, collective in nature. Also inherently non representative. You vote every 4 years and obey unelected rulers 365 days a year the rest of the time, listen to their ideological and quasi religious indoctrination, make their quasi religious observances or find yourself unemployed.

    Grit your teeth in silence, make the right genuflections 365 days a year, vote on your silent sentiments 1 day every 4 years. Don’t even speak your mind outside of paid work time, as Corporations may unemploy you for that. Careful what jokes you make. Better just avoid humor.

    How about that football player who stated he valued being married, his wife’s contribution and achievement in her vocation as wife and mother at a graduation commencement at a Catholic college — immediately slandered by every corporate media entity then condemned by the NFL corporation.

    Because corporations are “private?” Is this what private persons do? Do the stockholders even vote on these actions?

    Formerly T-Bear

    Julian Assange has won the right to appeal extradition. Find a link you trust.


    perhaps some believe the back window is a recent phenomena and plunge protection is not a long term planning and management strategy

    it’s the Limbo Rock!!! how low can it go?
    take a double shot of bail in and find out!

    a high capacity mobile battery platform with rapid acceleration destined to become a lawn ornament celebrating post SHTH reality – only the best please – $82 Gs

    did anyone see any part of the video predicting a single person billion dollar business entity? high level tech CEO’s are on it like white on Lousiana rice, or as we all like to say “efficient allocation of capital”.


    H = the invisible hand of the market


    During a speech at the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit, Michigan this past Sunday:

    When I was vice president, things were kinda bad during the pandemic.”

    “And what happened was Barack said to me, ‘Go to Detroit and help fix it’. Well, poor Mayor, he spent more time with me than he ever thought he was going to have to, God love you.”


    My daddy hated middlemen.
    He said they’d rob you blind.
    They snuck into the fine print
    Of anything you signed.

    He said that they were lazy;
    They preyed on people’s work.
    He said they’d drive you crazy
    Wherever they would lurk.


    House GOP Want to Replace Speaker Despite Trump’s Support

    Jewdiss Goat Johnson is true traitor for caving on Ukronaziland aid but nothing for the illegal migrant invasion at the border.

    Just shows how nothing will change under Trump

    War with China with NeoNaziCon Tom Cotton as Defense Secretary

    Blank check for IsRealHel & Bibi Buttphucker



    Hot Off the Press

    Surprise Mofos

    Missiles Arrived in Ukrainian Military Headquarters

    John Day

    Unbelieving Dr. D. Rich, who has never cared for a patient with Creutzfeldt Jacob, and has never seen such a patient wrote:
    “JD tell us how easily you’d distinguish CJD from progressive supranuclear palsy, frontotemporal dementia, HIV dementia, neuroborreliosis, SSPE, CNS aspergillosis HSV encephalitis, metal poisoning Wilson’s disease, Uremia, Lupus cerebritis, sarcoid, brain metastases ad nauseam.
    Even Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease, ALS and Alzheimer’s are in the differential diagnosis.”

    My answer is simple: “Recognition”.
    If you had cared for a person with this you would also immediately recognize it, Sir.
    That’s all I will say. I am not your scutboy.


    Larry Johnson Slices & Dices Boeing

    Boeing is the physical manifestation of the “Deep State” and Homo Globoii

    His summary:


    The result for the US is the following:


    Boeing is in bad shape, but it is not entirely clear as to what label to place on the culprits.

    Pundits like to toss around capitalism, communism, socialism, mercantilism, and versions thereof, without really adding much clarification.

    There are very serious questions concerning stock-buybacks, stock options, bonuses, capital gains taxes, claw backs, bubbles, monetary and fiscal policies, and other financial features of the American system.

    Regardless of the reasons, however, something really went off the rails as far as Boeing’s place in the American economy. In total orders, Boeing went from being number one to being number two behind Airbus, and Boeing continues to lose market share.

    There is something wrong with the institutional system in the US since it creates perverse incentives to act against the public interest as in the case of Boeing.



    Meanwhile Russia has produced its own commercial airliners with ZERO help or parts or material at all, from the Collective West.

    Russian airliners will capture No.2 in international commercial airliner sales.

    Boeing will drop to third behind them.

    Take that to the bank…..


    In Pictures

    In Pictures
    Rescuers recover bodies from Iran President Raisi’s helicopter crash site
    Search and rescue teams found the Iranian leader’s crashed helicopter in a fog-shrouded western mountain region.

    Dr. D

    Assange “Won” by continuing maximum security solitary confinement? If he “won” his stay, why don’t they let him out to a hotel?

    Strange “Winning”, sounds to me a lot like the #AntiLogos people from #OppositeLand arranged it.


