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    Jack Delano Row houses, Baltimore 1940 • Liquidity Drought Could Spark Market Bloodbath, Warns IIF (Telegraph) • “Nor Any Drop To Drink,” Citi Maps Th
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    Greece owes money to the Brussels Group – the IMF, European commission and ECB – following its two bailouts in 2010 and 2012.
    Greece Vows To Pay Debts As It Awaits Handout From Creditors (Guardian)
    Greece has no money.
    Therefore, Greeks make an obelisk phalanx statue and sell it to the troika for the same price as all its debt. fg
    hahahahah! :-0

    V. Arnold

    But because today’s American is simply a shell of a citizen none of the criminal atrocities creates even a stir from us. Sure we all read about these atrocities and we are angered in the moment but it passes rather quickly and we fall back into our self induced ignorant bliss.(Thad Beversdorf)

    Best description I’ve ever heard; …because today’s American is simply a shell of a citizen…
    But then; doesn’t that speak to the west in general?


    When one relies on “Kathimerini” for their information, they need to buy a truckload of sea salt and start eating while they read the articles. Think of it more of a propaganda platform, than the prestigious independent newspaper it used to be, a long time ago. Its sister TV station, “Skai”, has been the major supporting agent for austerity policies (aka locally as “Memorandum I & II”), since day one and the poster child for austerity policy propaganda support platforms around the world. Seriously, Friedman and the Boys would be proud of them! The polls and the data they both publish or support are false at the very least and are always used to promote their neolib agenda.

    Having said that, I believe that this new “Euro or Death” slogan – created by paraphrasing the 1821 revolutionary slogan “Freedom or Death”, this time used to describe the Greek voters eternal dedication to the Eurozone – is more of a highly successful propaganda meme, than reality. Furthermore, let’s not forget that Skai and Kathimerini where the champions of the notion that life outside the Euro is virtually impossible and that there is no alternative to austerity. Due to this high level of propaganda, the Greek voters have been confused for 5 years now on what to do, which allowed for one of the most successful pirate raids ever to take place and various kids of rich folks to steal their public and private wealth. This “Euro or Death” slogan has also been the devilish secret weapon of the evil Dr. Wolf since Syriza was voted into power. He has been sadistically repeating that ‘Greeks don’t want to exit the EZ’ for the last 100 days now and has been using this to mock Tsipras on any given occasion and point out that he can’t win. However, I wouldn’t count on the percentage to be written in stone, or even being accurate. Two weeks ago they said “80%” to be pro-euro, now it’s down to “66.5%” and a more realistic 55% if austerity is imposed, which it will. However, given the dire circumstances, 55% is very close to a 49% or even 36%, to defaulting on debts and the introduction of a new drachma.

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ The Greek One, reply # 20905

    When one relies on “Kathimerini” for their information, they need to buy a truckload of <bold>Greek</bold> sea salt and …

    there, fixed. No Charge

    Formerly T-Bear

    Well that modification worked like highly buffed shite


    that’s because you need to use [b], not [bold]


    Greek one, I’m open to other English language Greek sources. And of course I’m not blind to Kathimerini’s beliefs.


    Thank you TheGreekOne for your comments about Greece. Otherwise, we only hear the propaganda spin by the media.

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