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    Pablo Picasso Femme à la Montre 1932 Sold for $139 million on November 8   • Letter to the Children of Gaza (Chris Hedges) • Biden’s Frankenstein
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    Dr. D

    “Trump Judge’s Wife Denies Posting Anti-Trump Messages

    What the actual? I can see saying a lot of things: “It’s not Anti”, “I don’t care”, “Go f– yourself”, “I’m the judge’s WIFE, not the judge”, “You were okay with it with USSC Thomas”, lots of things. But not, “No I didn’t.”


    The ease and level to which they gaslight only confirms the ENTIRE POPULATION’S worst fears: You’re such a liar, and have so astonishingly little restraint, that lying is like water, like breathing, like second nature to you. And therefore to the Judge, of whom you are only the non-divorced wife of. So he approves. Both of this and to your approach to life in general.

    Thanks! Never stop talking. Free speech: not just for Republicans.

    “German Gov’t Agrees To Bailout Giant Loss-Making Wind Farm, UK Increases Subsidies

    Capitalism at work! Was never profitable, isn’t profitable now, answer to all things is to take taxpayer money and hand it to major MNCs and my friends. One problem: since there’s no “capitalism”, where do the TAXPAYERS get it, this “money” of which you speak? To have “money” you need there to be “profits”, that is, any net energy increase or improvement over zero. Since there’s no longer any economic activity, there are no longer any “profits”. What money there is has already been stolen.

    “Aussie Telco Blackout Chaos Proves Cash Still Remains King

    Also a “Glitch” at the same time stopping hundreds of thousands of transactions at American banks, which also happens to be the same hours Citizens (a local one) was shut down, chopped up, and taken over. Oh Bitcoin, people say. But Bitcoin would have been immune to this unless every cell, every cable, every outlet was also down. I see pictures of it, so pretty good guess ALL internet wasn’t down there.

    Collateral Damage. Forced Displacement. Collective Punishment.”

    Well at least they’re talking about it. Now book another conference room and talk them to death.

    “Ukraine. Israel. China.”

    Actually we can’t win ANY of those wars. Not singularly and not combined, and certainly not China which has this new magic called “A steel mill.” We should industrial espionage and find out what those are. After we figure out what is a “Shipyard.”

    “..Biden, Blinken and the rest of the regime’s national security crew are now aware that Biden’s open-door, open-wallet support for Bibi’s frenzied violence against Palestinians has turned into a political disaster”

    Polls show plummeting support for Biden over this issue. Of course not the killing of Americans. Americans who? Domestically or in the military, whether rural or ghetto, who cares? Kill all you want. But a “mere” 10,000 foreigners somewhere? Why didn’t you say so? That makes all the difference! Well, whatever it takes, I guess. And they say Americans don’t know or don’t care. No, the only people Americans don’t care about are their own citizens and brothers.

    “He collected his frequent flyer points on the Lolita Express.”

    Speaking of, any theories about RFK? So he pops up, says all the right things, positions himself, then Oops! He’s on the Epstein flight list. He supports Israel ABOVE us, lacking all and every possible nuance. So…I guess as a top-tier Presidential Candidate, to be in the media eye non-stop for two years, he just figured no one would find out? There is nothing plausible here. I can see a certain business Left putting him up as a AntiBiden, figuring like the dismal dinosaurs they are, that it’s 1979 and they can contain it, except he would and could never be that anti-pharma and anti-business in environmental pollution. (Their version of Tulsi) Impossible, non-starter especially as got no support from that wing initially.

    I can see him being floated by the White Hats to split the DNC vote from Biden, leading to the President being decided in the House of R. However, he wasn’t peeling votes from Biden Blue but dangerously too many from the Red as well, so they canned the idea. However, in this way? Going down on the dumbest issues like Epstein and Israel? Why like this? I can’t keep up.

    “Ceasefire in Gaza Depends on US as It ‘Fully Controls’ Conflict – Hamas (Sp.)

    Meh. Like Ukraine the “U.S.” is controlled by OTHERS. So Israel controls the U.S. who controls Israel, who controls the U.S. …That’s just a tautology, right? So how about getting out of cartoon land and saying WHO? Who specifically? The Lettermen at Mossad and specific back-end people not Nutsy himself. And the Lettermen at the CIA are the ones who CREATED Israel as we know it today over 50 years of hard work. (As well as creating Saudi, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Al qaeda, ISIS, Saddam, the Kurds…) That is to say, they, along with MI6 and Davos, are the SAME PEOPLE, same club, which is neither “Israel” nor the “United States” but hates and destroys them both for its own personal ends: Power. They are Dr. No in the volcano. THEY have the space laser that takes the world hostage.

    If we controlled Ukraine, we wouldn’t have NOT given weapons, then royally screwed up their military. If Ukraine controlled us, we wouldn’t have got bored and wandered off. Same with Israel. It’s a third party, and more complex, that “third party” is itself an amalgam of interests. The only thing we can know is “their” interests do not align with the national interests of any nation nor people, but are against us. Not just “US”, but mankind worldwide. Therefore they think of themselves as not “Americans” not “Israelis” but as a special subgroup, or as Karlin said, a “Club” that has members and non-members, insiders and outsiders. Like a Mafia. If a mafia soldier becomes a NYC policeman, is he a policeman? Not really, he’s merely a Mafia mole, an asset. Why? Evil is as evil does, you know them by their fruits. If in case of events, he has a choice to stay pro-police, support the people of NYC, and chooses instead to support and protect the Mafia Family, we know he’s not on the “side” of police at all, is he? It’s when pressure occurs and when you have to choose that you know.

