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    Mark Chagall Peace window, UN 1967   • Beijing Ready To Settle Ukrainian Crisis Jointly With Russia – FM (TASS) • Pepe Escobar: US Outmatched by
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 5 2023]

    Dr. D

    “With Vice News Closing, White House Will Have To Lie To Public Directly” –BBee

    Luckily, not a problem. Hard-edge, punk-rock magazine rockets to the top of the world. Goes Woke, mere 4 years later, ceases to exist, taking all $6B with them. But what’s the point of having assets if you don’t want to sacrifice them for your personal religion of sex and power?

    This comes a day after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the US banking system was stronger than ever.”

    “Stop lying to us and the nation will kind of come together on its own.”

    “which Beijing the U.S. regards as an inalienable part of the People’s Republic.” Fixed/not fixed it.

    The number of lies here are difficult to count, but that’s not Pepe’s fault. Unless he wants to write an article on just that, which I’m sure he has.

    “Joe Biden issued repeated “gaffes” that the US is ready to “protect” [Taiwan]”

    How is it a “gaffe” if the President says it? Can the third press assistant of paper clips then reverse and tell us what the President “Really” said? So the 3rd Assistant of Paper Clips is really our President then? No one notices that the President isn’t the President and what he said isn’t what he said?

    Talk about a Post-Truth world.

    It’s what he said if I feel like it, and it’s not what he said if I feel like it. Feelz. Reality a la carte.

    “if you have three or four American complexes navigate over there, they can be sunk in 30 minutes.”

    Then the U.S. would lose. But as the people in charge aren’t the “U.S.” but an international-facing parasite, they don’t really care and will swap hosts to a “Constitution-free, disarmed America” to feed upon. The all-American one keeps giving them indigestion.

    “Russia survived everything that the West threw against it after the start of the [SMO]”

    I was thinking of the U.S. pirating Iranian ships weekly, so Iran pirates western ships weekly and does a prisoner swap. Is this really where we are, and like bombing the Kremlin, consider no danger for WWIII? Yup. They’re incapable of human thought, having devoured the lies of demons until nothing remains.

    I also hear that Blinken ceases to exist. Is irrelevant, can’t be talked to, not bothered to be read or addressed. Perfect! I’m sure that’ll help.

    “If the SMO had been launched in 2014, Russia would not have been ready economically, financially and even militarily for it.”

    Yes, and they knew then this would happen. And most of the parameters of it, since we openly published them all for the Kremlin to read. Trump gave them time, or to my mind, far more actively FORCED them to make critical changes, while taking the blame, as usual, by keeping on hard sanctions that did nothing. If you can’t blame Trump for everything that happens, who can you blame? But hey, the NeoCons AND NeoLibs demanded it, didn’t they? Such that when they got in another Russia-killing, war-mongering empty suit, Russia was already hardened and tested.

    …All a big accident of course, because as said yesterday, Trump never dun nothin’.

    As Ed Dowd said yesterday (USAWatchdog) I’m not a prosecutor and can’t prove intent. But all I have is the facts that this DID happen, whether it was intentional or not. It’s up to us to say when 99 out of 100 actions are all in one direction, it was intent.

    “Millionaires wanted to become billionaires, and the rest of the people were just used as extras.”

    Prettymuch worldwide. But since the people don’t bother to look, read, strategize, or act, I guess they deserve it, right? I mean, knowing billionaire oligarchs exist isn’t rocket science; it’s literally WHAT you are protesting. Yet ask Occupy Wall Street what they want and they’re like “I dunno. Segregation? Maybe that White People can’t speak or protest in Zuccotti Park? We’ll pool all our money and hand it to the first guy we imagine is Black, even though he just got off the boat yesterday and grew up in Sweden of African immigrant parents?”

    Or as Jimmy Dore says, we labor organize, “Who are all the hunters, who want access to guns? Okay, you can go. Who are all the people who want a southern border that is crushing wages according to Bernie Sanders? You’re dismissed. Okay, who didn’t vote for Joe Biden? Get out of here. Okay, who isn’t a registered Democrat? Please leave. Alright, whoever is left, let’s start discussions on labor organization and strikes. What? Only 10% of the workforce is still here? Where’d everybody go???” NOW how we gonna negotiate and strike for health care??? — Sez the Left, always. JHC people, have you never read a book? Only “Practically perfect people, pure in every way” are allowed into our Church. Of Woke.

