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    Edward Hopper Second Story Sunlight 1960   • Saving our Democracy This Memorial Day (Jim Kunstler) • Why the Trump Trial Could End With a Hung Ju
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    Dr D Rich


    Colonel equals Captain(Navy) Kearney uttered disloyal comments against operatives in Ukraine.

    A future admiral Bill Roberts accused me of similar misconduct…… ~20 years ago for asking two questions about operatives in Afghanistan, Iraq and Cuban.

    Bill said: “you weakened the nation”
    Me: How so Skipper?
    Bill: ***still no answer 20 years later****

    Here’s the question posed to the Navy Surgeon General Don Arthur at a public forum in Washington D.C.

    1.what are your expectations for the conduct of Navy doctors, nurses and corpsmen in the care and treatment of enemy POWs and combatants held at Abu Ghraib, Bagram and GITMO?

    2. Do you expect Navy Medical personnel to abide by the proscriptions defined in Navy Regulations Title X, the UCMJ, The Geneva Conventions and Law of Land Warfare?

    Good luck to Kearney..
    May the good Colonel give us follow up in 20 years to see how it goes….


    Thank you Dr D Rich, 159,858, for placing a point of temporal reference.

    the history of your experience is evidence the culture of deceit is not a recent phenomena, thank you for your chronicles


    US Department of State, saving the village since 1968


    US Fleet Forces Commander Admiral Says NON-CITIZENS are attempting to INFILTRATE our military bases.

    If they can vote then these “non-Citizens” are the same as citizens? If they can vote then they have as much right to see what they voted for as any citizen. And here I was thinking that the US forces were solely the chicks with dicks in mini skirts, not the admiral chafing his collar because now he has to share “Simone” (was Simon just weeks back) in the little red tutu with Rodriquez.


    • Russia Producing Shells at 25% Price of NATO Countries, 3x Faster

    The Empire of Lies: Duh’merica is the Arsenal of Despotism

    The Military Industrial Mafia can not produce any weapons that function in a peer to peer conflict.


    No ifs, no ands, no buts

    The “grift overload” is now so fantastically enormous is overwhelms the basic functionally of the third rate weapons produced.

    The F-35 Lardbucket is the Pinnacle of Putrefaction.

    Duh’merica’s “weapons” are like pinching a loaf on the potty.

    The Empire of Lies Patron Saint & Guiding Light

    “Believe in Something
    Even if it means Sacrificing Everyone”


    Dr. D

    “Ukraine Faces a Crucial Moment in the War: Two years after Russia launched its invasion, the fighting is shifting in its favor.” — The New Yorker

    Wow. Just, wow. Is that BECAUSE they have no men, or DESPITE they have no men?

    “Musk recently said he expected xAI to catch up to OpenAI and DeepMind Google by the end of 2024…

    That it lies faster, or lies more convincingly? Yes, when all employees are trained and rewarded to lie and be incompetent, then it’s easy to replace them. You could replace them with a Twister wheel and a book of Mad Libs. Replacing competence, and something other than random word-soup, monkey dart board decisions is far harder.

    ““Israel doesn’t get to decide whether or not the Palestinians have a right to self-determination.”

    Yeah? Or else what? You and whose army?

    Do you understand now why we HAVE armies? Yes, in our lifetimes they were only MIS used, but that doesn’t mean they can be properly used, or exist for moral reasons.

    Kunstler: Ah a day when Howard is feeling as cynical as I am.

    It’s like ‘America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.’ — Claire Wolfe “101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution”

    But the Libertarian Party threw its full weight behind Trump it seems: they nominated a gay, vaxxed, mask-wearing, child-amputating candidate. Gooooo Liberty!

    “• Why the Trump Trial Could End With a Hung Jury (Turley)

    I guess they’ve reached the goal they were always headed for: no objective truth at all. Not even any attempt at it.

    • NATO Falling Into ‘Wartime Ecstasy’ – Kremlin (RT)

    Yes, the sanguine insouciance of the entire West, to a man, like Speaker Johnson saying, “Hey, yeah, let’s just bomb all Russia with long-range missiles, I’m sure nothing will happen” is unspeakable. Like I DO talk about them being LITERALLY PSYCHOTIC all day, but this, THIS is what “Literally Psychotic”, “total break from reality” means.

