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    Edward Hopper Railroad crossing 1923   • Half of Britain Is Broke – And The Other Half Is Richer Than Ever (G.) • Trump Signs Order Targeting Soc
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    V. Arnold

    …et tu Tulsi?

    New Brunswick
    3 more Campbellton COVID-19 cases linked to doctor who didn’t self-isolate
    RCMP investigating whether charges warranted for doctor who saw patients after visit to Quebec
    Until last week, New Brunswick had no active cases of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. All 120 people infected since the pandemic began in March had recovered.

    Russell said health officials don’t yet know the extent of the outbreak because they’re still contact tracing, but she hopes they will be able to “turn the tide” with tighter restrictions and widespread testing.
    Its only billions. What happened to the trillions that were printed?
    “Figures emerging across Europe reveal that forced saving is happening on an unprecedented scale.”
    “He also said that if he were able to shut Twitter down, he would.”
    Only one person is allowed to tell lies.
    You are not allowed to say that I’m lying.
    Threats to cut off his nose.
    • Police Precinct Torched in Third Night Of Rioting In Minneapolis (R.)
    • 7 Shot During Protests In Louisville (NBC)
    “China /Hong Kong – the rule of law in a city of 7 million people”
    Only the USA is allowed to use the “troops” to keep the peace and avoid looting and destruction


    TV – Did anyone notice the old lady with an aqua hoody, pushing a walker, in front of the police line?

    Dr. D

    “Minneapolis PD 3rd Precinct Set on Fire, Breached by Rioters”

    They don’t appear to be following the law. Or social distancing. But we told them! And when I think it in my ego, it happens!

    “The Law is in my Mouth” – King John I

    “You can’t hold back the tide” – King Canute.

    “The rusted chains of prison moons
    Are shattered by the sun
    I walk a road horizons change
    The tournament’s begun…
    The keeper of the city keys
    Puts shutters on the dreams
    I wait outside the pilgrim’s door
    With insufficient schemes” — King Crimson

    So a day after NY Times lists at least one name shot on the highway, listed as COVID, NY Times has to retract another, human interest sob story. Young, handsome, brave E.R. doctor dies of COVID. More inside. Well, he both didn’t die AND didn’t have COVID. Again. But I’m sure this was just a journalistic misunderstanding in good faith since, dying…not dying…who can really tell the difference? I mean, when you call the hospital, the wife, his co-workers in order to write the story and they say, “Dr. Billy-Bob? He’s over playing tennis.”

    Every. Day. And we still believe the numbers and stories they print. Why? Because the Financial Times has a cool-looking chart and math based on totally, entirely, completely fake fraudulent data? This week another state (CO) revised their CV numbers down 25%. AGAIN.

    But you know what they say: A lie can get around the world before the truth gets his boots on. No one reads the thousands of retractions that are printed, every day, after every article. The only enemy is truth.

    Not fake news, just plain wrong: Top media corrections of 2017

    Every story. Every day. But this one is true! I promise!

    “Trump Signs Order Targeting Social Media Firms’ Legal Protections (Hill)”

    This was very complex, but it falls to the same root: you’re either a platform or a publisher. They immediately double-down by claiming the President threatening to send the National Guard to a burning city is “Glorifying Violence.” No. Srs.

    China Says Wants ‘Peaceful Reunification’ With Taiwan (R.)”

    Thanks to us giving China everything since Pappa Bush in 1989, they’re now in a position to do kill everyone on Taiwan and tell us to get stuffed. Every President, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, signed up wholeheartedly while every U.S. worker was unemployed, every factory was closed, and Flint can’t drink the water. All to fully enable this China, Chinese expansion, and the inevitable war that follows. Yay! Just as they’ve been writing in their white papers for decades! But that isn’t true, because I refuse to look at and read them.

    They should ban 5G”

    They have researched it. Some of their hand-picked, corporate-financed scientists flipped on their masters and STILL reported it was dangerous. The news won’t report it. It isn’t true so long as I refuse to look at the open scientific papers and refuse to read them. Because that’s what the smart people do! It’s you weird internet people who read things that are stupid.