    No, you don’t win against billionaire oligarchs with either of those two plans. You LOSE to billionaire oligarchs with those plans, and therefore become “extras” or puppets that create a veneer of democracy and choice. If you hadn’t already noticed from a lifetime of it.

    “new people would come and things would improve. But as we can see now, it’s only getting worse. The strategy has exhausted itself.”

    Indeed. Would we like to sit up, look around, and try something that works instead of the same old thing?

    ““.. it is important that the US “clearly understands” that Russia is aware of its involvement in Ukraine and “how dangerous such direct involvement is.”

    The Russian method is to tell the inescapable truth, then follow it up with inevitable action. They are waiting for America to place itself into an event where they are clearly over the line, yet incapable of responding. Maybe it never happens, but if so Russia will wait. Times change, and as the U.S. is utterly flattened in Taiwan, the US$ collapses, new windows may open.

    “• US Has Nothing To Do With Attack On Kremlin – White House (TASS) “

    $150 Billion dollars worth of nothing to do with it. A total-access-to-U.S.-tech-and-satellites nothing to do with it. A “we sank the Russian flagship” nothing to do with it. On a day we authorize 70mm air-to-surface missiles nothing to do with it. The we moved all refueling jets into Poland nothing to do with it.

    From Larry Johnson interview: so, did they paint the Iron Cross on the drone that flew over and bombed the Kremlin?

    “Ukraine Helpless Against Russian Smart Bombs – Official (RT)

    Well the F-16 certainly wouldn’t help. Just consider the air-defense requirements: if Russia sends 10,000 glide-bombs, Ukraine needs 20 or 30,000 anti-glide bomb missiles. And to use them every hour of every day. And keep it up every day until somebody runs out of oil and steel. …Oh wait.

    “Zelensky Calls For Creation Of International Tribunal Against Russia (TASS)”

    …Calls for tribunal against any leaders who bomb other people’s capital buildings. And blow up foreign leaders.

    “Nazi ideology remains an absolute evil, no matter how you disguise it.”

    True, and can we agree? So what are the basic tenets of Nazism? Highly powerful, Centralized police state. National surveillance. Broad merger with corporations. Insane fixation on race. Often allied with New-Age and occult thought. Burning of books and confiscation of guns. Key element in propaganda, state-controlled media, which ties the facses together with popular social support of all government words and doctrines. That is to say: The American Left, from Hillary and Biden all the way over to Trannyfa. Heck even the normies all the way through the center are ameniable to these plans. It only remains the Right and Libertarians that are against government, government control, anti-free speech, anti-self defense, and anti-nation such as the erasure of borders. Distributed people are not centralized people. You cannot have Fascism lacking all central power, no surveillance, and with the people fully-armed, be them Black or White. That is the RIGHT’s platform, not the Left. But then they are the National SOCIALIST People’s worker’s party. i.e. the Left. Always the left.

    “Oh Countrywide, Is That Your Ghost? (Denninger) “

    “The banks have never been stronger.” — Powell and JP Morgan. Sadly, this statement is exactly correct. It’s quite possible they’re stronger now than the last 10 years. That’s the sad and pathetic part. But the people won’t care, since banks are ALWAYS run underwater, as a scam, which can never pay depositors even 10% of their money. –Btw I LOVE that “10%” bank reserves thing bloggers always bring up. The reserve ratios haven’t been as high as 10% in our lifetimes. Greenspan made them effectively zero in like 1990? (checking account sweeps) And they became definitively zero since sometime after ‘08. If that weren’t enough, the reserves they DO hold, Treasury Bonds, became massive net-loss for almost a year since Powell raised, and he knows it.

    Banks have no money whatsoever. Go take out what would pay for the cheapest car, crushable, with no tires or rims on Craigslist, and the bank won’t hand it to you without special conditions. That’s about $2,000. Is that a monthly grocery bill now? The whole bank doesn’t have that much money anymore and has to call it in in a truck.

    ““The idea is to establish Poland as the military & political leader “

    Yes, but that will never happen. They will have to throw Poland into the Slavic genocide long before then, and Poland will cease to be relevant for another generation again.

    I think if the Russians had their choice, they would have NATO collapse, and Poland go into Western Ukraine to reclaim it. Then Poland would be chopped all to h—l by the Ukrainonazis instead of the Russians, while Russia also has no issues with “NATO” being on their border. Poland deserves it, and they may actually come out ahead if they did, but it would be extremely expensive and distracting and take 10-40 years.