    Okay well, Russia’s going to bomb us then. I’m not sure what that means because they have restraint and understand the situation accurately as far I can tell. So they know they’re not at war with the PEOPLE, and in fact the People will joyfully overthrow Macron, Biden, etc, with little song birds on each shoulder like Snow White. But Russia needs to “SIGNAL”, something they’re not experts in, to the LEADERS, without a Pearl Harbor which is what the leaders are desperate for. That’s pretty tough, and they know it, and they know they made it tough. But I think they can do it since they can hit anywhere on earth with the push of a button, it only requires these months or years to develop that chess move, something else they excel at.

    Maybe the better plan is to very suddenly rush right to the border and see what happens. Ukraine collapsing with all these worthless pipe dreams, all their collateral, will shatter CON-fidence in NATO and the West, yet Russia wouldn’t have to “escalate” in a visible manner or expand the field of operation yet.

    I talk a lot about Russia’s advantages because they’re using them well and the Press keeps Making S—t Up and denying them. Like above. Don’t you know Ukraine is winning? Green shoots, they’re turning the corner now! But what about Russia’s DIS-advantages? There are a bunch, — and let’s point out that all the internal tours about war production has Russia planning this war-armament PERMANENTLY – but they come down to: they are not a projecting force, AND, they have too few men.

    That’s one reason Joe Biden is murdering every Slav he can find worldwide. If over, Ukraine’s population would join with Russia’s and offset one of their weaknesses right now. Europe is trying to draw Russia in (again) and do the same plan (again) that worked when these guys were only 70 years old, about 100 years ago. China vs Russia! You can’t trust those guys! Reagan makes the military too large for the economy! Stinger missiles in Charlie Wilson’s War! Heroes! We always arm and bomb Muslim extremists, wherever found worldwide, like the Chechens who murdered a theatre, or the Crocus gay bois! It’s always the best time for MURDER. Point being, these plans are like ONE HUNDRED years old. TWO hundred. Three hundred. Like all our leaders, and anyone in the U.S. or West who has a nickel, ‘cause sure the Millennials don’t, and they’re 40 now. (Nor GenX. Who???)

    These PLANS ARE RETARDED. It’s like developing your war plan with Sopwith Camels. Sir? Those planes no longer exist, it’s 1946 and we have JETS now. Nope! Not our geniuses here in the West!

    Russia knows this, they know Europe is trying to draw them out, away from their base, draw them into Europe, dilute them, then overwhelm them with 400M Europeans, but they still have the same challenges even knowing. Europe is desperate to start a world war they can throw those 400M hateful, disgusting, useless humans at Russia for, reduce the population, get some Leibensraum and stop the stink around here, WHILE cutting Russia back to 90M or something. And what’s Russia supposed to do to stop them if Europe, their closest neighbor, won’t stop? They can’t move Russia to a different CONTINENT and get a better class neighborhood.

    So yes, the Europeans are feckless, losing, pinheads, but even a retarded trust fund kid, if he’s too drooling moronic to comprehend reality, can poke you all day in the back seat of the car. And yes, you can take a swing at him, but won’t he just spasm and thrash about with his Euro-helmet on, tied to the side of the bus ceiling? Who is that helping?

    Russia has too few men. They did not build the army to project power and occupy things, nor should they. They may, they are starting presence in Africa, but like us in the 50s that will take generations. Europe knows this and is trying to push them into acting on their disadvantages. Russia is aware and isn’t doing it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

    “• ECB Tells Banks To ‘Get Out Of Russia’ (RT)

    I forget the additions to the long list, but they keep cutting off Europe and America from the BRIICS, so we can collapse quicker without harming them. Very nice of us.

    “• Russia Producing Shells at 25% Price of NATO Countries, 3x Faster (RT)

    Russia has said (implied) that this is permanent. That means they anticipate a long or endless war. Another problem: suppose they win, Europe collapses into the s—thole they’ve become, then what? Yes, the MICMAC takes over Russia just like they did us in the 50s. Under/before Ike. The evil just clouds over and moves to another state. Now this is a 20-40 year issue, and there may BE no solution such as humans found yet, but there it is. Will it be any good for the “Moral” Russia to just get powerful and corrupted all over again? Like we have? It’s like the same turd in the punchbowl, we’re just mixing it around, and I’m sick of this s–t.

    ““..a permanent NATO military fund for Ukraine worth $100 bln a year..”

    Great Plan! With what money? With a trillion every 100 days and a trillion in interest?

    “the goal of the upcoming Ukraine ‘peace’ conference in Switzerland is to try to confirm Volodymyr Zelensky’s legitimacy”

    You don’t know how disheartening this is. Both Switzerland, AND they choose to support Ze after he is ALREADY and definitively, legally, a dictator and tyrant with no social or legal legitimacy. THAT, is when Switzerland jumps into the breach to sell their neutrality. THAT is how far gone they are.