    Adam Schiff Alarmingly Close to Handing Trump Dangerous Spying Powers (Timm)”

    Oh, whatever: they already gave Cheeto billions MORE for spying than he even asked for. Because, muh Resistance. But if he was a Dictator and you’re worried, why did he shut down FISA system when he could most use it to persecute his enemies? Why reveal the desperate, glaring, nuclear-scale fraud in the system, FBI, CIA, Supreme Court (which personally oversees FISA/all) and not just quietly use it yourself? Duh, because they want to clean it up, not use it. Just like voter fraud, where the head of NJ NAACP is AGAINST the recent election in Paterson, and HIS OWN BALLOT was stolen and misused. But Jack Dorsey, DNC says there’s literally no evidence of fraud, anywhere ever. Less seen than Bigfoot. So the DNC is against the NY Times and the NAACP now, I guess. That’s what happens when you have to be against all facts and evidence: the only enemy is the truth.

    Estimates are that 75 percent of independently owned restaurants may never re-open.”

    Well, that’s true but also false. Yes, THIS restaurant will close and stiff all creditors, but the owner, staff, location are experts in this business, see the market demand, and quickly open a new one just like the old one. I’d say only the bank takes the hit then, but not really true: It’s still bad. The far bigger problem is, if government can turn you on or shut you off any minute, for any reason, however totally, provably, transparently wrong, (7 deaths in Wyoming) you don’t want to be in business, you hide your capital, and go to the beach. Nobody works = everybody dies. The governors just said “We will attack any person, doing any work, anywhere in the state, with no support or recourse.” This is EXACTLY how Rome fell: the government chased every drachma, every producer, hounded them into the forest, so they buried their coin pot and hid in the Villa. For 1,000 years. So the producers will stop. Just like Socialism everywhere. TO each according to his need. FROM each according to his ability. So I work, sweat balls in the blazing sun with a bank breathing down my neck, and government taking every penny of profits first, sharing no risk, and YOU eat it all then punch me in the face and leave me in a ditch for it, you know, before confiscating my children. So I…don’t…produce? No food is made, everybody starves, but you’ll pay me, essentially NOT to work? Just like every socialist system everywhere ever devised? Yes.

    U.N. says 130 Million will die. Ruling class and the people say “Yay! We demand moar. You naughty workers must be shown.”

    So it’s the CONFIDENCE that there is ANY rule of law that you have to worry about. There isn’t, I don’t know what people were thinking, they’ve been stealing and destroying businesses for generations, but for some reason, some people still want to risk their lives by doing work, creating things, and helping their neighbors. We have been told to stop. So Atlas Shrugged. GFY. We’ll see how it plays out, but my bet is every Governor of NY, NJ, will have every business and producer leave, and only the lazy, stupid, indolent will remain, as already shown in IL. Every state that was decent will receive all the productive people, their capital, their ideas, and prosper while NYC collapses into a crater and Knoxville becomes the new hub. Which they already have collapsed, IL, NJ, CA, long before this.

    So it’s perfect: each side gets exactly what they asked for and most desired. They wanted no workers, no nasty capitalists. So: no restaurants, no shops, no Target, no doctors, no farmers, no food stores, only governments and prisons, just as you asked. Like every other time in history. I think that’s ill-advised, I’ll tell you not to, but suit yourself. Apparently the only way to learn is to try it.



    The campaign against Huawei started [I believe] when they refused to install an NSA back-door, also it uses strong encryption which the NSA find difficult to break.

    There was an accusation that the equipment had a Chinese back-door but MI6 in the UK checked the code and found no such thing, so declared it okay to use.

    I am sure any 5G equipment produced by Western ‘democracies’ WILL have an NSA beck-door.

    Britain is asking the West to pay more for 5G AND be bugged by the NSA!


    Dr. D

    “So it’s perfect: …. try it”
    There is no “… ism” in heaven or perfect.


    Logical conundrum of contact tracing: health care workers.
    Work one day, stay home for two weeks?