    “State Department Slams Assange On World Press Freedom Day (Gosztola) “

    President Kennedy for pardoning Assange. …For doing nothing, I guess. Committing no crimes. If that’s what it takes. Don’t worry: it’s not us, and never been us. Britain will still keep him in jail anyway.


    Greetings from the cycle path …

    The death vaxx that keeps giving –

    Risk assessment of retinal vascular occlusion after COVID-19 vaccination




    When people ask me who runs the world, my stock answer is something along the lines of: It appears to be Rockefeller, Banking/Central Banking interests who hijacked the world using a variety of front organizations, NGOs, intelligence agencies, banks, central banks, supra-national banking institutions (BIS, World Bank, Import-Export Bank, IMF, etc.) and the cartel companies and monopoly media organizations they stole with fractional reserve dollars. People, companies and organizations are controlled using this network and C-level executives, NGOs, and media organizations are organized under the World Economic Forum and Council on Foreign Relations.

    Veracious Poet

    Michael Reid

    We are not sure what the Murdochs were smoking last Monday morning when they shot the immensely profitable Fox News Channel in the kneecaps, but we do know that Tucker Carlson was one of a kind among commentators in the vast journalistic wasteland otherwise known as television news.

    David Stockman on Tucker Carlson’s Firing And Corporate Suicide Run Amok


    Majority of Dreamers think that their dream are real.

    Reality is complexity. It is all/only words, mist, fog, dreams

    The huge salt shaker is empty.

    All talk and no action.

    Russian talk.Its not real. Its only (unheard/lies/propaganda)

    balloons …. drones …. next F-16s …. with paintballs

    BS words ….the Fed will save it all. Another depopulation tool.
    Oh Countrywide, Is That Your Ghost?
    Its not a risk if it happened. (Blame other causes.)
    Risk assessment of retinal vascular occlusion after COVID-19 vaccination

    Doc Robinson

    Article linked by Germ, above: Risk assessment of retinal vascular occlusion after COVID-19 vaccination

    The “clot shots” might harm your eyes, too. Get an mRNA injection and then you’ll have a “significantly increased risk” of a sudden loss of vision.

    The cumulative incidence of retinal vascular occlusion was significantly higher in the vaccinated cohort compared to the unvaccinated cohort, 2 years and 12 weeks after vaccination. The risk of retinal vascular occlusion significantly increased during the first 2 weeks after vaccination and persisted for 12 weeks. Additionally, individuals with first and second dose of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 had significantly increased risk of retinal vascular occlusion 2 years following vaccination…

    What is “retinal vascular occlusion”?

    “Your retina requires a constant supply of blood to make sure your cells get enough nutrients and oxygen. Blood also removes the waste your retina produces. However, it’s possible for one of the vessels carrying blood to or from the retina to become blocked or to have a blood clot. This is called an occlusion.

    The occlusion can cause blood or other fluids to build up and prevent the retina from properly filtering light. When light is blocked or fluids are present, a sudden loss of vision can occur

    The primary symptom of retinal vascular occlusion is a sudden change in vision. This could include blurry vision, or a partial or complete loss of vision. The vision symptoms usually only occur in one eye.”


    Dr d:
    that is the RIGHT’s platform, not the Left. But then they are the National SOCIALIST People’s worker’s party. i.e. the Left. Always the left.

    Give it up already.
    Focusing on right/left is irrelevant sophistry used to justify a political position today.
    Nazis murdered the actual socialists/communists/Marxists along with the Jews and Gypsies. Hitler tried to join the German Socialist party in 1919 but was denied membership. And take a look at the political party names of the Weimar Republic — it often isn’t clear which side of the political spectrum a specific party is by its name in most cases:
    FWIW, the German Socialist party in 1919 was touted as a “far-right” party — see:
    I’m no expert in German politics in the 19-teens, 20’s, and 30’s, but your assertion that Nazis were on the political left flies in the face of documented history and is nothing more than insubstantial rhetoric. If you want to assert that Communism, as in the USSR, came from the Left, I will agree with you whole-heartedly. I believe that it is important to understand that the political monster we know as totalitarianism can burst into the scene from EITHER end of the political spectrum. Believing otherwise is blindness that allows the seeds of totalitarianism to fester and grow.