    The Swiss people are going to have to stop what they’re doing, take measure, and go up there and fix it, first order of business. And that will knock Switz off the chess board for a while, or even lose altogether. With these guys. They cannot tolerate peace or neutrality ANYWHERE on earth, so long as they breathe. Shoot these guys for resisting arrest and think of them no more.

    ““We should not be afraid of our own strength,” she declares..”

    There’s nothing to add to this. She is her own joke, and I guess they will all die?

    “Estonian President Alar Karis has claimed that meaningful discussions on ending the Ukraine conflict can only take place when Moscow is fully subdued.”

    That is, we’ll negotiate your unconditional surrender. What is wrong with the West? Do other cultures act this way? And you think Americans are stupid when we only leave everybody alone? If we could remove the eugenics-loving Europhiles on the coast, you wouldn’t hear nothing from us except orders for 4-Wheeler parts.

    “• The Brink Of Dissolution: Neurosis In West

    “Neurosis” is very kind.

    “Yet, that ‘two versus one’ is precisely what Team Biden inadvertently have ‘done’.”


    In other news, the Marines are training to attack China and Taiwan. No, re-read that.

    The Marines are training to attack and invade China.

    I just don’t have any words, I have entirely run out of words for describing madness, which is infinite, versus sanity, which is specific. That’s like landing one Boy Explorer on the coast of Africa and describing how he is going to take over and be king from Cote to Ethiopia, from Egypt to Johannesburg. Yup. Even in a kid’s book that would be a parody, ridiculous. But that’s today’s Marines, I guess. Following a Navy with no ships and an Air Force with no jets.

    Okay, like Macron, you plan to send them in, get them all killed in a glorious, murderous, “Pearl Harbor” event.

    …And then what?

    No, really, and then what? France and the U.S. “mobilize”? With what? With 300 pound tattooed man-toddlers and no coal, oil, rail, shipyards, electric grid, no trucks, cars, or tractors made without Chinese parts? We’re going to mobilize our tranny army or American women who honestly believe a 99-pound blackbelt can beat up any man on earth? Cuz, Gurl Boss?

    As far as plans go, you “Have a plan” to cause an “Event” and “Mobilize” to total war footing is EQUALLY RETARDED as claiming you can land 40 Marines on the coast of Beijing and take over. They’re functionally equivalent. And it’s pointless to point out that YOU CAN’T TAKE OVER YEMEN, and you can’t even control two neighborhoods of Chicago.

    “Here is the bizarre way Biden described his approach to Putin on China: “Russia is in a very, very difficult spot right now. They are being squeezed by China”.

    It’s the geniuses at Yale and Harvard that gave him this gem of wisdom. Biden is incapable of thought and always has been, a lifelong plagiarist.

    “• Canada Afraid To Prosecute Colonel For Saying Ukrainian War Is Lost (Helmer)

    Afraid? Why would you even consider it?

    • Biden’s Tariffs Are Another Nail in the Dollar’s Coffin (Ron Paul)

    I thought tariffs were bad. Not when we do it? Yes, a nail in the coffin, but we don’t WANT the dollar to be the world currency, and we DO want the jobs and manufacturing that would bring back. Cut off the money is the only way to stop these guys. That means the US$ has to “fail”, drop 8:1 and go parity with the Yuan. Even that’s generous and I’m sure they’ll rig markets for years in a fit of lying and pretending until we finally match reality again.

    At the moment though, no nothin’. Are we waiting for Russia to smack us senseless to start this? Looks like.


    Dr D

    This one’s for you:

    Congressmen reveal CIA uses weapon that makes target “feel like they’re going crazy”



    The New Improved Russian TOS-2 Thermobarbic Vacuum Bomb Delivery System

    Gee the first TOS system was pretty awesomealicious

    Those Russians really do improve their weapons through live time field testing.

    How does a thermobaric bomb work?

    A thermobaric bomb (also called a vacuum or aerosol bomb – or fuel air explosive) consists of a fuel container with two separate explosive charges.

    This can be launched as a rocket or dropped as a bomb from aircraft.

    When it hits its target, the first explosive charge opens the container and widely scatters fuel mixture as a cloud.

    This cloud can penetrate any building openings or defenses that are not totally sealed.

    A second charge then detonates the cloud, resulting in a huge fireball, a massive blast wave and a vacuum which sucks up all surrounding oxygen.

