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    Well global cooling finally arrived at the island cottage!
    I have been forced to abandon the cottage and return to big bad Toronto to hibernate.

    I see RINO Mitch has successfully engineered a Dem majority in the Senate.
    Mitch is also happily engineering the negative Trump narrative being played out by the MSM.

    Americans are currently getting “moar” of the very things they didn’t want.
    Unemployment, inflation, corruption, and war.

    Americans didn’t realize this election was all about ballots, not their votes.
    Only ballots were counted.
    There was no local Dem grassroot “get out the vote” campaign this election.
    The Dem’s local grassroots and unions are no longer needed now, having been happily thrown by the Dem backroom folks onto the trash heap of history.

    As an uniparty laundrymat, the Ukraine has been a roaring success!
    Blood money comes back nice and clean, 0minus the Ukrainians.

    Now that the US mid-term elections are over, can the Ukrainians stop their victory uicide attacks?


    Esteemed BBC journalist John Simpson once said “of course we all love Italians”. Indeed we do, especially those of us who also love Russian music. All credit to the La Scala management for sticking to their principles and following their hearts in their appreciation of great Russian music.


    When it comes to creating models, about the only models of science that I trust are those created by engineers because they then have to be tested against reality or no other engineer will accept or use the model.

    Models created by “The Science” are laughable because they are seldom tested against reality.

    One thing I quickly learned about modeling, in engineering, is how easy it is to game.

    Would you want to risk your life crossing a bridge designed by “The Science” or would you prefer crossing on a bridge designed by an engineer using previously tested modeling?

    Alexander Carpenter

    Chooch, yes indeed. It is daunting. I explore all the difficulties (and simplicities, as well) in that Do you believe... doc in my Dropbox. Computer-based models are rather a joke, and I explore that aspect as well.

    There are few easy answers in this domain, and it is a great example of how we can falsify hypotheses (and thereby know with some certainty what isn’t happening) far more readily than we can develop certainty about what actually is happening.

    But practically speaking, there is almost nothing humans can do about our changing climate beyond adapt to it, as we have for the past million tears. And please note that there is no actual evidence that any human activity has any significant effect on global climate, so the Carbon Cult is a giant scam and pretext for political control strugggles. Once that simple fact sinks in, the whole conversation is revealed for all its corrupt hidden agendas — and then that becomes the challenge, to explore the covert politics behind the fake-science conversation.

    But it is difficult to remain simple in such a complex matter, whence the ambiguities and misinformation that fool so many people who have been bred and indoctrinated into obedient ignorant docility. This commentariat is outstanding for not being that way. Thanks to all…

    Alexander Carpenter

    So what’s the deal? Did my last comment get “moderated”? So be it…
    I find this sort of Carbon Cult pseudo-dialogue thing tedious, since the actual science is readily available (however incomplete it might be), and reveals the standard climate narrative as the embarrassment it is. However, an otherwise-astute person like AFAIK merits at least some attempted guidance toward a saner relationship with a poorly understood — and admittedly difficult and artificially emotionally intense — subject.
    So if moderated, I consent, if only because I find the main streams of the conversation here to be much more challenging and intriguing in a real-world sense.
    And so I repeat, Thanks to all who contribute here… Your efforts have made me a better person (or, at least, a better informed and deeper-understanding person).


    A thought.
    The universe makes matter.
    Matter makes life.
    Life is an eternal energy.
    The universe needs to expands to include all, (pass and present), life.


    Alexander Carpenter said

    But practically speaking, there is almost nothing humans can do about our changing climate beyond adapt to it, as we have for the past million tears.

    Is the solution worse than the problem? Ridding the world of carbon fuels is so devastating to the industrial economy, the systems that keep us all alive and give us our standard of living, that a “theory” is not enough to justify such a huge destruction of human infrastructure and life on the planet.

    The activists, like AFKTT, telling us that the planet is about to die have been spouting this rubbish for over a century, and we are all still here living as best we can, with sea levels the same as they were 100 years ago, air quality better, food production better etc. despite the best efforts of the activist conservationists.

