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    Jack Delano Window display for Christmas sale, Providence, Rhode Island Dec 1940 • Japan Stimulus Likened To Bear Stearns (CNBC) • The BOJ Jumps The M
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    Let’s see? If the Fed is only just behind the chain of events in Japan, then when it bids for all debt, public and private, here in the USSA, the Dow should hit, I dunno, maybe 34,000? And interest rates will go negative?

    Way I see it, the Fed will deposit $ thousands in every Charge Card and EBT card account before letting “D” happen here.

    At this point, Equities and Bonds are both right. Imagine the day when they diverge?

    QE (or whatever the nomenclature will be) is the only way to keep the lights on for now.

    Expect WPA themes, extensive price support measures, massive infrastructure boondoggles, in short, widespread window breaking, and hiring of glaziers. Oh, and intermittent paper blizzards.

    Might add, populist politicians doing standup FDR impersonations about how .gov is our only savior,,,oh, wait?

    Then, all eyes on the Pentagon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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