    The weapon can destroy steel reinforced concrete buildings, any type of equipment and kill even the cockroaches in the corners.


    Close the US Canada border. Make Alaska an economic development zone with Russia.

    Dr. D

    Adding to cheerful, animal photos:




    159,858 is gone. Where did it go?

    Repression of peaceful international solidarity demonstrations is against human rights: UN experts
    14 May 2024

    “Young people are frustrated with the lack of response from states, universities and non-state actors (including corporations) to promote peace and human rights,” the experts said. “They have a right to have their voices heard.”

    It takes more than “TRUTH” words to get peace
    Fiction, Illusions, Lies, Propaganda

    NATO is not into a direct confrontation with Russia.
    (urged NATO nations to keep “all options on the table” to ensure that Moscow “loses the war.” )
    (• NATO To ‘Institutionalize’ Arms Support For Kiev At US Summit (TASS))

    The European Central Bank (ECB) tells banks to get out of Russia.
    G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
    Yellen warned secondary sanctions on lenders that do business in the country.
    • Ukraine Conference is Propaganda to Cover Up Zelensky’s Illegitimacy (Sp.)

    “everyone knows that the conference in Switzerland is a joke and a fraud that is based upon Zelensky’s peace program.” – Francis Boyle

    absolutely futile” without the participation of Russia.
    absolutely futile” without the participation of China.
    absolutely futile” without the participation of USA.

    Switzerland cannot be a neutral host by definition, let alone a mediator,”
    • The Brink Of Dissolution: Neurosis In West As Levee Breaks (Alastair Crooke)

    Just for clarity, Beijing is fully aware of the high stakes involved for Russia (and ultimately for China, too).
    A prospect that might midwife the very thing that the West most fears – a loss of control, spiralling the system down into freefall. The Mistake: Ray McGovern, a former U.S. Presidential briefer, has chronicled how as “Biden took office in 2021, his advisers assured him that he could play on Russia’s fear (sic) of China – and drive a wedge between them. This represents the ‘mother of all errors’ of judgement, because it brings about the circumstances in which the western ‘Order’ may dissolve”.
    The danger of telling the Truth.
    • Canada Afraid To Prosecute Colonel For Saying Ukrainian War Is Lost (Helmer)

    The new message divulges that Kearney has been accused by officers he had criticized for their professional incompetence, but he has not been charged with a military offence.
    Biden gets wrong advise, increasing tariffs on Chinese imports
    • Biden’s Tariffs Are Another Nail in the Dollar’s Coffin (Ron Paul)


    Mr. House

    So is surplus energy economics a limited hangout? A new article is released and will say the exact same thing as the last 40 articles!

    Mr. House

    IM Doc on the Accelerating Decline in American Medicine

    IM a DOC still good, his writing is wasted at naked capitalism though


    Using the web
    The lifespan of artillery gun barrels can vary based on several factors. Let’s explore this topic:

    General Range:
    The lifespan of a gun barrel can generally range from 100 to 1,000 rounds1.
    However, this estimate can significantly differ depending on the specific gun system, its design, and usage.
    Thermodynamic Cycle:
    When a gun barrel fires a projectile, it follows a thermodynamic cycle similar to that of a single-stroke engine1.
    This cycle involves extreme pressure, heat, and mechanical stress, which gradually wear down the barrel over time.
    Specific Examples:
    M777 Howitzer: The barrel on a modern artillery system like the M777 typically needs replacement after firing up to 2,500 rounds2.
    German PzH 2000: This howitzer can fire up to 4,500 shots before the barrel requires servicing3.
    Erosion-Reducing Additives:
    Researchers have explored methods to extend barrel lifespan.
    For example, adding certain materials directly to the propellant can increase the lifespan of a tank gun barrel from 240 to 700 rounds with only a small additional amount4.
    Remember that these estimates are approximate, and actual barrel life depends on factors like maintenance, quality of ammunition, and operational conditions. Regular inspections and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are crucial for ensuring safety and performance.

    Learn more
    5 +2 more

    Dr D Rich


    Ur welcome.

    The rules are good, written by enlightened ppl and those rules are being ignored, I suppose, for the sake of expediency.

    Elspeth Ritchie and The Uniformed Surgeons General explained the new found attraction of prisoner torture and detainee abuse was an expression of an appeal to a HIGHER ethical and moral calling to justice in defense of the nation.