    It seems to me that we have no evidence of the planet falling apart – change, yes, but change has always happened, always will regardless of how mighty you believe the human race to be or how much you wish it would stop – yet the solution to this immaginary catastrophe is to eradicate the source of energy that has enabled humans to thrive; the solution is to prevent humans from thriving, to handicap humans until they are back to pre-industrial revolution levels.

    All for an immagined catasrophe which they have been predicting for over a century and which has never appeared.


    ‘ If you have ever wondered why climate change has so utterly dominated the green debate to the exclusion of so many other problems which stem from industrial society — mass extinction, soil erosion, the collapse of human cultures, ocean pollution — then the answer, I think, is here. Climate change is a problem amenable to numerical questions and technocratic answers. It is, furthermore, a problem which, almost by definition, can only be solved by elites. If you can’t read or understand the “peer-reviewed science” then you are open to being intimidated into fearful silence by those who can, or claim they can. And those people — drawn, as all green “thought leaders” are, from the upper strata of society — will bring with them a worldview which treats the mass of humanity like so many cattle to be herded into the sustainable, zero-carbon pen. If you’re wondering where you’ve heard this story before, just dig out your dirty old Covid mask. It will all come flooding back.’

    Paul Kingsnorth


    oxymoron linked to

    Those who point these limits out — and who point out, especially, that the very existence of industrial modernity might be the root cause of the problems we currently face — can expect to be smacked down with the worst insults our culture can conjure.

    Yawn, the same old shite from the people complaining about the “problems we currently face” … and what are those exactly, that you get too many sunny days, that someone else gets too many rainy days? That the value of your farm land is going down due to lack of water while someone else’s land is increasing in value? Those sorts of problems? Adaptability and greed, terrible combination. We could adapt to the changing climate or we could be greedy and count the number of shekels we are losing. If we are losing then everybody should lose, shut down all industrial economies.

    “Eco-fascism” is, of course, a straw man, what else would you expect … why didn’t they call it “Eco-communism” or even “Eco-authoritarianism”? I wonder, maybe they we all originally communists and felt that the communist straw man was too close to the truth? In reality it is the eco-sucker-activist and always has been, super passionate because they think they are doing good, used by the rich to enable them to steal loads of natural resources across the planet while pretending to be conservationists and in the hearts supporting the activists, you know, the good guys. But as Covid taught us, humanity’s brain power is diluted and it is going to take something fatal to concentrate the minds. Activist should have been redefined as idiot during the Covid word redefinition project.


    chooch, thanks for that response, part of it is (from my pov) faintly optimistic.

    One thing that surprised me when Sholtz took over the premiership was the apparent silence or absence of the German industrialists. (A bunch of them accompanied Sholtz to China, but the MSM afaik ? has not reported on their words or actions.) Weird. Merkel certainly listened to them at every turn, and Schroeder was their pro-Russian champion…

    As for the Euro, Mitterand and Thatcher (…) told the Germans who were extremely reluctant to adopt the Euro, that if they did, they would allow re-unification of Germany.

    That the world is on a trajectory of splitting into two camps is clear, I have previously expressed the hope that the non-aligned could remain so. We will see. As one of the maps from Twitter that you posted show, European countries trade more with the US than with China, but that depends on what you measure and how (dollar terms are not enough), what is exchanged and why it is needed, what the transport / replacement costs are, etc. And then the final accounting, nobody knows.

    What I see is that Sholtz and Macron (2 ex.) are very frightened. Everyone here remembers the bombing and break-up of Yugoslavia.


    How come a graph that is deliberately terminated 95 years before the present is labelled ‘YOU ARE HERE’?

    Does the perpetrator of this piece of deceit want to suggest that the present is the year 1927?

    Or does the perpetrator of this deceit want to hide something -such as that data from recent decades shows a very different trend- in order to promote an entirely fake narrative?

    src=”” alt=”Large Time Scale” />

    Narrower Time Period

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