    “State Department spokesman: “It is incredibly inappropriate to [bring up facts and evidence to us, the government.] Sit down, shut up and Do What You’re Told. What are we paying you for anyway? Why did we pass a law allowing propaganda on the American people, and printed $30 Trillion to buy you if this is what we have to put up with here?

    “• West Preparing for Military Coup Against Zelensky – Larry Johnson (Sp.)

    As the Anglos do to all their allies. Always. Osama. Saddam. Erdogan…

    Note Russia isn’t invincible either. Here Russia is very strong, has 10:1 advantage, all firepower, and just removed the general in charge (it happens) yet still can’t displace a tiny enclave of Ukraine from the East bank of the Dniper. I’m sorry, maybe I’m missing something here: Where are they hiding? In the earth’s core? What can withstand non-stop artillery and Kinzals? I understand a lot of the others as limiting casualties, not wanting to walk into Ukraine’s defense, but Okay man, whatever.

    ““Voters, by a 59% to 37% percent margin, said they trusted Trump more than Biden when it comes to the economy – the largest gap of any issue…”

    Which is why we’re not going to have an election. HAVE we had any elections since Papa Bush illegally installed Baby Bush in 2000?

    “Hillary Clinton Likens Trump to Hitler and Warns He Would End Democracy (G.)

    He’s already been there four years and nothing happened. If anything, he was more Democrat than the Democrats were. Doesn’t anybody notice??? He’s a Pro-gay marriage, pro-gun control pro-Democrat from a liberal Democratic city who has all Bill Clinton’s policies and deported fewer people than Obama. As above, “How dare you use facts and evidence?!?”

    More importantly, according to Hillary, Trump won the election now? When did that change?

    “Trump Is ‘Toast’ in New York Fraud Trial – Former Watergate Prosecutor (G.)

    Maybe. But he thinks the trial is in NY. It isn’t. The trial is in the American People ABOUT NY.

    ““never seen somebody do such a stupid move as to suddenly start testifying after you’ve taken the fifth”.

    This guy also is such a patsy and a rube he believes there is a “Trial” going on. There isn’t. There can never be a trial when we know the outcome before we start. It’s a show, a movie, and like the Impeachment, we openly hire and install TV executives to run it. The only one who doesn’t know this is a movie and fake, is YOU, smarty pants.

    “are widely used in political and media circles to shut down debate.”

    See? The lack of debate, discussion, and data only PROVES how Sciency we are! We know it’s Science when we never, ever look at and certainly never DO replicate experiments.

    Remembered what I was trying to say yesterday, and this is interesting: Jimmy Dore had on common MMA fighters who were erased for having “Anti-Israel” views. …We all know how “anti” it is to tell someone not to commit open genocidal war crimes and/or therefore commit national suicide on TV. What no one could figure out though is, “Why?” We know they’re after the Left for being “Pro-Hamas”… and we all know how “Pro” it is, how blindly nationalistic to want children not to be killed by the ten-thousands in the streets, and therefore be the victims of an open genocide, murdered on TV. I mean, really: have we not taught you with 20 years of Blue Tube, 4 hours a day to sit down, shut up, and be passive?

    But since these few people are outliers, news people who are doing what they always did, common Joes just piping up for news that caught their eye.

    …The difference was, they were giving these views to the WRONG SIDE. That is, as a Red, MMA guy, he was telling the GOP base NOT to be Pro-Israel. NOT to enlist and die for Blue Governments. They want them SILOED. It would be and is okay for HARVARD to say that, because they are part of the Blue Base, that is part of the Blue Silo. It is okay to be Pro-Israel in the Red side, because like Rand Paul that is the RED silo. But not Blue-in-Red, or Red-in-Blue, which is why they’re after people like Joe Rogan an Elon Musk all the time. They need us DIVIDED.
    So the facts were unclear and the data set small, but it seems the new approach is no longer to STOP information, as like Bitcoin, it can’t be stopped. It’s to control and channel information into echo chambers. So they only go after the echo-chamber breakers now.

    Join Big Brother. Or Join Goldberg. They are both run by the same people.

    Asked yesterday, does anyone know what Israel’s goal is here? Yes, and it’s simple. Kill all Palestinians and steal their land. This extends to the furthest borders given by Abraham as their manifest destiny, suddenly discovered in the Torah, and only then can they be “safe.” They’ve been on Autopilot for this for 70 years, and all opposition has already been dealt with years ago, so this is merely the thoughtless reaction, automatic. As automatic, the machine, the people, the State of Israel now has zero adjustment for present strategic realities as always happens. (like us, pretending it’s 1979) But they always wanted, needed Gaza, and always wanted, needed to be all-”Jewish” and erase the Arabs I-don’t-care-where-they-go, so now they are. However, this will backfire in the greatest possible way as all thoughtless, legacy, automatic plans do.

    Because: “You can ignore reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of ignoring reality.” Now why are you making Ayn Rand right?

    Can’t blame the system, because its made up of individuals.
    It’s certainly not the individual, they’re just part of the system.”

