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    Dr. D

    “But the UK has said [in effect] that dropping powdered DU from an aircraft over London would not be an issue!”

    I say we try it and find out! Right on Buckingham Palace. It’s safe as water!


    The entire Western world is owned and run by jewbankers. using traitor freemasons. Yayall wonder why you’re living in a demonic, satanic nightmare? Kennedy, 911, the burning of Notre Dame, world wars, depressions, constant chaos and tension….why?, to cull and herd the Goyim into the pen. Open up your eyes.


    British Analyst Describes Ukrainian Losses In Bakhmut

    He says that the Ukronazis lost 120,000 KILLED in just Bakhmat alone.

    This is NOT for the last year for the whole conflict, it’s just the Bakhmut area.

    The Russians lost a tenth of that, about 15,000

    The MSMediawhores are in full projection mode trying to shill the 120,000 number on the Russians


    It was a trap in lure Ukronazis to their deaths and it worked fantastically well.

    It was Nazilensky’s Stalingrad on a smaller scale but none the less devastating for Ukronaziland.

    They truly did get their heads handed to them

    The Empire of Lies midget gigolo buttplug Nazilensky is literally afraid to go back to Ukronaziland, he’s in constant travel cokehead panic mode


    Even if you blew DU out the back of a delivery truck all day and night for a month and pretty much contaminated ALL of London, you still won’t have the damage and miscarriages and birth defects that the UKturdistan Regime inflicted on it’s own population of child bearing age with the Clotshot

    The Vax killed many, many more babies in UKturdistan than even a full on outright depleted uranium episode ever could.

    The the Clotshot will go on killing babies in Olde Blighty for decades, actually a WHOLE generation at least.



    Compared to the Munchkins, the G-7 is a Veritable Midget Clown Show

    The G-7 is a G string.

    The leaders of the G-7 are a disgrace to humanity.


    “Rather than try to pour oil on troubled waters, the G-7 band of miscreants are intent on trying to set that oil on fire. Their gathering in Hiroshima, the site of the first use of an atomic bomb, was rich in irony.

    Notwithstanding their hollow antagonistic rhetoric about defeating Russia, they refused to accept the fact that the Ukrainian Army that they trained, funded and equipped was whipped decisively in Bakhmut by a much smaller force of alleged band of criminal conscripts –the Dirty Dozen times 3000.

    Russia is now producing drones like they ramped up the production of artillery shells and missiles.

    Drone warfare is the future

    The Empire of Lies can’t produce anything that works at an efficient cost because it’s a syndicate of thieves & thugs & pimps & whores.

    Russia’s industrial base is larger and with more depth to it than all of the Collective West combined, including the Empire of Lies

    The Media Whores like the New York Crimes have a long history of horseshit



    Veracious Poet

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)
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