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    Jack Delano Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe train at Emporia, Kansas 1943 • Credit Bust In Rich Countries Caused Credit Boom In Emerging Markets (Economis
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    V. Arnold

    Paris (France), Britain, and U.S.; boo hoo. You reap the thing you sow.
    Innocent’s? There are no innocents in this Orwellian nightmare sown by the deep state and shadow governments of the U.S. and west in general.
    Any who live in/under democratic governments, are directly responsible for the actions of their governments. Until this is understood; this insanity will continue unabated…


    Pepe Escobar’s preview of the now concluded Vienna talks. I don’t always agree with Pepe by any means but as an antidote to the conventional view he is great.

    The article posted here, right on cue, says “Seventeen nations, spurred on by Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris, overcame their differences on how to end Syria’s civil war and adopted a timeline that will let opposition groups help draft a constitution and elect a new government by 2017.”

    Sure, various flavors of ‘good’ jihadis are going to participate in a democratic remaking of Syria. And I’m the king of Sweden.

    His archive


    Blithering while Rome burns:

    Some of the photos show construction detail; the quality looks like total crap to me. Of course, for this market, actual quality is of no concern.

    Another datum, symptom; consonant with impending broad economic collapse. I’m currently unable to find ANY datum pointing in any “upward” economic direction. That’s unusual. I’ve never seen commodities trends so absolutely uniform; all down.


    “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” Mark Twain,,,a long time ago.


    Re Pepe’s article, one of the commenters said: “The movement of vast number of refugees into the EU and the recent attacks in Paris are a US/Turkey operation to create the blowback to put troops on the ground in Syria.”

    And Seychelles made a great comment a few weeks ago: “Refugee crisis will be EU’s 9/11, with exactly parallel consequences: long-term justification for reduction in civil liberties, drain of taxpayer dollars to fund corporate private armies that can/will be used against them, further strengthening of democracy, inc.”

    All of the above.

    The media and Western leaders elicit the help of the dupes (the touchy-feely left, the immigration/refugee industry, the aid industry, the church industry) to get what they want. The left (although they don’t know it – or don’t care to know it) are being played for the suckers they are. They think they are putting band-aids on cuts when they are really helping to tighten the noose around all of our necks. Too bleeding-heart/ignorant to see the forest for the trees or perhaps too busy rubbing their hands together at the prospect of money coming their way (refugee, aid and church industries), they never ask any tough questions. They go right along with the narrative of what the media and Western leaders are saying.

    I remember the movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, and how the delusional head British officer helped the Japanese build the bridge, how he protected that bridge, and when there was a chance that it would be blown up, he did everything he could to stop it until it finally dawned on him what he was doing and he said something like, “What have I done?”

    I feel for Assad, who never wanted to lead his country (trained as an ophthalmologist). He has tried to bring peace, ensured the minorities (the Alawites, Druze, Christians) were represented, and even though most of the Sunni majority are happy with what he’s doing, the West wants a gas pipeline put through Syria, wants to crush Russia’s pipelines, and they’ve built up ISIS in order to pull this off. The delusional or greedy left are aiding and abetting them.

    But let’s not bother ourselves with the big questions; let’s instead help those migrants who are seeking better lives — I mean “poor, starving refugees fleeing with bullets at their backs”. Because that’s the narrative that’s been laid out. Let’s strip Syria of its wealth, its brightest. Let’s leave it with nothing. Total capture and Sunni rule, lots of Qatar gas flowing under its soil.


    Nassim – thanks for that fascinating link re Russian plane downing. Everybody needs to read that!

    If that fellow is even close to being right, then…what the hell? As you said yesterday, there was probably no infrared flash detected at all by the U.S. And on MH17 in the Ukraine, where the U.S. had their satellite right overhead and there would have undoubtedly been some heat detected, we hear crickets from them. Russia has been upsetting the plans of the sociopaths, and the Russian plane going down was blow back. Staying ahead of a sociopath is not easy; I’ve had some experience with that. Exposure is what they fear most (they want to keep up the appearance of being the “good guy”), and Russia has been successful in exposing some of their lies (at least to those who will listen and who want to think) or foiling the West’s plans. That must be making the U.S. furious.

    Didn’t that Malaysian plane (MH370) also ascend sharply when its troubles first began? I remember the experts saying that the plane ascended sharply (to where they thought most people would have become unconscious – up to around 45,000 feet) before it veered to the left and came back across the Malay Peninsula.

    So we have Malaysian MH370 down (mainly Chinese on board); Malaysian MH17 (mainly Dutch on board); the Russian plane (Russians on board). All mysteries, no clear answers. It almost appears that the Malaysians, the Chinese, the Dutch and the Russians needed to be taught a lesson by someone.


    Things seem to be aligning for something majorly huge to occur


    Just think of the moola the military/industrial complex is raking in with all of the mayhem going on. They’ve got to love that the Middle East is “mysteriously” exploding again. What a stroke of luck!

    Meanwhile, while few are paying attention, TTIP and TPP are marching forward.

    The noose is tightening. Call your representatives, get involved somehow, fight this!


    Funny example of technobabble. Not far off what we hear coming out of the Fed and economists’ mouths – econobabble.


    The poor Arab – one minute your sworn enemy, the next your suffering refugee. Whatever the flavor of the moment might be. 10,000 Syrians, the first load, just arrived in New Orleans, all single males.

    And here are the church and aid organizations who are assisting – long list!

    100,000 next year and the year after, if something terrible doesn’t happen sooner. People are not happy. Should depress wages a bunch. What could warm your heart more than a couple hundred thousand more immigrants to compete with you for that McDonald’s job! But, stiff upper lip, we’ve got to help the immigrants, haven’t we? After all, as Ilargi said, we’re fat and lazy, and immigrants make better citizens.

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