    Exactly my point with Obama. Everyone is responsible so no one is. “Tragedy of the Commons”. This is always and only the logical conclusion of Collectivists and Collectivism. On the Opposite isn’t “Right Wing”, it’s Liberty and Individual Responsibility. Individuals are only responsible for what THEY do. And what they DO, not think or say. And yes, they are a product of their environment, but the Individual Liberty position on that is “Too bad. Life’s hard. Suck it up and do right, Buttercup.”

    So essentially, Citizen, the #Opposite of everything you said. Maybe you mistook my saying “This is how you do it” as an affirmation, not pointing out that it’s a slick sales pitch that will work great and make people eat s–t sandwiches, yet the present set doesn’t even have this tiny level of brains and skill. Obama’s not a genius. He’s average. It’s just that all his handlers were so far below average.

    Remember back when, 20, 30, 40 years ago, the TV would put up “ain’t that crazee” trials and shows where they tried to argue “Your Honor, I had a rough childhood” and all the Right (that is, roughly speaking, including Libertarian) would say that is the DUMBEST thing ever, what about the VICTIM? and so on? Their view, our view hasn’t changed a bit since it’s based on principle. You’re an individual, I don’t care what the collective does; your group, whoever they may be. You’re only responsible for YOU, which is the Opposite view of Collectivists. However, if you think you’ll commit the same crimes being born in the Ghetto to the Corleone family as born the daughter of a Cornell Professor in rural NY, then you’re a moron. We know “reality exists”. That gives us empathy that we are not retribution robots. That’s what they do to Hamas: they were “Born bad”, “They’ll just grow up to be terrorists anyway…” However, it’s not only about the hand you were dealt but also what you DID with it. We can only judge the what you did with it part, as no one yet has figured out a way to “Equity” all the deals.

    So…what’s your position? What’s your cure?


    Important Excerpt from the Judgment Note 2013 Judgment
    What Amounts To Genocide?
    Simply put, genocide means any designated acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such. The definition of genocide as given in Article 2 of the Tribunal’s Statute is taken verbatim from Articles 2 & 3 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which states that the following acts may by themselves or cumulatively constitute the international crime of genocide:

    Killing members of the group

    Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group

    Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

    Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

    Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group


    The State of Israel was charged on 20 November 2013
    with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.


    Emblematic of the Collective West’s schizophrenia and the French mental health crisis regarding their loss of Africa as a resource piggy bank Dollar Store:

    November 1, 2023–Macron arrived to Kazakhstan for discussions of uranium and “detaching from Russia”

    Jeepers Creepers, Francetardistan© thinks one of the other “Stans” will save it from Energy Penury©


    A Mind is a terrible thing to lose.

    The Collective West Running for It’s Life Against the Grim Reaper


    The political West has been trying to create a perpetual divide between East Slavs for centuries. Various European invaders were perfectly aware that Russia is too big of a bite at its full might, so splitting it up was always the first goal. This was the case from the times of Ancient Russia and the Medieval Kievan Rus’ to the modern-day USSR and Russian Federation. According to various Russian historians, Otto von Bismarck, the mastermind behind the unification of Germany in 1871 and its first chancellor, stated:

    “Russia’s strength can only be undermined by the secession of Ukraine. It is necessary to not only cut off Ukraine from Russia, but also to push them into confrontation, to turn two parts of one people against each other and then watch how brothers kill each other.”

    Western sources are adamant that Bismarck never said this and that the words were misattributed to him, possibly even misinterpreted and/or taken out of context. However, regardless of whether Bismarck said so or not, the description suits Western (geo)politics toward Russia and Ukraine perfectly. For instance, both the mainstream propaganda machine and various Western institutions are working tirelessly to convince everyone that Russia and Ukraine are supposedly “completely different”.

    Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth,

    Why Are Ukrainian POWs Joining the Russian Military?


    John Campbell.

    Dr D Rich

    ‘Khazar’ disappeared from blogs and the internet.

    What happened?
    A sign of collusion?

    It’s hard to notice the absence of something until your mother, father, daughter or son goes away.


    Correlation isn’t cause but from 2017:

    Peter Vanham, Media Lead, Public Engagement, Tel.: +1 646 592 5907; [email protected]

    The world’s six largest pension saving systems – the US, UK, Japan, Netherlands, Canada and Australia – are expected to reach a $224 trillion gap by 2050, a new study by the World Economic Forum shows
    Adding in China and India, which have the world’s largest populations, the combined savings gap for the eight countries reaches a total of $400 trillion by 2050, a sum five times the size of the current global economy
    With the gap driven by longer lifespans and reduced levels of savings, the World Economic Forum recommends five measures to help economies avert a prolonged pensions crisis ht countries
    Download the full report here

    ….and the five recommendations, drum roll please:

    The report suggests five high priority actions that governments and policy-makers should take to adapt pension systems to address the challenges:

    Review normal retirement age to increase in line with life expectancies. For countries where future generations have a life expectancy of over 100 [3], such as the US, UK, Canada and Japan, a real retirement age of at least 70 should become the norm by 2050.

    Make saving easy for everyone. A good example is the recent reforms in the UK where 8% of earnings will be automatically contributed to pension savings accounts for each individual from 2019. This initiative to automate the act of saving so far has boosted savings for 22- to 29-year-olds and low-income workers, and is estimated to create $2.5 billion in additional pension savings each year.

    Support financial literacy efforts – starting in schools and targeting vulnerable groups. Financial literacy education should be offered throughout people’s careers to raise awareness of the importance of saving. A good case study is the media campaign executed in Singapore for the launch of CPF LIFE, the national annuity scheme that focused on translating a simple message easily understood by the average person.