    The traditional ways we think about the political spectrum are becoming hopelessly blurred. In the US, the Democratic Party is no longer behaving like a liberal political party. The Republican Party of today is slightly better, slightly more true to its principles — for example, it is less hawkish, at the moment. (Back around 2002, when I became thoroughly disgusted with the Republican Party, it was beating war drums from every quarter that I was aware of.). Both parties are thoroughly corrupt. I suspect the only reason why the Republican Party currently appears a little better than the Dems is because its ranks are appealing to the voters in hope to turn the tables in the next election, at which point most of the Repub politicos will ignore their constituents and resume full-scale cozying with their donors. As far as constituents, “people are people,” mostly concerned with making a living and connecting with family and friends. Based on what I see, yes, there are more traditional liberals who are still conned by the pernicious Woke philosophies — but they are showing discomfort with the applications of Woke philosophy. (A conversation with two elderly women last week — both are fearful of disease, discussing their plans to obtain more Covid and flu injections; later agreeing with me regarding the way transgender ideas are infiltrating society, that adults need to give children founding beliefs — a floor under their feet — rather than leaving children to muddle through it on their own.)

    Totalitarianism isn’t about the political “right” or “left.” Totalitarianism is about a pernicious belief or philosophy that guides the actions of a small-ish group that uses human psychology to “convert” others to their cause, spreading throughout the human community like a virus. The converts then put social pressure (eventually, this pressure unmasks itself to be actual coercion, including threat of pain and death,) on the rest of the population, to get everyone to conform with their warped beliefs. Totalitarianism displays the worst humanity has to offer, justifying its actions by the guideposts of the founding pernicious philosophy. In the past, totalitarianism has always included a personality cult around a specific individual. That hasn’t clearly occurred, which is anomalous — we seem to be dealing with a variant of 20th century totalitarianism, something achingly similar but not identical.

    If we are going to stop this new variant of totalitarianism before it destroys countless more lives than it has already shattered, we who see it and understand it for what it is need to stand together and temporarily set aside petty squabbles over traditional left/right politics. There will again come a season to debate the merits of the left and right — and we can have glorious arguments at that time — but as stated in Ecclesiastes: there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.

    Figmund Sreud

    “ There are not enough people to repossess all the motorcycles.”, … imagine that!
    Harley-Davidson Says Repo Shortage Is Fueling Credit Losses


    Michael Reid

    Trading in US banks halted as financial panic spreads


    Apparently, there was a vague high school shooting threat issued for today via snapchat that has affected many US states, including Arizona. My kids report that 85% of the students either didn’t go to school today or their parents picked them up before lunch. There is a police presence at the school and a police helicopter circling overhead…at one point in its circle it is so loud that it is difficult to hear the teacher.


    In view of the importance of 9th/10th May to Russia, we can expect a lot of action between now and then. And even more after 10th May.



    I wonder if the shortage of Harley-Davidson motorcycle repo people might have something to do with the slight risk you might be taking a Hells Angles or other gang member’s bike!


    Flying Monkeys


    Where they come from






    Always hated the arrangement of the recording, absolutely adore the song itself, MIcheal’s singing, and Michael in general. My kinda honcho..

    “Been a hoot-owl howling outside my window now
    ‘Bout six nights in a row”


    “Sometimes we get a mind of our own”

    The Story Behind WIldfire

    “apres moi le deluge”: I just added another bullet to my bandolier of highbrow Gallicisms!


    “When people ask me who runs the world, my stock answer is”… everyone and no one, although some people claim to and most of us seem foolish enough to believe them.


    Got one of these, in mind condition, for 3$ at an estate sale last weekend:

    Dore's Bible Illustrations


    Interesting emotions yesterday morning. Early pre-dawn, lightning flashed bright in the north. My ears are bad so I didn’t hear the thunder indoors from such a distant flare. But I forget that I’m half-deaf, and thought, “No, not a nuclear blast, but maybe a major power transformer.”

    Anything but mere lightning, in other words. Such are the frequencies of anticipation to which our thoughts are attuned these days.

    Soon, more flashes, I step outside, smell the rain and hear the rumble, return inside to two shivering scared dogs.

    Saw the lightning……still waiting for the thunder.


    It wasn’t all bad. I’ll miss the days when cars/bikes could actually take you someplace worthwhile, before automotive culture turned the country into a giant real estate cul de sac, took away ouyr keys, and gave them to our cars/bikes.