    Doesn’t that sound like a herculean-level of Megalomania or treacherous musings of ppl with nothing better to do than badness

    ~20 years…..they all were rewarded and promoted. So I’m also not just a little suspicious about Colonel Kearney’s predicament. Usually they disappear you rather than make a public spectacle of it.
    Can’t have martyrs can we?

    Then, Canary Mission has got to do it’s thing, right?


    I’ve taken a cursory glance a bunch of times at the latest trump trial. Partially because I couldn’t make clear sense of it, I just said “It’ll be made more clear once they get closer to a verdict. I’ll check back later.”

    I made a more serious effort to understand the basis of the trial today.

    1. You falsify business records
    2. You commit a crime related to elections dependent on crime#1?

    do I understand correctly, crime #1 is seriously the Stormy Daniels thing?

    and then 2 is… running for office with the consideration that Stormy Daniels not saying her story helps the election efforts in the sense of not hindering them?

    Haven’t we established that even if election fraud occurs as a matter of record on camera, if each individual instance wouldn’t have been enough to swing the election, then it’s not worth doing anything about?

    But didn’t Stormy Daniels go ahead and tell her story? Did it swing the election?

    I’m still not getting it. Falsification of business records is that lawyer paying Stormy and then the election crime is Stormy not saying bad stuff about trump, which she goes ahead and does? Conspiring to not have Stormy talk, unsuccessfully, is crime #2?

    “unlawfully influencing the 2016 election” I’m just not getting it. Are they reasoning “Stormy got paid not to talk, that’s illegal, ergo not talking was an unlawful influence”???

    …and paying off Stormy to begin with for non disclosure is only illegal because it would influence the election? By not talking?

    I checked wikipedia and it was unclear

    I checked CNN and at least they said it was “an illegal hush money trial”

    I’ve visited ABC, NBC, BBC, Reuters.

    they’re saying there’s a whole bunch of people testifying. there’s documents. trump was in contempt.

    Closest I can get to an explanation of wtf is going on is “a scheme to bury stories”

    Do I understand correctly, assuming trump knowingly paid off stormy directly (which if I understand correctly, testimony said he didn’t do? or the person saying he did is a perjurer who stole from him? Have I understood correctly?) …but let’s say he did…

    then every politician who has ever paid anyone for non disclosure on events or claimed events that are thought, after the fact, to possibly have been able to influence an election if they had not been omitted, has committed one or more felonies? Even when the story was not suppressed and then the electio went their way anyway?

    I’ve canvassed mainstream media and wikipedia and I cannot make any more sense of it – like, I am trying to take their view of this as opposed to laying any preconceptions over their information – didn’t even visit fox news. Am I grasping this accurately?


    I also read through zerohedge comments on the story – sometimes there’ll be someone that sums things up.

    Lots of anti-trumpers saying, in response to people asking the same questions as me “you were already told” or “it’s in the news” etc — why does not a single one just reply spelling it out and answer the question? Must have seen at least a dozen replies like that. Don’t THEY know?


    I don’t even get why the stormy daniels thing is plausible. I remember taking a moment, back when the story was first breaking, to do a google image search. With and without safe search activated.. I’m sorry but Stormy looks like a brick with two stick arms glued on. Kind of unattractive actually. Pull up any free porn aggregator website thenude, cherrynudes, freeones, whoever, and instantly see, without searching, 37,345 women better looking. Without having clicked into a search field or category, filtered or sorted anything. Just on the front page.

    A multi billionaire with a better looking wife and access to supermodels and beauty contestants is going to make it with a gravely substandard porn industry worker (her face isn’t even symmetrical) who has who knows what diseases and for whom sex is humdrum work …instead of a 4 star hooker or 42,000 better options in the porn industry, as undesirable as any pick from there would be?

    trump, who spends money to make the towels softer and put fake gold inlay into everything is being CHEAP and trying to get a low-grade version of the thing, for free, that Eliot Spitzer, with a fraction of the wealth and income, was willing to spend for the top-drawer stuff? (no, you fool! the 4 stars is for DIFFICULTY! You could break your #$%%&ing neck that way!!!)

    like, maybe that one sleezy guy you know that moves packages down at the local UPS sorting facility would want to be able to say “bro! made it with a #&in PORN STAR!!! f’n A!” But most people who are NOT rich and have NO ready access to easy sex nor attractive people, would nevertheless say “ew, no I will pass on that”

    does this whole story depend on our elite managerial class assuming that the general populace IS totally, completely degenerate? Like, if someone were presented with the opportunity for sex with a porn star, OF COURSE they would automatically take the opportunity practically without time for thought, in an instant? Pathetically try to CREATE the opportunity even if only imagined, who wouldn’t????

    therefore it’s perfectly plausible a billionaire would, because “it’s what I would do”???