    Provide clear communication on the objective of each pillar of national pension systems and the benefits that will be provided. This would give individuals an understanding of the level of income they can expect from government and mandatory occupational systems and whether they need to accumulate their own individual savings to “top-up” income provided from national systems.

    Aggregate and standardize pension data to give citizens a full picture of their financial position. A good example is Denmark, where an online dashboard collates pension information to provide individuals with a holistic view of their different pension savings accounts.

    They forgot to mention the plandemic, or was that just a managerial oversight?


    “A Mind is a terrible thing to lose.”
    It’s worse when you see them just being wasted.


    Some of the old news releases are best read after a few years to age. Not aged like wine more like well aged raw meat. Stinks best after some time in the sun.

    For the whole report:


    The Chase: I was rooting for the pursued. What would a rear-facing camera have shown?
    Cop chases are wrong- they endanger so many that whatever the crime they cannot be justified.
    Kind of like chasing a group of people by blowing up a whole region.


    kultsommer yesterday

    “Are these the contradictions of Capitalism of which you speak?”

    Opinion of a one man that fits your narrative is a deal breaker?

    How is it that when you asserted people coming from behind the Iron Curtain have problems with “the system” (meaning capitalism) it was a fact but when you hear from someone actually from there saying how evil Communism is, then it’s opinion? How is adopting a double standard and re-frame an argument rather than a public embarrassment?

    I just related to you what happened in many businesses – forcing people to take a useless, harmful shot or hopefully make them homeless. On the basis of collectivist thinking, the framework laid by marxist academics. Against reason and capitalism.

    I’m not unhappy about working a job for an employer doing useful things and earning my pay – I’m made unhappy by these collectivist anti-capitalist thinkers on a crusade to “increase my happiness” while inverting imagined privilege and persecution to “make it fair.” In the process of which they did harm to my employer and my customers as well.

    BTW, have you been in any of “those” countries that you such an expert about?

    I didn’t have to travel an inch to experience it.

    Besides which actual ad hominem rather than fake AFKTT ad hominem where he thinks being made to look like a fool or receiving an insult about it is ad hominem. wtf man. I need to fucking TRAVEL to have an opinion on 150 million dead, millions in misery, fear, many fleeing, millions in concentration camps? I have to TRAVEL to have any thoughts in my head and express them? What is this even? Maybe I can’t afford that luxury like you can. Maybe I make a rule you can’t promote communism if you don’t travel the way I like or do some arbitrary thing I think of?

    I recall that you had a pretty hard time landing the job. Aren’t you supposed to be working? Your non-woke, very hard capitalist boss is watching you.

    Why do you seem to be gloating publicly? You presume added value gainful employment equals misery it seems. A weird re-frame, the image of you cracking a whip while I get down on the floor and scrub? Want to explain yourself? Or just leave it for everyone to understand something about you without you explaining. You embarrass yourself.

    You avoid directly arguing for the thing you’re for and avoid directly arguing against the thing you’re against and instead it’s this. Your need to beat around the bush and use tricks instead of direct argument says something about the tenability of your position.


    That Picasso just sold for $139.4 million.

    Interesting- the other day I was looking at my nighttime reflection in a double-paned window and darned if I didn’t see myself as if painted by Picasso or Braque.


    Proxies/mercenaries for the USA

    1. Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine, is posing as a defender of democratic and freedom while being the leader of a crypto–Nazi regime as a proxy war against Russia.

    2. Netanyahu Israel’s daily bombing campaign up and down the Gaza Strip.
    Frenzied violence against Palestinians has turned into a political disaster.
    Israel’s hysterical violence has nothing to do with self-defense and everything to do with preserving the Israeli Defense Force’s reputation for merciless retribution.
    Israeli has a campaign to ethnic-cleanse Gaza.
    Meanwhile this is a coverup for the USA wanting to destroy Iran.

    Ehud Barak, former Israeli PM, admitting a few days ago that Iran is now a “nuclear-threshold state”, meaning “it’s beyond our capability by any surgical intervention to block them from turning into nuclear power, it’s up to them to decide when and how they’ll decide to do it […] It’s not up to us.
    “Unexpectedly, he doesn’t believe ,that Iran is an actually a threat to Israel or the U.S.:

    “The same way that North Korea never thought of dropping a nuclear- bomb on South Korea or Japan or America in Guam…, they’re not idiots:
    they don’t want to be thrown back into the stone age.

    it’s about the survival of the dynasty, from their enemy, the USA.
    It’s not about bombing the world…

    They will not dare throw a nuclear- bomb on Israel, or in another neighborhood or on America.”
    Ceasefire in Gaza Depends on US as Washington ‘Fully Controls’ Conflict – Hamas

    “The ceasefire depends on the US. The US is the main supporter of Israel: American drones are in the skies over Gaza, military ships are off the Palestinian coast. They supply both arms and money. They also provide political cover for the process.
    All the states in the region are under pressure, by USA, to save Israel.
    That is why the ceasefire depends on the US. If the US administration wanted the ceasefire, it would have been reached by now,” Marzouq said in an interview with Turkish newspaper.
    “Biden accused the Russian government of genocide in Ukraine, but Israel, which he supports, killed more civilians in one month than Ukraine did in two years.” How do you explain this contradiction?”