    The Driver’s Seat Hurtz

    Being a Boomer, I grew up in the fully glorified automobile era before the McDonaldsization of our culture (greatly exacerbated by said automobile culture) made everywhere look the same. Thumbing around the States from ’74 to ’83, I caught the last of that piebald goodness when city and rural were still functionally and perceptually separate. You could go from here to there.

    I have no use for murdercycles myself, but Seger is what you’d call congruent, yes?

    Roll Me Away

    Maybe next time we’ll get it right too.




    Much better in goof quality 1934 paper-and-ink print, but still impressive.


    Both sides in 2 incredibly violent World Wars were financed by the same people. You wonder why the Ukraine conflict has this odd theatrical quality…bad Hollywoodlike. Who do you think wants all these dead and crippled goyim, and total control of the whole world? If you can’t figure out the answer, you won’t live to see 2025.

    Michael Reid

    @ Celticbiker

    I would appreciate answers to reflect on

    John Day

    @RED: Good find, this:

    @Dr. D: (C’mon, Man, you’re a leftlib… enough Leftlib self-loathing, already.)

    : You are St. Joan of Arc reincarnated, Sister!


    Hmm… I like how celticbiker puts dates on his prophecies. Reminds me of this guy:

    John ALexander Dowie, King of Zion


    Vroom Vroom

    I swear, that frog’s gone crazy!

    Michael Reid

    So I have been very busy. Cutting wood 8 tanks per day. The area I am cutting is east and north of the solar arrays being virgin wood at the top of the hill.

    We have needed to burn many gallons of gas in the generator due to insufficient sunlight at times especially winter.

    But there is often wind so this year I am adding vertical wind turbine generators.

    They look kind of cool spinning around like merry go rounds

    Got to get your wood. Got to get your moose.


    Humans are so smart


    Michael Reid

    New form of Alt Energy

    Snake Powered Car Trending

    Five-meter-long python in tourist’s car




    Cozy efficiency apartment in 15 minute city




    Occasionally we pause from asking or proclaiming Who Runs the World, (now in 3-Dspreadsheet overlay!), and instead ask: who allows them to? who agrees that we should obey some silly-ass constitution? who agrees to live under Rule of Law under Monopoly on Violence (aka tyranny aka business as usual)? who calls the cops rather than take matters into their own hands? who conflates taking the law into one’s owns hands with criminality rather than mere illegality? who believes over and over that any entrenched power structure will hold to its appointed tasks and principles rather than inevitably (and rapidly, for the most part) corrupt into something worse than honest organized crime? who believes that it’s therefore popintless to build any power structure cuz, you know, big brother or something, when real power emerges from seeds just as much as deep old roots? who do all these acts of submissionto and endorsement of Pharaoh Mammon?

    It’s probably us.

    It sure ain’t um, “them”. You know, your personal PowersZatB(c) of choice. (I like the collectible PEZ dispenser collectibles, and have a few bobble-heads from the Evil Globalist series.And here’s a family heirloom):


    phoenixvoice said

    If we are going to stop this new variant of totalitarianism before it destroys countless more lives than it has already shattered, we who see it and understand it for what it is need to stand together and temporarily set aside petty squabbles over traditional left/right politics. There will again come a season to debate the merits of the left and right — and we can have glorious arguments at that time — but as stated in Ecclesiastes: there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.

    You are proposing ignoring the problem to solve the problem? Why are very touchy about left and right? You appear to be campaigning for the marxist revolution by pretending it is not a marxist revolution.


    Charles Hugh Smith really shone in his latest explanation. Man has a genius for nuts’n’bolts communication, rather like our WES.

    Rat Push Button


    Please don’t let phoenixvoice’s cry of reason stop you from doing what you do best, aspnaz: blaming anything or one that doesn’t perfectly suit your personal belief system. Keep it up and in time, you too can be a genuine Inquisitor (who rarely asked questions, merely levied charges).

    I’ll watch:

    Quelle Horreur!


    Backing away victoriously from certain defeat, US experts warn of ‘Russian air superiority’ over Ukraine


    bosco… said

    what you do best, aspnaz: blaming anything or one that doesn’t perfectly suit your personal belief system.

    You want me to blame people I agree with? You are a moron but as I am a nice person, I shall refer to you as “special”.


    An AI would Have fun discussing quantum probabilities on this forum.

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