    Dr. D Rich there is a selection process for building organizations with “a herculean-level of Megalomania”.
    The US military had “Up or Out” for selecting those with “HIGHER ethical and moral calling to justice in defense of the nation”. Selecting for those willing to accept and execute unlawful orders not as an expediency, rather as standard operating procedure. (Colonel Vindman?)
    “Citizens United” validated the corporate world “Up or Out” and the unlawful use of “speech”.

    DEI is the method to used place the lipstick of incompetence on the pig of amoral behavior. I have the feeling you and i see a failure of ethics while others see a tremendous cultural success. There is a selection process and what we see is the success of that process in action. Human Resource Departments have criteria and goals.

    as far as “Canary Mission” which dictionary one holds, or imagines, influences how one defines “hate”.
    ex. “I detest those who murder children for profit in pursuit of foreign policy”
    “you are a traitor to the US foreign policy”
    “you hate Israel!”

    “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”. – John Jay


    Dr. D Rich, one more thought and i will give you rest

    That portion of our society which we discuss have no experience of one of the most basic of human experience.

    i submit these have no experience to understand Mr. Ted Williams
    Mr. Williams, perhaps, the greatest practioner of his art failed three out of five attempts. Among those passionate about that art Mr. Williams is deemed to have a front row seat on the Olympus of his sport.

    The experience of having run the best sprint of your life to place second and accept the outcome as victory because you ran with giants is not within their grasp. There is no substitute for adversity in forging strength of character.

    “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. – Malcolm X

    thank you again


    The big lie – “pro-Palestinian”
    The truth – Anti-war, peace, cease fire, stop the murdering


    WES posted, prev. thread.

    One thing I noticed with many small web sites like Wolfe Street, CTH, MoA, they were all put under tremendous pressure to toe the covid line or they would be shutdown. The CTH was forced to set up their own servers to return to the internet. Smaller one man operations often don’t have the money, resources, time, ability, and energy to fight this kind of pressure.
So they had to go along with policing the pro-vaccine narrative. But it says a lot about them, and not in a good way. Once trust is broken….

    Debt Rattle May 27 2024

    As a participant in MoA for a long time after b took over, once covid hit – many?- ppl left as comments on any ‘covid / vax’ related topic was censored, Punktschluss. (dot-closed.)

    ‘War’ and ‘social issues’ are confined to set rubrics (as in school) for ex. arms manufacturing, number of soldiers, flags on territory, imagined calculations of powerful figures, etc. Which doesn’t mean that MoA is bad on wars, but the grand picture is missing, obscured.

    The two !top! taboo topics that are censored in the Anglosphere posturing as opposition, are 9-11 and Cov-19. The likes of Chomsky and Chris Hedges, b, and many others refuse to even mention 9/11. As for Covid-19 it is even more toxic (as it is more deadly for at-home pop) to bring up for ‘opposition’ figures, as it implies condemnation of a whole state /science / so-called / benevolent, caring, corporate profit apparatus.

    Mr. House


    I didn’t see WES’s post but agree with him 100%. Wolf street makes sense, dude lives in San Francisco and couldn’t state if homelessness was worse now then the early 2000’s because he doesn’t go where they are………. He’s a limousine liberal who wouldn’t have anything to say if he didn’t write about the “market”. He knows we’re bankrupt but won’t admit it, because then who would give him attention for his viewpoints. I think alot of writers in the alternative media are not in it because they want to make things better, they just want moneyz

    That is why i ask is surplus energy economics a limited hangout? They know they’re wrong, but they won’t admit it. We laugh at those who tried to apologize how they acted during covid, but many still can’t bring themselves to do it and would rather double down. Its amazing

    Mr. House

    I personally think, that many people in positions of authority and power know they shouldn’t be anywhere near those positions, but you can’t admit that, then you’d be a schlub just like everyone else. As Jessie at Jessiescafeamerican calls it, its the credibility trap. They’re all guilty, but will band together and continue to refuse reality. If they hang, they’ll hang together i guess.

    Mr. House

    Once you realize they’re lying, the next question is what else have they lied about. So it makes sense people refuse to change their mind, it would shatter their worldview and probably their view of themself.