    Fight the stench of death.


    i am to believe that one of the most financially secure citizens of the United States ability to secure competent legal representation is as shown over the last seven years.
    i am to believe that any honorable member of the bar would not immediately resign and refund all fees to a client who would chose self incrimination within a kangaroo court.
    Mr. Trump may very well be an idiot and the man may also be the tool of a political faction. I lack the intellectual gravitas to accept he is a willing martyr.

    Central Bank Digital Currency – Central Banks within the western power structure are the engine whose purpose is to drive growth. Growth of industry, growth of trade, growth of ever expanding debt based capital is the function of the institutions. When i hear or read an opinion that central banks will create a prison planet by limiting growth and access to markets i am highly sceptical. i also know the source is one who lacks the courage to acknowledge there is another foot with another boot. Anyone who believes 15%, perhaps 1%, of earth’s population will control the universe is lacking in depth of perception or has an ulterior motive. Ask yourself this question, “Whose bread is this person attempting to butter”? There are two types of prison. In one setting the constraints are within the walls and in the other the constraints are outside of the walls. The paradox of course is who is the prisoner and who is free.


    Similarity to Covid-control narrative from few years ago is nauseating:


    on second thought:
    anyone who openly brags about murdering our martyred brother Qassem Soleimani is an idiot. You do the math. What are the walls of your prison comprised of?

    Gracefully Aging On a Homestead

    Our readers have worked hard to build their homesteads, so why retire from their properties? Here are ways they’ve managed aging on a homestead.

    From stiff joints and mild inflammation to full-blown debilitation, life can take its toll. In my case, I’m reminded every morning as I hobble out of bed of the brake drum that fell on my ankle, while still attached to the vehicle it belonged to, roughly 40 years ago. In my 60 years, I’ve found some smart — and some less-smart — ways to keep on keeping on, but one thing’s for sure: I look for ways to work smarter so I can still do what needs to be done. Several issues ago, we heard from folks looking for tips on how to stay on the homestead, even with a serious hitch in their get-along, and we’ve compiled many of the fantastic tips you all submitted, right here!

    –Hank Will, Editorial Director


    I didn’t have to travel an inch to experience it.

    Isn’t that so?

    I recall that you had a pretty hard time landing the job. Aren’t you supposed to be working? Your non-woke, very hard capitalist boss is watching you.

    I suspected after the posting that this may be understood the wrong way, and, yes, at the face looks as a cheap shot.
    What I was to merely say is you are not working for some woke-lunatic who is an obstacle to your fulfilled life or, God forbid, a commie – Capitalist is writing your check.
    In my comments I try not to degrade the person and I only debate his or hers writings that caught my attention. I use a humor.


    jb – one more

    “….actually from there saying how evil Communism is….”
    I thought that was pretty much established.
    That should concern you no more than being freaked out by the lifestyle of some Amazon tribe. Do you feel like “liberating” North Korea?


    You’re telling your age by saying ….
    1. Honey. Your slip is showing.
    2. this will backfire

    3. … Suck it up …
    I can’t remember last time I heard “a backfire” or “Suck it up ” .


    Mr. House wrote: Question for everyone here: What does Israel intend to gain from the current operation? What is the goal?

    Depends on how one views the events that lead up to it. Back to 1948, or to some years ago? Say, the Hamas operation Oct. 7 was pre-prepared for at least 3 years ..

    Personally, I don’t believe the Hamas attack was the shock everyone is pretending. MSM news even says the Isr. Gvmt was warned by several parties, and excuses made e.g. by Scott Ritter, for not predicting the attack: > too much reliance on AI intelligence, plus, not failure of the Int. services, but of the politicians who aren’t savvy enough, are BS.

    There was an element of -> from ‘let events take their course’, to the extreme of ‘it was a false flag’ …

    Why? To have an excuse to attack Gaza (not Hamas), in an explosive, violent, way.

    Why? Too many answers. Personal: Bibi tries to save his hide, Bibi’s ultra violent Zio cabinet jumps on the oppo (kill Pals, > Greater Israel, see also doings in the W Bank), the Gaza gas fields (potential), which have to be controlled by Isr, general radicalisation, and more.

    Imho under the surface a weakening of US power / grip is relevant.

    Isr. + the US are in a symbiotic relationship, brothers in all things etc. but one party (as is always the case) holds the upper hand, and that is the US. The US funds, directs, and protects (see UN etc.) Isr. which is the ‘beach head’ of the US in the ME (as RFK J. said recently) and serves to keep the region in conflict, not to mention kill Arabs with impunity, following a mini-me rah-rah murderous colonisalist entreprise .. ..

    The US has lost image, power, kudos, and economic supremacy (for various reasons) for some time. Traditional vassals, subservients, break away and ‘do their own thing.’

    E.g. MBS, KSA is no longer a buddy-ally of the US. Isr., in a sense, has ‘gone rogue’ and is fighting for its survival in the only way it knows how to, has been enjoined to, via destroying farms, homes, controlling minuscule territories…

    Isr. (Gvmt. – milit. – top dogs – Zios -) is reacting blindly and doesn’t have a ‘reasonable’ goal. Their actions might even lead to the cancellation, thre break-up, of Isr. as a “Jewish” state.