    I found this presentation by Catherine Austin Fitts to a group of “Freedom Warriors” at Children’s Health Defense to well worth the time to watch or listen to. In it she explains how how lockdowns transferred wealth to the big players, how and why money gets stolen out of government (FASB 56 means agencies can keep secret books), how political corruption REALLY works (hint: regulatory and legislative tweaks lead to capital gains), etc. She’s explained all of these concepts piecemeal in other interviews, but for some reason it really became clear in this comprehensive presentation. At the very end she pushes back against the notion that the monetary system “has to” collapse; she’s very much of the opinion that certain players that want radical centralization may cause it to collapse, but that is a very different thing.


    “..Strings “challeng[es]readers to accept the end of love as they know it and to embrace more queer and feminist ideas of love, equity and partnership.”

    A black diversity hire “professor” retard is telling us that white people invented and maintain romance? It is about time she educated herself, maybe send her to Bollywood and there she can tell them to start making gay, lesbian, animal sex and all the other perversions that she thinks of as normal; procreation be damned.

    America is dying, one of the latest countries in the list of Jew victims; USSR, USA and soon Israel. The National Socialists for Zion – basically all US oligarch Jews and most of the others – using their extreme nationalism to destroy the world in persuit of their personal goals. Our parents fought the old Nazis, now we have to fight today’s Nazis.


    Why are the West Bank/Gaza Palestiniansv as good as dead?
    You won’t see this written anywhere, so I will just say it out loud.

    Everybody knows the Palestinians are descendants of the original Jews.
    By fate of history, they were forced by sword to convert to Islam.
    In a way many Arabs may still consider/remember, deep down, that Palestinians are still Jews.

    The original Jews were certainly aggressive towards their neighbors per the Bible.
    Today’s Palestinians have certainly gone out of their way to cause big trouble in all of the Arab countries they fled to after being driven out of Palestine by the new Jews.
    Egypt’s long running Sina guerrilla war, Jordan’s brutal civil war, Lebanon’s multiple civil wars until the Palestinians took over Lebanon, Kuwait’s war against Iraq kicking out Palestinians, Syria’s civil war, etc.
    Palestinians have behaved like Jews everywhere they have gone in the Arab world.

    Is it any wonder why none of the Arab countries want the Palestinians in their country?
    Maybe the Arabs consider the Muslim Palestinians to be still Jews?
    Second class Muslims?
    Nothing but trouble for Arab rulers?

    Why the new Jews want to kill off the orginal Jewish Palestinians might be because they know how troublesome the original Jews were? /s

    Dr D Rich

    Sure okay.
    From whom did you hear the word scutboy?

    Tacoma 2005.

    The case is still in the Google, but hard to find despite the big stir it caused since the surrounding events exposed the often impotent, superficial bunting of strict OR protocols. Some things evade detection quite well and other things evade sterilization/eradication.

    Here’s an appeal to your knowledge and authority. Adhering to a consideration of a differential diagnosis might literally allow one to “wake the dead” when the accurate diagnosis meets the appropriate treatment. Treating a patient with appropriate antibiotics for neuroborreliosis or neuro-syphilis might return a patient back to normal mental and physical function. Failing that dooms the patient to the hopeless predicament of CJD, HIV dementia, FTD, Huntington’s etc.

    Tacoma around 2005.

    In this particular case, the following question arose. Does autoclaving, other sterilization methods or an OR’s “strict protocols” neutralize/eliminate the risk of contaminating subsequent instrument loads through the autoclave? No, they don’t think so.

    The dilemma: should The Leadership notify the patients who subsequently had surgery using instruments cleaned in the same sterilizer as the instruments for the index patient?
    Full disclosure I still say.
    Full disclosure did not win out.

    No one minimized the value of Wisdom, the WAG, for others an epiphany and to some an observers bias. There’s still work to do.

    How do we know what we know…..

    Cornea transplants and contaminated instruments.


    Dr. D. Rich:

    Seems like you joined the second oldest profession!
    Bad old habits die hard.
    Have 3 in the family!

    TAE Summary

    * Trump was responsible for Warp Speed after which he was visited by Vulcans

    * Cybertrucks generate electricity just like fire trucks start fires

    * Raw milk is dangerous because it non-homogenized, non-pasteurized and non-fortified; It is too diverse, equitable and inclusive to be healthy

    *If I’m ever in a helicopter that crashes, just before it hits the ground I’m going to jump up
    – Bill Cosby

    * Corporations are large language models

    * Biden will always be the ‘Vice’ President

    * Boeing improved engineering: Two wings and a prayer

    * Romance is the white man’s burden

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