    Dr. D

    JB, yes, you have it exactly right. Or possibly you’re being generous. Turley covers this each day that neither the prosecutor nor the judge can, or has, named the crime or legal theory. As far as it makes literally no sense at all then, yes, Trump, who was nowhere near his records, can be proven was unaware, and Cohen himself says he sends in fake invoices because Trump Inc never checks, supposed paid legal fees. Those fees, which are legal, covered hush money, which is legal.

    However, the Prosecution IMPLIES that the categorization of that generic lawyer’s fees — of which he was unaware and never oversaw, should be …Something Else. WHAT that something else SHOULD have been, they also will not say. Like if you were trying to travel expense rent or something.

    Moving on, THAT IS ALSO NOT ILLEGAL. Not really. It would never, ever be tried, it would almost never be noted even in an audit, and IF someone were to take the step — which probably no one has in 200 years — it would technically be a paper misdemeanor. Like failing to obey a traffic sign. In reality, they would audit, find it, ding you, tell you not to do it again, and throw it in the bucket because you’d need 1,000 of these things to amount to anything, and they’ll certainly find ACTUAL tax fraud if your records are that weak.

    Moving on, This Misdemeanor — never prosecuted on anyone for 200 years — has EXPIRED. It is no longer legal. He cannot be charged with it. HOWEVER… (and if you thought it made no sense and was murky before you ain’t seen nothing yet)

    IF he used this misdemeanor, the one that his own lawyer did, not him, that his own lawyer more or less substantiated Trump knew nothing about, that he personally did not catagorize, but the 3rd Jr Accountant on the 5th floor catagorized, IF he used this misdemeanor to commit or further a FELONY, well THEN, this dead, never prosecuted misdemeanor of mis-catagorizing check stubs matters. You see?

    Now. WHAT IS THAT FELONY? This is the part where the case was clear as pure water up to this point. Because, you see, IF it is an ELECTION felony, the State of NY has no jurisdiction over it and has already declined to prosecute. It cannot be a election-related, or federal election fraud. So what is it?

    Well, Turley and everyone are still looking, including Trump’s defense. No one knows. And again, paying NDAs or “Hush money” was not, is not, never was, isn’t now, illegal. It’s standard operating procedure not for us, but for all weasels in places like NY. Trump personally wasn’t within 1,000 miles of the check stub or the categorization or he wouldn’t have paid it, he would have fired Cohen and thrown him in jail. COHEN is the one who committed the crime. Both of grand larceny, and of hiding accurate legal costs.

    And yes, they are EXACTLY counting on all Americans to be such corrupt low-life’s that they ALL can’t conceive of ever NOT cheating on their wives with anyone they can or can pay. Yes, and that’s working perfectly. No one in America addresses that part at all. I don’t because I can’t prove it and he’s a rich guy who knows what they all get up to? Nothing good mostly. However, Stormy said a dozen times, in public, before this, including to Bill Maher, that nothing happened. She was in control. AND her story is different EACH time, in that she said to Maher that she did sleep with him, but to her lawyer on an affidavit that she did not. …Then paid damages to Trump for lying. Her other witnesses say SHE said it was a straight extortion racket, which besides having each time you tell the story be different, does not lend credence to your case.

    So if you can figure out what NY State Felony Trump committed, please tell Bragg, so he can tell the judge and jury. I’m sure he’ll pay you handsomely as no one has been able to figure what it is yet. …Remember, it can’t be a misdemeanor, it can’t be a Federal, and it can’t be Election. It’s possible he’s guilty of those, but they are not the jurisdiction of Mr. Bragg.

    Got it? Clear now? Okay, now since things are so clear perhaps you can tell me why the Media seems unable to say this. Although, honestly, we at last found the limits of CNN and CNBC who admitted on TV this case is illegal and makes no sense. They just don’t elaborate on HOW MUCH no sense it makes.

    …But speaking of, I’m sure they’ll find him guilty. Always have before, why change now? DC and SDNY always have 99 & 99/100th % conviction rate. (OR. ELSE.) That’s better than Stalin! Hey, are we a great nation or what?

    Mr. House

    Why is anyone here surprised that they’re distorting the law to go after trump? When they refused to follow the law as laid down in 2008, that opened the flood gates. Essentially what they did was destroy reality, as described in a market economy. If you bailout out things, you are refusing to let reality assert itself. Things take time, and the reason things feel so strange now is we are nearing the end of that carnival ride.

    Mr. House

    Honest question: Does anyone here actually think Trump will do anything beneficial if he becomes president again?