    John Day

    The Onion: House Votes To Censure 66% Of Americans For Antisemitic Support Of Ceasefire

    Mister Roboto

    Here’s something I know that people around here will find interesting. Chris Martenson recently did a subscriber-only video on his website where he says he discovered that five out of every six stocks sold in the stock market are not actually owned by the people who believe they have bought them. Final, actual ownership of this vast majority of stocks belongs to one massive holding company who, in the event of a stock market crash, could and probably would make good on their primary claim, leaving the investors who thought they were the ones who owned their particular stocks pretty much holding the bag. This has apparently been the case since 1994 at the latest.



    You became a pillar of salt
    When you glanced at the city in flames
    You wanted to witness the divine assault
    The justice for the sinners and the shames

    You ignored the angel’s clear command
    But wonder overcame your fear
    Now you remain as a sign in the land
    A reminder for the liars and the insincere
    – by GEM



    The director must have ringers placed strategically throughout the audience, and he is benefitted by the fact the classical music enthusiasts tend to be more musically aware (and to have some music training) than the average group of humans. I’ve been in very good choirs that did a little of this (and similar activities) with the choir only (not audience), and similar activities with a very amateur choir…it would work with ringers — but you either have to have a group of people who have been trained to do this or you have to have a few strong singers (ringers) interspersed who have been trained. The ringers end up cuing the voices of those who don’t know what pitch to sing. When I did this in a small amateur choir I became the ringer for my part.
    The onstage choir looks sparse. The director could have trained a good choir in how to do this in about 10-20 minutes before the performance and have half the choristers dispersed throughout the audience as ringers.

    Mr. House

    Thank you Noirette, i concur with the majority of what you wrote. And if i’m right, and we’re defending our currency now, then creating debt is currently the most important thing to policy makers. If you can’t generate enough in your home country, the government needs to step in (what we’ve been doing since 2008) and if the government can’t generate enough under normal circumstances, well then you need to create abnormal circumstances to have them create even more (what 2020 was and everything else that is currently going on).

    Mr. House


    That is interesting, a bail in if you will.

    Mister Roboto

    Yep, the fix has been in for something like thirty years, now…at least!


    Hiding the truth

    Israeli Apache helicopters killed own soldiers, civilians on 7 October: Report
    New footage corroborates previous reports that say the Israeli military is responsible for many of the Israeli casualties during the first day of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood

    News Desk

    NOV 9, 2023

    (Photo Credit: X)
    The Israeli military has released drone footage showing hundreds of scorched and damaged cars moved from the Nova music festival, providing further evidence that Israeli forces likely killed many of their own during the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on 7 October, RT reported on 6 November.

    The Nova festival took place near Kibbutz Beeri, only five kilometers away from the Gaza separation wall. It was one of the first targets hit by Palestinian resistance fighters when they broke out of Gaza, attacking military bases and settlements from 6:30 am.

    During the attack, the Palestinian fighters managed to take some 240 Israelis captive, including soldiers, settlers, and foreigners.

    The new drone footage shows an aerial view of hundreds of burned and destroyed cars taken from the site of the festival and placed in a dirt parking lot, creating a makeshift junkyard.

    Despite the confusion, twenty-eight Israeli combat helicopters fired all of the ammunition they were holding, including hundreds of 30 mm cannon shells and Hellfire missiles, during the day.
    The Guardian reported that Israel’s influential finance minister and settler leader, Bezalel Smotrich, urged the Israeli army to “hit Hamas brutally and not take the matter of the captives into significant consideration” during a cabinet meeting late on 7 October as the Hamas attack was still underway.

    Michael Reid

    Brilliant and articulate

    Liberty and Individual Responsibility.

    Individuals are only responsible for what THEY do.
    And what they DO, not think or say.

    And yes, they are a product of their environment,
    but the Individual Liberty position on that is

    “Too bad. Life’s hard. Suck it up and do right, Buttercup.”



    The pension problem is simple to solve.

    Aggressively push Assisted Suicide like Canazida®

    Extend it to infants, the mentally challenged, the depressed, the unborn, the melancholy, the mildly bored with Life, anyone with a condition two aspirins and some sleep won’t cure, and Ta-Da, no more long term pensions to worry about.



    I can try to write a poem about the changing narratives of CNN and FOX, two American news channels . Here is what I came up with:
    by GEM

    CNN and FOX

    They used to be different, like day and night
    CNN was the voice of reason and right
    FOX was the voice of bias and spite
    They clashed on every issue and fight

    But then something changed, something strange
    CNN started to sound like FOX of old
    They focused on the horrors of war and rage
    They sensationalized and polarized and sold

    FOX started to sound like CNN of past
    They focused on the horrors of peace and calm
    They criticized and scrutinized and cast
    Doubt on everything that did not fit their palm

    They switched their roles, but not their goals
    They still wanted to influence and control
    The minds of the people, who watch them whole
    They still wanted to divide and console

    Their loyal viewers, who trust them blind
    They still wanted to be the first and last
    To report the news, that they define
    They still wanted to be the best and fast


    Nazilensky’s Genocide Takes a New Very Dark Turn

    A new low.

    The first surrender of a pregnant Ukrainian soldier, documented on video.

    The woman shouted “Don’t beat me! I’m pregnant!”


    The first surrender of a pregnant Ukrainian soldier, documented on video.
    I’m ashamed to have Trudeau on the wrong side of history.

    Wednesday, November 8, 2023
    Why are Ukrainian POWs joining the Russian military?
    Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

    … despite all the mindless propaganda that Russia is supposedly trying to “destroy” Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, the way Moscow has been conducting the special military operation (SMO) tells us a completely different story.
    After all, if anything, the latest Israel-Gaza escalation has shown the world just how devastating wars can be and just how “held back” Russia has been.