    The least we can do is give nice, brown shirts to those noble contact tracers.
    Stayed up late, got up early to watch my cities burn. It feels like we’ve been set up for this “prison riot”- by the insanity of LOCKDOWN for a lowly pathogen; by a police department who kept the rotten cops on board (higher orders?); by looters and incendiary agents provocateur.
    Why no arrests of the four leos (esp.Chauvin)? “These things must be done CAREFULLY…” [picture cackling green witch].
    I guess the species can’t wait to usher in the brave new world order.
    This is a bad day, and it’s still early. Mushroom season is over.

    Suckers, dupes, and nincompoops
    It seems we’ve lost our nerve.
    Snitches, rats, republicrats-
    We get what we deserve.

    Once again, the button says: “submit”.

    Mr. House

    Man are we going to see a spike in cases in Minneapolis!

    in case anyone needs a laugh today:


    “…et tu Tulsi?” V. Arnold.

    Yeah, it’s nice when they let you know that they’re just another power-hungry wannabe-elite huckster BEFORE you waste your vote on them, isn’t it? I have to say, her sheep’s clothing fitted very well. I was convinced too 😉


    I would still vote for Tulsi over these other two idiots. The mix of social liberalism at home and libertarian away was compelling. The war machine would never let her win or even let her have much of a say. Remember before you flame me that many places in the rest of the world have medicare for all and other social liberal ideas. Bernie is to the right of most of europe.

    I feel for the violence against people of color in the US. The riots will eventually hopefully get around to the other core issues besides racismthe issue of haves and have nots. FDR is credited for saving democracy. We don’t have leader that can do that again. Tulsi or Berni had potential. If democracy is to be saved I am afraid it will be from the streets now not from the voting booth. 8 men should not hold more wealth than 4,000,000,000. At some point making and hording money for the sake of money is a sickness. The best thing I ever did is walk away when I had enough. Awesome life – tiny footprint.



    UK 324
    ITALY 97
    SPAIN 2

    Which country has widespread use of HCQ?

    Mr. House


    Well you can’t let something that douses your induced hysteria ruin the narrative, duh


    I have to be honest, although I have been lurking AE for years I came for Dr. D. Something about his pattern recognition resonates with mine. So this morning I’m drinking my java and looking for affirmation and …wait. Did that just happen? Did Dr. D just…’harp’? WTF? Same as yesterday…day before…different details..? Hmmmmmm, So now I’m thinking what am I doing ‘here’? Confirming my bias? Succumbing to some ‘urge’ to try and define the undefinable? So, right out of the sack, first thing in the morning I feel my self going down the same old rabbit hole. Not liking it today. I want to post, I want to push back against..? something. I have view POINT. I gotta express man! So much to say! Blah,blah,blah….blah. I was able to get a handle on the impulse. Go into the shop and build some *shoes*. Touch base with my peeps in the hood. Feel some love and connection. Breath. Post after I eat my lunch.

    We are just dancing around on the surface of whats really going on. I’m not in Minneapolis, LA…DC..where ever, I’m here where I am. Werner Heisenberg decides to muse me from somewhere in the multiverse. He asks me, ” what is it that compels you to collapse your own personal wave function Geppetto? to believe that your observations are even valid an instant after they are made?” Naturally I like the question.

    So I ask you what are we really doing *here*. Trying to change the world into our expected outcome? Mentally masturbating? Whatever it is we are definitely not riding the wave! Can only say that there is definitely risk in jumping into the gravity well. But like Colonel Kilgore said , ” You can either surf or you can fight.”

    “How you feeling Jimmy? Like a mean Mother@#$%er, sir.”


    connected, relevant
    There are multiple demonstration all over the USA.
    I didn’t even get one invitation to join.


    Dr. D:

    Your quote of King John I:. The law is in my mouth!

    Did King John say that before the nobles shoved the Magna Carta down his throat?

    Interesting every since that time, no future King of England has desired to call himself King John the second!

    I guess the Magna Carta didn’t taste too good, on the way down!

    Surely a little HP sauce would have helped improvepp the taste!



    I think we are just here to observe the world changing around us!


    It’s a salon. It’s a comfortable night at the bar. It’s snappy patter at lunch with those we come to know.
    In itself it means nothing, but if you get something out of it, it’s pretty sweet.

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