    Mr. House:

    Since Trump’s name likely won’t be on the ballot, we really don’t need to worry too much about what Trump can do.
    As soon as Trump is found guilty, Congress will remove his name from the presidential ballot per SCOTUS.
    Joe will refuse to debate criminal Trump on June 20th.
    The illegitimate Trump narrative is all set and ready to roll.the ^6l

    (If Trump is somehow still elected, the Uniparty will select his cabinet and keep all of Obama/Biden appointees in place, like in 2016, to ensure nothing much changes to deep state democracy.
    The empire’s new democracy everyone likes so much.)

    The Uniparty will win no matter what happens.
    The American people will continue to “love” losing as before.
    The Ukrainian war will continue as before until Russia loses.
    Russian sanctions will continue isolating the west from the rest of the world.
    The already dead Gaza Palestinians will continue not to die as before.
    Dedollarization will continue as before.
    Inflation will continue as before.
    Immigration will continue as before.
    Nothing will change.


    Mr House, Trump is gonna bend over and take it hard from the jews, his masters, just like all the rest of them. Don’t waste your time or energy, both precious, on politicians. They’re irrelevant. Don’t mean shit, never did. Frontmen for the gangster/traitor men who run the show. Today I re read Yeats’ The Second Coming. 105 years later, still dead on. Not much changes, really. Slavery, under a money system, controlled by psychopaths.


    Trump’s achievements last time:
    – Number one claim was that he created huge numbers of jobs, then we discovered that those employment numbers coming from the government are bullshit.
    – Number two was to increase the defence budget for his mates in the MIC.
    – Number three was to hand billions to his mates in the Pharma Industrial Complex.
    – Murdered an Iranian General and icon to the Iranian people, for his Jew friends.
    – Gave Jerusalem to the Jews by recognising it as the capital of Israel.
    – Gave big pharma free-rein to do as they wish with the health of the American people.
    – Overspent like a child, the CARES act, giving away 2 trillion, triggering the start of inflation that we now see.
    – Tweaked healthcare, but did not reform healthcare and force them to obey the law.
    – Executive order to keep Guantanamo Bay open, ahh, the moral backbone of US torture.
    – Imposed tarifs, just like Biden is doing, in order to tax the American people and beat them when they are down.
    – Oh, the wall, he did something about the wall, I saw the pictures.
    – Tried to leave Afghanistan but was not able to, so Biden’s team did it.

    Don’t hold your breath for anything that will make a difference to you, it will only make a difference for his friends. He is the same as Biden but with more entertainment potential, but just as useless. The position of POTUS is of impotent figurehead, he will fill that role perfectly. The USA needs to collapse, there is no other way it can rebuild, and Trump will not make any difference, just another idiot in the road.


    Apologies, this is a link to the UK Guardian …

    I got this link from a pro-Russia feed that covers the Ukraine war. I posted it here because The Guardian is stanchly pro-Israel, despite having a readership and a bunch of ex-journalists that is staunchly pro-Palestinian, yet here they are denouncing Mossad. Something is going on and it looks like the owners have changed their minds on Israel. We also have lots of irrelevant countries, like Spain, Norway etc, recognising Palestine; that is nice, but does nothing for the Palestinians in Gaza. It looks like the owners are changing their PR stance.

    Gaza is one of those policies where the WEF leadership puppets in national governments are intent on supporting Israel – they are just obeying orders – while the normal people are adamantly against genocide. Of course, the normal Americans are pro-genocide, that is what makes them different, their bloodlust, but for the rest of the western world – what used to be called the civilised world – that is not the case. So are all these little changes just crumbs being offered to the morally outraged citizenry, or is something more substantial happening? Time will tell.


    @mr-house You’re very right about SEE, just there to read the new post and nothing new. More of the same without any real substance beyond the regular observations of some distant social freeze up.

    On another note you can judge a society/culture buy the way it treats its animals. Take a long hard look at your agriculture industries.

    Figmund Sreud

    Whoever is behind that green chicken is, … is a phlunkin’ dumb truck. The moment I noticed that he/she/green chicken quoted Peter Zeihan, I simply stopped reading!

    Mapping the War
    How to understand what’s really going on in Ukraine


    DEI jogger Samurais in feudal Japan. You got to laugh, it was not long ago that the woke were complaining about cultural appropriation and now it looks like the woke appropriated the entire historical Japanese culture in order to create their woke fantasy; woke porn for the ladies in purple and green hair, the feminised men, the trannies, the faux-intellectuals in academia, doing the woke group mansturbate. Lovely.

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