    Taking all this into account, many Ukrainians seem to have realized what sort of a tragic mistake has been to buy into the idea that “all Russians are evil” and that fighting against them is the “only way to gain freedom”. Namely, in late October, the first volunteer battalion consisting entirely of former Ukrainian servicemen was formed after the POWs (prisoners of war) decided to fight in the Russian military.
    “Bogdan Khmelnitsky””, is named after one of the most prominent characters in Russian and Ukrainian history.


    Messrs. Roboto and House- Martenson was no doubt referring to the book “The Great Taking” by David Rogers Webb.
    You can skip the preface and read the guts of it quite quickly.
    It’s vaguely horrifying in a SHTF kind of way.

    Dr D Rich

    Now wait a second.
    And I won’t fault the chick for playing that card at the penultimate moment, but women and guys like Milley and Lloyd Austin never think this shit through.
    Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war my ass.
    Just because a woman is as vicious as hell doesn’t make her fit for duty or qualified.
    Let’s get Major Scott Ritter’s opinion first being the “frontline” Marine he wants everyone to think he was.
    Here’s mine before Ritter is featured again tomorrow.
    These women made it. They wanted it. They asked for it. They sent other mothers, daughters and sisters to the front lines to prop up their careers. Some of following jerks sent folks to combat units as disciplinary measures which is absolutely prohibited because it’s tantamount to attempted murder especially when you sacrificed balls, boobs and backbone to avoid combat duty yourself. At least you aspnaz’s respect.
    Michelle Howard
    Chris Hunter.
    Patty Horoho
    Jan chinn Tighe
    Helel Pearlman
    Cathee Wilson
    Akira Tam
    and Christ almighty the current CNO, a ficking journalist Lisa Franchetti

    Opportunist, careerists, line jumpers, ticket punchers, ass kissers, posers as if those traits amount to leadership bonafides,

    Brings new meaning to “think of the innocent unborn child first”.

    Dr. D

    Yes, it’s called DTCC and it’s a single holder of all stocks now. Like having a single wallet for all crypto. So who owns the DTCC? King Charles? Taylor Swift? The Pope? No one knows, but it hardly matters since reality, politics, will immediately take over if anyone tries anything. I can see not only ALL JPMorgan, not only ALL Berkshires and Blackrocks, not only ALL Home Offices, not only ALL Unions, Pensions, not only ALL foreign government accounts, but EVERY U.S. citizen and everyone worldwide, including everyone in NYC as they are discredited for 1,000 years, if they don’t behave properly.

    So that’s not the problem. …Although of course it is.

    The problem is that NO ONE KNOWS WHO OWNS ANYTHING. It’s the vanguard of the MERS database. On a side, they put very real mortgage titles INTO the database, and traded them, but without perfect accounting, or any checks, in just a year or two, so many titles were traded that no one knows who owns what anymore. They are the Star-bellied Sneetches of stock. No titles were registered at the County Clerks’ — EVER — because it would cost a buck and take a few days. So the system said “Trust Us!” We’ve hypothecated all of America, what could go wrong?

    Wrong? Well, Residents were paying the WRONG guy, that was pretty wrong. Owners were being billed TWICE, and evicted. They were being told they DIDN’T pay after they had. PEOPLE WHO NEVER HAD A MORTGAGE WERE evicted. How’d they get in there??? Without oversight at all, come jackass just typed random addresses in for collateral. And what was really going on: All the MBS’s were based on properties in MERS, who didn’t have any accounting to begin with. So with absolute certainty, a single property is owned by 2 (we saw already) 4, 10, 40, 500 1,000 different people.

    The only need in a compounding debt-based Ponzi or collapse? A: Collateral. Infinitely-expanding. Or the whole shebang goes down and you with it.

    Suppose you’re the Good Guys: go ahead. You tell ME how to fix it. First, if there is any doubt — ANY — in the financial system, there will be the biggest run on the bank in the history of earth. NY will be discredited forever. USA will be discredited, forever. The whole WEST, including London, Frankfort, Switzerland, will be discredited for a lifetime. Who does that serve? Yet They did it on purpose. “They knew they would be bailed out” — The Big Short. Financial Terrorism.

    On the other hand, if you’ve sold the same house 25 times, it’s not like you can just go build 24 more and make up for it. And that collateral is the basis of MORE leverage elsewhere. Any debt-based system is like this, much as we may hate a gold-based system, which is corrupt and merely least-bad.

    Okay, back to the DTCC: Wall St captured everything in the 90s. Regulators, computer rigging, government, etc. There was no pushback so they had lost who owned what long before 1999. And without an exit plan, they were still creating new phantom shares maybe not without restraint, but at least without terror. Once you can’t keep records, the records are totally, totally screwed, whyever would you keep good records on top of nonsense, non-records? With 5 billion shares flying around worldwide daily? You really think they write them on a piece of paper, or even a computer? Some aren’t owned for 5 miliseconds. Who registered them?

    This has affected everything, as Taser, e.g. had 30% more voters than shareholders because there were just that many fake shares afloat. So CIA, Blackrock, heck, Soros, and Dave Ramsey could get control and illegally install Woke execs into Disney, Bud, anyone. How? Fake voting, just like politics. …Except they’re 100x more likely to think it’s real. Go private? Many companies went private to discover the share float hadn’t changed.

    “Naked Shorting” is a clear outgrowth of this as if you short, you in theory “borrow” the share from someone, ALREADY leaving the share in two places: you think it’s in your brokerage account, and E.F.Hutton will back it and make you whole, but technically it’s owned by the short-borrower. Two places at once. Two shares where once there were one? Is that er, um, maybe a downward bias on share prices you want to short??

    What happens if like MERS you keep ZERO paperwork on it? You can short MORE STOCK THAN THE WHOLE COMPANY EXISTS, and do it…for FREE. So if you have insider’s ear at Morgan, Own one guy at Risk Management, you can Issue 50x all stock and drive them BELOW ZERO if you feel like it.

    Capitalism! Free Markets! Yes, this is why over time there are NO markets anymore. Only politics. Only interventions.

    Fine, great. So…smart guy, there are 500x more shares than the Legal Desk in any of these companies ever issued. Not only that, but unlike ordinary Cons, we don’t have a “Mark”. ...We literally have no idea who we issued them to, who owns them, who we wronged, nothing. We legally and literally cannot make anyone whole. No judge, no committee, could ever unwrap and fix it — EVER — even if they WANTED to, and even if it didn’t bankrupt every Bank, Brokerage, and Insurer, and even if it DIDN’T destroy confidence in NY, America, and the entire West for lifetimes. Even if.

    So…you see… by 1999, — Twenty years ago — they ALREADY knew they had to have a nationwide, Western-wide total market shutdown, meltdown, and collapse. That’s why in “The Big Short” nothing mattered and anything goes. There literally IS no tomorrow. And that’s why they planned the US to be attacked and conquered and erased. Why it HAS to be and why WE have to help. It can’t BE fixed, so what’s YOUR plan? The casino is ALREADY robbed, we’re just dodging the auditors. We’re just planning a building fire like “Office Space” to hide the hacking and missing zeros.

    Okay, so what happened instead? SOMEONE got control of this. SOMEONE decided to fix it instead. SOMEONE got Wall Street on board because otherwise they would all cease to exist forever. SOMEONE has a plan. A bad plan, but a PLAN to go forward. The Fed is one of those people, Morgan is another. This is in Luongo’s thesis that even though they’re all criminals, they don’t want to be hung either, and they actually love NY, love trading, love their companies, and don’t want to see them all tossed in the machine shredder forever, while they work in the Uranium mines for the newly conquering CCP.

    We still require a collapse and reset, but under CONTROL. To do that the only FIRST STEP is to get control of government out of Davos, etc and to someone who doesn’t actively and with nitro and fentanyl want to burn everything down and kill every American. That’s just the FIRST step. We’re still at Step One. It can be done though, and I think it is and I think it will be.

    Yeah, everything you own in EVERY account since they outlawed Paper Stock Certificates because of this? All fake. All digits. Poof. Like penny poker at camp. Spend while you can, because it’s only real until Mom comes in.

    Real assets? Hahahaha. Mortgages are little better. Get them in your hands, locally.

    Yeah, Martenson is deeply optimistic, generous, and conservative as we saw in his Covid coverage. And that’s good. But the reality is far, FAR worse. Sweet Dreams!


    What I learned about Covid19 and “Dr. Bonnie” and Global news etc. pushing vaccines.

    B.C. government to provide update on respiratory illness season, immunization campaign at 12:15 p.m.

    Dr Henry respiratory season update Nov 10

    Livestream available on YouTube.

    Initial notes from the presentation:

    Fall immunization uptake has so far 1,072,000+ doses of influenza vaccine and 847,458 COVID vaccines. “The campaign continues to be strong,” said Dix.
    This is the fourth respiratory season since pandemic began, noted Health Minister Dix.
    Repeated emphasis on good hygiene habits (get vaccinated, cover mouth/nose when coughing, wash hands with soap and water, do a daily check-in on your own health and that of your family, stay home when sick).
    Dix says the success of this year’s respiratory illness season immunization campaign (now one month in) is a combination of the roles of the ‘booking system, pharmacies, public health and people’.
    More appointments are being added to the system.
    Majority of vaccine recipients are getting both COVID and influenza at the same time.
    COVID infections seem to be levelling off, but more influenza and RSV infections are being seen. Most COVID hospitalizations are with older people.
    About 80% of the influenza infections are Influenza A and H1N1; very little Influenza B.
    Wastewater surveillance shows that more influenza and RSV infections are expected.
    Second peak of infections expected two weeks after the Christmas/New Year season “especially Influenza B”, said Dr Henry. She encourages people to get immunized now, ahead of socialization in the holiday season.
    Highest risk populations continue to be seniors (age 65+) as well as people with any health compromises; also residents of long-term care, Indigenous persons, people who are pregnant, and health-care workers.
    There’s a lot of mild illness; some people don’t even realize they’ve had COVID or influenza, said Dr Henry. Pay attention to fever and cough as signs you may have a respiratory infection.
    Avian flu (H5N1) is not normally transmissible to humans; workers in poultry farm areas should take additional hygiene precautions

    She is mixing/pushing truth and lies, for people to get vaccinated, to avoid getting badly sick, and to save the hospitals.
    There is no pandemic of Covid19.
    There is no pandemic of Omicron subvariant XBB 1.5 is still the most common subvariant in BC
    There is no updated covid19 vaccines.

    Watch all the football games, and ask yourself why are there is no pandemic, no hospitals overrun?

    She lost all my respect.


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